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30 Amazing Violet Tattoo Designs to Get This Year

The violet tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoos where you can use vibrant colors and contrasts. Even if you want to keep the theme simple, you can get a violet tattoo in a minimal or monochrome design to show off to your friends.

Of all the popular tattoo styles in the market that you may get done, the violet tattoo designs stand out due to their stunning looks and the symbolism it carries. The violet tattoo design not only is beautiful but also carries deep meaning and symbolism that will make you stand out from other tattoos.

In the article, we will share 30 of the most trending violet tattoo design ideas that you may get so that you can exhibit your personality, love for nature, and compassion. You can choose any of the designs, or you can get creative and throw in some other elements in the mix to spice up your tattoo game.

What’s the Meaning of the Violet Tattoo?

Violet Tattoo Meaning


When you look at the violet tattoo and the beautiful flower it captures, you feel peaceful and calm.   The hidden meaning behind the violet tattoo is just that. The beautiful flower represents calmness, happiness, imagination, love, and healing. If you are in the market to get a flower tattoo that represents your loving nature, your vivid imagination, and a sign of healing, you would be best fit with the beautiful violet tattoo.

But there are other meanings that the tattoo is often associated with. For example, the violet tattoo may represent chastity and modesty following the connection between the Sweet violet flower and Mary, the mother of Jesus. Again, the flower also represents protection and birth because when Jesus was born violet flowers started to blossom.

The tat also represents spirituality and insight into life as the color violet represents deep thoughts and insight. Due to the darker hue of the violet flowers the tattoo is often used as a representation of death and sorrow as the Romans use the violet flowers as a funeral flower.

The tattoo thus can have a lot of different meanings and it often depends on what kind of themes you want to portray. The meaning of the tattoo is subjective and you can use a theme for the tattoo that represents the abovementioned meaning.

Trending Violet Tattoo Ideas to Get

If you decide that you are going to get a violet tattoo this year, you can look into some of the most trending tattoo designs this year for the theme. For your convenience, we have gathered 20 of the most stunning violet tattoo ideas that you might use this year.

Violet Flower Tattoo Concepts

Violet Flower Tattoo


The violet flower tattoo gets its name from the bright violet flower that is the center of it. The bright flower gives the tattoo a radiant glow and a soothing look. The violet color of the tattoo is one of the simplest colors that you can do for a tat, but will give your tattoo a gorgeous look.

You can rock the violet flower tattoo in many different variations and placements on your body. Although the primary color concept of the tattoo is a monochrome violet color, if you follow the original Sweet Violet flower, you can use different lighter and darker shades of violet, blue, and yellow to bring out the original color scheme of the flower.

The flower with its beautiful patterns and bright colors is sure to catch anyone’s eye in any body placement. So, you can choose to do the flower in any part of your body. But the best place to do the flower is your forearms or anywhere visible on your arm to make the tattoo really pop.

The African Violet Tattoo

African Violet Tattoo


The African variant of the violet tattoo is often incorporated with spirit animals or graphics of animals in general. You can also combine the violet flower with other animals like Cheetahs for example. Along with the bright violet color of the violet flower, the animals and the colors of different animals create a contrast that is at the same time catchy and pleasant to look at.

For example, in this tattoo idea, you can see an African tiger on the forefront of the flower that creates a beautiful looking contrast of light brown and violet in a small package. But to do this type of tattoo you need a bigger space to work with, and so these will go well with places such as the thigh or the chest to make the tattoo stand out.

Violet Tattoos in Black and White

Violet Tattoo Black and White

Although the premise of the violet tattoo is the beautiful violet color of the tattoo, if you are looking for minimalism and are looking into getting a tattoo in black and white you may look into using the violet tattoo in black and white.

Basically, you can use some graphics of the Viola Odorata- the flower this tattoo is based on, but you just have to use black ink with shades of white.  You can also skip the white ink altogether and use just the black ink to do a minimalist tattoo to show off your style.

