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44 Whimsical Tinkerbell Tattoo Ideas To Show Wisdom

Back in 1904, Tinkerbell was first introduced to the world by J. M. Barrie in his play and subsequent novel of Peter Pan. Over the years, there have been many alterations of the fairy in the media.

Finally, she received her legendary status when the character was featured in the 1953 animated movie by disney called Peter Pan. Since then, people have been obsessed over this miniature fairy and want to keep her with them forever.

The visuals of Tinkerbell are what catches most people’s eyes. She wears a small green dress and a short miniskirt. Her hair is gently packed into a bun. Her delicate face has a certain sense of innocence in them. But she may not always be that naive.

Through the media, she has been portrayed as a sidekick of peterpan. She possesses a myriad range of magical abilities including the ability to fly. While watching her on TV, we all wished that we could get a companion just like her. Well, why not get a tinkerbell tattoo? Then she will keep on guiding you for the rest of your life.

Requiem For A Tinkerbell Tattoo: The Enigmatic Meaning Behind Them

Although she seems like a ball of fun, Tinkerbell can be a bit rude and annoying at times. One moment she is smiling and taking care of others while in the next she becomes absolutely furious. This kind of mercurial behavior is because of her shape.

Tinkerbell’s petite structure is the reason why she can only hold one emotion at a time. So when she gets angry, she cannot have any other counter emotions to nullify the impact.

But our lives are not as bad as tinkerbells. Human beings are capable of showcasing a wide range of emotions at a single moment. What we learn from Tinkerbell is that why only show the bitter side of us? Life is way too short for that. It’s always more fulfilling to spread the word of joy and happiness throughout the world.

Mind Blowing Tinkerbell Tattoo Designs To Dive Deep Into The Fairy World

You may be wondering that such a small fairy who can only make jiggling noises when she speaks can only have a handful of tattoo designs. Well, you are quite wrong then. The magical fairy from the peterpans world has so many styles to choose from that one can get easily overwhelmed.

So, we have handpicked some of the most inspiring tattoo designs that will surely leave an impact on whoever sees the tattoo. These patterns range from being vibrant and fun to being dark and ominous. Think carefully before selecting them.

Small Tinkerbell Tattoo

Small Tinkerbell Tattoo


This tattoo completely goes with the natural structure of a tinkerbell. This fairy from the disney world is almost the size of our hand.

But despite its small size, it has some astounding abilities. Apart from that, the wings, the hair and even the vivid dress makes up for a formidable tattoo. As the tattoo is tiny in shape, you should get it either in your sleeve or your neck where there isn’t much space.

Black Tinkerbell Tattoo

Black Tinkerbell Tattoo 1


Black Tinkerbell Tattoo 2


Tinkerbell is a magical creature from the fairy world. Therefore, it’s obvious that it will be full of joy and colors. But imagine, if it was drawn in completely black color. How would that look?

Seeing something in its natural colors can be boring. Seeing that very same thing in an ominous black color can create an unnerving feeling. It’s as if two opposite concepts have collided creating a deadly tattoo.

Tinkerbell Outline Tattoo

Tinkerbell Outline Tattoo 1


Tinkerbell Outline Tattoo 2


Tinkerbell’s shape is so unique that you don’t need to incorporate tons of details into it. Just make a general framework of the tattoo and voila. You are done.

Just make sure that the key features such as the wings and her distinct bun shaped hair is visible. Otherwise it would completely defeat the purpose.

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Tattoo

Tinkerbell and Peter Pan Tattoo


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are two characters that just can’t be separated. No matter how dire the situation turns, Tinkerbell helps out Peter Pan by using her magical abilities.

Together, they become a force to be reckoned with. Although at times they quarrel with each other for silly reasons, most of the time their friendship is adorable.

Some fans even claim that Tinkerbell has a crush on him and she gets furious when Wendy gets close to him. We don’t know that for sure. Well, why don’t you ask them yourself by getting a tattoo of them?

