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154 Meaningful 1999 Tattoos For Celebrating Your Existence

A tattoo design that has particularly taken the tattoo industry by storm is the 1999 tattoo. Apart from having minimal yet flattering visuals, this tattoo has been around for approximately 2 decades now. While the option mostly caters to those that were born in the year 1999 and is commonly used as a symbol to celebrate one’s presence in this world, many people get this variation as the various symbols that the digits contain tend to meet certain aspects of their personality.

Furthermore, if you too are certain that you’d like to be a part of the 1999 tattoo crew, but aren’t sure of which tattoo design you should go forward with, sit back and relieve yourself of all the stress, ‘cause in this article, apart from including the series of meanings that the 1999 tattoo conveys, we will reveal to you an enormous amount of designs for the 1999 tattoo that you can place anywhere on your body. If none of the designs meet your requirements by the time you’re done with skimming through this write-up, you can also take bits and pieces off multiple variants to create an original art piece.

Regardless, we hope you enjoy the visuals that the 1999 tattoo  brings to the table and enjoy learning more about this infamous tattoo design.

The Multiple Meanings of 1999 Tattoos

1999 tattoo 37

Just like the flexibility of each design, 1999 tattoos tend to represent multiple symbols. One can wear it to embrace the year in which they were born, while the rest may wear it for showcasing other messages.

For instance, a wearer of one of the 1999 tattoos can even use the design to reveal distinct parts of their personality. Many use the symbol as a means to show their knack for traveling around the world.

On the other hand, plenty that wear a 1999 tattoo can also use it as a symbol that represents the ambitious side of their character.

Moreover, in the Chinese Zodiac, those that incorporate or wear a 1999 tattoo on their body tend to have a very disciplined character and have a relentless work ethic. They are also relatively laid back and have a simple approach to life in contrast to that of the rest of the people in this world.

Creatively Put 1999 Tattoo Ideas to Glorify Life Everyday!

Now that you know how there’s more than meets the eye when the meaning of 1999 tattoos is the subject, it’s time to take a look at all the options one can pull off when getting a 1999 tattoo. From large to small, from intimidating skull tattoos to wholesome goldfish tattoos, listed below are all the remarkable tattoo designs that one will successfully be able to pull off as a 1999 tattoo.

Est 1999 tattoo

est 1999 tattoo

If your main incentive for this tattoo is to celebrate your date of birth in specific, the classic variation of an “Est. 1999” tattoo will be sufficient. Although it is extremely subtle in terms of appearance, and has the ability to blend in with any other range of designs. While the existence of it really shines when placed on compact areas like the collar bone, one can also get it on the side of their neck, one can also place it on other areas that are just as delicate as the ideal area of placement to unlock the same impactful impression.

1999 Roman Numerals Tattoo

1999 roman numerals tattoo

If you’re quite fond of the previous entry but aren’t really on par with the design, you can always replace the variant with this alternative. Roman Numerals have been popular in the tattoo industry for as long as we could remember. Each numeral has a sophisticated vibe to it, and looks extremely clear anywhere and everywhere on one’s body.

While a particular suitable area for this variation has to be the area behind the bicep, one can also achieve a tattoo with a decent outcome if they place it in delicate and fragile areas.

Small 1999 Tattoo

Small 1999 tattoo

An option that caters to minimalists, a small 1999 tattoo is probably the only variation that is always on point in comparison to the rest of the entries. It is relatively painless, can be enhanced with a bright colored tattooing pen, and is exceptionally subtle.

Unless it is placed on an area as noticeable as the face, a small 1999 tattoo will hardly grab the attention of anyone, which is one of the many reasons why it’s considered to be the fan favorite.

Jaguar 1999 Tattoo

Jaguar 1999 tattoo

Another tattoo that pairs effortlessly with the visuals and the meaning of a 1999 tattoo is the jaguar tattoo. Symbolizing strength and bravery, the appearance of the jaguar itself has the ability to make a tattoo as plain as the 1999 tattoo look enhanced to the max.

While it can be worn by anyone and everyone, this combination caters to those that need the encouragement to overcome a battle, whether it’s mental or physical.

It is a great choice for those that partake in athletics as well as for those that are seeking an option with an edgy design, as the facial structures of a jaguar will hardly ever miss to make the mark! 

