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52 Meaningful Ideas Of Willow Tree Tattoos To Try Out This Year!

While depicting characters from shows using a tattoo is known for being ideal for unlocking memories from the past, wearing body modifications that enable you to figure yourself out and overcome struggles can be just as important if utilized properly. While specific emblems exist for consolation, one of the frontrunners from that setlist is the willow tree tattoo, the main agenda for this article.

A willow tree tattoo tends to look the same almost always. The soothing texture of the plant doesn’t just feel therapeutic in real life, but also feels just as satisfying to the eyes when converted into a tattoo.

To best understand the nature of a willow tree tattoo, learning about its symbolism is crucial. On a separate note, if you’d like to assess the versatility of the design by judging the forms it comes in, this guide leaning towards willow tree tattoos should be of great help.

Understanding The Nature and Meaning Of Willow Tree Tattoos

Meaning Of Willow Tree Tattoo


Pain, while unbearable at times, is a recurring feeling in life. And although some sketches of pain only fade in due time, certain remedies can make the weight of each blow easier to endure. One of them, believe it or not, is a willow tree tattoo.

As opposed to its competitors, a willow tree tattoo falls behind when its visuals are taken into account. However, beyond the image lies a metaphor, which has affiliations with several sources of energy.

Typically, a willow tree tattoo is all about bouncing back from hardship, and provides the necessary strength needed to recuperate from each issue. The tattoo is also seen as a ray of hope in the eyes of many, making it a popular pick among those battling with mental health issues such as depression.

Captivating Designs Of Willow Tree Tattoos For Improving Mental Stability!

When push comes to shove, a willow tree tattoo goes above and beyond to eliminate challenging aspects about life. In addition to providing assistance, a willow tree tattoo also encourages the wearer to transform and change for the better in the long run, explaining its popularity in the modern era.

From minimal options to extravagant layouts, a willow tree tattoo can be showcased in various ways. And if you’re hoping to represent the wholesome nature behind a willow tree, the following list should be of great help.

Weeping Willow Tree Tattoo

Weeping Willow Tree Tattoo 1


Weeping Willow Tree Tattoo 2


Willow trees, when viewed from afar, look quite blurry and incognito, to say the least. And although spectating it in real life can be frustrating, depicting that image with the help of a weeping willow tree tattoo can work wonders.

The faded effect in addition to the colour scheme of this tattoo makes it rather soothing to look at. The paint job is usually quite light, with a faded effect that makes each colour stand out in its own way.

Since this tattoo is rather complex, invest your money in an expert. However, if you’re not fond of the colour scheme, settle for a design that has a basic palette.

Feminine Willow Tree Tattoo

Feminine Willow Tree Tattoo


Since willow trees are linked with rebirth and transformation, the component can easily be taken under the wing to form a design that is slightly more feminine than anything else.

To bring more attention to the feminine attributes, pair the tattoo with a creature as loud and as wonderful as a butterfly, which gravitates towards beauty and reflects on the importance of growth.

Together, the pair also looks rather natural and is also quite easy for the curator to work on.

Small Willow Tree Tattoo

Small Willow Tree Tattoo 1


Small Willow Tree Tattoo 2


Small willow tree tattoos do exist, being the perfect instrument for beginners to experiment with. The installation process barely lasts for 10 minutes, and the size of the tattoo is equivalent to that of a pebble, if you will.

A small willow tree tattoo can easily be a good component for a wrist tattoo, which can be a location to try out for exposure. Additionally, to make the illustration more meaningful, you may add icons and figures that elevate the meaning behind willow tree tattoos.

Willow Tree Branch Tattoo

Willow Tree Branch Tattoo 1


Willow Tree Branch Tattoo 2


An immediate substitute that you can experiment with when forming your willow tree tattoo is a willow branch tattoo, which brings more attention to the distinct features of the plant. The graphic is often formed using a fine-line needle, and a neutral shading technique that is relatively easy to mimic.
Due to its size, this tattoo looks best when worn on narrow surfaces, such as the forearm and area behind the neck. For some privacy, try adding the design to an ankle tattoo.

Watercolor Willow Tree Tattoo

Watercolor Willow Tree Tattoo 1


Watercolor Willow Tree Tattoo 2


Most designs involving a willow tree tattoo make zero room for colours. However, if you’d like to change that element, consider using the hues of a watercolor tattoo, which contains soft and bright tones with a serene view.

