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92 Opulent Wedding Ring Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Wedding ring tattoos represent a person’s absolute devotion to everlasting love and resorting to a life dedicated to romantic commitment.

More than just a fancy token of body art meant to signify the wearer’s eternal love for their beloved, the wedding ring tattoo is symbolically emblematic of a couple’s complete commitment.

This particular archetype of tattoos is also a bold and fashionable statement to proudly ink onto the body for eternity. The tattoo is simplistic in its design, yet intricate in its artistry and dense in its symbolic meanings.

So whenever you’re planning on your next tattoo appointment for a matching couple piece that aesthetically outshines its much larger competitors in the literal sense, do choose the wedding ring tattoo!

The Grandiose Meaning Behind Wedding Ring Tattoos

Meaning Behind Wedding Ring Tattoo


There is something specially meaningful behind a form of body art as minimalistic and beautiful as a wedding ring tattoo. Fewer tattoos symbolize the imagery of pure eternal love as effectively as the wedding ring tattoo.

Behind the obvious symbolism of love and commitment, the wedding ring tattoo, unlike a conventional wedding ring, has all the artistic freedom in the world to be creative.

Happily Ever After

The wedding ring tattoo could take the form of homages to other famous rings in fiction or nonfiction. As well as memorable romantic quotes or proverbs related to marriage and commitment, wrapped around the ring finger in the form of a matching tattoo.

Even for a style this small, the wedding ring tattoo packs quite the repertoire of design choices and symbolic meanings, meant to last an eternity!

Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs for 2024 That Radiate Excellence!

Whether the wedding ring tattoo exists to compliment the actual wedding ring, or to replace the ring from time to time and remain the consistent and permanent symbol of love, is completely up to the wearer.

So take a look at some of these luxuriously splendid and romantic wedding ring tattoo designs, bound to stay with you forever like the permanency of your everlasting love!

3D Wedding Ring Tattoo

3D Wedding Ring Tattoo


The 3D wedding ring tattoo resembles the closest thing to a realistic looking wedding ring, except this is the kind of wedding ring you never have to take off once worn!

Ideal as a matching tattoo for couples who want to proclaim their eternal devotion for each other, the 3D wedding ring tattoo is a realistic looking symbol of love that is a declaration of romantic attachment and devout commitment.

The imagery behind this near-realistic looking ring tattoo states that even in the wedding ring’s absence during trivial chores such as shower or sleep, the spirit of everlasting love in the wedding ring tattoo is still strong and beating as consistently as the beats of two lovers’ hearts.

Celtic Wedding Ring Tattoo

Celtic Wedding Ring Tattoo 1

Celtic Wedding Ring Tattoo 2


The Celtic wedding ring tattoo serves as both a symbolic gesture of undying romance, as well as a homage to the metaphors that ancient Celtic imagery represents.

Usually associated with the symbols of strength and the elements of nature prevalent in Celtic culture, the Celtic wedding ring tattoo scratches that ideal aesthetic itch to convey both the wearer’s love for their partner as well as their love of Celtic lore.

This style of tattoo also demands heavy use of detailing on the artist’s end. As Celtic symbols in ring finger tattoo form, would require a lot of precision as well as a high level of pain tolerance on the wearer’s end.

Simple Wedding Ring Tattoo

Simple Wedding Ring Tattoo


Unlike its namesake, the simple wedding ring tattoo exudes luxury and class, and serves as a symbolic declaration of romantic commitment.

It also achieves all of these goals by aesthetically looking simple to the eye of the beholder. Ideal as a tattoo style for couples to get in matching form, as well as a tattoo that could be done in the painstakingly long, detailed, but old and traditional form of handpoke method.

The simple wedding ring tattoo could stylistically even take on the form of an actual wedding ring, or compliment an existing gorgeous piece of jewelry with the contrasting appeal of its simple design.

Viking Wedding Ring Tattoo

Viking Wedding Ring Tattoo

The Viking wedding ring tattoo is associated with the runic imagery of ancient Norse culture and mythology. This style is perfect for a creative, traditional style of tribal tattoo that serves both as a wedding ring tattoo, as well as a symbol of romantic creativity.

This style of ring tattoos usually represent strength and guidance. The runic symbols in Viking imagery are so numerous, the wearer could suit the tattoo to meet their own symbolic needs.

If you and your partner plan on getting the ideal wedding ring tattoo that is both traditional in its art form and serves as a permanently cool statement of endearment and affection, then it’s best to get yourself Viking wedding ring tattoos!

