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105 Enticing Womb Tattoo Ideas For Strengthening Your Relationship

Nothing is better than receiving unconditional loyalty from your significant other. While most people convey that message verbally through a series of messages, there are loads that get the womb tattoo; because actions speak louder than words sometimes.

Located right above the lower stomach, a womb tattoo is a much renowned design that has overtaken multiple tattoo trends in recent times. Apart from the placement, it is known for its visuals and the engaging meaning it carries. The designs of the tattoo are uncountable, and tend to stand out the most when showcased with a range of colors.

Join us today as we break down everything one needs to know about the womb tattoo, especially if you’re planning to get one yourself. Apart from the ideas and series of designs the tattoo can be displayed as, we will include its symbolism as well as a final take on how one can pull the tattoo off in an admirable manner.

The meaning of the Womb Tattoo

Womb tattoo 29

The womb tattoo is not the friendliest option for any tattoo wearer in the pain chart, but has a rather compelling meaning. Also known as a crotch tattoo, the womb tattoo tends to have a design which is no different than that of a stylised uterus and ovaries. The placement of the tattoo makes it a great option for those that want to introduce some excitement to their lives, as it is an option with tons of appeal.

The meaning on the other hand, is rather thoughtful. The womb tattoo is usually utilized as a means of the loyalty and love that one has for their beau. It is a great way for one to take their relationship to another level by bringing to the table long term, effortless commitment.

Additionally, the womb tattoo can be used to celebrate pregnancy or the birth of a newborn. Many believe that getting the womb tattoo beforehand allows them to form a connection with their newborn even before they are delivered, giving it a sentimental value that most tattoos lack.

Womb Tattoo Designs That Celebrate The Beauty of Commitment

Perhaps a trait of the womb tattoo that is often underappreciated is its ability to adapt to any and every design. Whether it’s a contrast with high saturation or an artwork that contains the classic color combination of black and white, the womb tattoo looks presentable, delicate, and charming in every way possible.

Moving on, listed below are some of our favorites designs of the womb tattoo that we have found on the web through extensive research. You may look into them for inspiration, or can even recreate them if one of them hits home.

Baby in Womb Tattoo

Baby in womb tattoo

The birth of a newborn is always an occasion to celebrate. Do so by getting this tattoo. It contains bright visuals and an extensive design of the womb. The figure of the baby can be optional, but should definitely be added for the sentimental value it carries.

Additionally, to give this tattoo your own touch, try incorporating micro script tattoos around the womb tattoo. You can express feelings of joy by coming up with an authentic message, but can even resort to quotes made by your favorite writer.

Succubus Womb Tattoo

Succubus womb tattoo

A succubus tattoo is solely for those that are seeking to spice their lives up by a tad bit. Containing the artwork of a devil with wings in the shape of a heart, the placement of the tattoo is what makes this variation a fan favorite. Wearing it can enhance the wearer’s self-confidence while allowing them to increase the chemistry they have with their significant other.

Womb Tattoo On Arm

Womb tattoo on arm

If you want a womb tattoo without a painful procedure, try giving this look a go. The arm is an excellent area for the womb tattoo because of its soft and delicate visuals. Taking up this option will not only ensure a tattoo with a nice groundwork, but will also relieve the wearer from feelings of soreness due to the thick layer that is present on the arm.

Lotus Womb Tattoo

Lotus womb tattoo

If you’re seeking a design that is simple to create and contains a soft color palette, consider getting a lotus womb tattoo. The faded effect around the pattern of the lotus gives the visuals a minimal amount of appeal with maximum presentability. The placement of this tattoo is extremely versatile, as one can place it anywhere and everywhere and attain the same benefits.

Wrist Womb Tattoo

Wrist womb tattoo

The area of the wrist is well suited for womb tattoos. Due to how compact it is, one might need to install a micro womb tattoo instead of an average sized womb tattoo, which can look invisible from afar, but contains an extra amount of sophistication that isn’t too loud or soft. The small size also offers a painless procedure, making this option an excellent choice for beginners.

Bicep Womb Tattoo

Womb tattoo on bicep

The inner bicep contains skin that is rather durable, which is one of the reasons why it’s an ideal candidate for the womb tattoo. When paired with a soft color scheme, the visuals definitely stand out more prominently. The tattoo is also compatible with other designs, and can definitely be paired up with multiple variations of micro tattoos as well as quote tattoos.

