71 Eternal Tulip Tattoo Ideas To Look Classy

Tulips are gentle flowers with a wide range of colors. Each of the colors symbolize a different meaning. Some have an intense message while the other has a connotation as subtle as the flower itself. Because of its many appearances, it has become very popular among tattoo enthusiasts all over the world.

The best thing about tulip tattoos is that they look good anywhere on your body. You are not confined by space. You can get the tattoo in your neck or in your knee. It will look beautiful either way. The possibility is endless.

The colorful petals along with a hollow center creates a sense of anticipation in us. When we look at the tattoo, we feel like something big is about to happen. It’s just waiting for the right time and place. So, today we are going to unravel all the mysteries of these phenomenal flower tattoos to know what they are all about.

Life Is A Blessing: The Inspiring Behind Tulip Tattoos

Inspiring Behind Tulip Tattoo


The meaning behind the tulip tattoos is quite life changing. If you look at them from a metaphorical point of view, you will start to have a positive outlook on life. You will think that your life isn’t that bad. It’s definitely worth living for. So, let’s look at some amazing interpretations of the tattoo.

The Symbol Of Struggle

Tulips are quite fragile. Even with the slightest blow of wind, they seem to get broken from the branches. But they still hold on. No matter how bad the weather gets, they persist. They keep on fighting the harsh environment. Finally when it is calm, they blossom.

This teaches us an important lesson that we shouldn’t give up that easily. We just have to keep struggling until we find success.

The Wind Of Change

Our lives are full of ups and downs. So is the life of tulips. During the fall season, they start to dry down and fall from the tree. Then when it is spring, the flowers again blossom with full intensity blessing nature with their blazing and vibrant colors.

We also have to go through tough times. But it doesn mean that good times aren’t ahead. Good things will happen. You just have to wait for them.

The Concept Of Individuality

As we’ve mentioned, there are a plethora of varieties of tulips. Some have a mellow yellow color while others have blazing red hues. Each of them are distinct from one another.

We as human beings may belong to the same species but each person is different. We all have our own beliefs, personality and emotions. The tulip tattoo expresses the concept of individuality in full display.

Vibrant Tulip Tattoo Designs For Your Next Adventure

Tulip tattoos come in all shapes and colors. Therefore, it’s easy to get utterly confused. But don’t worry. We are here for you. We have only curated some of the most jaw dropping tulip tattoos that will make you look like a Hollywood star. Read through each one of them to find out which one suits you the best.

Small Tulip Tattoo

Small Tulip Tattoo 1


Small Tulip Tattoo 2


Tulips are gentle flowers that don’t need any sort of exaggeration. You only need a general outline with subtle shading to make an aesthetic looking tattoo.

A variety of colors can work on the tulip. Scientists are still identifying new species as we speak. Therefore, you should let your imagination run rampant. A mixture of different colors can make a truly whimsical tattoo.

Small tulip tattoos will look extraordinary anywhere in your skin. In our opinion, the ideal place for a small tulip tattoo is either your neck or forearm. The former has a sense of sensuality while the latter adds to the theatricality of the tattoo.

Traditional Tulip Tattoo

Traditional Tulip Tattoo 1


Traditional Tulip Tattoo 2


Tulips are now mostly of hybrid varieties. These varieties are larger and blossom much more quickly compared to the other varieties. The color and fragrance of the flower is much better as well.

But these are artificially produced tulips. They don’t have the natural essence. When you look at these flowers, it doesn’t soothe your soul. The traditional flowers that grow in the fields and gardens are exceptional. There’s just something about their rugged designs that makes our hearts filled with joy.

Traditional tulip tattoos consist of bold colors that attract the eyes right away. Therefore, a good place to get the tattoo is undoubtedly your arm which will make the tattoo seem more like a statement.

Purple Tulip Tattoo

Purple Tulip Tattoo 1


Purple Tulip Tattoo 2


Each of the colors in tulip represent a different meaning. Purple has always been associated with femininity.

In today’s world, we are always obsessed with portraying a masculine and tough persona. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. Sometimes you should showcase your vulnerable side. Faking a tough persona will only create a burden on you.

A purple tulip tattoo looks breathtaking on any place of the body canvas. It depicts that you are not afraid of anything.

Red Tulip Tattoo

Red Tulip Tattoo 1


Red Tulip Tattoo 2


Red tulips have been viewed as a symbol of sheer will and power. Life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes you will find success while other times, you will get failures after failures.

