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128 Astonishing Side Boob Tattoos To Enhance Your Charm

Amongst all the options available for placing a tattoo, the sideboob remains one of the most appealing areas to this day. While one needs to endure a lot of pain to hop on the trend of side-boob tattoos due to the area’s sensitivity, any and every artwork placed on the side-boob looks extremely presentable and mostly tends to stay compact due to the limited amount of space the area contains.

Furthermore, if you too want to be a part of the ever growing trend of getting sideboob tattoos, you’re in luck!

Today’s article will not only consist of what sideboob tattoos represent and tend to convey, but also comprise a list of vibrant as well as sophisticated designs that can be recreated effortlessly.

Apart from the two materials mentioned above, the second half will contain frequently asked questions regarding sideboob tattoos followed by a closing paragraph with our final take on the whole subject.

A Dive Into the Meaning of Side Boob Tattoos

Side boob tattoo 1

Unlike most tattoos, a sideboob tattoo doesn’t really symbolize anything, but is rather for the pleasant visuals one achieves. From simple fine line tattoos to vibrant script tattoos, the artwork remains presentable and tends to outshine when placed on a sideboob.

People often side with a sideboob tattoo for one of two reasons: to amp up their physical appearance or for the delicacy that the area usually contains.

It is also a great tattoo option for minimalists, as the pattern usually contains nothing but a plain design and is very small in size. While the area is extremely delicate and appealing, the sideboob is also a great way to showcase sophisticated tattoos in a subtle manner.

All in all, to sum it all up, a sideboob tattoo is great for those that are seeking a tattoo placement that contains a ton of edginess and delicacy, but is also extremely small in size and tends to look soft even with loud visuals.

Sideboob Tattoo Ideas For This Year

Now that you have a better idea of its pros and cons, the non-existent meaning it conveys, the demographic it caters to, it’s finally time to look into the various designs one can recreate on the sideboob region. From tattoos that have staggering visuals as that of a flower tattoo, to tattoos that solely focus on making the region more noticeable, here is a list of some of our favorite sideboob tattoo designs that you too can mirror or take inspiration from!

Flower Side Boob Tattoo

Flower side boob tattoo

Flower tattoos pair well with the amount of space that the side boob region contains. Soft colors like purple, pink, and beige really stand out on the side boob. The pattern of the flower petals really brings out the beauty of one’s appearance and also looks presentable in terms of visuals when it is revealed.

For best results, keep the volume high, but the size small. In simpler words, add different types of flowers but make sure the size of each is equally small. That way, not only will each flower’s color stand out, but the color scheme one has won’t overpower the tone of another.

Mandala Side Boob Tattoo

Mandala side boob tattoo

A mandala tattoo represents perfection, and balance, which doesn’t really go with the symbolism of side-boob tattoos, but the visuals behind its design surely takes the cake, especially when it’s placed on the side-boob.

When getting this tattoo, one can extend the blueprint to the ribs if they want the appearance to be more apparent, but can also settle for a pattern that is manageable and minimal. To replace the basic sketch, one can also install a number of colors, which can be either neutral or high-spirited.

Small Side Boob Tattoo

Small side boob tattoo

If this tattoo is going to be your first ever tattoo, playing it safe should be the only option. To ensure that, receiving a small tattoo will be more than enough. Not only will the procedure be time-friendly, but the tattooing pen will only feel like a minor pinch, which isn’t a bad scenario if one considers how sensitive the side-boob region usually is.

Furthermore, when it comes to design, think of small symbols that would look adorable and sophisticated at the same time. For instance, if you’re a fan of shapes, consider selecting the shape that you adore the most. To play it safe, however, you can even get a heart tattoo, as the design of it rarely lets anyone down.

Butterfly Side Boob Tattoo

Butterfly side boob tattoo

If you’re indecisive about the pattern but want a tattoo that has powerful visuals with a compelling meaning, getting a butterfly tattoo would be a win-win for you.

A butterfly tattoo symbolizes love, immortality, and joy. It is for those that have a laid back approach to life, and are all about experimenting with life as much as possible. One can either get a sizable design of a butterfly on the side-boob to obtain desirable visuals, but can also be open to the idea of installing multiple small-scale symbols of butterflies to make the area stand out.

Additionally, due to the volume of the pattern, you can definitely pick an array of colors for each butterfly, only if you’re okay with the amount of excruciating pain the procedure might involve.

Quote Side Boob Tattoo

Quote side boob tattoo

If you want a tattoo for your side-boob but don’t want it to stand out as much, consider incorporating a quote that you relate to immensely.

You can keep it light by installing a one-liner, and can also pay homage to your favorite writer or poet by incorporating a 4 line poem. It will look great not because of the words, but because of the clear visuals of each letter.

Additionally, due to the short procedure and plain visuals, this design is excellent for every minimalist as well as beginners out there.

Crane Side Boob Tattoo

Crane side boob tattoo

If you’re an optimist and would like to get a side-boob tattoo that matches the energy that you have, consider the artwork of cranes.