Watercolor willow tree tattoos are formed with layers of colours, which typically looks best when placed on the wrist or forearm. Prepare yourself for a lengthy session, though, since obtaining this tattoo takes time.

Simple Willow Tree Tattoo

Simple Willow Tree Tattoo


More is less when it comes to a willow tattoo, which can either be heightened for displaying complex pieces, or kept to a minimum for subtlety and sophistication. Likewise, if you’re quite the minimalist, a design that will surely speak to you is a simple willow tree tattoo.

Similar to how it sounds, a simple willow tattoo contains a basic and convenient design of the plant. The size of it lacks volume, making it perfect for areas like the collarbone and triceps.

Willow Tree Leaf Tattoo

Willow Tree Leaf Tattoo 1


Willow Tree Leaf Tattoo 2


One of the clearest and lucid concepts in the world of willow tree tattoos involves a willow tree leaf tattoo, containing a tri-tone mix of green. The artwork doesn’t contain much girth, but is curated with tons of detail that can easily leave many in awe.

A willow tree leaf tattoo looks best when demonstrated using the inner bicep. However, with enough skill, the ankle or area below the knee can also accommodate the artwork without a hiccup.

Willow Tree Back Tattoo

Willow Tree Back Tattoo


Despite being rare, the traps, also known as the trapezius, can be used as an effective canvas for a willow tree tattoo. The placement isn’t uncommon to willow tree tattoos either, as wearers with reserved souls often turn to this movement.

A willow tree back tattoo comprises nothing but a sketch of the plant. However, to make things a bit more personal, attach a quote tattoo alongside your new ink.

Traditional Willow Tree Tattoo

Traditional Willow Tree Tattoo


The traditional version of a willow tree tattoo is definitely one of the best variants in terms of colour, containing bright shades, jarring effects, and thin borders. The tattoo has multidimensional elements, which is easily the selling point.

Traditional pieces pair well with a series of complementary tattoos. However, to keep it light, obtain a quote or name tattoo instead.

Celtic Willow Tree Tattoo

Celtic Willow Tree Tattoo


The combination of a celtic and willow tattoo is quite popular in the world of modern art, associated with the highs and lows of life and fertility, among other things. The presentability of the artwork itself is quite memorable, too, containing engraved patterns inside each shape.

A celtic willow tree tattoo can also be used to pay homage to one’s ancestors and culture, which, in turn, can also reward the wearer with years of good fortune.

Colorful Willow Tree Tattoo

Colorful Willow Tree Tattoo


Changing up the colour scheme into a black and white pattern is one thing. But if you’re really looking to stand out, a colourful willow tattoo is what you need!

Unlike the watercolor tattoo mentioned previously, a colourful willow tree tattoo looks more neatly structured, and has tons of detail to amp up the impression. The image is quite hefty, so use areas like the upper thighs, forearms, or bicep as the dedicated canvases.

Peacock and Willow Tree Tattoo

Peacock and Willow Tree Tattoo


To fill the void, another cunning element that you can introduce to your willow tree tattoo is a peacock tattoo, which not only improves its physical appearance, but also strengthens its spiritual symbol.

Just like a willow tree tattoo, a peacock tattoo gravitates towards transformation and regrowth. The presence of the added component also brings a sense of freedom, further encouraging wearers to break free from the shackles of their fear.

Geometric Willow Tree Tattoo

Geometric Willow Tree Tattoo


With the help of sharp lines and frames, any tattoo looks better and more polished. A willow tree tattoo is no exception, either, as it too can use the neatness found on the illustration of a geometric tattoo, especially if it’s obtained on an exposed surface.

A geometric willow tree tattoo turns every art piece into an illusion, making it easy for the visuals to stand out. The tree is usually draped in neutral tones while the frames are formed with lighter shades, creating a solid contrast between the two.

Rocking Chair and Willow Tree Tattoo

Rocking Chair and Willow Tree Tattoo


Often, one component isn’t enough. Similarly, when wearing a willow tattoo, you might find tons of free space around the sketch, which can seem unsettling at times. Pick your brain in that moment, however, and create a design similar to this entry right here.

A rocking chair when paired with a willow tree tattoo lacks a dedicated metaphor. However, the pair can be pursued if you’re driven by visuals. If you’re paying homage to someone you used to know, pay homage to them by using a floral pattern.