But you shouldn’t let yourself down. The red tulip tattoo will compel you to keep on moving forward. The blazing red color will convey your intensity and passion towards your goal.

A good idea is to create a jarring background of the tulip tattoo. It adds much more depth to the whole symbolism of the tattoo and makes it look more realistic.

Yellow Tulip Tattoo

Yellow Tulip Tattoo


Yellow tulips are an expression of peace and tranquility. The mellow color along with intricate looking petals portray a display of emotions.

Our lives are becoming more and more chaotic. As we speak, there is a new war going on. People are killing each other ruthlessly. Even friends are turning their backs on each other.

In this time of distress, the tattoo can help you keep calm. No matter what happens, you won’t pay any heed to it. You will start to understand the true meaning of life.

Fineline Tulip Tattoo

Fineline Tulip Tattoo 1


Fineline Tulip Tattoo 2


Fineline tulip tattoos look quite aesthetic because of the dark immersive color. Usually, tulips are seen in a single color. The petals protrude from the center giving it a sun like appearance.

But with the fine line style, it looks like each of the petals have deeper layers hidden underneath them. It creates a psychedelic effect that is quite hard to describe.

Simple Tulip Tattoo

Simple Tulip Tattoo


Tulips tattoos are meant to be simple. Incorporation of unnecessary patterns and elements will only make it look confusing.

Therefore, you should keep its natural aesthetic. The simplicity is what will make tattoos stand out among others. The tattoo will look good anywhere on your body. If you are thinking of getting this tattoo, you should add a little bit of background such as some clouds or a leaf. It will add quite a depth to the tattoo.

Tulip Tattoo Behind The Ear

Tulip Tattoo Behind The Ear


Ears themselves look like they are flowers. The twisted structure inside the ear resembles the center part of the tulip.

So, when you get the tattoo, it will look like there are two tulips there. Rather than opting for a monochromatic tattoo, you should go for a colorful one. The colors will truly make the tattoo pop out in the behind of your ear.

Violet Tulip Tattoo

Violet Tulip Tattoo


Violet is truly a color of wonder. it doesn’t feel like it belongs to this world. Whenever you look at it, you feel like the color is from a fairy world full of mysteries.

The tulip itself is quite a mystical flower. Illustrating it in a violet color further adds to its mystique. Everyone who will look at the tattoo will start to dive into a divine world where only the violet color exists.

Tulip Forearm Tattoo

Tulip Forearm Tattoo


Forearm tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most theatrical tattoos out there. No other tattoo has the ability to showcase and conceal the tattoo at any moment.

We all are insecure about our body. Tulip tattoos can surely make the body part look better but we don’t want to exhibit the tattoo to other people always. Sometimes, we want to keep it to ourselves. This is the luxury you can afford when you have the tulip forearm tattoo.

Butterfly And Tulip Tattoo

Butterfly And Tulip Tattoo 1


Butterfly And Tulip Tattoo 2


Butterflies and tulips are a match made in heaven. In many cases, the pollination of tulips is done by the butterflied.

The butterflies roam from flowers to flowers. Most of the time, they take the pollen from the flower and transfer it to another one. This way, they initiate the entire pollination process. How amazing is that! So, the combination of these two will surely express the concept of a new beginning.

Tulip Tattoo on Arm

Tulip Tattoo on Arm


Your arm has the perfect width and height for an incredible tulip tattoo. Any kind of color will look good on the arm. It will commemorate power and strength.

In the early days, people used to ornament themselves with tulips so that they could get powerful. When you have this tattoo, you will feel a surge in strength. An aura will start to exude from you that will make your enemies tremble in fear.

Cover Up Tulip Tattoo

Cover Up Tulip Tattoo


No matter how wise you think you are, you will make mistakes at some point in your life. Sometimes out of excitement, we choose an absolutely hideous yato and then regret.

But don’t worry. You can easily remove all the trace of your previous tattoo by getting a coverup tulip tattoo. Tulip tattoos always consist of bright and vibrant colors therefore no one will notice the old tattoo.

Realistic Tulip Tattoo

Realistic Tulip Tattoo


To make the tulip tattoo look real, you have to accurately portray each part of the flower. Even the dew drops that fall on the petals have to be drawn with precision. Only then it would feel like the Tulip is real in your skin.

