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109 Meaningful YHLQMDLG Tattoos That Will Make You Feel Free!

A renowned fact about life is that its existence too is temporary. On top of finding the right people to experience all the highs and lows that life has to offer, it is extremely important that we find contentment and purpose before our presence ceases to exist.

A simple way to find optimal contentment in life is by finding freedom. While many can seek freedom through partaking in recreational activities, another accessible way to unlock all the highs in life for a considerable amount of time could be done by doing whatever you want to do.

Script tattoos and even quote tattoos have been extremely favorable and versatile in the world of tattoos. In addition to containing a very basic groundwork and being effortless to obtain, script tattoos allow people to express their deepest desires.

Over the past few years, a frontrunner amongst script tattoos has been the “YHLQMDLG” tattoo. An acronym of the saying “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Dé La Gana”, the phrase, when translated into the English language, stands for “I do whatever I want.” Although the meaning of it fascinates the minds of those that are deep thinkers, the tattoo’s popularity is also present due to the flexibility it offers.

Furthermore, if you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo that will allow you to embrace your own presence as well as encourage you to be more assertive, stumbling upon this article was probably destiny! Join us on this journey as we present to you all the designs of “YHLQMDLG” tattoos and cover everything you need to know about their existence!

The Alluring Meaning of “YHLQMDLG” Tattoos

yhlqmdlg tattoo 1

One of the specialties of “YHLQMDLG” tattoos is the powerful meaning it holds. When translated into the English language, the “YHLQMDLG” stands for “I do whatever I want,” which, while extremely obvious in terms of context, is often open to interpretation.

It usually caters to those that are seeking a way to be more assertive in life, but is also tremendously impactful for those that are trying to work on their confidence. Although the phrase sounds rather arrogant when read out loud, the symbolism of it reeks of positivity and can work wonders for people that are dissatisfied with their lives in various ways. The presence of it lacks size in general, but is extremely influential from a metaphorical point of view.

In addition to being a perfect match for people that are seeking spiritual growth, this tattoo also entertains the minds of those that are seeking a tool to enhance their arrogance, which, despite being controversial, adds more to its ever growing popularity.

“YHLQMDLG” Tattoo Ideas To Partake In The Art Of Self-Care

Since the “YHLQMDLG” tattoo is so flexible and compatible, anyone and everyone seeking a tattoo can benefit from its appearance. Although many variations are usually compact in size, there are multiple ways in which one can display a “YHLQMDLG” tattoo.

From being a perfect match to minimalists to having what it takes to fulfill the needs of visually-oriented minds, here are all the staggering tattoo variants of the “YHLQMDLG” tattoo that you should definitely feast your eyes on!

Bad Bunny “YHLQMDLG” Tattoo

Bad bunny yhlqmdlg tattoo

Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper and musician who covers the genre of rap and reggaeton. Even though the musician has been around for almost a decade now, the first album that got him his earliest breakthrough was the 2020 album “YHLQMDLG.”

The success of the EP didn’t just take the entertainment industry as well as the music industry by storm, but also left a monumental mark on the tattoo world. Avid followers of the hip hop artist were so moved by the long playing record, that they showed Bad Bunny some love by obtaining an artwork of the initials with a portrait tattoo.

“YHLQMDLG”  Forearm Tattoo

yhlqmdlg forearm tattoo

Installing a design with a chalky font can very well be an admirable way of displaying a “YHLQMDLG” tattoo, especially if the spot your eyeing is the forearm.

Containing an ample amount of space, the forearm displays the simple script tattoo in a subtle, yet delicate manner with tons of elegance. The main highlight of this variant is by far the sharp color scheme, which is draped in the neutral shade of black.

This variant is also a fan favorite due to how cooperative it is to change. Even though plenty prefer to keep the theme colorless, those seeking a high-spirited aura can also obtain the artwork and replace the neutral shades of color with vibrant tones.

“YHLQMDLG” Finger Tattoo

yhlqmdlg finger tattoo

Since the blueprint contains nothing but letters, incorporating it into a finger tattoo can also be a convenient approach to take.

As the tattoo is extremely plain in terms of appearance, we believe the variant will be the perfect match for minimalists. However, adding minor symbols can also make this option a contender for those that are on the other end of the spectrum.