A crane is a bird that symbolizes happiness and positivity. Obtaining it near your side-boob will not only give the area distinct visuals, but also carry a sentimental value which you can express or talk about with your friends.

Additionally, when it comes to the pattern, you can either go with a classic look without the involvement of colors or install a vibrant color scheme with a fade in or out effect to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Scorpion Side Boob Tattoo

Scorpion side boob tattoo

A scorpion tattoo represents strength and protection, but is mainly a great contender for a side-boob tattoo for its visuals. The monochromatic image followed by the distinct pattern of the figure of a scorpion really looks clear and unique when placed on the side-boob.

While the procedure might be relatively lengthy as opposed to most entries on this list, one will obtain visuals like no other if they choose to go with a scorpion tattoo.

Additionally, for best results, keep it small and add a quote or a one-liner underneath the scorpion tattoo to give it a unique presence.

Sunflower Side Boob Tattoo

Sunflower side boob tattoo

A sunflower tattoo represents intelligence, good fortune, and longevity. It is for those that are seeking a tattoo which will act like an additional source of encouragement and allow them to make wiser decisions from then on.

Apart from the symbolism the flower has, a sunflower tattoo really looks wholesome when placed on the side-boob. The color scheme of yellow and brown has visuals that look completely balanced. One can either resort to one sunflower tattoo to keep it simple, or can even obtain multiple sunflower tattoos of a smaller size to increase the presentability in the visuals.

Abstract Side Boob Tattoo

Abstract side boob tattoo

If you’re not really sure whether you want to install the design of a figure or a living creature at all, pick a series of colors that you resonate with and go all in with them. Ask the tattoo artist to create a border with a temporary tattooing pen and install various vibrant colors onto the side-boob region.

You can pick a soft color palette if you want the visuals to be subtle, or can even choose an edgier palette with neutral colors.

Moon Side Boob Tattoo

Moon side boob tattoo

Moon tattoos represent growth and change, which is a common symbol for most side-boob tattoo options. However, the real beauty lies beneath its physical appearance.

The circular shaped object looks rather minimal when placed on the side-boob, and tends to stand out due to the faded dark and light gray tone it usually contains. The artwork is also flexible, as one can install multiple designs of the moon in the shape of micro tattoos, or can even pick one with a significant presence.

Dragon Side Boob Tattoo

Dragon side boob tattoo

Dragon tattoos are mostly in due to their physical appearance. However, in Japanese culture, it is a source of protection that mainly avails its services to the wearer’s family members.

When getting a dragon side-boob tattoo, one can either showcase the full potential of the dragon tattoo by accompanying it with a staggering color scheme, or can even keep it straightforward by getting nothing but a figure of a dragon.

Lavender Side boob Tattoo

Lavender side boob tattoo

A lavender tattoo stands for purity. When placed on the side boob region, the unique shape of the lavender can really bring out the sophistication and the sensitivity that the side boob area tends to contain. The soft color palette of light pinkish purple or medium purple mixed with buds of green really looks clear and wonderful when achieved as a tattoo.

Feather Side Boob Tattoo

Feather side boob tattoo

Feather tattoos symbolize freedom, honor, and loyalty. The visuals of it pair well with the space available on the side boob, and those who wear it can use this artwork to celebrate the freedom they have in their own skin, the loyalty they provide to their loved ones, and can use it to honor the spirit of those that have passed.

Additionally, for acquiring the best results, one can add a range of colors, or can even support the visuals of the feather with the symbol of other tattoos that convey the same message.

Whale Side Boob Tattoo

Whale side boob tattoo

Saving the best for last, a whale side boob tattoo is not only good for its distinct physical appearance, but also due to the versatility that this tattoo contains. As of 2024, there are around 90 species of whales in the world, which is a plus for those that prioritize the design of the artwork and extremely helpful for those that are indecisive by nature.

The icon of a whale is also extremely flexible and can be altered depending on the wearer’s preference. When placed on the side boob area, one can either obtain multiple species of whales as micro tattoos, or install a sizable blueprint with loud visuals.

To take the design another step ahead, they can support the whale tattoo with a sea of micro tattoos, preferably of fish and other sea creatures.

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Side boob tattoo 108

Side boob tattoo 109

Side boob tattoo 110

Side boob tattoo 111

Side boob tattoo 112

Side boob tattoo 113

Side boob tattoo 114

Bottom Line

We hope the designs that are mentioned above aid your decision making process and also help you with creating your own design. While we would recommend those that are getting sideboob tattoos to keep the visuals to a minimum due to the amount of sensitivity the area contains, one can also go all in and make the most of the delicacy of the area by obtaining a vibrant tattoo with an astonishing design.

Remember to give the area at least two weeks to heal. Till then, change your wardrobe up a bit and replace your tight clothing items with items that contain breathable materials. Make sure to pick a design that speaks to you and has sentimental value, as that is what will stay concrete when the visuals start to fade.

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