Violet Chachki’s Tattoo Design

Violet Chachki Tattoo


If you want you can also try out the Violet Chachki tattoo to show off your support for the drag queen and the drag queen community. This tattoo is a very trendy one showing the drag queen in her full glory and just standing there with a classy style.

As it is a big tattoo, you will most likely be better served if you do the tattoo on a bigger part of your body like the thigh or leg.

Small Violet Tattoo

Small Violet Tattoo


The small violet tattoos are some of the cutest ones that we have seen over the years. If you are a fan of minimalism and like to keep things simple, then this might be the tattoo style for you. For this tattoo design, you can choose a minimal and muted color scheme to show off the simplicity of the tattoo. These tattoos are better seen when they are done on a visible part of your body like the hands or the legs.

Violet Tattoos with Outline

Violet Tattoo Outline


Again, this is another love letter to minimalist lovers. If you prefer to rock some minimal style tattoos, you can choose to do the outline-style tattoo. This way the tattoo still shows the violet flowers, but without the detailed color scheme of the original flower.

You should do the tattoo on your triceps or your hands where the tattoo would really pop. This way you can stand out from the mundane tattoo ideas and show off your unique minimalist tattoo.

Combination of Rose and Violet Tattoo

Rose and Violet Tattoo


This is one of our favorites as a floral tattoo and you can rock this style of tattoo too. Rose symbolizes beauty and love. This, along with the violet flower makes the tattoo one of the most beautiful and meaningful tattoo ideas for you.

This combination of roses and violet flowers is very colorful and you can pull some elaborate designs with this idea. So, we suggest you pick a broad canvas for the tattoo like your shoulder.  If you like similar colorful floral tattoo ideas, you can also head over to our No Rain No Tattoo design ideas and get one for yourself.

Traditional Violet Tattoo

Traditional Violet Tattoo


The traditional violet tattoos are very muted in their color combination with other elements that you can rock. If you are willing to mix and match other elements into your tattoo design, you can choose to look into some traditional violet tattoo designs.

This tattoo stands out from the crowd in the sense that you will be able to show off some creativity with this tattoo. You can choose different colors and different fonts with the violet tattoo.  Here you can see the tattoo incorporating some big bold text in front of the muted violet color scheme.

Violet with Dragonfly Tattoo

Violet Dragonfly Tattoo


This is another one of our favorite tattoos you can check out. As the dragonfly is very colorful, you can also make the violet pop more with some good contrast of light and dark violet. Doing this you can achieve some beautiful results- one of which you can see in the example photo here.

The dragonfly, although a simple design, will surely get anyone’s attention as you show off your tattoo with the violet flowers along with the dragonfly. You can check out some other crazy tattoo ideas you can do with a dragonfly design in our article here.

Basic Geometric Violet Tattoo

Geometric Violet Tattoo 1


Geometric Violet Tattoo 2


This one goes out for math and geometry lovers. If you love math and geometry, you might just go ahead and choose to get one of these for yourself. You can get some awesome combinations of the flower and some basic shapes that will look unique and are sure to turn heads.

The basic shapes like circles or triangles give the violet flower some sharp contrast and make it stand out in the tattoo. If you want to nerd out on geometry, or just simply stand out from the crowd, we’d say, go for the geometric tattoo.

Tattoo With Violet Flower and Mockingbird

Violet Flower and Mockingbird Tattoo


You can also get a violet tattoo with an image of a mockingbird to complement a flower and bird theme if you are a nature lover. Although, the mockingbird element is a big design in the tattoo. So, you should do it on a bigger part of the body.

You can choose to get a tattoo on your leg, or better yet, you can get a tattoo on your chest or back to do a really detailed mockingbird and violet flower design.

Violet With Moon Tattoo

Violet Moon Tattoo


The violet moon tattoo is an appealing tattoo design, and we cannot handle the cuteness of this tattoo. You can use a moon with some violet flowers and some vines along with the moon to get the best looks for this tattoo design. You can also be a bit more creative and add some natural elements like a butterfly in the design.