Moreover, even though it looks easy on the eyes, a finger tattoo can be extremely difficult to obtain due to how painful it is. To avoid that, however, one can always take the help of a numbing spray before the session commences.

“YHLQMDLG”  Tattoo Behind The Ear

yhlqmdlg tattoo behind the ear

Taking into account how deep the symbolism of this tattoo is, placing it around the area behind the ear could be the perfect fit.

Though the tattoo surely isn’t as large as most variants on this list, an ear tattoo speaks elegance like none other. Each segment of the acronym stands out wonderfully without hampering the impact of another.

Despite the beauty in its appearance, this option is extremely complex to create. The procedure of it is just as hectic for the artist as it is painful for the wearer, but the final results are surely worth the pain.

“YHLQMDLG” Arm Tattoo

yhlqmdlg arm tattoo

The simplicity of an YHLQMDLG tattoo can also be displayed in an exceptional manner as an arm tattoo. Since the arm is narrow yet long, each letter will look crystal clear and more chalky than usual.

This variant is also a good option for those that are seeking a tattoo that will allow them privacy. Users can show it off as much as they please, but can also wear full sleeve clothing to cover the tattoo during formal occasions.

“YHLQMDLG”  Rainbow Tattoo

yhlqmdlg rainbow tattoo

Tattoos, especially script tattoos look tremendous when showcased with an array of colors. Don’t believe us? Take a closer look into this entry.

Containing all the components of a rainbow, this variant has the looks and the soft theme that the other entries can only dream of having. The font used for it is a bit narrow, but looks clear nonetheless.

The placement of this tattoo looks best when the collarbone is chosen, however, those seeking a wider variation may also rely on the inner bicep, neck, and more.

“YHLQMDLG”  Shoulder Tattoo

yhlqmdlg shoulder tattoo

If you’re seeking a version that is rather basic and is in scribbles, perhaps this shoulder tattoo will be your perfect match.

This compact design is usually placed on the shoulder because of the flat surface it has and the perfect width the shoulder has to pull off small sized tattoos. However, those seeking a different aura can also install it on other delicate areas such as the area behind the neck.

When it comes to advantages, this shoulder tattoo is extremely time-friendly. On an average, it takes an artist around 10 minutes to complete the artwork of this entry.

Due to how resilient one’s shoulder is, this tattoo can also be a good contender for those that are susceptible to pain.

“YHLQMDLG”  Ankle Tattoo

yhlqmdlg ankle tattoo

Normally meeting the taste of those seeking a tattoo with feminine energy, the YHLQMDLG ankle tattoo is also the most attractive option on this list.

Although the letters seem a bit too close to one another, the font looks extremely clean and is of a rich texture. Due to the narrow nature of the ankle, the letters also look perfectly at home.

Additionally, even though this ankle tattoo has got the looks, it could be extremely painful to deal with the procedure.SInce the ankle is particularly bony in contrast to most placement options, the area is extremely vulnerable against the painful blows from a needle.

“YHLQMDLG”  Hand Tattoo

yhlqmdlg hand tattoo

If you want to stand out amongst the crowd, give the initial design of the YHLQMDLG tattoo a subtle twist! Place it on the hand and create an icon that resonates with your personality.

When it comes to the visuals, even though keeping it plain and simple will definitely bring to the table an admirable amount of results, you can also opt for a color-oriented option. All you have to do is pick a series of colors that pairs well with your attitude.

“YHLQMDLG” Thigh Tattoo

yhlqmdlg thigh tattoo

Since the phrase is somewhat intimidating, placing the artwork in the region of the thigh can be an appealing way of showcasing it to the world.

As the thigh contains a layer of fat, obtaining a tattoo as straightforward as the YHLQMDLG tattoo doesn’t just come with a quick duration for completion, but also brings to the table a lenient procedure.

Additionally, just like most variants on this list, this tattoo comprises a plain color scheme. However, those on the opposite side can easily install a design with a different theme by adding lively colors to the font.

“YHLQMDLG” Wrist Tattoo

yhlqmdlg wrist tattoo

For an effortless procedure with maximum results, a YHLQMDLG wrist tattoo is absolutely necessary!

The small structure of the wrist allows the script tattoo to stand out, but keeps it extremely light at the same time. Each component, while being insufficient in terms of size, looks extremely neat, which can please the eyes of minimalists as well as impress anyone that comes across the design.

