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110 Impressive Vegeta Tattoos For Die-Hard DBZ Fans!

Initially known for his pride, Vegeta is one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball saga. Apart from his outstanding skill set and the abilities that he attains as a Saiyan, another feature that Prince Vegeta is known for is his bloated ego.

From training effortlessly in the hyperbolic time chamber to using the assistance of supervillains and transforming into Majin Vegeta, his need to be the strongest existing Saiyan is one of the reasons why he had or still may have a fanbase that despises the presence of the character, but is ironically also one of the key reasons to why he’s loved so much amongst the massive Dragon Ball Community.

Over the past few decades, while many portrayed their love for Vegeta through posting about it on various platforms of social media, some of them took the admiration that they possess to another level, by achieving a tattoo of the character.

Moving on, if you too happen to be obsessed with Vegeta and would like to display your affection through the means of getting a tattoo of his, then be our guest!

In this write-up, we will be revealing to you the multiple tattoo designs that you may incorporate to fulfill that craving. In addition to the images, we will provide knowledge on what the average Vegeta tattoo usually symbolizes, with an extra set of tattoo designs for your enjoyment. We hope you stick around until the end as we make an attempt to fulfill your needs.

Unwinding the deep meaning of Vegeta tattoos

Vegeta Tattoo 29

Although most people solely get a Vegeta tattoo due to the crucial role he plays in the Dragon Ball series to this day, a lot of them obtain it to convey messages about their own characteristics.

Vegeta surely seems bitter about the fact that Goku is the strongest Saiyan despite being from a different background, but he always uses that frustration as a means of taking better care for himself, in a healthy diet, in a rigorous workout routine.

Even though that coping mechanism of his does come off as overbearing at times, fans can’t help but feel inspired by his relentless work ethic, which often results in them getting a tattoo and using it as a source of encouragement.

Once obtained, people also believe that the tattoo guides them to a better path which allows them to make better life decisions, and serve as a source of motivation and hope during dark times.

Startling Vegeta Tattoo Ideas To Celebrate The Pride of The Saiyan Prince

Just like the character himself, one can achieve multiple forms of a Vegeta tattoo. It’s flexible, vibrant, and can be paired up with any other tattoo without an issue.

From having the option to wear a design of the deadly duo to incorporating an option that caters to minimalists, here are all our favorite tattoo variations of a Vegeta tattoo.

Majin Vegeta Tattoo

Majin Vegeta Tattoo

As stated earlier, Vegeta tried anything and everything he could to overpower the strength of Goku’s before he eventually gave in. He even took some of the most desperate measures. One of them was using the influence and power of Babidi to turn into Majin Vegeta.

Apart from obtaining the Majin symbol, the aesthetics of his physique changed completely. He had dark black lines around his eyes, which revealed nothing but his evil intentions. He also had a massive physical transformation where he had single digit body fat and power that was even more impactful than that of a Super Saiyan 2.

Although the character did sacrifice himself when defeating Majin Buu, his spirit and his commendable legacy is kept alive to this day through the love of his fanbase. Become a member of the club today by installing this variation on any part of your body.

Goku and Vegeta Tattoo

Goku and Vegeta Tattoo

Another popular variation of this tattoo is the tattoo of Prince Vegeta and his arch nemesis and loyal friend, Goku.

When the pair first crossed paths, they couldn’t stand one another, mainly due to Vegeta’s jealousy regarding Goku’s power. However, as the series progressed, the pair warmed up to one another, eventually becoming training partners and the greatest of friends.

So, if the pair’s story reminds you of your own chemistry with another, celebrate it by incorporating this variant into your arsenal.

Vegeta and Bulma Tattoo

Vegeta and Bulma Tattoo

Before the presence of Bulma, loads of fellow enthusiasts of the show believed Goku to be the savior of Vegeta. However, the character development of Vegeta doesn’t really progress or prosper until he ties the knot with Bulma.

Throughout the anime, Vegeta not only improves as a saiyan through the assistance of Bulma, but also discovers his purpose by being in the company of his best friend and wife.

In conclusion, if you believe that you and your partner share a bond that is eerily similar to that of the two DBZ characters, show her and the anime some love by achieving this tattoo.

Vegeta Tattoo Stencil

Vegeta Tattoo Stencil

If your main incentive is to get a tattoo that has tremendous visuals but is also extremely subtle, you may take this stencil tattoo into consideration. While the visuals of this is indeed highly detailed, one will achieve a tattoo for the ages if they choose this variant.

Vegeta Symbol Tattoo

Vegeta Symbol Tattoo

The Saiyan royal symbol of Vegeta can also be the way to meet your desires, especially if you’re seeking an option with a basic pattern. The symbol can be obtained anywhere and everywhere, can be of all shapes and sizes, and can even be displayed through neutral colors as well as vibrant colors, which is an offer that many fail to refuse.

Vegeta Tattoo Sleeve

Vegeta Tattoo Sleeve

Fellow fanatics of Vegeta can definitely honor the legacy of the Saiyan Prince by opting for a sleeve tattoo. Consisting of bright visuals, made with the highest shades of golden, blue, white, and many more, one can’t simply go wrong by selecting this option as a candidate.

Vegeta Final Flash Tattoo

Vegeta Final Flash Tattoo

Every character has a finisher as one of their core abilities in the Dragon Ball franchise. Vegeta’s finisher happens to be the Final Flash, which is more powerful than any other finisher in the Saiyan universe.

Regardless of the power that the move attains, the visuals of the maneuver could be a compelling reason behind this design’s appeal. Consisting of the colors yellow and blue, and in some cases, teal blue, the option is bound to catch the attention of many.

