86 Eye-opening Ideas Of Vine Tattoos To Soothe Your Mind and Soul!

At the moment, there’s nothing more loud and soothing than tattoos with double meanings, and incredible visuals. While many find contentment in paying homage through using visually oriented components in their tattoos, on the other spectrum are those who prefer raising awareness in the metaphoric value of their body modification.

While floral patterns and visually-moving insects are go-to picks for those with a knack for metaphors and sentiments, another candidate that is equally compelling when it comes to symbolism and aesthetics is a vine tattoo, the main agenda of this article.

A vine tattoo mainly comprises the outline of a vine, and comes in many forms due how versatile the plant is in real life. While its accessible components have received all the flowers in the world by now, the symbolism of a vine tattoo is an element that typically refrains from the public eye. Worry not, however, as that’s where this write-up comes in. Stay tuned to learn everything that makes a vine tattoo so desirable, and the memorable ways in which one can pull it off!

Unraveling The Mystery Behind The Symbolism Of Vine Tattoos

Symbolism Of Vine Tattoos


A vine is quite powerful at releasing happy chemicals when one stumbles upon it, an element that it reprises at the root of its symbolism.

Associated with strength, power, growth, and friendship, a vine tattoo encompasses abilities that can move mountains and oceans, as well as the human mind. Those that have already carved a vine tattoo onto their frames claim that wearing a vine tattoo hasn’t just enabled them to find peace within themselves, but also allowed them to make considerable and healthy changes to their lives.

A vine tattoo shares a deep connection with Christianity, which could explain the tattoo’s influence among the followers of Christ. One of their species, commonly dubbed as the passion vine, is directly associated with Jesus Christ.

Exhilarating Vine Tattoo Designs That Will Remain Iconic Until Eternity

Vine Tattoo Designs


A vine tattoo is a maze for creative minds, but it also has physical components to make the tattoo compelling enough for visually-oriented enthusiasts. The draft of a vine may seem minimal, but attains a natural ability of welcoming vibrant tones as well as dark hues with open arms.

From pairing with floral patterns to blending with abstract artwork, a vine tattoo comprises the ability to harmonize with anything. The dimensions of a vine tattoo can also be compromised with compact concepts and emphasized larger designs to meet the satisfaction of each wearer.

Prior to obtaining a vine tattoo, it is extremely important to decide upon the message you’d like to convey using your body modification. On another note, if you have yet to visualize and decide upon the elements you’d like to incorporate into your illustration, consider skimming through the following list with our favourite picks hovering over the category of vine tattoos!

Vine Tattoo with Flowers

Vine Tattoo with Flowers 1


Vine Tattoo with Flowers 2


While a vine tattoo is mostly incorporated as a solo piece on one’s body, many also find the tattoo quite presentable when the visuals are paired with the components of a flower tattoo.

A vine tattoo with flowers can be a feast for the mind on most occasions, since the duo is associated with tons of hidden meanings. Together, they are affiliated with love, growth, encouragement and innocence, all of which can have a positive impact on the wearer.

The combination of a vine and flower tattoo demands a wide palette, rendering only a handful of locations eligible and capable. If you’re seeking an option that is on the same wavelength as the delicacy of the layout, however, consider placing your vine and flower tattoo as an upper bicep tattoo!

Rose Vine Tattoo

Rose Vine Tattoo 1


Rose Vine Tattoo 2


Another fan favorite variant under vine tattoo comprises the presence of a rose, which adds to a regular vine tattoo tremendously.

A rose tattoo not only enhances the appeal of the stencil with its jarring colour scheme, but it also highlights the major components of a vine tattoo. Since a vine tattoo is known for having multiple gaps around its stencil, adding a few roses into the design can also make a vine tattoo look more filled-in. This stencil doesn’t really involve a fixed colour scheme, catering to neutral tattoos as well as traditional layouts.

The pairing of a vine tattoo and rose tattoo is affiliated with a series of energy, from love to serenity. However, this tattoo gravitates more towards compassion and intimacy, making the option ideal for couples!

Vine Arm Tattoo

Vine Arm Tattoo 1


Vine Arm Tattoo 2


Vine tattoos are quite simple in terms of design, making them a great option for beginners. Additionally, if you’re seeking a variant with a large-scale blueprint, obtain your vine tattoo as an arm tattoo.

The circumference of the arm is quite wide in contrast to most body parts, and also contains layers of fat. While obtaining this tattoo will hurt regardless, the pain won’t be as monumental if you side with a vine arm tattoo.

