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102 Attractive Water Lily Tattoo Ideas With Meaning!

Tattooing for many people is something illegal or a bad thing to do. Just in reverse, there are tattoos which are used for religious purposes and used by the sacred people. Just like that, Water Lily is a sacred tattoo according to its symbol and meaning.

The flower itself is very beautiful and the fragrance is something very lucrative. The Water Lily is mostly liked by the ladies. The design and petals are so attractive people usually go for the tattoo in the exposed parts of the body.

To know more about the Water Lily tattoo, follow the article to the end. You will find the interesting meanings and symbols of the flower and also a variant of ideas which will lead you to the infinite designs, only arranged for you!

Interesting Meanings And Symbols Of Water Lily Tattoo

Water lily tattoo 1

Girls and many other individuals all around the world prefer flower tattoos. Even if all flowers are somehow lovely and attractive, each tattoo has a unique sign or meaning, much as our Water Lily tattoo.

The Virgin Mary, who is a person with a decent soul and is spiritually pure and wise, is represented by the water lily, as it was earlier mentioned. In order to keep in mind the Water Lilies significance as a symbol of pristine beauty, persons who are deeply devout and wholly devoted to Christianity frequently get it tattooed on their bodies.

Additionally, the flower has a unique trait in that it often closes at night and blooms once more in the morning. These qualities made the blossom a sacred flower, which made it a symbol of spiritual rebirth or reincarnation.

Therefore, individuals who are devoted to God and always work to keep a clean soul have a tendency to have the Water Lily tattoo design on various areas of their bodies. So let’s look at some amazing designs for water lily tattoos to see what stands out.

Explore The New Designs Of The Water Lily Tattoos!

If you are looking for something different with the Water Lily tattoos, you are on the right place to explore. Though the design is easy to adapt and you can find a considerable amount of designs on the website for this design, I have helped you by collecting all the new designs and unique ideas of Water Lily tattoos that you will love for sure.

 Larkspur And Water Lily Tattoo

Larkspur and water lily tattoo

When you are in love with two or more flowers, and if both the flowers are from July, then Larkspur and Water Lily tattoos are the one you are looking for. If your birth month is July, then definitely these flower tattoos are meant for you.

Larkspur symbolizes beauty and love, so combining it with the Water lily makes the tattoo not only beautiful but also emphasize the meaning of the tattoo. Just like the image, if you want an aesthetic feeling, then you try the black ink with small white details for extra perfection.

Simple Water Lily Tattoo

Simple water lily tattoo

Those who do want any complication, just want to stick with the simple design and meaning, they usually look for the Simple Water Lily tattoo. As you can see in the image, you can see just a single water lily tattoo on the leg. There is additional design, just the flower itself.

These types of tattoos are known as the Simple Water Lily tattoo and those who are looking for their first tattoo, they can undoubtedly go for this tattoo. I would prefer a colorful ink in the tattoo to look more real and original.

Black And White Water Lily Tattoo

Water lily tattoo black and white

As I mentioned a bit earlier, black and white designed Water Lily tattoos are very aesthetic to look at and people also use this idea on a broader scale. The speciality of the Black and White Water lily tattoos is that, the design can be of any means, you can use it like your own just the color of the ink is in monochrome.

As in the picture, the design is mixed with geometric shapes and there is a bee at the top of the flower. The specialty of the tattoo is that, though it has many objects and a subject, the whole theme is in Black and White which holds the beauty of the tattoo.

 Japanese Water Lily Tattoo

Japanese water lily tattoo

Japanese tattoos are usually the traditional and culture based designed tattoos. The meaning of any tattoos or symbols are different in Japanese culture. The Japanese Water Lily tattoo expresses truth, beauty, good fortune, peace and enlightenment. These symbols are liked and followed by many crazy Japanese followers around the world.

Just in the image you can see how a Japanese tattoo is colorful and there are a variety of objects in the tattoo which together symbolizes a whole story of its own. The shades and patterns of Japanese Water Lily tattoos are different from the other Water Lily tattoo designs.