Cover Up Wedding Ring Tattoo

Cover Up Wedding Ring Tattoo


The cover up wedding ring tattoo is a touch up format of a tattoo or a new piece over an already existing tattoo. It could either be an aesthetic enhancement or an upgrade of a pre-existing wedding ring tattoo.

Or much like its namesake, the tattoo could just as well bear the imagery of a new wedding ring covering up over an old tattoo.

Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoo

Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoo 1


Infinity Wedding Ring Tattoo 2


There remains not much to say about infinity wedding ring tattoos other than they symbolize love for eternity as well as an artistically adorable statement of the joy of romance.

Preferably suited as an ideal wedding ring tattoo in the form of cute, colorful stencils, the infinity wedding ring tattoo aims to make the interconnected spirit that one shares with their partner, as infinite as the tattoo itself.

Roman Numeral Wedding Ring Tattoo

Roman Numeral Wedding Ring Tattoo 1


Roman Numeral Wedding Ring Tattoo 2


Although slightly in the minimalistic range when it comes to its style, the roman numeral wedding ring tattoo is also one of the classiest and simple looking tattoos of this genre.

Ideal as a representation of the couple’s wedding dates or their birth dates, the roman numeral wedding ring tattoo makes best use of the coolest looking numbers ever to exist in the form of tattoos.

Tribal Wedding Ring Tattoo

Tribal Wedding Ring Tattoo

The tribal wedding ring tattoo is a creative proclamation for both the wearer’s love for their ancestral heritage, as well as the never-ending yearning of love they possess for their partner.

This style is also ideal as a matching couple tattoo. And being of tribal art origins, this wedding ring tattoo allows for boundless artistic creativity when it comes to its design style.

Compass Wedding Ring Tattoo

Compass Wedding Ring Tattoo


The compass wedding ring tattoo represents the couple’s stoic sense of direction and the strength of their unity. It is both a strikingly awesome piece in both aesthetic appeal as well as rich meaning in its symbolism.

This particular style of tattoos may also depict that no matter what hurdles life throws at the wearer or their beloved, their compass ring tattoo always helps them find each other to overcome the odds through their shared romantic unity.

Realistic Wedding Ring Tattoo

Realistic Wedding Ring Tattoo


The realistic wedding ring tattoo, just like its namesake implies a tattoo that looks akin to a real wedding ring.

It encourages the use of detailed needle work and colors to add depth and realistic imagery to the ring tattoo, making it more or less resemble an actual wedding ring that would look worn on regardless of the original ring staying on or not.

Henna Wedding Ring Tattoo

Henna Wedding Ring Tattoo


The henna wedding ring tattoo is a cute, quirky and ethnic take on the wedding ring tattoo form.

Inspired by the henna design styles that also have sparked a rise in popularity among recent tattoo trends, the henna wedding ring tattoo encourages design creativity within its otherwise minimalist and traditional art form.

Sun and Moon Wedding Ring Tattoo

Sun and Moon Wedding Ring Tattoo


The sun and moon wedding ring tattoo wears its symbolism on its sleeve, or rather in this case; the fingers. It is meant to be an ideal matching wedding ring tattoo for the couple, each representing the sun and moon respectively.

For without these two celestial bodies coexisting, there is neither balance nor harmony. This tattoo represents the eternally interconnected nature of the couple’s love and their dependence on each other; much like the balance between the sun and the moon.

Initial Wedding Ring Tattoo

Initial Wedding Ring Tattoo 1


Initial Wedding Ring Tattoo 2


This tattoo style uses the simplicity of the wearer’s initials in the form of a piece of symbolic art wrapped around the finger.

Made even more meaningful by making it a wedding ring tattoo to be matched by their partner, the initial wedding ring tattoo could also have the wearer sporting their lover’s initials and vice versa. As a way of staying together as a part of each other, for all of eternity.

Matching Wedding Ring Tattoo

Matching Wedding Ring Tattoo 1


Matching Wedding Ring Tattoo 2


Similar to most wedding rings of the pairing nature, the matching wedding ring tattoo is a set of twin tattoos meant to symbolize the romantic undertones that a wedding ring usually carries.

In the case of the matching wedding ring tattoo, it’s the couple’s individual artistic creativity, wrapped like permanent pieces of art around each other’s fingers to remind them of their shared everlasting love.

Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo

Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo 1


Heart Wedding Ring Tattoo 2


An extremely adorable aesthetic for a wedding ring tattoo, the heart wedding ring tattoo is also very obvious in its romantic and devotional symbolism. But it is also a style of tattoo that heavily encourages artistic freedom and the heavy usage of colors to represent each individual in the relationship.

Gothic Style Wedding Ring Tattoo

Gothic Style Wedding Ring Tattoo

For the spooky couples of Halloween who find the true meaning of love in the dark side of the artistic spectrum, this is the perfect wedding ring tattoo for them.

The gothic style wedding ring tattoo could either take on a more ancient English styled font in the form of its art, or it could depict other edgy art styles to show off the wearer’s love for its subtly dark undertones.

Penguin Wedding Ring Tattoo

Penguin Wedding Ring Tattoo


Penguins are extremely monogamous and loyal when it comes to commitment. And they tend to stick with one partner for the rest of their lives.

The penguin wedding ring tattoo hits two birds with one metaphorical stone by achieving the same devotional undertones associated with pure love with the adorable imagery of the penguins.

Anniversary Wedding Ring Tattoo

Anniversary Wedding Ring Tattoo


The anniversary wedding ring tattoo is a straightforward yet deeply meaningful gesture to celebrate the occasion that permanently brings two lovers together for eternity.

This style of tattoos could take the form of an anniversary ring itself, or come in the form of numerals and letters to mark the anniversary date of the couple.

Unique Wedding Ring Tattoo

Unique Wedding Ring Tattoo


For the different and quirky couple who always like to stand out from the crowd like a sore thumb, the unique wedding ring tattoo is just the right artistic remedy they require!

The unique wedding ring tattoo needs to be in one word; unique. Which means there is boundless creative freedom from both the artist and the wearer’s end. The more off-beat and unconventional the design, the more unique the wedding ring tattoo.

Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo

Crown Wedding Ring Tattoo


The crown wedding ring tattoo exudes luxury and class. For the proud and opulent couple who want to show off their faithful affection as a royal status symbol, the crown wedding ring tattoo has their fingers covered.

It could take the heavily detailed form usually associated with a crown tattoo but done on a much smaller, and more painful scale. The beauty this tattoo exudes is worthy of kings and queens!

Mountain Wedding Ring Tattoo

Mountain Wedding Ring Tattoo


The mountain wedding ring tattoo symbolizes the couples shared love for exploration and new horizons. The mountain is in itself a very different and praiseworthy choice for a wedding tattoo.

This unique style of wedding ring tattoos could also symbolize the hardships and challenges the couple overcomes together. Akin to reaching and conquering the peaks of a mountain.

Witchy Wedding Ring Tattoo

Witchy Wedding Ring Tattoo


Similar to the gothic tattoo, the witchy wedding ring tattoo also appeals to tattoo enthusiasts of the dark and macabre. This style is also ideal for the kind of couple who fancy a bit of witchcraft imagery in their declaration for each other’s love.

The spooky, blood moon imagery associated with witchy tattoos would serve as the ideal wedding ring symbolism for the couple that are looking for the perfect tattoo with a budget friendly package to embrace their shared love for the dark arts!

Name Wedding Ring Tattoo

Name Wedding Ring Tattoo


Humble in its design yet deeply impactful in its simplistic symbolism, the wedding ring tattoo shines even brighter as the wearer’s depiction of pure romance when their loved one’s name is attached to it.

The aesthetic of this tattoo could be achieved in the simplest of designs with a mere scribble of the name as a wedding ring tattoo. Or the artist could go extra creative and convert the couple’s names into a calligraphic form of lettering, uniformly wrapped around the wearer’s finger like a wedding ring.

Skeleton Wedding Ring Tattoo

Skeleton Wedding Ring Tattoo


The skeleton wedding ring tattoo belongs to one of the trendiest types of couple tattoos currently making waves.

It combines the imagery and symbolism of the skull, an already popular tattoo archetype, with the deeply symbolic undertones of romance and commitment that the wedding tattoo represents.

Besides being a strikingly pleasing tattoo to sport and look at, the skeleton tattoo gives true meaning to the age old term “till death do us part.”

Sea Turtle Wedding Ring Tattoo

Sea Turtle Wedding Ring Tattoo

Although it may seem unlikely, the sea turtle actually bears more similarities to the symbolism contained in a wedding ring tattoo than you might imagine. Sea turtle tattoos have long been associated with wisdom, endurance and their impressive longevity.