Furthermore, a vine tattoo is perceived as an open book, which can be a trait to utilize if you’ve got a creative mind. You can either mix the tattoo with a concentrated color scheme and dark borders or install a hue of black and grey for a retro-esque vibe.

Grapevine Tattoo

Grapevine Tattoo 1


Grapevine Tattoo 2


A vine tattoo can also be an accessible way to find more faith in your religion, preferably if you’re a believer of Christianity. Additionally, it can also be a great alternative to switch to if you want more components in your vine tattoo.

Like the name suggests, a grapevine tattoo replaces the elements of a vine tattoo with the dense plant. In contrast to a mediocre vine tattoo, a grape vine is said to be easy on the eyes, and contains larger components to sweep away the minds of many.

A grapevine tattoo is quite easy to maintain but can take a while to replicate on larger canvases. The artwork mostly benefits from vibrant colours, but it can also transform into a fine-line artwork for maximum appeal.

Vine Sleeve Tattoo

Vine Sleeve Tattoo 1


Vine Sleeve Tattoo 2


In real life, vines can reach a maximum vertical of 80 whopping feet. However, if you’d like to bring that element into your own vine tattoo, try turning the sketch into a sleeve tattoo.

Since a vine tattoo contains such a multipurpose meaning, the component pairs rather well with a range of variants in the tattoo world. Adding patchwork tattoos can be a great option if you want an illustration that is open to interpretation. On the contrary, if you’d like to make the design more natural, try pairing it with creatures of nature.

Vine Leg Tattoo

Vine Leg Tattoo


Since a vine tattoo contains an unpredictable silhouette, the artwork can cause tons of discomfort to those with sensitive and injury-prone skin. But, if you’d like to avoid botched results without having to endure tons of pain, get a glimpse of this vine leg tattoo.

A vine leg tattoo is a great way to add more appeal to your physical appearance, since the pattern is as delicate as they come. The procedure could seem challenging if you palace it around the backside of your leg, as it contains tons of nerve endings.

Ivy Vine Tattoo

Ivy Vine Tattoo 1


Ivy Vine Tattoo 2


Those battling with feelings of hardship or going through a rough patch can also benefit from a vine tattoo, especially if they mix the design with that of an ivy plant.

An ivy plant is known for its affiliation with good luck, positivity, and prosperity. The symbolism can be advantageous if you’ve recently entered a new chapter in life, working wonders for your social life as well. In most cases, an ivy vine tattoo is perceived as a friend in need for those going through dark phases.

Vine Leaves Tattoo

Vine Leaves Tattoo


Sketching an elongated vine with a sharp set of leaves can also be another resourceful way of showcasing a vine tattoo. In fact, if you’re planning to install a subtle design, anyway, consider taking notes from this vine tattoo with dark leaves.

The design of this tattoo is quite adaptable, so don’t hesitate to adjust the dimensions accordingly. The stencil of this tattoo is quite simple to create, but the shading technique incorporated into the leaves could feel like a chore and a half!

Thorn Vine Tattoo

Thorn Vine Tattoo 1


Thorn Vine Tattoo 2


Vine tattoos can also be used as ideal designs for creating an intimidating concept. The stem of a vine can highlight anything quite effortlessly, making it the perfect supporting tattoo to a major blueprint.

Additionally, if you’d like your tattoo to look edgy, complex, and realistic, a thorn vine tattoo can be your perfect match. It has a series of diagonal patterns and a range of patchwork tattoos to cover-up the empty areas, which can prove to be time-consuming when mirrored, but will be worth every second regardless.

Vine Wrist Tattoo

Vine Wrist Tattoo


Since keeping it light is the best mantra to follow for tattoos these days, a wrist tattoo can be a good way to showcase the distinct features of a vine, but in a subtle manner.

To showcase this design to the T, decrease the quantity of the elements. If you’d like your pattern to lack volume, add one thread of a vine to meet your match. You may also double the quantity of the thread and add small icons to the artwork to enhance the layout of the structure.

Strawberry Vine Tattoo

Strawberry Vine Tattoo 1


Strawberry Vine Tattoo 2


Jarring color schemes mesh well with vine tattoos, especially if you collaborate the organic design with a colorful and ripe fruit. For instance, if you have a knack for the color red, the duplet of a strawberry tattoo and vine tattoo should be sufficient.

Also known as a strawberry vine tattoo, the artwork is perceived as a breath of fresh air in the category of vine tattoos. The positive reception mainly lies behind its color combination, which replaces a black and grey palette with soft pastel tones.

Vine Finger Tattoo

Vine Finger Tattoo 1


Vine Finger Tattoo 2


Vine tattoos feature variants for everyone, even those that shy away from the public eye. Additionally, if you’re not planning to garner attention with your new body modification, take into account the likes of a finger vine tattoo.