 Small Water Lily Tattoo

Small water lily tattoo

Small designed tattoos are mostly used around the world. A design with a single object, is mostly used for the small tattoo category. Water Lily is a flower and for a small tattoo, this is the perfect choice. You can put the Small Water Lily tattoos anywhere in your body.

As the small tattoos look very decent and attractive, you can use somewhere more exposed if you would like to show off your tattoo. Preferably, hands, fingers, elbows, necks, ankles, these are the suitable place for colorful or monochrome Small Water Lily tattoos.

 Water Lily Sleeve Tattoo

Water lily sleeve tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are one of the most trending and modern tattoos used by varieties of people all around the world. Water Lily sleeve tattoos are also popular but the design is quite complicated as the full sleeve is covered. It is just a tattoo with a single flower but when you have to cover a full sleeve then you have to think a lot with the designs.

As you can see in the picture, the water lily pattern is quite different from the usual design and the colorful tones make it more attractive and alluring.

Water Lily And Frog Tattoo

Water lily and frog tattoo

Frogs are amphibians, that means they live both in the water and lands. In the water, the frogs are seen in the leaves of water flowers and mostly in the water lily leaves. Frogs are the symbol of good fortune in Japanese culture. So Water Lily and Frog tattoos are quite a good combo for a tattoo.

Water Lily and Frog tattoos together form a meaningful tattoo and look very staggering. Colorful tones add extra vibrance to the tattoo. You can use designs, or take ideas from the given image.

 Water Lily Tattoo On Thigh

Water lily tattoo on thigh

Thigh tattoos are exceptional from the other parts of the body due to its exclusive space and appealing appearance. Water Lily tattoos on the thigh are a tough one as the flower is a single subject and the thigh is a wider space to fill it with a single subject design.

You can add more than one lily in the thigh to cover up the space. Water Lily in colors looks more astonishing, as you can see in the picture. But I would recommend adding more designs or more water lilies to cover up the thigh space.

 Geometric Water Lily Tattoo

Geometric Water lily tattoo

Personally, the geometric shaped tattoos are my personal favorite as the tattoos look more fascinating and the design is quite inch-perfect in details. I have quite geometric shaped tattoos on my body as well. You can put any subject or object within a geometric shape to form a unique tattoo design.

Geometric Water lily tattoo is a fine choice and you have the freedom to change the geometric shape keeping the design of the water lily. Colorful or monochrome shades totally depend on you.

Water Lily And Koi Fish Tattoo

Water lily and koi fish tattoo

Water Lily and Koi fish tattoos are mainly derived from the traditional Japanese tattoos which consist of Japanese cultures and patterns which are different from the other forms of designs. As you can see in the image, the color is quite attractive and the brightness is different from other colorful tattoo designs.

The image shows a fine example of a traditional water lily and koi fish tattoos, you can use the design or can get an idea from it and use the design like your own depending totally up to you.

Water Lily And Snake Tattoo

Water lily and snake tattoo

Snake is the symbol of death and Water Lily signifies rebirth or reincarnation. So the combo of this due design defines the circle of life and holds a deep meaning inside. The design looks definitely different and solemn to be honest. Though the Water Lily and Snake tattoo is a complicated designed tattoo.

As there are two subjects, a comparatively bigger space is needed so forearms, shoulders, back, these are the potential spaces for this tattoo. Colorful tones will look gorgeous if the tattoo is perfectly done.

Water Lily And Turtle Tattoo

Water lily and turtle tattoo

Longevity and patience is the main symbol of a turtle. So combining the water lily and turtle tattoo signifies good fortune with a humble patience. The design can be of any means, just find the right  design as you can take a glimpse from the image above.

These types of positive tattoos are usually colorful in shades and do not require that much space actually. Innovative ideas can be put through the Water lily and turtle tattoos.

Water Lily And Dragonfly Tattoo

Water lily and dragonfly tattoo

Dragonflies are seen around the water lily in the ponds or rivers. Dragonflies have a significant symbol and it signifies change or new beginnings. So, the Water Lily and Dragonfly tattoo resembles together something like, positive changes after a rebirth. So people use the tattoo not only for beauty, but also for the inner meanings it holds.

