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120 Phenomenal Junji Ito Tattoos With Spectacular Illustrations

Manga is truly a gift that keeps on giving. Amongst all the genres available one may find in manga, one of the many prominent genres that only becomes stronger with each year is the Horror Manga. In addition to the impressive aesthetic that each horror manga tends to contain, the plot of each story seems to be fascinating yet terrifying at the same time.

Apart from the visuals and the plot, what really separates horror mangas from other genres is the fact that most of them are based on real-life events. Creators tend to incorporate bits and pieces from stories of Japanese urban legends when producing mangas, in hopes of giving each reader a frightful experience.

Although loads of illustrators published horror mangas that garnered quite an audience that is still growing in terms of size to this day, no one could overtake the accomplishments of Junji Ito and mirror the impact of his mangas.

Therefore, to honor the memorable pieces that the notorious mangaka has released over the course of his career as a horror mangaka, today’s article will consist of all the designs that one can recreate not only to show their love for Junji Ito’s legacy, but also achieve a tattoo with above mediocre visuals at the same time! We hope you stick around until the end, as failing to do so will only leave you with feelings of regret.

A Deep Rewind Junji Ito and His Notable Works

Junji Ito Tattoo 1

Junji Ito was always into the genre of horror even before becoming a public figure in the horror manga subculture. When he was 4, he used to make illustrations based off magazines that he used to read. He achieved his first success as a manga-ka at 12, when a short story that he created was submitted to Monthly Halloween and won an honorable mention in The Kazuo Umezu  Prize, in which Umezu himself was one of the judges. Ito worked on the short story over the next few years and published it with the title “Tomie”, which ultimately made him a significant icon in the eyes of manga enthusiasts.

In fact, to this day, his influence seems just as impactful as it used to be during his first years as the best horror manga-ka, as many people still invest in and show appreciation for the mangas that he orchestrated. Alongside “Tomie”, another manga of his that receives recognition day in, day out, is 1998 horror manga “Uzumaki”.

Additionally, apart from being a renowned manga illustrator, Junji Ito is also a household name in the tattoo industry. Although people don’t really recreate portrait tattoos of his facial features, many tattoo enthusiasts recreate pieces and artwork that he created in each of his manga, mainly because of the unparalleled visuals each segment contains. Some of them also achieve his artwork as tattoos as a means of giving back for all that he’s done for the Manga Community.

120 Junji Ito Tattoos To Introduce To Your Tattoo Collection

Now that you have achieved a better understanding of his upbringing, his knack and love for horror manga and his passion for art, the list below features some of his famous artwork that contains incredible visuals that are unique and, if achieved, will make anyone stand out in the middle of a crowd.

From tattoos with neat visuals to tattoos that contain portraits of iconic characters from Junji Ito’s comics, here are all the Junji Ito tattoos one can pair up with their existing tattoos.

Tomie Junji Ito Tattoo

Tomie Junji Ito Tattoo

“Tomie” is the first series that the Japanese manga-ke worked on and published. It features Tomie, the main character, who, despite being dead, is unaware of her supernatural ability to come back to life. Throughout the movie, Tomie uses her power to avenge her death and terrorize her killers.

When the manga first won an honorable mention in the Kazuo Umezu Prize, it was met with multiple positive reviews and an outstanding reception. As of 2023, it remains one of the greatest horror mangas to ever hit the shelves and be created amongst the manga community. There have also been multiple remakes of the manga as film adaptations that have also earned a fair amount of praise from the critics.

Junji Ito Tattoo Sleeve

Junji Ito Tattoo Sleeve

Despite being completely terrifying in terms of visuals, there’s also this strange appeal behind the aesthetics of the characters and the theme that Junji chose in each of his manga. As each manga has at least a handful of iconic segments, one can easily incorporate a sleeve tattoo by taking inspiration from one of the illustrations.

The designs come with distinct figures and contain a refreshing series of colors, which really stands out and helps the artwork look clear and nicely put.

