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51 Energetic Shenron Tattoo Designs To Empower You

If you are an avid fan of the hugely popular anime series called Dragon Ball, you already know that nobody dies. Although the death of a character is depicted as tragic, they just pop right up after some episodes. For those who haven’t watched the series may be scratching their heads. Well, this miraculous revival is because of an eternal dragon known as Shenron.

Shenron is a gigantic dragon with a serpentine body that can grant any wish. No matter how malicious or bizarre the wish is, Shenron grants the wish within seconds. The anime’s astounding popularity along with the power of Shenron has made it a formidable choice for a tattoo design. Who doesn’t want to have someone by their side that has this sort of power?

The appearance of Shenron is another reason why it makes an amazing tattoo design. Wherever he appears, the sky goes completely black. He brings out an ominous vibe to nature. His spiral shaped body along with tempting red eyes renders a terrifying picture in our psyche.

After hearing all about him, you may be wanting to get this tattoo as soon as possible. That’s why, today we are going to tell you everything there is to know about the mighty dragon.

Incredible Shenron Tattoo Ideas To Go Super Saiyan Mode

The world of dragon ball is truly mesmerizing. The power levels of each of the main characters go through the roof. Sometimes, they become so powerful that a yellowish flame starts to exude from their body. If you also wish to get the same energy within you so that you can destroy your opponents, why not ask Shenron? He will surely fulfill your wish.

You may be wondering how is that even possible. Well, you may not enter the fictional world of Dragon ball. But you can get the tattoo. Then, Shenron will forever do your bidding.

Shenron Arm Tattoo

Shenron Arm Tattoo 1


Shenron Arm Tattoo 2


Like most of the Chinese traditional dragons, Shenron has four fingers. Compared to his gigantic body, the head and fingers of his are quite minuscule. But they surely add a menacing depth to his overall image. The whole body of Shenron is in complete green color.

Therefore, you should emphasize the most on this. There are many kinds of green in the market. Always choose the one that is raw to portray the intensity as well as the magnitude of this giant dragon.

Small Shenron Tattoo

Small Shenron Tattoo


Small Shenron tattoos may be the complete opposite of what we see in the anime. When he appears, everything around him seems tiny in comparison. He takes up most of the screen.

Now you may be wondering how a small tattoo captures such imagery. Well, a small Shenron tattoo will make your entire skin look like a barren space with the Shenron being in the middle. It will make you appreciate yourself and your body which has the capability to make even someone like Shenron look little.

Shenron Forearm Tattoo

Shenron Forearm Tattoo 1


Shenron Forearm Tattoo 2


Forearm tattoos are always mystical and if you look at it carefully, it kind of resembles a snake. If you recall, Shenron also has a serpentine body. Therefore, your forearm and Shenron are a match made in heaven.

Although Shenron is only a character in a cartoon, it expresses a variety of beliefs and emotions. One of the most apparent messages it portrays is the desire to unshackle all the restraints and be completely free. With the Shenron tattoo on the forearm, you will finally have the courage to oppose society and be yourself.

Shenron Shoulder Tattoo

Shenron Shoulder Tattoo


Your shoulder is three dimensional. Therefore, a shenron tattoo in the shoulder will look quite aesthetic as well as realistic. It would feel like the dragon has appeared from nowhere in the tiny place of your shoulder.

If you are opting for the shoulder tattoo, you should create a round background. Usually, whenever Shenron appears, the entire sky becomes pitch black. So, you should also draw the background of the tattoo with a deep black color. It will create a sense of voidness in you.

Cover Up Shenron Tattoo

Cover Up Shenron Tattoo


Getting a tattoo is always exciting. We wait our entire life to get our first tattoo. We aspire it to be picture perfect which accurately expresses our personality and attitude towards life. We also hope the tattoo will be aesthetically pleasing and have a striking design.

But sometimes, the tattoo turns out to be horrible. It just completely ruins your entire body canvas. Your sorrows know no bound. Well, if you are currently facing such a problem then you can easily solve it by getting an incredible coverup Shenron tattoo. The entire shape of the Shenron along with its vibrant color will totally overpower your previous tattoo.

Shenron Back Tattoo

Shenron Back Tattoo


Your back is the perfect place to illustrate a gigantic creature such as Shenron. With your back, you are not confined by space.  You can pour your creativity and imagination to the fullest to make the most artistic shenron tattoo.

There are a lot of spirals in the overall structure of Shenron. Illustrating all of them is both arduous and can make the tattoo look messy. Therefore, it’s best to only add a few of the curves in its body. They are more than enough to portray Shenron’s power and finesse.

Shenron Thigh Tattoo

Shenron Thigh Tattoo 1


Shenron Thigh Tattoo 2


Thigh is probably the second place on our list that can be an excellent place for a Shenron tattoo. It may not have the same height as the back but it has the width to draw a huge Shenron tattoo.

We are always accustomed to seeing Shenron in a menacing posture. Why not make him do something that is never expected? It can be Shenron smiling or having a cigarette. The bizarre tattoo looks the best because our mind always seeks to see common objects in an uncommon place or demeanor.

Shenron Linework Tattoo

Shenron Linework Tattoo


Linework is a minimalistic tattooing style that comprises bold lines to illustrate a jarring design. It may not look incredibly realistic but it surely commemorates the symbolism of Shenron.

