96 Fascinating Yin Yang Tattoo Ideas With Meaning

Based on one of the most popular and recognizable symbols on the planet, the Yin Yang tattoo represents the interconnected forces of good and evil, calm and chaotic, order and disorder. The Yin and Yang symbolize the nature of absolute duality for all things in mankind as well as the universe itself.

The Yin and Yang is an emblem that has been implemented in everything from books, to music, to every conceivable form and version of art and philosophy to ever exist. Black represents Yin, while white represents Yang.

And in the world of body art, the Yin Yang tattoo is synonymous with the term “greatest of all time.” The striking imagery of two opposing and interconnected forces contained within one circle makes the Yin Yang tattoo so iconic, that people could recognize the symbol without even knowing its name!

Yin Yang Tattoos: The Harmonious Meaning Behind The Duality

Meaning Behind Yin Yang Tattoo


The Yin Yang tattoo is not only used as a meaningful symbol to describe two opposing and interconnected energies but also the very nature and source of duality of those energies that exists within the wearer.

There are a myriad of reasons why the Yin and Yang is used as a symbol to refer to forces of nature as well as other aspects in life that are completely opposite, but cannot exist without each other.

Without Yin There is No Yang

A very common usage in spoken or written dialogue is the saying “you are the yin to my yang!” It simply means that in order to achieve the perfect harmony, two individuals need to balance out opposing extremes of each other’s personalities in order to coexist perfectly. Thereby matching the Yin to their Yang.

Opposites Attract

Yin and Yang have become so synonymous with describing duality in general that most of us tend to use this term in our everyday language.

Whether it’s man and woman, light and darkness, or Batman and Joker, one cannot exist without the other. And opposites attract, quite extremely so. And without the effort of one, the other might as well perish.

The Cosmic Source of All Dualities

As a matter of fact, in Chinese philosophy, it is believed that all of the universe’s ultimate harmony arises from the balancing of the Yin and Yang.

Similarly, the Yin Yang tattoo achieves this same objective in the wearer’s case by depicting the duality within the wearer. And the conflicts that person goes through in their own soul in order to achieve that harmonious spiritual balance.

Yin Yang Tattoos: The Harmonious Dichotomy

The Yin Yang tattoo adopts a simple design principle with striking imagery. Which is often achieved with the simplest of craftsmanship that still makes it stand out from the crowd and overcome the test of time. The moment the subject of duality is mentioned, the Yin Yang is the first imagery that comes to mind!

When it comes to its scope for creativity, the Yin Yang tattoo is boundless and limitless in its scope for mixing with other styles and genres of body art. And it can come in the form of bright, vibrant colors or eschew colors altogether.

This style of tattoo is also extremely versatile when it comes to body placement and size. And can be mixed with various symbols from all cultures, horoscopes and myths alike. It is a favorite symbol among circular tattoo enthusiasts.

Yin Yang Tattoo Designs To Help Balance Your Inner Self!

The Yin Yang tattoo could be used as meaningful symbolism to describe everything from conflicts to relationships.

For example, if one partner represents too much Yin (darkness) in them, they could benefit from the Yang (light) energy. And vice versa. Hence the need for a matching Yin Yang tattoo is a surefire way to keep such a relationship spark going on forever.

The plethora of choices a tattoo enthusiast has in their inventory when it comes to getting the ideal Yin Yang tattoo is nothing short of colossal. So here are some following ideas to get you started on achieving that perfect harmonious balance via your spectacular Yin Yang tattoo!

Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo 2


Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo 3


Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo 4


The already iconic Yin Yang symbol could just as well be elevated in design with another popular staple in the tattoo world; the koi fish tattoo. Combining the two designs would accentuate the already deep symbolism that both these tattoos convey.

Kois are well known for being extremely resilient even during conflict. Their perseverance is the stuff of legends. So inking a pair of koi fish in contrast to the yin and yang, and contrasting their opposite colors in sync makes for quite the aesthetic piece of body art.