Junji Ito Uzumaki Tattoo

Junji Ito Uzumaki Tattoo

The only manga by  Junji Ito that was able to keep up with the pace of Tomie’s longlist of accomplishments was Uzumaki. Uzumaki, which also covers the genre of supernatural horror, features a plot that is based in Kurozu-Cho, Japan, and focuses on the civilians of that town. It mainly focuses on high school teenager, Kirie Goshima, and her road to becoming possessed.

In addition to the nail-biting story, the comic features multiple segments that contain high-spirited color schemes and elaborated artwork to portray each scenario perfectly. One segment in particular that features the iconic spiral shaped eyes is a pattern that is sought-after in the manga community.

Small Junji Ito Tattoo

Small Junji Ito Tattoo

One can even double down on the size of each illustration created by Junji Ito if they prefer tattoos that are subtle. For instance, one can easily transform a portrait tattoo and display it through the means of a compact tattoo by placing it on their wrist or other delicate areas. While most people prefer to showcase this variant with the classic duo of black and white, many can also choose to introduce a softer impression by incorporating lighter color schemes.

Junji Ito Cat Tattoo

Junji Ito Cat Tattoo

Junji Ito also published a manga about his cats between 2008 and 2009. In the manga, he shared his knowledge on cats and everything that he learned from them. He also covered what it’s like to live with two adopted cats and the daily struggles that he has to get a grip on because of them.

Just like all the other mangas of the notorious manga-ke, this comic also has brilliant patterns that can easily be incorporated and added to one’s tattoo collection. The visuals of each cat in particular really takes the cake in the anime, so make sure to skim through the manga before making your final decision.

Junji Ito Spider Lily Tattoo

Junji Ito Spider Lily Tattoo

One of the very few patterns that fits like a glove with each artwork of Jinji Ito is the spider lily tattoo. Similar to most of his mangas, the spider lily tattoo’s main theme revolves around cynicism and horror.

Furthermore, the image itself is extremely spectacular, and doesn’t even need much to obtain the attention of many. The bright red tone of spider lilies really pair well with the classic zero color groundwork of each character that Junji Ito has brought into existence.

Traditional Junji Ito Tattoo

Traditional Junji Ito Tattoo

If you want a tattoo that isn’t just made with nice patterns but also features a set of vibrant colors, you can always resort to a traditional Junji Ito tattoo. Since most of his mangas contain a series of monochromatic images, the desirable colors for this option is surely subjective, so make sure to pick a set of colors that resonates with your personality.

Junji Ito Leg Tattoo

Junji Ito Leg Tattoo

Any artwork of Junji Ito can also be placed on the leg. Due to its spacious nature, every design will be extremely easy to recreate for the tattoo artist. Additionally, due to the resilient layer of skin present on the leg, the procedure of creating the tattoo will be relatively painless, so make sure to do your research before you decide on the placement.

Naruto Junji Ito Tattoo

Naruto Junji Ito Tattoo

Junji Ito also created a manga based on Naruto during his rise to stardom. Unlike the actual physical appearance of Naruto, this form was definitely stronger and had more abilities to keep up with his opponents.

In addition, appearance-wise, one doesn’t necessarily have to create every aspect of the figure that Naruto has. They can easily incorporate the spiral eyes used in the manga “Uzumaki” to give the artwork a darker theme, but can also resort to a fine line tattoo with clear visuals if the impression they’re seeking is subtle.

Geometric Junji Ito Tattoo

Geometric Junji Ito Tattoo

Placing frames around any tattoo can definitely satisfy those that have a knack for clear visuals. The borders around the artwork not only add to the tidiness of the tattoo, but also allows each feature to shine on its own.

Moreover, when recreating a design that was curated by Junji Ito, perhaps the best case scenario will be achieved if you pick a portrait tattoo. The facial feature of each character will not just glow, but also contain an artwork with realistic diagrams that will surely leave a good impression in the eyes of spectators.

More Trending Junji Ito Tattoos That Deserve Some Appreciation

If you’ve liked the list mentioned above but are quite surprised at how limited the variations seem, we’re more than sure the following list containing multiple designs with sublime visual materials will surely relieve your stress. Make sure to go through all of them so that you’re decisive about the groundwork before you leave for your upcoming tattooing appointment.