While painful, a finger vine tattoo is as delicate and as sophisticated as they come. The artwork has no room for traditional colors, but it can be enhanced using a vibrant colored needle. To further amplify the artwork, combine its silhouettes with a sparkle tattoo.

Vine Shoulder Tattoo

Vine Shoulder Tattoo


The shoulder is a safe spot for newbies on the bandwagon of getting tattoos, and can even make the perfect canvas for vine tattoos when utilized in the correct manner.

Using the deltoid muscles can be quite remarkable for this variant, especially if you have a toned physique. A compact design with a classic paint job of black and white is typically replicated in this area, which can be changed in accordance with the wearer’s preferences.

Vine Spine Tattoo

Vine Spine Tattoo


A vine spine tattoo can be a compelling notion if you’d like to incorporate a design that reeks of feminine energy and purity. Based on the stencil, this tattoo might also make you the star of the show.

A vine spine tattoo is one of the most enchanting concepts on this list. It features thinly-stitched vines, comprising a floral pattern over each shoot to bring out the beauty in the artwork. Furthermore, since the back is known for lacking meat and fatty layers, be prepared to endure a high level of pain.

Ankle Vine Tattoo

Ankle Vine Tattoo


Carrying the same energy as the former is an ankle vine tattoo, which appears to be just as painful to obtain, but contains a significantly smaller pattern.
An ankle vine tattoo is typically sketched as a fine-line tattoo, mainly to minimize the severity of the pain. The stencil also lacks size, enabling users to have privacy as a result.

To make the tattoo stand out, try adding more icons alongside the emblem of the vine. For an even bolder impression, try adding the vine tattoo like an ankle bracelet tattoo!

Butterfly Vine Tattoo

Butterfly Vine Tattoo 1


Butterfly Vine Tattoo 2


The symbol of a butterfly blends incredibly well with the structure of a vine, making their collaboration a sought after move in the tattoo world. Additionally, since a butterfly conveys feelings of growth and power like a vine, the pair feels like a match made in heaven.

The visuals are just as delicate and as astonishing as it sounds, often comprising a series of butterflies on top of the shoots of a vine. The artwork often fits comfortably on the canvas of a forearm, but can even be placed as a thigh tattoo to gravitate more towards beauty.

Honeysuckle Vine Tattoo

Honeysuckle Vine Tattoo


The appearance of a honeysuckle can sweep many off their feet in real life. However, the siamese vines can even reprise that role when transformed into a body modification, fitting seamlessly into the elements of a vine tattoo.

A honeysuckle vine tattoo contains a structure that isn’t easy to replicate, so make sure to reach out to an experienced tattoo artist. Furthermore, if you’d like the artwork to be as mesmerizing as a honeysuckle itself, replace your thoughts of adding a neutral tone with a soft, color-oriented paint job.

Cherry Blossom Vine Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Vine Tattoo


If you have a knack for striking visuals and also happen to be into Japanese tattoos, adding a cherry blossom with your originally-crafted vine tattoo can be sufficient for a memorable design. Don’t forget to place the tattoo in a compact area, though, since that’s where it typically stands out the most.

Minimalist Vine Tattoo

Minimalist Vine Tattoo


With the help of thin lines and a fine needle, you can also mirror the look of this vine tattoo, which strictly caters to minimalists.

The design has notes of subtlety, but it can also bring more attention to the placement area with its appealing components. Since the dimensions of this design isn’t as hefty in contrast to most entries, the collarbone and the area behind the neck are two ideal locations for placement.

Blackberry Vine Tattoo

Blackberry Vine Tattoo


The black sheep of this list is the blackberry vine tattoo, representing feelings of sorrow and negativity. Although the average illustration used for this design is quite appealing from the outside, many resort to this tattoo to battle with regret or suffer from deep depression.

Cross with Vine Tattoo

Cross with Vine Tattoo


As stated earlier, the symbol of a vine shares a rather special connection with Christianity, making the combination of a cross with a vine tattoo quite applicable in many ways.

The cross tattoo is the first element that is typically added to the design, while the vine tattoo is curated shortly afterward. A speciality of this design is its adaptability, which can be utilized when picking a placement.

Heart Vine Tattoo

Heart Vine Tattoo


The lengthy stems of a vine can also be used to form delicate shapes, which can then be incorporated into a tattoo. And if you’re looking for proof, get a glimpse of this heart vine tattoo.

Heart vine tattoos are quite appealing on the surface, and easily have the edge over regular vine tattoos in terms of visuals. Although they’re mostly affiliated with strength and power, the tattoo also gravitates towards love and affection.