The resilience of the koi mixed with the dualism of the Yin Yang tattoo compliment each other quite well. This style is mostly preferred as a large stencil, ideally for the thighs, sleeve or on areas with a large canvas potential.

Dragon Yin Yang Tattoo

Dragon Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Dragon Yin Yang Tattoo 2


Dragon Yin Yang Tattoo 3


There is no way that one would look at a Dragon Yin Yang tattoo and would go “I ain’t having that.” Rather, there is a surefire possibility that it would be the one tattoo to persuade an individual to decide on getting that design inked onto themselves.

Besides looking supremely cool and mysterious. The dragon yin yang tattoo is also heavily symbolic as it is historically significant. Highly influenced by ancient Chinese culture, the tattoo represents the peaceful balance of energy the dragon possesses despite having such immense destructive powers.

The dragon yin yang tattoo is an ideal body art piece suited for large designs and canvases. Its broad scope of intricate designs and craftsmanship requires a delicate hand and lots of patience from the wearer. Ideal for the arm, sleeve, calf and back. This style of tattoo also encourages experimentation with colors.

Life and Death Yin Yang Tattoo

Life and Death Yin Yang Tattoo


What could be more outright dualistic in reality than life and death itself? Without the former, the latter would not exist. The same logic applies for the Yin Yang tattoo representing the forces of life and death.

The life and death Yin Yang tattoo could take on various forms of imagery instead of the circular icon alone. As the image above depicts the Grim Reaper (Yin) in contrast to the angel (Yang). The balance of the former’s chaos mixed with the gentleness of the latter; bringing forth perfect harmony.

The life and death Yin Yang tattoo is ideal for medium to large sized canvases on the body. Whether it should be done in an area prone to high pain levels depends on the wearer. The tattoo looks best in its details when it’s brightly colored.

Wolf Yin Yang Tattoo

Wolf Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Wolf Yin Yang Tattoo 2


Wolf Yin Yang Tattoo 3


“Inside of me are two wolves” is a commonly heard Native American proverb we sometimes stumble upon on the internet. The two wolves in this proverb are depicted to be black and white. This lines up perfectly with the imagery of duality represented in Yin Yang tattoos.

Much like the proverb mentioned above, the wolf Yin Yang tattoo is representative of the two wolves that exist within the wearer’s soul. And the spiritual balance of duality between these two creatures.

The tattoo is versatile in design style and size choice, and is best suited on the more visible parts of the body with low pain levels. Such as the forearm or the back of the calf.

Cat Yin Yang Tattoo

Cat Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Cat Yin Yang Tattoo 2


Cat Yin Yang Tattoo 3


The recurring theme of duality continues with the cat Yin Yang tattoo. Usually presented as a circular tattoo with the two cats curled up and enclosed in a circle against each other. One cat happens to be black, representing Yin. While the white cat represents Yang.

The cat Yin Yang tattoo is as highly symbolic as it is cute. Many comparisons are drawn to how humans are ironically just like cats and not the other way around! In the sense that we seek independence, individuality and freedom, and are prone to defy authority. This analogy serves up the perfect example for our dualistic nature.

If you’re on the lookout for a cute cat tattoo that also carries deep meaningful symbolism, then look no further than the cat Yin Yang tattoo. It can also be done on any part of the body as the tattoo tends to be circular and very versatile in its design style and application of colors.

Small Yin Yang Tattoo

Small Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Small Yin Yang Tattoo 2


The small Yin Yang tattoo is as versatile as it gets. It could be suitable as an ideal tattoo style for any part of the body. And could be mixed and matched with other pre-existing tattoos just as easily.

The small Yin Yang tattoo is budget friendly as well as tolerance friendly. As it could literally be your first ever tattoo with a small price tag on it. With minimal to no pain levels attached.

