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Two-Line Tattoo Meaning And Designs: A Complete Guide

Tattoos have always been an instrument of giving meaning to different symbols and signs. The two-line tattoos are not so different. This tattoo has recently come into focus with the design element of two lines of text or symbols.

Like every other tattoo, this tattoo also can be customized to your liking. But what makes these tattoos interesting is their symbolism and meaning. These tattoos are most often symbolic as it offers some profound meaning.

To help you better understand the two-line tattoo, we have gathered some of the meanings of this tattoo. We have also collected some of the design ideas for this tattoo so that you can choose one for yourself.

Two Line Tattoo Meaning

Two Line Tattoo Meaning


The two-line tattoo can mean different things depending on the design choice. With different signs and texts, the tattoo can represent different things. You can even give the tattoo your personal meaning.

The primary meaning that can be associated with the two-line tattoo is duality and balance. The two-line tattoo is often designed with only two black lines. And if that is the case, the tattoo represents the duality between the two lines and a sense of balance. This can represent the balance between life and death, emotion and intelligence, and feelings or values.

The two-line tattoo also may represent simplicity and minimalism. The tattoo is usually done with two simple lines or two simple symbols. This represents the wearer’s passion for simplicity. Thus, if you are looking to get a tattoo that represents your minimal lifestyle, this is a great option to have.

Finally, one of the most prominent meanings of the tattoo is cryptic meanings or reading between the lines. This tattoo contains two lines. But the space between the lines can be interpreted as silence or a way to read between the lines.

But if you are looking to get a two-line tattoo, you can get the tattoo just for its visual aesthetics. Or you can give the tattoo your own meaning.

Two-Line Tattoo Ideas

The ideas are endless when it comes to Two line tattoos. You can add different texts, symbols, and signs in your two-line tattoos to achieve different meanings. The tattoo can be done in color, or in black and white.

We have handpicked some of the best two-line ideas to help you choose your perfect tattoo. Here are some designs to turn your wheel of imagination.

Two Line Forearm Tattoo

Two Line Forearm Tattoo 1


Two Line Forearm Tattoo 2

As the forearm is one of the most visible places on the body, it is a great place to get the two-line tattoo. You can make the lines wider or narrower depending on your needs. The tattoo can be done in color or black.

Two Line Cross Tattoo

Two Line Cross Tattoo


The two-line cross tattoo features a cross between the two lines of the tattoo. This tattoo is usually done in black. You can also add other religious elements like a verse from the bible with this tattoo.

Abstract Two Line Tattoo

Abstract Two Line Tattoo

This is a unique tattoo featuring an abstract design for the two-line tattoo. This tattoo features a curved or smudged ink style to create the two lines. Depending on your wish, you can make the lines wider or narrower. This tattoo also mostly comes in black and white.

Two Line Faith Tattoo

Two Line Faith Tattoo


This is another simple tattoo featuring the text “faith” within the two lines tattoo. This tattoo is often very minimalistic featuring the faith tattoo elements in simple outlines. You can also add a cross to the tattoo if you want.

Paulo Dybala Two Line Tattoo

Paulo Dybala Two Line Tattoo


The Paulo Dybala two-line tattoo refers to the two-line tattoo done by the famous footballer Paolo Dybala. The tattoo shows two wide lines on the armband of the footballer. This is a great way to pay homage to the footballer.

Two Line Name Tattoo

Two Line Name Tattoo


The two-line name tattoo features two names on the two lines of the tattoo. One of the popular iterations of this tattoo is the matching tattoo or couples tattoo. You can use the same font for both names or different fonts for each of the names.

Two Line Rose Tattoo

Two Line Rose Tattoo


The two-line rose tattoo features a rose in between the two lines of the tattoo. This tattoo can be done with any variation of a rose. You can get the tattoo in color or in black depending on your choice.

Two Line Wrist Tattoo

Two Line Wrist Tattoo


The two lines wrist tattoo features two lines on the wrist forming an armband. If you want, you can easily hide the tattoo with a narrow two-line design. But you can also do a wider two-line tattoo to make it more visible.

Two Line with Birds Tattoo

Two Line with Birds Tattoo


The two-line bird tattoo features two broad lines with birds on the lines. The tattoo can feature birds in a realistic or abstract way. This tattoo can be done in color, or in black and white. The tattoo looks best on the forearm.

Two Line Dot Tattoo

Two Line Dot Tattoo


The two-line dot tattoo shows the two lines in a dotted style. The dot tattoo looks very unique among other two-line tattoos. The tattoo can feature other elements like quotes, names, or crosses. This tattoo looks best on the forearm.

The Process Of Getting A Soothing Two-Line Tattoo

The video shows the process of doing a Two line tattoo on the armband. The process is fairly simple with the artist first tracing the tattoo on the armband with a stencil. The artist then moves on to do the outlines of the tattoo with a fine-line needle and later covers the entire tattoo with a broad needle to make the two lines.

This is a great representation of what you will get if you want to get a two-line tattoo on the armband. This video will also give you some ideas regarding two-line tattoos in general.


As the two-line tattoo has become immensely popular in recent years, there are a lot of questions on the internet about the tattoo’s implications and designs. Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding the tattoo for your convenience.

Q: Are two-line tattoos painful?

Answer: Two-line tattoos like any other tattoo are painful. But they are not particularly more painful than other tattoos. The pain level depends on the placement and complexity of the tattoo.

Q: Can I expand or cover up my Two line tattoo in the future?

Answer: Yes. Two-line tattoos can easily be covered up or extended in the future as they are a pretty simple tattoo design.


To conclude, the two lines tattoo is a great option if you want a simple yet meaningful tattoo. The tattoo provides ample space for the interpretation of its meaning. You can associate the tattoo with all the meanings we gathered, or just give the tattoo your own interpretation.

There are also a ton of designs that you can get for the tattoo. You can get a tattoo design from our suggestion list, or just make your own.

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