Shading is the number one thing you should prioritize. It creates a shadow effect that makes the tattoo appear as the sun ray is hitting in the surface of it and creating a trail behind.

Abstract Tulip Tattoo

Abstract Tulip Tattoo


The meaning of each tattoo is subjective. Many artists considered a tulip tattoo to be like a mirror. One interprets what they want the tattoo to mean.

Abstract tattoos don’t focus much on realism. Instead, the tattoo emphasizes the symbolism. This type of tattoo is incredibly easy to illustrate as you can depict the tattoo by incorporating some geometric shapes.

Tulip Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

Tulip Tattoo on Shoulder Blade


Most of the time, you need to create a background for your tattoo of choice. It can be a scenic background such as a mountain or a jungle. But in the case of a shoulder blade, you don’t have to do anything.

Your shoulder itself has a dimension that complements the tulip perfectly. The tattoo feels like the tulip has blossomed in a much higher place on the surface. It also depicts your individuality.

Dotwork Tulip Tattoo

Dotwork Tulip Tattoo


This is one of the most creative tattoo styles on our list. Rather than linking the tattoo with a scalpel, you have to portray the entire tulip using only dots. The end result is something that truly feels out of this world.

Some consider this type of tattoo to be intimidating. But the trick is to get an accurate outline of the tulip. Then, you can ink the dots following the outline.

Tulip Ribs Tattoo

Tulip Ribs Tattoo


Your ribs have many compartments. You may be wondering what that has to do with tulip tattoos. Well, drawing a tattoo in a plain area is boring.

It doesn’t create a sense of excitement in us. But when you illustrate the tattoo in a compartmentalized place like the ribs, the tulip feels like it is moving due to a gentle breeze. The dynamics of the tattoo goes through the roof.

Tulip Sternum Tattoo

Tulip Sternum Tattoo


Sternum tattoos are always close to your hearts. Therefore when you get the tattoo, it would mean that you wholeheartedly believe in the symbolism that the tattoo conveys.

Opting for a colorful tattoo for the sternum is always a good choice as it creates a theatricality. You will feel like superman just instead of showcasing an S sign, you will be showcasing the tulip to the world.

Tulip Bouquet Tattoo

Tulip Bouquet Tattoo


What’s better than one tulip? It is surely a bouquet of tulips. A bouquet of tulips appears as if there are thousands of hidden secrets underneath its surface.

The bouquet tattoo has been associated with the idea of a new beginning as well. So, if you are going through a tough time at the moment then consider getting this tattoo. The tattoo will propel you to be the best version of yourself.

Tulip Ring Tattoo

Tulip Ring Tattoo


Thinking of closing the deal? Your partner deserves all the happiness in the world. They always stand beside you. So, you shouldn’t wait to propose.

A gold or diamond ring is just a material. The significance of the ring quickly wears off. But a tulip ring will never go away. It will always stay with your partner for the rest of their lives reminding them how much you love them.

Tulip And Dagger Tattoo

Tulip And Dagger Tattoo


Two complete polar opposite concepts always make a jarring tattoo design. They create a dichotomy that has been revered since the dark ages.

On one hand, tulips are delicate flowers that symbolize peace and friendship. On the other hand, daggers are symbols of power and oftentimes have been associated with death. These two things combined will create something utterly magnificent.


If you are thinking of jumping into the internet to look for some information about tulip tattoos then hold your horses. All you will find is some garbage that is nowhere near related to tulip tattoos. That’s why, we have a list of questions that will surely give you a brief idea about tulip tattoos.

Q: Are Tulip Tattoos In Trend?

Ans: Tulip tattoos are currently the hottest trends in the tattoo realm. The subtle design just whispers to you saying to pick this tattoo. The vibrant colors further seals the deal.

Q: Why Are There So Many Colors In Tulip Tattoos?

Ans: You have to ask a biologist for the answer to this question. Usually, flowers get their colors from different hormones secreted by their body parts. It seems like tulips have a wide range of hormones that cause these wild colors. If you don’t like them to be colorful then you can just choose a black and white tattoo. It will still look insanely good on you.


When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror and appreciated what you have? You may be cursing your luck but think for a second. There are people with far worse situations than you are.

So, you shouldn’t let yourself down at the little things. You need to enjoy your life to the fullest. Tulip tattoos express gratitude and appreciation. Our lives are a gift to us. We should cherish it forever. The tattoo will keep on reminding you that.

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