Violet Butterfly Tattoo

Violet Butterfly Tattoo


Like the previous design, the butterfly element just adds to the already stunning beauty of the violet flower. This cute combination can be rocked with both smaller and larger tattoo designs and if you want to keep the theme minimal, you can also choose to throw in a muted color scheme to make the tattoo even more appealing.

Violet Tattoo on Your Hand

Violet Tattoo on Hand


As your hand is clearly visible when you go out, the violet tattoo on the hand is a pure eye-catcher. The design can be simple or elaborate depending on your personality. But the smaller the tattoo is, the better. But you should know that getting a violet tattoo on the arm will be more painful.

Violet Tattoo Behind the Ear

Violet Tattoo Behind the Ear

You can also do a violet tattoo behind your ear to give it a low profile. If you are rocking a ponytail or a similar hairstyle that highlights the back of your ear, then you can go for behind the ear tattoo style to show off your looks.

Violets and Lavender Tattoo

Violets and Lavender Tattoo


Both violet and lavender are close in the color spectrum and thus go along very well together. You can use the violet and lavender colors together on your tattoo to give the tattoo a contrast.

Violet Tattoo on The Foot

Violet Tattoo on Foot


Again, this is one of those tattoos that you can do if you have a higher pain threshold and have tattoos done on other parts of your body. If you want to rock a beautiful tattoo on the foot, then you can choose to do the violet tattoo.

Matching Violet Tattoo

Matching Violet Tattoo


If you are a sweet couple and want to get a tattoo together, then this tattoo can be a great option. As the tattoo represents love and modesty, you and your partner both can rock the tattoo together. Again, you can get the tattoo on visible places like your arm or on your back.

Violet Tattoo on The Arm

Violet Tattoo on Arm


The violet tattoo is a very vibrant one. And to show off the colors of the tattoo, no other place is better than your arm. Violet tattoos on the arm can be colorful and can carry different elements. Your imagination can go wild while getting a violet tattoo on the arm.

Violet Tattoo with Witchy Elements

Violet Witchy Tattoo


If you are into gothic stuff, you can get something similar to the witchy tattoo. You can see the gothic elements like a witch’s hand and some violet flowers. This goes well with the death and goth theme of the violet flower. Don’t like this idea? But still, want to get some goth tattoos? Check out our article here to get some ideas.

Watercolor Violet Tattoo

Watercolor Violet Tattoo


Violet Sisters Tattoo

Violet Sisters Tattoo


Violet Neck Tattoo

Violet Neck Tattoo


Violet Tattoo on Ankle

Violet Tattoo on Ankle


Violet Cross Tattoo

Violet Cross Tattoo


Violet and Hummingbird Tattoo

Violet and Hummingbird Tattoo


Violet and Crown Tattoo

Violet and Crown Tattoo


Violet Name Tattoo

Violet Name Tattoo


Violet Tattoo on Ribs

Violet Tattoo on Ribs


Violet Tattoo on Wrist

Violet Tattoo on Wrist



If you are willing to get a violet tattoo you might come across some questions when deciding on the design. Here we have some of the most asked questions regarding violet tattoos.

Q: What does a violet rose tattoo mean?

Answer: The violet rose tattoo indicates like the violet tattoo indicates love and peace.

Q: Where to get a violet tattoo on?

Answer: As the violet tattoo has bright colors and sharp contrasts, you should get a violet tattoo on your hands, arms, biceps, or triceps area to show off the colors.

Q: Will the violet tattoos fade over time?

Answer: No, violet as a color in tattoos is less prone to fade over time. But if you are using yellow in the violet tattoo for contrast, that may fade over time.


To conclude, there are many violet tattoos out there. But many of these tattoos won’t stand out in the crowd. If you are willing to get a violet tattoo, we’d suggest you check out the tattoos we showed off here.

But tattoos should reflect your personality. So, we at Allabouttattoos suggest you choose a violet tattoo that may go with you. But the sky is your limit, so just be creative and mix and match other ideas with your violet tattoo.

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