Should you decide to get creative and colorful with your small Yin Yang tattoo, you could diversify its default monochrome format. And instead go for applying light and dark colors to it. Or tattoo it with the most minimal of dots and points. The tattoo may be small, but its scope for diversity is vast!

Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo

Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo 2


The sun and moon Yin Yang tattoo is pretty self explanatory as it is straightforward in its symbolism. Because after all the very influences behind the duality of the Yin and Yang are derived from the sun and the moon.

It represents the two opposing and interconnected energies that the sun and moon bring. As well as the harmonious balance between these two celestial entities. The tattoo represents the importance of the presence of both. Whether it be light and darkness, or fire and water. Without one’s existence, the other is meaningless.

As the sun and moon Yin Yang tattoo happens to be purely circular, it encourages huge design creativity within its boundaries. The tattoo is best suited in medium to large form. The more the detail, the larger the tattoo is preferred.

Yin Yang Couple Tattoo

Yin Yang Couple Tattoo 1


Yin Yang Couple Tattoo 2


The perfect matching couple tattoo choice for individuals where “opposites attract” is the mantra. Getting a Yin Yang couple tattoo is an obvious yet very tasteful choice for a couple.

In an ideal relationship where two people’s differing and opposing traits define what makes them whole, the Yin Yang couple tattoo is the ideal symbolism for that harmonious duality.

It also helps that the Yin represents feminine energy while the Yang represents masculine. So if you’re feeling very minimalistic and are on a budget, just get one half of your gender’s trait of the Yin Yang tattooed onto you. While your beloved gets the other one. It also looks great on couple photographs!

Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo

Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo


The Yin Yang symbol tattoo is a straightforward and simple iteration of the emblem. Done in either monochrome stencil style or with the use of colors, depending on the wearer.

This particular tattoo style being just the Yin Yang symbol, can also be mixed with other tattoo styles in order for more design diversity. Or the wearer can choose to decorate the tattoo with extra details depending on the area of the body the Yin Yang symbol is getting tattooed onto.

Yin Yang Hand Tattoo

Yin Yang Hand Tattoo 1


Yin Yang Hand Tattoo 2


Compared to most variants of the Yin Yang tattoo so far, this one hurts significantly more. And that is because the Yin Yang hand tattoo takes place on an area of the body that ranks higher on the pain chart.

Careful consideration to detail and a delicate, educated hand from the tattooist is paramount to getting a Yin Yang hand tattoo. The needle is prone to get real close to the bones, thin muscle tissue, and the sensitive nerve endings of the hand. Therefore fortitude and high pain tolerance is expected from the wearer as well!

Pisces Yin Yang Tattoo

Pisces Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Pisces Yin Yang Tattoo 2


Zodiac lovers rejoice! The Pisces Yin Yang tattoo is a must-have for the March babies. Or for fans of horoscopes in general who want to get something mystical in their tattoo that bears deep symbolic meaning.

The Pisces symbol itself is of two fishes constantly revolving in an eternal circle. So converting them into Yin Yang tattoo form is a matter of differentiating the pigment in each fish and contrasting the duality between them.

And just like that, you’ve got yourself a dazzling Pisces Yin Yang tattoo! It is best suited as a small to medium sized tattoo, and looks great on any surface of the body.

Tribal Yin Yang Tattoo

Tribal Yin Yang Tattoo


For those who want to bring in a bit of their ancestral flair into their Yin Yang tattoo, this is the right style for it. The tribal Yin Yang tattoo relies on the usage of the wearer’s tribal imagery contrasted into two forms of colors. Emulating the duality symbolism of a Yin Yang tattoo.

The tribal Yin Yang tattoo may take on the form of fine lines drawn on one side of the circle, while the other is drawn in negative space form. Different tribes have different styles of emblems and imagery. So experimentation is the name of the game!

Unique Yin Yang Tattoo

Unique Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Unique Yin Yang Tattoo 2


Some Yin Yang tattoos don’t have to remain confined within the circular boundaries of its design aesthetic. And that is where the unique variation really stands out. The contrasting duality imagery of the unique Yin Yang tattoo could take on many forms.