Vegeta Tattoo Black and White

Vegeta Tattoo Black and White

Taking into account the physical build of the character, the best way to display the best features of a Vegeta tattoo sometimes can be done by pairing it with the dashing tone of black and white.

The artwork will look sophisticated on any surface of the skin, and can even be paired up with a series of tattoos for further enhancement. 

Vegeta Ultra Ego Thigh Tattoo

Vegeta Thigh Tattoo

Even though Vegeta never fulfills his desires of being a Super Saiyan 3 in the series, his unfulfilled dream finally becomes true when he discovers his power of being an Ultra Ego and transforms immediately during a fight against Granola. Doing so not only rewards him with immense levels of strength, but also gives him hair that is dripped in violet.

Great Ape Vegeta Tattoo

Great Ape Vegeta Tattoo

One of the various special powers that a saiyan contains is the ability to turn into a Great Ape at the full moon, and Vegeta is no exception. Transforming into a Great Ape during the beginning of the Dragon Ball series didn’t just give Vegeta a great amount of power to harness, but also gave us a great tattoo option to recreate.

Small Vegeta Tattoo

Small Vegeta Tattoo

Keeping it light could be a requirement for many, and this is the entry that meets the request perfectly.

As it is an artwork that can be achieved anywhere, a small Vegeta tattoo is great for those that are indecisive and those that are followers of minimalism. However, one can definitely amp up the wavelength of this tattoo by introducing brighter visuals, making this one of the better options amongst the list.

More Vegeta and Dragon Ball Z Tattoos To Check Out This Instant!

If you’re a fan of the revolutionary Dragon Ball series, specifically DBZ, we’re more than sure one of the first things that allowed you to survive the first season was the hatred that you had for Prince Vegeta, which eventually faded over the following seasons and left you one of his admirers when the series concluded. Embrace that growth instead of shying away from it. Get one of the following tattoos of Vegeta as well as some of the key characters that shape up Dragon Ball Z.

Vegeta Tattoo 1

Vegeta Tattoo 2

Vegeta Tattoo 3

Vegeta Tattoo 4

Vegeta Tattoo 5

Vegeta Tattoo 6

Vegeta Tattoo 7

Vegeta Tattoo 8

Vegeta Tattoo 9

Vegeta Tattoo 10

Vegeta Tattoo 11

Vegeta Tattoo 12

Vegeta Tattoo 13

Vegeta Tattoo 14

Vegeta Tattoo 15

Vegeta Tattoo 16

Vegeta Tattoo 17

Vegeta Tattoo 18

Vegeta Tattoo 19

Vegeta Tattoo 20

Vegeta Tattoo 21

Vegeta Tattoo 22

Vegeta Tattoo 23

Vegeta Tattoo 24

Vegeta Tattoo 25

Vegeta Tattoo 26

Vegeta Tattoo 27

Vegeta Tattoo 28

Vegeta Tattoo 29

Vegeta Tattoo 30

Vegeta Tattoo 31

Vegeta Tattoo 32

Vegeta Tattoo 33

Vegeta Tattoo 34

Vegeta Tattoo 35

Vegeta Tattoo 36

Vegeta Tattoo 37

Vegeta Tattoo 38

Vegeta Tattoo 39

Vegeta Tattoo 40

Vegeta Tattoo 41

Vegeta Tattoo 42

Vegeta Tattoo 43

Vegeta Tattoo 44

Vegeta Tattoo 45

Vegeta Tattoo 46

Vegeta Tattoo 47

Vegeta Tattoo 48

Vegeta Tattoo 49

Vegeta Tattoo 50

Vegeta Tattoo 51

Vegeta Tattoo 52

Vegeta Tattoo 53

Vegeta Tattoo 54

Vegeta Tattoo 55

Vegeta Tattoo 56

Vegeta Tattoo 57

Vegeta Tattoo 58

Vegeta Tattoo 59

Vegeta Tattoo 60

Vegeta Tattoo 61

Vegeta Tattoo 62

Vegeta Tattoo 63

Vegeta Tattoo 64

Vegeta Tattoo 65

Vegeta Tattoo 66

Vegeta Tattoo 67

Vegeta Tattoo 68

Vegeta Tattoo 69

Vegeta Tattoo 70

Vegeta Tattoo 71

Vegeta Tattoo 72

Vegeta Tattoo 73

Vegeta Tattoo 74

Vegeta Tattoo 75

Vegeta Tattoo 76

Vegeta Tattoo 77

Vegeta Tattoo 78

Vegeta Tattoo 79

Vegeta Tattoo 80

Vegeta Tattoo 81

Vegeta Tattoo 82

Vegeta Tattoo 83

Vegeta Tattoo 84

Vegeta Tattoo 85

Vegeta Tattoo 86

Vegeta Tattoo 87

Vegeta Tattoo 88

Vegeta Tattoo 89

Vegeta Tattoo 90

Vegeta Tattoo 91

Vegeta Tattoo 92

Vegeta Tattoo 93

Vegeta Tattoo 94

Vegeta Tattoo 95

Vegeta Tattoo 96

Vegeta Tattoo 97

Final Verdict

All in all, getting a Vegeta tattoo shouldn’t be difficult regardless of whether you’re a part of the Dragon Ball fan club. The visuals of every variation should be sufficient and the versatility of each option will be more than enough to make up for not being the biggest Dragon Ball nerd.

In addition, while we do like the aesthetics of Majin Vegeta in specific due to the blonde hair and the intimidating backstory, one can also incorporate any other design just as effortlessly. Whether it’s a small finger tattoo or a large sleeve tattoo, an image of Vegeta will surely leave spectators amazed and in awe.

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