Love 1999 Tattoo

Love 1999 tattoo

Contrary to popular belief, a 1999 tattoo can also be used as a symbol of love. All one has to do is surround the number with a heart shaped frame to unlock this variation. To take it one step further, however, one can also add the name of their significant other or even incorporate their initials underneath the digits.

Although the final visuals of this entry will remain low-maintenance, the sentimental value of it will surely sweep your partner off their feet.

Dagger 1999 Tattoo

Dagger 1999 tattoo

A 1999 tattoo usually symbolizes feelings of positivity and prosperity, but some also incorporate it to reminisce about all the adversity and hardships that they were a part of in this life. It is often done by adding the visuals of a dagger, which portrays adversity, the struggles, and also represents the growth that one experiences when they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Moreover, appearance-wise, this option is also a sublime design to go for. The frame of the dagger perfectly introduces the font and the digits involved in the number “1999”, giving the overall result an appeal that most can only dream of carrying.

Crown 1999 Tattoo

Crown 1999 tattoo

Those that are seeking an option that is slightly visual-oriented can most definitely incorporate this option into their arsenal. The frame of the crown is slightly dense, which looks impressive with the monochromatic color palette. The font used for the number is also a bit flashy, which perfectly matches the energy of the crown.

Furthermore, since this tattoo is of a large image, make sure to clear up your schedule as it will take the tattoo artist more than 2 sessions to mirror the design without any flaw. Additionally, do make sure the area on which it’s installed is as spacious as the area that is usually available above the knee. Even though it will hurt a bit, the final results will surely leave you and any spectator in awe.

Neck 1999 Tattoo

Neck 1999 tattoo

Self love is an extremely important activity and plays a pivotal role when shaping up one’s life.

Moreover, if you happen to struggle with loving yourself and were born in 1999, unlock an instant source of self care and love by achieving this exceptional artwork.

While the number represents nothing but the year, the symbol of the rose represents love, humility, and kindness. The combination alone will release loads of dopamine, which is also called “the happy energy”

Additionally, while one can obtain this design anywhere just like most options on this list, placing it on the neck will make the impression of the artwork delicate with a dash of elegance. One can place it on the center of the neck, or can even place it on one of the two sides to recreate a more compact look.

Forearm 1999 Tattoo

Forearm 1999 tattoo

A forearm 1999 tattoo is for those that are extroverted. While the symbolism isn’t any different than that of most 1999 tattoos, a forearm tattoo will really allow not just the wearer to boast about their existence in their life, but will also enable the spectators to know how comfortable the wearer is in their own skin, which will work wonders if they’re looking to impress everyone in the room.

In addition to the audience it caters to, one should always keep this variation as neat and as plain as possible. Collaborating the design with brighter colors could be a great way to make their presence more apparent. However, adding neutral colors to the blueprint will really allow them to showcase their mature side, which can often attract many people at the same time.

Goldfish 1999 Tattoo

Goldfish 1999 tattoo

A goldfish tattoo can really bring out all the positives that a 1999 tattoo conveys. Symbolizing feelings of happiness and prosperity, when wearing this tattoo, one will not only be rewarded with a design that looks extremely jolly and subtle, but also have a source of positive energy that will allow them to change for the better.

Wearing this tattoo may also encourage people to not rush things and take it one day at a time, which is a feeling that many can relate to.

Skull 1999 Tattoo

Skull 1999 tattoo

If plain tattoos aren’t really your thing, you may want to take this intimidating option into consideration. Over the past few years or so, a skull tattoo has become rather famous amongst the tattoo world. Apart from the loud visuals it contains, a skull tattoo is also extremely versatile and looks great at all times, especially when it’s next to a number tattoo. The appearance of the skull amps up the final layout of the design immensely, and should only be placed in areas that are rather lenient in terms of space.

In addition to the placement, to achieve the best results, introduce a simple color scheme that consists of neutral colors. Since brighter visuals tend to look too soft, the intimidating portion of this option might fade when paired with high-spirited shades.

Compass 1999 Tattoo

Compass 1999 tattoo

A compass tattoo is used as a symbol of guidance, protection, and direction. The wearer of this tattoo often settles for this option to have a source of protection that will last until eternity.

One may also resort to this variant if they are struggling to find their purpose in life and need a helping hand to come out of the dark place they’re currently in.

Regardless, the appearance of this tattoo is extremely modern and can be pulled off effortlessly as a large icon, as well as a small symbol. One can collaborate the design with neutral colors for a sophisticated impression, or display it with an array of soft tones to make the impression more laid back.