Besides being a wedding ring tattoo that also signifies the strength of the couple’s consistency and enduring longevity, the sea turtle wedding ring tattoo is an adorable token of love the couple can wear and also proudly sport to show their love for the seas as well as their fondness for each other.

Vine Wedding Ring Tattoo

Vine Wedding Ring Tattoo


For the couple who are as infatuated with the wonders of mother nature as they are with each other, the vine wedding ring tattoo is the preferred choice of body art to proclaim that eternal, natural love.

Perfectly suited as a simple stretch of vine leaves around the finger to resemble the likeness of a wedding tattoo, the imagery of the vine symbolizes the couple’s interconnected dependence and their penchant for humble, natural beauty.

Knot Wedding Ring Tattoo

Knot Wedding Ring Tattoo


The knot wedding ring tattoo carries with its imagery, one of the most obvious and tongue in cheek references to marital vows: tying the knot.

The imagery behind the knot itself is so symbolic that it has universally come to depict the unity of marriage and lifelong commitment between two lovers when it comes to matching couple tattoos. The emphasis on that fact is just amplified when the knot takes the form of a wedding ring tattoo.

The knot wedding ring tattoo looks splendid as a matching couple tattoo in either monochrome or color.

Pine Tree Wedding Ring Tattoo

Pine Tree Wedding Ring Tattoo


Pine trees have long been associated with the idea of resiliency and the strength of the wearer’s inner character.

Artistically converting this pretty aesthetic concept into wedding ring tattoo form, would further cement meaningful significance to the tattoo’s imagery.

Associating the wearer and their loved one’s unparalleled affection for each other with the strength, youthful vigor and resilience of the pine tree against the harsh elements of nature, the pine tree wedding ring tattoo is as aesthetically pleasing as it is symbolically rich.

Superman and Wonder Woman Wedding Ring Tattoo

Superman and Wonder Woman Wedding Ring Tattoo


The Superman and Wonder Woman wedding ring tattoo appeals to the DC comics superfans and pop culture enthusiasts alike. These two iconic characters have been portrayed as a successful power couple in various forms of media, films and literature.

The symbolism behind the Superman and Wonder Woman wedding ring tattoos may either be obvious or outright redundant, as the aesthetic behind them is meant to be attention grabbing first and foremost.

Anchor Wedding Ring Tattoo

Anchor Wedding Ring Tattoo


The anchor wedding ring tattoo represents the couple’s steady, composed, and dedicated approach to all facets of life. The tattoo is preferable in either simple doodle icons or detailed 3D sketches of matching anchors.

Whether the couple is metaphorically facing a high or low tide in respect to the hurdles that life throws at them, the anchor they wear on their fingers will firmly keep them planted on the path of righteousness, and help them guide through the waters with the strength of their unity and shared willpower.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the assistance of the materials provided in the article so far, it should be fairly easy for you and your partner to come up with a memorable wedding ring tattoo of your choosing that leaves a lasting, loving impression for the rest of your lives!

But in case you’re still on the fence as to what ideal wedding ring you want around your fingers, be sure to have a look at our following questionnaire to eliminate any remaining doubts you have before your next visit to the tattoo studio.

Q: Do wedding ring tattoos hurt?

Ans: Finger tattoos generally tend to be high on the pain scale due to the thin layer of skin involved, and the closeness of the needle to the bones of the hand. So the answer to this question would be yes, wedding ring tattoos do indeed hurt.

The wedding ring tattoo tends to be small in size so any turbulence that you may have to endure, shall be over real soon. However, if your stencil is highly detailed and requires a lot of time to complete, then strap yourself in for a painful ride.

Q: Are wedding ring tattoos expensive?

Ans: Quite the contrary. Compared to other tattoos, the wedding ring tattoo is one of the more budget friendly tattoos on the market. And pretty obviously, it would cost much less than a wedding ring itself.

The common, simplistic designs could be rounded off within the $50 – $80 range. While detailed, more intricate wedding ring patterns could cost upwards of $100 and more.

Closing Verdict

Regardless of the sheer amount of artistic and creative possibilities that such a small form of tattoo archetype tends to harbor, the wedding ring tattoo is meant to look classy and opulent in all its minimalistic glory.

So when you think of the next romantic form of body ink to get tattooed onto you, look no further than the iconic wedding ring!

The wedding ring tattoo also costs significantly less than an actual wedding ring, and would last a lifetime with only a few touch ups along the way. Perfectly mimicking the rollercoaster nature of eternal love that you and your beloved have for each other!

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