Gothic Willow Tree Tattoo

Gothic Willow Tree Tattoo


Forming a tattoo with blackwork elements is definitely a notion you can follow through with when working on a willow tree tattoo. However, if you’d like the artwork to represent the emo subculture, replace the colour scheme with a jet black hue and neutral shading techniques.

If the tree looks large and out of place, tackle that issue by introducing frames around it. To make the visuals even better, you may also add a haunted house.

Willow Tree Thigh Tattoo

Willow Tree Thigh Tattoo


The graphic of a willow tree is one of the most adaptable components one can experiment with. It can be placed on locations that run compact, but can even double in size to take up the spotlight on a thigh tattoo.

A willow tree thigh tattoo is massive, to say the least. However, it also makes space for micro-sized supporting layouts, which can come in handy to fill in blank spaces.

Cover Up Willow Tree Tattoo

Cover Up Willow Tree Tattoo


If you’ve previously gotten a tattoo that now lacks meaning in your eyes, opt for a cover-up tattoo instead of mentally preparing yourself for a removal session. And if the dimensions are compact enough, try using the graphic of a willow tree to solve your issues.

The final results are rewarding, but the creative process is painful as it is complex. To cope with the negatives, make sure you’re in good company.

Rose And Willow Tree Tattoo

Rose And Willow Tree Tattoo


With the help of roses, the tattoo of a willow tree tries to reflect on how important loving is during each and every moment, especially when dealing with hardship. The tattoo runs large in contrast to a majority of the entries on this list, but carries a metaphor that is as deep as the ocean.

Most often side with the classic shading techniques, but you can always separate yourself from the rest with a color tattoo involving a traditional rose and willow tree.

Mother And Daughter Willow Tree Tattoo

Mother And Daughter Willow Tree Tattoo


Matching tattoos create unforgettable memories. Likewise, if you believe that your mother has always been there for you, even when the circumstances were difficult, save the bond until eternity with a mother and daughter willow tree tattoo.

The tattoo will directly give you a platform to open up about the struggles you’ve endured and prevailed from, which can be good for your mental health. For more options, be sure to check our issue on mother-daughter tattoos.

Willow Tree Forearm Tattoo

Willow Tree Forearm Tattoo


Finding coping mechanisms is usually the best way to overcome adversity. Likewise, if you believe that a tattoo is the closest thing to a coping mechanism in your eyes, try and go all in with a willow tree forearm tattoo.

As opposed to most options on this list, this tattoo seems packed with detail, making it the perfect entry for visual-oriented minds. Just like most forearm tattoos, this tattoo offers tons of space, but is also held back by a lengthy installation time.

Frequently Asked Question

Willow tree tattoos are quite easy to understand and install. Although they mostly gravitate towards feelings of adversity, the symbolism of a willow tree is also quite welcoming and can easily mesh with other like-minded designs.

On another note, if you’d like to obtain a willow tree tattoo, but are currently struggling to give yourself the green signal, we hope the following questionnaire relieves you of that stresser.

Q: What does a willow tree tattoo signify?

Ans: Associated with transformation and perseverance, a willow tree tattoo is often seen as a ray of hope for those battling mental health issues and working past times of hardship.

Q: How long does it take to get a willow tree tattoo?

Ans: Often, each depiction of a willow tree tattoo takes around an hour or two to reach completion. The time frame varies, though, and is heavily dependent on the complexity of the stencil.

Q: How compatible are willow tree tattoos?

Ans: A willow tree tattoo contains a metaphor that fits like a glove with everything. On the outside, the visuals also seem rather subtle, making them a great filler and primary tattoo on most occasions.

Final Verdict

Change is the only constant in life. Additionally, amidst the positives, there are tons of negatives that one has to deal with in order to grow as a person and change their perception of life. While reaching out to loved ones is the most helpful solution of them all, you may even resort to a willow tree tattoo if you’d like to deal with the hardship by yourself.

In short, a willow tree tattoo is linked with overcoming the ills of life, among other things. The tattoo has tons of value in the spiritual world, but also comprises an illustration that one can easily fuse with supporting components to enhance the interpretation.

Since a willow tree tattoo possesses the ability to change its shape in order to cater to the wearer’s preferences, try figuring out the location you’d like to display the artwork on. Consult with a specialist if you’re a newbie and are vulnerable to pain.

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