More “YHLQMDLG” Tattoo Designs That Are On The Trend!

Although we truly believe that the previous list will surely help you with finding the right tattoo, we also know that this design carries the potential like no other. So, to prove our claim, here’s another list of YHLQMDLG tattoos that you should definitely skim through!

yhlqmdlg tattoo 2

yhlqmdlg tattoo 3

yhlqmdlg tattoo 4

yhlqmdlg tattoo 5

yhlqmdlg tattoo 7

yhlqmdlg tattoo 6

yhlqmdlg tattoo 8

yhlqmdlg tattoo 9

yhlqmdlg tattoo 10

yhlqmdlg tattoo 11

yhlqmdlg tattoo 12

yhlqmdlg tattoo 13

yhlqmdlg tattoo 14

yhlqmdlg tattoo 15

yhlqmdlg tattoo 16

yhlqmdlg tattoo 17

yhlqmdlg tattoo 18

yhlqmdlg tattoo 19

yhlqmdlg tattoo 20

yhlqmdlg tattoo 21

yhlqmdlg tattoo 23

yhlqmdlg tattoo 22

yhlqmdlg tattoo 24

yhlqmdlg tattoo 25

yhlqmdlg tattoo 26

yhlqmdlg tattoo 27

yhlqmdlg tattoo 28

yhlqmdlg tattoo 29

yhlqmdlg tattoo 30

yhlqmdlg tattoo 31

yhlqmdlg tattoo 32

yhlqmdlg tattoo 33

yhlqmdlg tattoo 34

yhlqmdlg tattoo 35

yhlqmdlg tattoo 36

yhlqmdlg tattoo 37

yhlqmdlg tattoo 38

yhlqmdlg tattoo 39

yhlqmdlg tattoo 40

yhlqmdlg tattoo 41

yhlqmdlg tattoo 42

yhlqmdlg tattoo 43

yhlqmdlg tattoo 44

yhlqmdlg tattoo 45

yhlqmdlg tattoo 46

yhlqmdlg tattoo 47

yhlqmdlg tattoo 48

yhlqmdlg tattoo 49

yhlqmdlg tattoo 50

yhlqmdlg tattoo 51

yhlqmdlg tattoo 52

yhlqmdlg tattoo 53

yhlqmdlg tattoo 54

yhlqmdlg tattoo 55

yhlqmdlg tattoo 56

yhlqmdlg tattoo 57

yhlqmdlg tattoo 58

yhlqmdlg tattoo 59

yhlqmdlg tattoo 60

yhlqmdlg tattoo 61

yhlqmdlg tattoo 62

yhlqmdlg tattoo 63

yhlqmdlg tattoo 64

yhlqmdlg tattoo 65

yhlqmdlg tattoo 66

yhlqmdlg tattoo 67

yhlqmdlg tattoo 68

yhlqmdlg tattoo 69

yhlqmdlg tattoo 70

yhlqmdlg tattoo 71

yhlqmdlg tattoo 72

yhlqmdlg tattoo 73

yhlqmdlg tattoo 74

yhlqmdlg tattoo 75

yhlqmdlg tattoo 76

yhlqmdlg tattoo 77

yhlqmdlg tattoo 78

yhlqmdlg tattoo 79

yhlqmdlg tattoo 80

yhlqmdlg tattoo 81

yhlqmdlg tattoo 82

yhlqmdlg tattoo 83

yhlqmdlg tattoo 84

yhlqmdlg tattoo 85

yhlqmdlg tattoo 86

yhlqmdlg tattoo 87

yhlqmdlg tattoo 88

yhlqmdlg tattoo 89

yhlqmdlg tattoo 90

yhlqmdlg tattoo 91

yhlqmdlg tattoo 92

yhlqmdlg tattoo 93

yhlqmdlg tattoo 94

yhlqmdlg tattoo 95

yhlqmdlg tattoo 96

yhlqmdlg tattoo 97

yhlqmdlg tattoo 98

Final Verdict

We hope this write-up allows you to break free from your creator’s block and come up with a design that suits you and is parallel to the energy you possess. Since the artwork itself is basic, keeping it as it is will surely fit like a glove if you’re seeking something subtle. However, for a louder look with a dominant blueprint, add more micro tattoos around the initial design or incorporate a vibrant color palette into the tattoo.

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