One of the main reasons why you should choose this style is that in the belly of Shenron, you will see a bunch of lines in a white flesh. The entire body of Sheron is fully green but there is that little place with white flesh and straight lines. You can illustrate that unusual part of Shenron with ease using the linework tattoo.

Black and White Shenron Tattoo

Black and White Shenron Tattoo


Shenron is in a vibrant green color that surely hypnotizes our eyes whenever we look at him. It perfectly portrays the menacing energy that the dragon exudes.

But if you like to make it even more terrifying looking, then you should opt for a black and white tattoo. The black ink makes the dragoon look much more intense and with proper shading, it can look incredibly realistic as if Shenron is going to come out of the flesh and wreak havoc on everything.

Colorful Shenron Tattoo

Colorful Shenron Tattoo


Dragon ball is one of the most colorful anime of all time. The creators didn’t shy away from using a myriad of colors to make their characters come to life. You shouldn’t as well.

No matter how much we say that the monochromatic color scheme makes the tattoo more artistic, nothing beats the traditional color. It makes the tattoo look vivid and energetic. It also resonates with us and gives us the motivation that we need to go through a hectic day.

Shenron Sleeve Tattoo

Shenron Sleeve Tattoo 1


Shenron Sleeve Tattoo 2


Sleeve tattoos always come with a twist which absolutely fits the mystique of Shenron.

If you look at yourself in the mirror, you will notice that your sleeves kind of look bland. It’s as if something is missing. People put on stylish clothes to make it look more beautiful but it still doesn’t do the job. The only thing that can make your sleeve look absolutely breathtaking is by getting an exclusive Shenron tattoo.

Geometric Shenron Tattoo

Geometric Shenron Tattoo


The overall morphology of Shenron is quite simple. Although it has an enormous body, the surface of Shenron is mainly composed of a few shapes such as circles and curved lines. Therefore, you can easily illustrate an amazing geometric tattoo.

The key to any kind of geometric tattoo is the outline. You have to expand the mathematical side of your brain. Always remember that the tattoo has to be symmetric and all the shapes need to make sense.

Shenron Armband Tattoo

Shenron Armband Tattoo


An armband is a symbol of friendship and allegiance. We give each other arm bands when we think of someone as very close to us. The armband always reminds us about the times we spend with each other.

If you look closely, an armband looks quite similar to the body of the Shenron. It may not have the mysterious curves but it still resembles it in a bizarre way. Therefore, you should definitely get a Shenron armband tattoo. It will commemorate your friendship till the last breath.

Traditional Shenron Tattoo

Traditional Shenron Tattoo


Shenron has become a household name because of the popular anime Dragon ball. But before the anime, there was a depiction of Shenron in the east simply known as the eternal dragon.

This dragon was believed to be a protector of the people from all the evil entities that lurk in the shadows. Using its enormous wings, it can fly with an enormous speed and with its razor sharp teeth, it can chew almost anything. This traditional tattoo may be forgotten but it surely needs to make a reappearance in the tattoo world.

Red Shenron Tattoo

Red Shenron Tattoo


Anything in blazing red color is amazing to watch. Shenron already has a stunning design and sparkling color scheme in its body. Now, just imagine how amazing he would look if his entire body was covered in red.

The red color will definitely make the dragon look more intimidating. It will look as if he has feasted on something quite near his size and all the blood has spilled all over his body. How frightening is that!

Shenron Tattoo On Throat

Shenron Tattoo On Throat

Whenever Shenron stretched his giant mouth, you can see the razor sharp teeth and a throat that feels like a dark abyss. It looks like the dragon can devour anything that comes in his way.

This intense posture can be depicted in your body canvas. This will portray an intense imagery that will make all your enemies tremble in fear. From monochromatic color scheme to whimsical hues, anything will look absolutely diabolical in your body.

Granting The Impossible Wish: A Timelapse Of Shenron Tattoos

Shenron tattoos are quite elusive with thousands of secrets hiding in each of its curves. The blazing red color of the eyes holds a wide range of emotions. Each of these emotions can be quite intimidating to portray on the body canvas.

That’s why, we have an excellent timelapse of a brilliant artist inking a Shenron tattoo from scratch. Give it a quick look to get your creative juices flowing.


The internet is a confusing place. To find something useful here, you have to spend hours after hours. Who wants to spend so much time searching for information?

So, if you are opting for the Shenron tattoo and want to know some interesting facts about the mighty dragon, here are some questions and their clear answers to quench your thirst.

Q: How Does Shenron Appear In Dragon Ball?

Ans: There are seven dragon balls all throughout the world. To make Shenron appear, you must collect all the seven dragon balls and bring them together. Only then, the mighty dragon will appear.

Q: Can Shenron Bring People Back From The Dead?

Ans: Yes, Shenron can bring people back from the dead. He can grant any wish you want no matter how impossible it. Shenron is quite neutral so he won’t pass you any judgment.

Q: Are Shenron Tattoos Evil?

Ans: Shenron tattoos are considered to be extremely lucky for the wearer. The mighty dragon has been believed to be the protector of mankind from all kinds of calamities. It can grant people anything they want. So obviously, the tattoo is the opposite of evil.


Although Shenron is a fictional character, we feel connected to it a lot. We always want something that can grant us our wishes. We pray for a miracle that will just vanish away all our problems in life so that we can live happily ever after.

The reality is quite disappointing. But when you have a Shenron tattoo, you will feel like there is a guardian watching over you. The majestic dragon will make you feel like you can do anything in the world. You are capable on your own to fulfill all the wishes.

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