Olive Vine Tattoo

Olive Vine Tattoo


The emblem of an olive goes hand in hand with the hues of a vine tattoo, symbolizing peace and serenity. The presence of an olive makes a vine tattoo more apparent and inviting, which can be a positive if you’re hoping to amp up your social life!

Orchid Vine Tattoo

Orchid Vine Tattoo


An orchid vine tattoo can also be your cup of tea, especially if you’d like to mirror a feminine design. Containing delicate shades of pink and green, the tattoo can also be quite presentable.

Orchid vine tattoos are far from average vine tattoos, running large in size. However, as long as you place the artwork as a thigh tattoo or a forearm tattoo, the impression should be positive.

Vine Collarbone Tattoo

Vine Collarbone Tattoo


Placing a compact image of a vine can also be accommodated by a collarbone perfectly. In addition, the design will also look quite charming, especially if it’s infused with dark borders or comes in the form of a fine-line tattoo.

On another note, applying numbing cream is a must for this option, as the structure of a collarbone lacks fat and contains a ton of nerve endings.

Vine Hip Tattoo

Vine Hip Tattoo


If you’re willing to endure an extra amount of pain to mirror an unforgettable variant of a vine tattoo, getting a hip tattoo should be the only thing on your agenda.

A vine hip tattoo contains everything that an optimal tattoo requires; a large artwork, crystal-clear details, and a concentrated paint job. Withstanding the blows from a needle can be quite challenging when obtaining this tattoo, but will be worth every ounce of pain once you see the results!

Jasmine Vine Tattoo

Jasmine Vine Tattoo


Spicing up your life should be easy when giving in to your urges of attaining a vine tattoo, especially if it has the presence of a jasmine.

Long story short, the pair of a Jasmine and a vine is associated with feelings of affection, intimacy and love. Adding names under this design, especially of your loved one, can definitely be an authentic way to pull it off.

Additionally, since a jasmine is also affiliated with strength and power, the combination of a vine and jasmine seems inseparable and completely natural.

Vine Name Tattoo

Vine Name Tattoo


Due to its ties with the power of friendship, a vine tattoo can also be used to express love towards a loved one, and even pay homage to lives that were lost.

This pattern follows a different layout, as the vine tattoo is mainly the supporting element as opposed to the headliner. The graphic starts with the name of the person, which is then framed with a vine in the form of a heart-shaped pattern.

On a separate note, for adding more meaning to the tattoo, you may also incorporate the visuals of a quote tattoo.

Vine Ring Tattoo

Vine Ring Tattoo


If your heart lies with a finger tattoo, a great pattern you can replicate with a vine tattoo is this variant right here, which comprises the structure of a vine in a ring-like silhouette. Since the design isn’t overwhelmingly dominant, this option can be optimal to consider if you’d simply like to unlock the benefits within the symbolism of a vine tattoo. The tattoo can also be paired with natural satellites like the Moon due to the design’s compatibility.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the help of the designs used in this article, we hope you’re able to find a vine tattoo that matches your measurements, requirements, and aesthetics. In addition, if you’re still stuck between a rock and a hard place, try to eliminate those concerns with the help of the questions and answers mentioned below!

Q: Is a vine tattoo compatible?

A:  A vine tattoo’s chemistry with existing tattoos is what makes the graphic so desirable. Whether it’s paired with floral patterns, abstract patterns or creatures of nature, a vine tattoo hardly ever looks out of place.

Q: How painful is it to get a vine tattoo?

A: The answer to this question varies, as different body parts endure different kinds of pain. However, if you’d like your creation process to be minimal in pain, use your forearm, thigh or bicep as the dedicated location. On the other hand, if you’d like your tattoo to look elegant and sophisticated, withstand some pain to blend it into an ankle, neck, or rib tattoo.


A vine tattoo serves multiple purposes, and can be used to express a series of messages. A vine tattoo is also quite adjustable, being the perfect installment for any and every area of placement.

At the moment, a vine tattoo is mainly associated with strength, power, friendship, and growth, all of which is required to live a healthy and sound life. Those wearing vine tattoos stand by the tattoo’s ability to encourage positive changes, and often find areas like the forearm and delicate areas like the collarbone suitable for the placement.

Adding more components to a vine tattoo can be a remarkable notion to execute if you’d like to be the center of attention with your own vine tattoo. You may even add soft pastel color schemes and dark neutral tones with thick borders to make the anatomy of a vine tattoo stand out. However, regardless of what you side with, make sure the tattoo resonates with your persona, and aligns with your interests, as that’s what matters in the end.

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