It could be two ghosts of contrasting colors that clearly look like Yin Yang symbolism from afar. Or even abstract art. With clear clues in its usage of color and imagery that would tell one right away that it’s a Yin Yang tattoo without outright being one. This style encourages boundless creativity!

Heart Yin Yang Tattoo

Heart Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Heart Yin Yang Tattoo 2


The heart is already a popular style for body ink enthusiasts. And converting an already well known tattoo with Yin Yang shading is an easy way to make it stand out even more.

The heart Yin Yang tattoo represents the interconnected forces of calmness and vigor of the wearer that keep their heart balanced. It is ideal as a small tattoo for the more visible and less pain heavy areas on the body. And whether it should require colors or stay monochromatic, depends entirely on the wearer.

Matching Yin Yang Tattoo

Matching Yin Yang Tattoo 1


Matching Yin Yang Tattoo 2


A style archetype similar to the couple tattoo, the matching Yin Yang tattoo isn’t bound to lovebirds only. It could be a symbol of eternal friendship between two individuals with differing personalities. Or an unbreakable sibling bond.

The matching Yin Yang tattoo symbolizes the interconnected duality between two completely different individuals. Who perfectly balance each other with their respective traits.

As long as the tattoos represent any form of Yin Yang imagery, they are valid regardless of what shape of form the Yin Yang takes!

Cool Yin Yang Tattoo

Cool Yin Yang Tattoo


The cool Yin Yang tattoo is pretty self explanatory. It is a fashion statement piece that relies on aesthetics first, and symbolism later. The primary objective of this tattoo style is to look cool before anything else.

It is an ideal tattoo style for the forearm or any part of the body where the ink would be very visible. Regardless of the wearer’s clothing.

Yin Yang Neck Tattoo

Yin Yang Neck Tattoo


The neck is a pretty interesting place for a Yin Yang tattoo. It is always visible and strikingly appealing to the eyes.

The Yin Yang neck tattoo could take the form of a small and simple emblem. Or it could be an abstract watercolor design. Or even a colorful traditional tattoo that would resemble an extended piece of jewelry around the wearer’s neck.

Regardless of style, the neck Yin Yang tattoo is an awesomely bold fashion statement for modern ink-thusiasts.

Semicolon Yin Yang Tattoo

Semicolon Yin Yang Tattoo


For the minimalist tattoo lover who wants some duality imagery inked on them. Nothing could be more appealing to look at than a semicolon Yin Yang tattoo. These are small by default and demand detail in the minutiae.

This style may look easy on the eyes and not difficult at all to stencil. But making details pop out in such a miniature sized tattoo is where the real magic takes place!

The semicolon Yin Yang is an ideal tattoo for the hand and the wrist, as well as other highly visible parts of the body.

Gemini Yin Yang Tattoo

Gemini Yin Yang Tattoo


Similar to the Pisces variant, the Gemini Yin Yang tattoo also appeals to the Zodiac ink-thusiasts. The Gemini symbol itself represents the duality of two interconnected spirits encapsulated in one body. Henceforth making it easy to merge its symbolism with that of the Yin Yang tattoo.

The Gemini Yin Yang tattoo represents the wearer’s adaptability to harness the power of their duality. And their ability to evolve spiritually over time via that balance.

Yin Yang Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphin Yin Yang Tattoo


Dolphins are extremely fun loving, intelligent and social animals. As well as being adept hunters, and master strategists of the ocean. Such a contrast between playfulness and seriousness that dolphins possess make them the ideal subject for a Yin Yang tattoo.

The dolphin Yin Yang tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s similar mischievous and playful demeanor in contrast to their more grounded and determined personality.

Suitable as a medium to large size tattoo, it encourages the application of color to further put the duality of the dolphins into full visibility.