Gothic Tinkerbell Tattoo

Gothic Tinkerbell Tattoo


There has been an intense sexualization of girls wearing tank tops and fishnets. The depravity has gone to such depths that even Tinkerbell can’t seem to escape it.

To make Tinkerbell seem gothic, you have to portray the entire tattoo using black color as it’s the color of goth. Give her some big anime eyes and there you go.

Watercolor Tinkerbell Tattoo

Watercolor Tinkerbell Tattoo


Watercolor is perhaps the best color to illustrate the tinkerbell character. The smooth mixture of the watercolors with your skin just exudes a feeling of the fairy world.

Also, if you use the watercolor, you never know what you are going to get. The colors can dilute each other resulting in something that has never before been seen. It may make you the next Da Vinci.

Tinkerbell Tattoo Behind the Ear

Tinkerbell Tattoo Behind the Ear


There are a lot of people who are insecure about their ears. The whole swirly aesthetic sometimes weirds people out. Well, you can’t do much to change the shape but you can surely take your ear to another level by getting a tinkerbell tattoo behind the ear.

Your ear always looks like something is missing there. There is just a bland sense of void lurking inside whenever you see them. So there isn’t a better tattoo to compliment the ears other than the tinkerbell tattoo.

Simple Tinkerbell Tattoo

Simple Tinkerbell Tattoo


There are many artists who have a deluded concept that having more is better. But in reality, if you can convey the same message using less shapes and colors, it shows your creativity and potential much more.

For a simple tinkerbell tattoo, you just have to use mild colors with low saturation and contrast levels so that it is soothing to the eye. Try not to give too much details as it can get overdone and messy.

Tinkerbell Wings Tattoo

Tinkerbell Wings Tattoo


The wings of Tinkerbell aren’t like the birds we see flying on top of our heads. Most birds have wings that are covered with feathers. This feather not only helps them in their flight but also gives them protection from external forces as well.

But Tinkerbell’s wing is completely transparent. You can see the opposite side through her wings. Depicting this translucidity can be tough but a cool trick is to ink with white color and gently give a swing with your finger to give that fading effect.

Tinkerbell Wrist Tattoo

Tinkerbell Wrist Tattoo


Sometimes we make the dumbest mistake while finding our true love. When we get betrayed and heartbroken, we think of taking a very dark path. A path which does not have even a miniscule amount of positivity in it. We try to cut our wrists.

Instead of doing something as serious as this, why not get a tinkerbell wrist tattoo? This fairy will use her magical powers to make you forget about all the sorrows and you will always be happy.

Tinkerbell and Butterfly Tattoo

Tinkerbell and Butterfly Tattoo


There are many instances where Tinkerbell has been seen to hold a butterfly in her hand. The two creatures actually go quite hand in hand as both of them are mystical.

Drawing these two winged creatures can make a jungle in your skin. They will fly and play all day thinking your skin is the playground. Make sure that the wings are stretched enough to portray that flight dynamics. Try to pour as many colors as possible in the wings of butterflies as they are one of the most vivid animals found on earth.

Tinkerbell Floral Tattoo

Tinkerbell Floral Tattoo


Whenever Tinkerbell finds some free time in her hands, she goes into the gardens to play with the flowers. Even small dandelions seem gigantic compared to this tiny little fairy.

Floral designs have been a staple in the tattoo industry for decades now. Combining Tinkerbell and a flower makes up for a truly magical tattoo that will mesmerize whoever lays eyes on it.

Neo Traditional Tinkerbell Tattoo

Neo Traditional Tinkerbell Tattoo


The fusion of contemporary and traditional styles creates a compelling tattoo design. In most cases, artists incorporate a wide range of elements in the background to compliment Tinkerbell.

These elements usually range from flowers to large shaped leaves. But what intrigues the most about this kind of tattoo is that it has a certain hollowness to it. It feels like Tinkerbell is drowning in a deep abyss and you are the only one to rescue her.