Junji Ito Tattoo 79

Junji Ito Tattoo 78

Junji Ito Tattoo 77

Junji Ito Tattoo 75

Junji Ito Tattoo 76

Junji Ito Tattoo 73

Junji Ito Tattoo 74

Junji Ito Tattoo 71

Junji Ito Tattoo 72

Junji Ito Tattoo 70

Junji Ito Tattoo 68

Junji Ito Tattoo 69

Junji Ito Tattoo 67

Junji Ito Tattoo 66

Junji Ito Tattoo 65

Junji Ito Tattoo 63

Junji Ito Tattoo 64

Junji Ito Tattoo 62

Junji Ito Tattoo 61

Junji Ito Tattoo 60

Junji Ito Tattoo 59

Junji Ito Tattoo 58

Junji Ito Tattoo 57

Junji Ito Tattoo 55

Junji Ito Tattoo 56

Junji Ito Tattoo 54

Junji Ito Tattoo 52

Junji Ito Tattoo 53

Junji Ito Tattoo 51

Junji Ito Tattoo 50

Junji Ito Tattoo 48

Junji Ito Tattoo 49

Junji Ito Tattoo 47

Junji Ito Tattoo 46

Junji Ito Tattoo 45

Junji Ito Tattoo 43

Junji Ito Tattoo 44

Junji Ito Tattoo 41

Junji Ito Tattoo 42

Junji Ito Tattoo 40

Junji Ito Tattoo 39

Junji Ito Tattoo 37

Junji Ito Tattoo 38

Junji Ito Tattoo 36

Junji Ito Tattoo 34

Junji Ito Tattoo 35

Junji Ito Tattoo 32

Junji Ito Tattoo 33

Junji Ito Tattoo 30

Junji Ito Tattoo 31

Junji Ito Tattoo 29

Junji Ito Tattoo 28

Junji Ito Tattoo 27

Junji Ito Tattoo 26

Junji Ito Tattoo 25

Junji Ito Tattoo 24

Junji Ito Tattoo 23

Junji Ito Tattoo 22

Junji Ito Tattoo 21

Junji Ito Tattoo 19

Junji Ito Tattoo 20

Junji Ito Tattoo 17

Junji Ito Tattoo 18

Junji Ito Tattoo 16

Junji Ito Tattoo 14

Junji Ito Tattoo 15

Junji Ito Tattoo 13

Junji Ito Tattoo 12

Junji Ito Tattoo 11

Junji Ito Tattoo 9

Junji Ito Tattoo 10

Junji Ito Tattoo 8

Junji Ito Tattoo 7

Junji Ito Tattoo 6

Junji Ito Tattoo 5

Junji Ito Tattoo 3

Junji Ito Tattoo 4

Junji Ito Tattoo 110

Junji Ito Tattoo 2

Junji Ito Tattoo 109

Junji Ito Tattoo 108

Junji Ito Tattoo 107

Junji Ito Tattoo 106

Junji Ito Tattoo 105

Junji Ito Tattoo 103

Junji Ito Tattoo 104

Junji Ito Tattoo 101

Junji Ito Tattoo 102

Junji Ito Tattoo 100

Junji Ito Tattoo 98

Junji Ito Tattoo 99

Junji Ito Tattoo 97

Junji Ito Tattoo 96

Junji Ito Tattoo 95

Junji Ito Tattoo 94

Junji Ito Tattoo 93

Junji Ito Tattoo 92

Junji Ito Tattoo 91

Junji Ito Tattoo 89

Junji Ito Tattoo 90

Junji Ito Tattoo 88

Junji Ito Tattoo 87

Junji Ito Tattoo 85

Junji Ito Tattoo 86

Junji Ito Tattoo 84

Junji Ito Tattoo 82

Junji Ito Tattoo 83

Junji Ito Tattoo 80

Junji Ito Tattoo 81

Bottom Line

All in all, we hope this article gives you reassurance on the series of options you too can install if you’re a fan of Junji Ito. Unlike most tattoos, each variant for this tattoo might be extremely lengthy to recreate and will definitely bring a considerable amount of pain to the table. So, make sure to travel with a friend, clear up your schedule, and carry some munchies to handle the outcome in a better manner.

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