Fire and Water Yin Yang Tattoo

Fire and Water Yin Yang Tattoo


The Yin and the Yang themselves are avatars for fire and water. Without one, the other would cease to exist. And vice versa. It is ideal for a sleeve tattoo or any form of large canvas style, regardless of its use of color.

The fire and water Yin Yang tattoo depicts the harmony that is achieved via the balance between the wearer’s chaos and calmness. Among many other opposite yet interconnected traits.

Skull Yin Yang Tattoo

Skull Yin Yang Tattoo


The skull Yin Yang tattoo carries more meaningful symbolism than just the depiction of death itself. It represents the transitory nature of life. As well as a positive omen for change. Much like Yin and Yang, death and life are interconnected. And without life there would be no death.

The symbolism behind the two skulls in the Yin Yang means that death is just one pitstop to life. And the afterlife is the transitory stage that brings forth positive change and new beginnings. The tattoo is ideal for inking on any surface of the body and can look cool in either monochrome or color.

Yin Yang Eye Tattoo

Yin Yang Eye Tattoo


Eye tattoos mostly convey the wearer’s intuition and sharp attention to detail, as well as their keen perception. Combining the eye with the Yin-Yang in tattoo form makes up for quite the eye-catching modern tattoo archetype (Pun intended!).

The Yin Yang eye tattoo is ideal as a large canvas style for the forearm, thigh or calf. Replacing the eyeball with a detailed Yin Yang does the simple trick. And the rest is all up to the wearer and the artist when it comes to creativity.

The tattoo looks dazzling in both minimal sketch form, or in detailed layers with colors.

Yin Yang Sleeve Tattoo

Yin Yang Sleeve Tattoo


The Yin Yang sleeve tattoo symbolizes the usual connotations and imagery of duality associated with the iconic emblem. As well as an abundance of other meanings should the wearer decide to incorporate them. Such as dragons, flowers, fish or skulls.

A highly detailed iteration of the Yin Yang tattoo that requires patience, pain tolerance and multiple visits to the artist. The Yin Yang sleeve tattoo is more suited for the tattoo veteran who wants to proclaim their inner duality, literally on their sleeve.

Yin Yang Back Tattoo

Yin Yang Back Tattoo


Other than the back being a huge canvas for a large form of Yin Yang tattoo, there is no separate symbolism or underlying meaning other than duality to be displayed here.

All there is to portray is a really cool tattoo to take good pictures of and boast about to friends when showing off the heavily detailed goodness of a Yin Yang back tattoo. Such a form of body art demands style, substance and attention!

Sunflower Yin Yang Tattoo

Sunflower Yin Yang Tattoo


Sunflower tattoos tend to portray undying loyalty, warmth and devotion. And rather than just a combination of the sunflower’s symbolism mixed in with the Yin Yang’s duality, the sunflower Yin Yang tattoo is by itself an aesthetically pleasing tattoo to look at. With or without the symbolism attached.

Yin Yang Finger Tattoo

Yin Yang Finger Tattoo


The Yin Yang finger tattoo is an ideal low cost tattoo for the minimalist body ink lover. Who doesn’t mind getting a little symbol of inner duality needled painfully close to their bones, on a tight budget. As finger tattoos tend to be of a highly painful nature, it is advised to get the Yin Yang finger tattoo in a small, monochromatic form.

Abstract Yin Yang Tattoo

Abstract Yin Yang Tattoo


The abstract version of Yin Yang is more along the modern and contemporary line of tattoos. Eschewing the traditional style for an artistically cooler, slightly experimental design.

It’s mostly influenced by modern art styles and the wearer’s need for creative freedom. Moreover, the abstract Yin Yang tattoo gives tattoo lovers the choice of something out of the box.

Butterfly Yin Yang Tattoo

Butterfly Yin Yang Tattoo


Two of the most iconic symbols in the tattoo world combine to make up for a jaw dropping amalgamation! The butterfly Yin Yang tattoo is duality at its finest.