More 1999 Tattoo Variations To Rock This Year!

If you’re just as surprised as us about how versatile the 1999 tattoo really is, here are a couple more ideas that you’re bound to be amazed by!

1999 tattoo 1

1999 tattoo 3

1999 tattoo 2

1999 tattoo 5

1999 tattoo 4

1999 tattoo 6

1999 tattoo 7

1999 tattoo 8

1999 tattoo 10

1999 tattoo 9

1999 tattoo 102

1999 tattoo 103

1999 tattoo 105

1999 tattoo 104

1999 tattoo 106

1999 tattoo 108

1999 tattoo 107

1999 tattoo 109

1999 tattoo 110

1999 tattoo 112

1999 tattoo 111

1999 tattoo 113

1999 tattoo 114

1999 tattoo 115

1999 tattoo 116

1999 tattoo 118

1999 tattoo 117

1999 tattoo 120

1999 tattoo 119

1999 tattoo 121

1999 tattoo 122

1999 tattoo 123

1999 tattoo 124

1999 tattoo 126

1999 tattoo 125

1999 tattoo 127

1999 tattoo 128

1999 tattoo 129

1999 tattoo 130

1999 tattoo 131

1999 tattoo 132

1999 tattoo 133

1999 tattoo 134

1999 tattoo 135

1999 tattoo 136

1999 tattoo 137

1999 tattoo 138

1999 tattoo 139

1999 tattoo 140

1999 tattoo 11

1999 tattoo 141

1999 tattoo 12

1999 tattoo 13

1999 tattoo 15

1999 tattoo 14

1999 tattoo 16

1999 tattoo 17

1999 tattoo 18

1999 tattoo 19

1999 tattoo 21

1999 tattoo 22

1999 tattoo 24

1999 tattoo 23

1999 tattoo 25

1999 tattoo 27

1999 tattoo 26

1999 tattoo 29

1999 tattoo 28

1999 tattoo 30

1999 tattoo 31

1999 tattoo 32

1999 tattoo 33

1999 tattoo 34

1999 tattoo 35

1999 tattoo 36

1999 tattoo 38

1999 tattoo 39

1999 tattoo 40

1999 tattoo 41

1999 tattoo 42

1999 tattoo 43

1999 tattoo 45

1999 tattoo 44

1999 tattoo 46

1999 tattoo 47

1999 tattoo 48

1999 tattoo 49

1999 tattoo 50

1999 tattoo 52

1999 tattoo 51

1999 tattoo 53

1999 tattoo 54

1999 tattoo 55

1999 tattoo 57

1999 tattoo 56

1999 tattoo 58

1999 tattoo 60

1999 tattoo 59

1999 tattoo 61

1999 tattoo 62

1999 tattoo 64

1999 tattoo 63

1999 tattoo 66

1999 tattoo 65

1999 tattoo 67

1999 tattoo 68

1999 tattoo 69

1999 tattoo 70

1999 tattoo 71

1999 tattoo 72

1999 tattoo 73

1999 tattoo 74

1999 tattoo 75

1999 tattoo 76

1999 tattoo 77

1999 tattoo 78

1999 tattoo 79

1999 tattoo 80

1999 tattoo 82

1999 tattoo 81

1999 tattoo 84

1999 tattoo 83

1999 tattoo 86

1999 tattoo 85

1999 tattoo 87

1999 tattoo 88

1999 tattoo 89

1999 tattoo 90

1999 tattoo 91

1999 tattoo 92

1999 tattoo 93

1999 tattoo 95

1999 tattoo 94

1999 tattoo 96

1999 tattoo 97

1999 tattoo 98

1999 tattoo 100

1999 tattoo 99

1999 tattoo 101

Final Verdict

All in all, we hope you were able to find your match or at least find a similar layout that you have envisioned in your mind. Remember to take it easy with the modifications and to side with a design that looks clean, clear and sophisticated. For best results, make sure to place it in areas that are compact and are almost always exposed, like the area on the wrist.

However, if you want the tattoo to be loud and are seeking a design that is more apparent than a small tattoo, install it on the chest area or the thigh area. Since both the previous options are spacious and involve a painless procedure, picking one of the two will not only give you the best case scenario in terms of visuals, but will also save you from the soreness most tattoos tend to come with.

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