Nature based tattoos are generally colorful and the natural scenes are seen on the design with vibrant colors which look real and engaging just like the one in the picture.

Water Lily And Tiger Tattoo

Water lily and tiger tattoo

These design ideas mainly came from Chinese culture as there is a long history between a tiger and a lily. Somehow they are interconnected and the Water Lily and Tiger tattoo is one of the beautiful designs of the water lily tattoos. Tiger shows power and strength and the lily defines spiritual rebirth. So the two connect, forming a historical empowerment.

More Beautiful  Water Lily Tattoo Ideas That Are Trending Now!

Nature based or natural tattoos are quite famous not only among the people who love nature, but a man who appreciates beauty also is fond of such tattoos. Such a natural tattoo is the Water Lily tattoo, which is symbolically very well defined and there are various designs to explore.

So if you are looking for a water lily tattoo, you are in the perfect place and if you still have not found your desired designs, then you can take  a look at the following ideas in water lilies, specially rearranged for you with the best ideas available till now!!

Water lily tattoo 2

Water lily tattoo 3

Water lily tattoo 4

Water lily tattoo 5

Water lily tattoo 6

Water lily tattoo 7

Water lily tattoo 8

Water lily tattoo 10

Water lily tattoo 9

Water lily tattoo 12

Water lily tattoo 11

Water lily tattoo 13

Water lily tattoo 14

Water lily tattoo 15

Water lily tattoo 16

Water lily tattoo 17

Water lily tattoo 18

Water lily tattoo 19

Water lily tattoo 21

Water lily tattoo 20

Water lily tattoo 23

Water lily tattoo 22

Water lily tattoo 25

Water lily tattoo 24

Water lily tattoo 27

Water lily tattoo 26

Water lily tattoo 28

Water lily tattoo 30

Water lily tattoo 29

Water lily tattoo 31

Water lily tattoo 32

Water lily tattoo 33

Water lily tattoo 34

Water lily tattoo 35

Water lily tattoo 36

Water lily tattoo 38

Water lily tattoo 37

Water lily tattoo 39

Water lily tattoo 41

Water lily tattoo 40

Water lily tattoo 42

Water lily tattoo 43

Water lily tattoo 45

Water lily tattoo 44

Water lily tattoo 46

Water lily tattoo 47

Water lily tattoo 48

Water lily tattoo 49

Water lily tattoo 50

Water lily tattoo 52

Water lily tattoo 51

Water lily tattoo 53

Water lily tattoo 54

Water lily tattoo 55

Water lily tattoo 57

Water lily tattoo 56

Water lily tattoo 59

Water lily tattoo 58

Water lily tattoo 61

Water lily tattoo 60

Water lily tattoo 62

Water lily tattoo 63

Water lily tattoo 65

Water lily tattoo 64

Water lily tattoo 67

Water lily tattoo 66

Water lily tattoo 68

Water lily tattoo 69

Water lily tattoo 70

Water lily tattoo 72

Water lily tattoo 71

Water lily tattoo 74

Water lily tattoo 73

Water lily tattoo 76

Water lily tattoo 75

Water lily tattoo 77

Water lily tattoo 78

Water lily tattoo 79

Water lily tattoo 80

Water lily tattoo 81

Water lily tattoo 83

Water lily tattoo 82

Water lily tattoo 85

Water lily tattoo 84

Water lily tattoo 86

Water lily tattoo 87

Water lily tattoo 88


Tattoos are a great way to express your feelings and also if you have something to say, and can’t tell properly because you are introverted, you express your personality, feelings or thoughts through a tattoo.

Such a motivational or inspiring tattoo is the Water lily tattoo as it will help you to remember God for its meanings, also you can realize the beauty and necessity of nature as well. Some people just do it for fun or to enhance beauty. So the Water Lily tattoo you are looking for is definitely here for sure, and if you want to explore more about interesting new hot tattoos, then check the website!! Happy Reading!!

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