While the symbolism behind the Yin Yang tattoo has already been discussed in detail. The butterfly also represents the duality of rebirth and transformation from a mere caterpillar into a majestic flying creature.

The merging of both these tattoo archetypes opens up a Pandora’s box of creative designs and color combinations that is sure to turn heads and dazzle the eyesight!

Yin Yang Tattoo Behind the Ear

Yin Yang Tattoo Behind the Ear


Ideal as a small tattoo to enhance the cosmetic appeal of the wearer’s face. The Yin Yang tattoo behind the ear is mostly preferred as a small, colorless sketch.

The wearer can choose to go creative within the confines of this small tattoo style as well; by applying colors and other variations to make this tiny piece of ink pop out in detail. Be wary though, it stings!

Infinity Yin Yang Tattoo

Infinity Yin Yang Tattoo


The infinity Yin Yang tattoo is a juxtaposition of eternal unity and duality. In a way it is the perfect symbol to compliment the Yin Yang, as the interconnected nature of duality in it is also infinite.

This style is mostly minimalist and monochrome in nature. And is ideally suited as a small sized tattoo perfect for any surface on the body.

Yin Yang Forearm Tattoo

Yin Yang Forearm Tattoo


The Yin Yang forearm tattoo is a simple design style that is least on the painful scale and best for visibility. You could either style up the Yin Yang forearm tattoo with all the creative chops you got. Or completely forego the use of color or heavy details and stick to a simple design choice. Either way, it looks aesthetically appealing!

Lotus Yin Yang Tattoo

Lotus Yin Yang Tattoo


Lotus flowers are popular in Buddhism for their link to reincarnation. The combined imagery of the Yin Yang and the lotus flower in tattoo form, represents the struggle between righteousness and sin in contrast with the ultimate triumph of the self.

Ideal as a detailed, large sized tattoo for the thigh, back and chest. The lotus Yin Yang tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s spirit reaching enlightenment via the balancing of their negative and positive energies.

Phoenix Yin Yang Tattoo

Phoenix Yin Yang Tattoo


The Phoenix Yin Yang tattoo represents the mythical creature’s place in Chinese mythology as the arbiter of balance between Yin and Yang. It also represents rebirth and reincarnation from extreme hardship.

Its age-old association with the symbol makes the Phoenix an easy choice to be implemented into a Yin Yang tattoo. As further search for meaning wouldn’t even be necessary.

The Phoenix Yin Yang tattoo is heavily detailed in nature and looks splendid with or without the use of color.

Watercolor Yin Yang Tattoo

Watercolor Yin Yang Tattoo


A colorful and more modern take on the traditional tattoo art form, the watercolor Yin Yang tattoo is more demanding of vibrant aesthetics rather than symbolism.

You could however, use the implementation of colors to signify any meaning of duality that you could put in the tattoo. Or just go the artistic route completely and add as much color and vivid detail to make your watercolor Yin Yang tattoo look straight out of a painting!

Yin Yang Compass Tattoo

Yin Yang Compass Tattoo


The Yin Yang compass tattoo heavily relies on the detailed use of fine lines and precise dot work to complete the look. It symbolizes the wearer’s sense of balance and spiritual tranquility despite the direction they travel to.

It is also an ideal tattoo for the forearm or wrist to emulate the look of a literal “moral compass.”

Yin Yang Lion Tattoo

Yin Yang Lion Tattoo


The Yin Yang lion tattoo symbolizes the strength, ferocity and dextrous nature of the king of the jungle. As well as the calmness and patience it takes for such an animal to stay on top in spite of the harsh conditions in their habitat.

The perfect balance of stoicism and aggression makes up the meaning behind the Yin Yang lion tattoo. Rich and heavy in both artistic detail and its meaning.

