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116 Weed Tattoo Ideas For Every Pothead Out There

Although marijuana has had its fair share of controversies as a substance since its discovery, loads of benefits have been discovered to back the reputation of the sacred plant. These days, it is known for attaining multiple health benefits, and is legal for consumption in multiple countries. Weed is appreciated and adored by its users around the world immensely. So much so, that loads of people are now getting weed tattoos, an act that was considered shameful not so long ago.

In this article, we will be tackling every topic one needs to know before getting their own version of the weed tattoo. We will be covering what they usually symbolize and what kick started their popularity. We will also be providing an enormous amount of tattoo ideas in hopes of making the process of the groundwork less hectic for our readers.

The Heavy Meaning Behind Weed Tattoos

While weed tattoos are solely incorporated on the body for its visuals, they also carry meanings that are deep and insightful that are hardly talked about. Most of the time, the tattoo is used as a means of self expression. It symbolizes freedom, and preaches living life independently, learning through experiences and living life on one’s own terms instead of keeping up with the norms preached by society.

What looks like an ordinary plant from afar carries a meaning that is as deep as the ocean, which makes it a rather favorable artwork to resort to. It enables a person to encourage themselves to live life with honesty, loyalty, and integrity.

Moreover, it allows a person to figure themselves out to the full extent, which is a spiritual journey that is beneficial for one’s mental and emotional health.

116 Laidback Marijuana Tattoo Variations To Get This Year

This tattoo is very one dimensional in terms of design, but the versatility of it is endless, since it can adapt to any tattoo without looking out of place. The color scheme plays a huge role behind the versatility of it, since green is known for pairing well with neutral colors like gray and black, as well as vibrant shades like yellow and blue.

Furthermore, since the tattoo variations are unlimited, we have picked out some of our favorite variants amongst them all when creating this list. Below contain the variations that should definitely be looked at if you’re thinking of getting your own marijuana tattoo!

Weed Leaf Tattoo

Weed was popularized in the 60s after the hippie movement was established. The people partaking in the movement were against violence, and were known to preach peace and love. They were known for their exquisite taste in fashion, their laidback nature, and for partaking in cannabis use. They would often praise the substance because of its helpful traits and show their appreciation towards the plant by incorporating a leaf tattoo on their bodies.

Another reason why it is still popular to this day is because of how minimalistic the pattern is. It can be presented as a fine line tattoo on a small framed body part, or even demonstrated on a spacious body part with multiple secondary tattoo designs while retaining its presentable nature.

Furthermore, this tattoo is a great option for anyone that has yet to achieve their first ever tattoo. The design of it mixed with the meaningful purpose that it preaches definitely makes it an admirable choice for a first tattoo.

Weed Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is perfect for those that want to collaborate a bunch of artwork with one another. When it comes to a weed sleeve tattoo, the wearer can definitely show their appreciation towards the importance of medication by including various abstract tattoos and pairing them up to form one unit. It is a great tattoo choice for those that want lengthy tattoos that carry multiple layers of meaning.

Joint Tattoo

A joint is a cigarette that only consists of weed on the inside. It is the easiest way of consuming the substance and probably the most effortless way in which marijuana can be prepared. The structure of it is made of thin paper, which holds the weed, and the tip is supported by a roach, which is used to ensure the stability of the joint and collect the remaining residue.

Apart from dogs, joints are known to be one’s best friend, which is one of the reasons why this tattoo option is one of the most popular amongst this list. The versatility of it is also a crucial factor, as people can incorporate a design which is as simple as a fine line tattoo, or go all in with their creativity and add details like the color of the item with the smoky effects that come with it.

Weed Plant Tattoo

Weed plants were first discovered in Japan and China, and then spread across Central Asia. Cannabis use was just as active back then as people would often use it during rituals and functions to get high.

Perhaps another tattoo variation that is frequently picked up amongst this list is the weed plant tattoo. This is due to the amount of things a creator can add to the layout of the artwork. It can be represented as a normal plant, or can even be expressed as an easy going character as a metaphor of the positive effects and reactions marijuana has on people.

Furthermore, when getting this tattoo, one can definitely put their creativity to use. They can implement this artwork on body parts that are spacious as well as body parts that aren’t as roomy. They can pair it up with layers of artwork related to weed and cannabis to make the tattoo stand out.

Weed Bud Tattoo

Also known as flowers, the bud of a weed plant is the main component behind all the benefits that cannabis contains. The bud is also known for being the main reason behind the reactions users have when consuming weed.

When getting this tattoo, you may pair it up with other components of the plant or one of the forms of cannabis in order to increase the presentability of the artwork. You can also ask the tattoo artist to add vibrant and flashy colors to make the overall appearance less plain.

Weed Cartoon Tattoo

Bring back a cartoon character from your childhood and pair it up with your current hobby! It will look great appearance wise, and can be supported with a quote or a dialogue to give the tattoo a more cartoonish feel. Moreover, this tattoo will make solo sessions even better, cause it’ll make one feel as if the cartoon character is their new stoner buddy, which is a win-win situation in every way possible!