Forearm Womb Tattoo

Womb tattoo on forearm

If you like the features that the wrist tattoo contains, you can also consider getting a womb tattoo on the forearm. Doing so will bring to the table an exceptional amount of space, which will come in handy if you are seeking a tattoo with multiple portions of design.

In addition to adding multiple designs to the forearm, one can also add a unique color palette to brighten the visuals of the tattoo and to make the artwork more noticeable at social gatherings.

Heart Shaped Womb Tattoo

Heart shaped womb tattoo

For many, the original groundwork of a womb tattoo would probably fail to be an incentive. To give it a different aura and impression, making a minor adjustment and introducing shapes as pleasant as the heart can be more than good enough to change the outlook of the final outcome.

By getting a heart shaped frame, one will be able to highlight the womb tattoo and support the visuals with a monochromatic color scheme. To distance itself even further from the design of a womb tattoo, one can add icons that match the symbolism of the womb tattoo. An example could be flower tattoos.

Thigh Womb Tattoo

Thigh womb tattoo

Apart from being a delicate area, the thigh is a great placement option for tattoos due to how spacious it is. One can wear tattoos with extensive visuals as well as designs with a minimalistic appeal on the thigh.

When it comes to a womb tattoo, one can either go all in or keep it as light as possible. If they choose to go with the former, perhaps reaching out to a tattoo artist will help them with bringing their envisioned visuals to life.

On the other hand, if they want to keep the impact of the tattoo as subtle as possible, even a fine line tattoo of a womb will be more than good enough to garner an applaudable reception. 

Crescent Moon Womb Tattoo

Crescent moon womb tattoo

Crescent moon tattoos symbolize the beauty of motherhood, which matches the energy of the womb tattoo. When formed together, a crescent moon womb tattoo is the perfect tattoo for those that are celebrating their pregnancy or the existence of their newborn.

Additionally, it can also be a great way for people to express the gratitude they have for their parents, specifically their mother, due to the gravity behind the meaning of the complete artwork.

Back Womb Tattoo

Womb tattoo on back

If you’re the kind of person who prefers protecting their privacy, you may want to look at this option. The placement of this tattoo is right above the spine, and between the shoulders. The area isn’t as spacious, which could be a good feature if you’re a minimalist. Even the simplest artwork can be showcased in a chic manner, especially when it’s the womb tattoo.

Simple Womb Tattoo

Simple womb tattoo

If your main reasoning for getting this tattoo is solely due to its symbolism, keep it simple and recreate this design. The pen used for it is extremely thin which might be a bit hard to keep up with at first, but the results will be no different than the visuals that an artwork made by a pencil contains. While it does cater to those that have a knack for minimalism, those who are considering a womb tattoo to be their first tattoo can also recreate this timeless piece.

Watercolor Womb Tattoo

Watercolor womb tattoo

If you’re seeking colorful visuals with a series of soft shades, incorporate a watercolor womb tattoo. A design that can be placed anywhere, the process of creating it will be as easy as pulling it off. The artwork contains thick borders to create each character, and should always contain happy colors such as blue, pink, yellow and light green.

Additionally, one can increase the sentimental value of the artwork by adding their newborn’s date of birth, or even add their name to add to the initial symbolism.

Sternum Womb Tattoo

Sternum womb tattoo

Sternum tattoos have been on the trend for quite some time now. Apart from the appeal the area contains, it’s a great option for those that want to keep their artwork away from the public eye.

The area also contains ample space, which can work wonders for those that want to further extend the design of their initial artwork by introducing more micro and script tattoos.

Shoulder Womb Tattoo

Womb tattoo on shoulder

Since this design excels on body parts that are compact, it doesn’t come as a surprise when the shoulder blade is a candidate. While the process of it might require the wearer to go through a series of pain, the final results will contain an artwork with simple yet staggering visuals. A blended effect can definitely make the visuals more pleasant due to the hazy appearance, but one can easily incorporate a bright color scheme to make the artwork stand out.

More Womb Tattoo Ideas That You Should View At This Instant!

If you’re enjoying the content but haven’t yet found a design that speaks to you clearly, here are some more variations of the womb tattoo that you should definitely check out!


Final Verdict

Getting a womb tattoo won’t be easy if the initial placement is taken up, but the design of it will surely be worth each and every phase of pain. The visuals are eye-grabbing, consisting of a range of colors and appealing icons. The size varies as well and hardly ever hampers the final outcome behind its appeal.

For best results, you should definitely reach out to a tattoo artist that is reliable and has relevant experience. You can also ask them for assistance if you haven’t yet found an artwork that speaks to you, as their creativity will make the whole process much easier.

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