Geometric Yin Yang Tattoo

Geometric Yin Yang Tattoo


For tattoo aficionados who are heavily into symmetry and fine lines, the geometric Yin Yang tattoo is the ideal choice of ink on skin. When it comes to geometric designs, the possibilities for this kind of tattoo are endless.

Any combination of precise lines, dotwork and shapes can be applied within and around the Yin Yang symbol. In order to bring out the perfect geometric sketch, making the tattoo the perfect balance of intricacy and simplicity.

Traditional Yin Yang Tattoo

Traditional Yin Yang Tattoo


Heavily reliant on its usage of bright colors and an old-school approach to art, the traditional Yin Yang tattoo truly lives up to its namesake.

If you want your tattoo to be a perfect balance of your favorite spiritual symbol, with an added homage to old, cartoonish art styles from a long bygone era, the traditional Yin Yang tattoo has you covered. Quite literally.

Red Yin Yang Tattoo

Red Yin Yang Tattoo


The red Yin Yang tattoo is symbolically a slightly different take on the otherwise black and white color template. Whether the red shading represents Yin or Yang really depends on the other half of the tattoo.

If one half of the tattoo is shaded much darker or is completely black, then the red half of the tattoo represents Yang (Light). If the other shade is white or colorless, then the red half takes the form of Yin (Darkness). It’s all in the shade!

Mandala Yin Yang Tattoo

Mandala Yin Yang Tattoo


The Mandala Yin Yang tattoo is meant for zen-loving, wise individuals who like their tattoos sprinkled with deep spirituality. The heavily geometric and circular art style of the Mandala was destined to be fused with the Yin Yang in tattoo form.

Much like the Yin Yang, the Mandala is a depiction of the perpetual nature of the universe. And how all of its opposing elements and forces are eternally interconnected forever. It is ideal as a large form of tattoo and is versatile enough to be inked onto any surface of the body.

Getting a Simple Yin Yang Tattoo Using Precise Visual Cues.

If you’re still feeling fidgety as to what kind of Yin Yang tattoo you should get, then erase all that remaining doubt you got by having a look at the following video! This is a demonstration of a simple Yin Yang symbol. But this would be more than handy if you want to diversify the existing style with any ideas of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that we’ve gone past the nitty-gritty of getting a Yin Yang tattoo with the aid of the materials provided in the article and the video. It should be relatively easy for you to decide what to get for your next appointment at the ink studio. If not, have a look at our following questionnaire in case you still have any doubts remaining.

Q: Are Yin Yang Tattoos Expensive?

Ans: Quite the contrary. The Yin Yang is the most budget friendly tattoo to get in case your wallet is tight on funds. If you want it cheap, get a tiny Yin Yang symbol done in black and white on your finger or forearm. It looks good and costs less. Somewhere around the $50 dollar range. Larger, more detailed versions cost upwards of $300-500. And the prices keep rising the more detail and size there is to apply.

Q: Are Yin Yang Tattoos Painful?

Ans: That is entirely dependent on you. If you were to get one on your fingers or kneecaps, then prepare to take a lot of painkillers. If you’re getting a simple Yin Yang tattooed onto your forearm, then it would hurt just as much as a kitten’s scratch.

Final Thoughts

Whether a person is going through a day filled with optimism or a rough time. The source of their inner harmony is balanced by the light and dark energies represented via their Yin Yang tattoo.

There is so much area of expertise and praise to cover about the artistry behind this iconic symbol, that the mere discussion about it would stretch as far as its historical roots go. So it’s best to say that the Yin Yang symbol itself is as majestic as the tattoos they end up embodying. Which is what makes them so popular in all cultures.

Whether you’re a spiritual person rooting for this tattoo to show off your innate wisdom in all its glory. Or someone completely unknown to this tattoo genre but still loves the symbol because you saw it in some cool ninja movie (yes, it is that popular). The result always yields the same outcome, the Yin Yang is one of the coolest and most recognizable tattoos of all time.

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