Small Weed Tattoo

Subtle tattoos are always trending. Apart from their painless procedure, the tattoos look sophisticated and are versatile enough to adapt to a chain of tattoos. The design options for this variation are endless, which is one of the major reasons why this is perhaps the most popular variation.

Additionally, when achieving this tattoo, the wearer should pick a body part that will allow the tattoo’s impact to remain minimal yet straightforward. For instance, delicate body parts, such as the wrist and the area behind the ear could be excellent areas to use when incorporating this tattoo variation.

Alien Weed Tattoo

This variation barely requires an introduction due to the fanbase it has. In simpler words, American Dad is an adult sitcom that has an alien named Roger. He is one of the main characters in the tv show and is widely recognized for his careless nature and his addiction to substances.

While the character faced a lot of backlash when the show aired in 2005, Roger’s character really grew on the fans due to how relatable the character became as the show progressed. Therefore, to honor his character, people started getting tattoos of Roger and paired it up with one of his favorite recreational activities.

Also, this option is a great choice for people that want to set trends and want a tattoo that isn’t too flashy. It looks best when it’s not as large as most tattoos, and when it’s supported with vibrant colors.

Weed Skull Tattoo

This variation is perfect for those that want to give their tattoo an intimidating feel. Similarly to a weed tattoo, a skull tattoo is extremely versatile and can blend in with any tattoo layout that one has, which makes it an option that is frequently picked up by wearers in the tattoo industry.

Moreover, a weed skull tattoo can allow a person to express the important role that the medication plays in their life. It can enable other people to know about the never ending love that the wearer has for cannabis, which will surely raise some brows and result in some memorable conversations.

Weed Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are extremely daring for a person to wear. They are excellent for extroverts that don’t shy away from making their feelings known.

A weed hand tattoo can be created in multiple ways and can be of any size. For a smaller tattoo, a person may choose fine line tattoos or an icon-esque tattoo, and place it on their knuckles. Moreover, for a larger, more emphasized tattoo, one can choose a design that will cover a significant portion of their hand and include minor details related to marijuana to make it more interesting.

Weed Tattoo on Wrist

Wrist tattoos are for those that believe in getting minimalistic and simple tattoos. They are also smaller in size, which tends to add to the overall appeal.

When getting a weed tattoo on the wrist, make sure to place it on one of the sides and not in the middle. Putting it in the middle of the wrist will make it look a bit emptier, and will be extremely painful for the wearer due to how sensitive the area is in general.

Weed Floral Tattoo

Out of all the options we have mentioned on this list, this is probably the most vibrant in terms of appearance. Floral tattoos symbolize the love one has towards a particular person or activity. In this case, perhaps a person might attain a purple haze infused floral tattoo to show their love for marijuana in general.

Butterfly Weed Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos represent joy, and immortality. Although pairing it up with a weed tattoo doesn’t give the artwork a whole new meaning, it does make the tattoo look more appealing. Often paired up with a joint tattoo, a butterfly weed tattoo is a great option for those that have a knack towards smaller designs with straightforward meanings.

Weed Neck Tattoo

The neck is a part that is constantly exposed, which makes it a great place for showcasing tattoos. While neck tattoos can be of multiple shapes and sizes, they are better when they’re smaller, mainly because of the amount of sensitivity the delicate place contains.

When getting a weed tattoo, try and get a simple tattoo like a leaf tattoo for a painless procedure. To make it look less bland, introduce a vibrant color scheme to it along with a title.

Weed Tattoo on Finger

Weed tattoos look great when they’re straightforward, which is one of the main reasons why this variation is extremely desirable. Since a person’s fingers don’t have much room, one needs to be extremely careful and on point with their tattoo ideas.

Moreover, apart from being relatively less painful, finger tattoos are easily achievable because of the short amount of time artists take to create them. Due to this benefit and the one mentioned in the former paragraph, this tattoo option may also be convenient for first timers.

Tribal Weed Tattoo

Tribal tattoos pair well with anything, but nothing feels more natural than a tribal weed tattoo. Wearers of it tend to pair their tribal tattoo with a weed tattoo to show appreciation for their culture and upbringing, and to show their importance towards freedom. Some might also pair the weed tattoo to express the admiration they have towards the plant’s advantageous traits.


All in all, we hope this article helps our readers with understanding more about weed tattoos and allows them to figure out where they could install this minimalistic tattoo.

Before getting the tattoo, it’s extremely important that you have a concrete plan. Not having an effective design or a groundwork might result in a bad tattoo, or worse, a botched one.

Additionally, try to find a tattoo artist who possesses enough experience to understand and assist you with bringing your imagination to life. Even though it can be redone if there are errors, the process of getting a tattoo is complex and painful most of the time. It is also permanent, which is another incentive to why the groundwork should be done extremely carefully.

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