Tinkerbell Chest Tattoo

Tinkerbell Chest Tattoo


Usually when we have something that we really adore, we keep it close to our hearts. If you love this little, mischievous fairy then you should definitely give her a spot in your chest.

But make sure that you take precautions as the skin of your chest can be quite soft and sensitive. Inking with a narrow stencil can be detrimental for the skin. So, rather than inking with deep colors that make too much pores in your skin, it’s best to go for something subtle.

Tinkerbell Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Tinkerbell Shoulder Blade Tattoo


This is yet another entry in our list that makes use of a bland area. Your shoulder blade is one of the most sensual parts of your body. Whenever you wear a loose shirt, your shoulders sneak out portraying a very seductive look.

But when there is nothing on there, it can be a mood killer. So get a tinkerbell on that shoulder blade of yours and you will see how much people get obsessed with you.

Tinkerbell and Dandelion Tattoo

Tinkerbell and Dandelion Tattoo


In all of her iterations, it is seen that Tinkerbell has a close association with flowers, especially Dandelions. In some cases, we see that Tinkerbell uses this flower as an amulet of magic.

That’s why artists today love to incorporate these two together to make an outstanding tattoo. A cool idea is to make her hold a Dandelion and make it seem like she is spinning the flower and countless more Dandelions are spawning from it. How amazing would that look!

Best Friend Tinkerbell Tattoo

Best Friend Tinkerbell Tattoo


Although there may be some spicy stuff going on between Peter and Tinkerbell, it can be surely said that these guys are best of friends. No matter what the situation gets, they stay with each other till the end of time.

So if you have a friend like Tinkerbell who loves and helps you even when you are not yourself fully then get this tattoo. Wherever you will look at the tattoo, you will remember all the good moments that you spent with your dearest friend.

Tinkerbell Finger Tattoo

Tinkerbell Finger Tattoo


Although she might get offended if she hears this, Tinkerbell is quite small in size. She may have magical abilities and a unique aesthetic look. But this innocent fairy’s structure is quite petite.

That’s why it’s only proper to get the tattoo of Tinkerbell that is similar to her stature. Fingers can be the perfect spot as it has just enough circumference and height to illustrate Tinkerbell.

A Visual Walkthrough Of Getting A Tinkerbell Tattoo

Getting a tattoo can be daunting sometimes with so many styles to choose from. If you have finalized in getting the Tinkerbell tattoo then you obviously need to fix on an exact shape and style which showcases the flair of Tinkerbell perfectly.

That’s why we have put a video of a professional artist drawing an amazing Tinkerbell Tattoo. When you watch this video, all the doubts that have been lurking inside that mind of yours will vanish away.


Although Tinkerbell is a pretty straight forward character, there is still so much depth and development throughout her journey. Her emotions, personality have been the talk of the town for decades now. Therefore, it’s obvious that there are some questions still left that need answering. So, here you go.

Q: What Gender Is Tinkerbell?

Ans: In recent times, assuming someone’s gender is considered an offense. But things weren’t so difficult back in the day. After researching thoroughly, it is safe to say that Tinkerbell is a traditional female. She has all the biological traits of a girl although she is not entirely human.

Q: Does Tinkerbell Tattoos Have Any Religious Meaning?

Ans: It’s up for interpretation. But historically, Tinkerbell tattoos don’t have any religious meaning. Usually, people get this tattoo to symbolize innocence, novelty and courage.

Q: What Is The Best Place To Get A Tinkerbell Tattoo?

Ans: Because of her size, it’s best to get the tattoo in a place that doesn’t have much space. Places such as the neck or fingers is the ideal location for getting a Tinkerbell tattoo.


We have been fascinated with fairy tales ever since our childhood. Scientists have been studying our obsession for centuries now and finally they figured out the reason. The main cause of this is we want to escape from reality.

Things have become so dull and artificial that we just want to leave all this behind and go into someplace where only magic exists. So if you feel the same, get a Tinkerbell tattoo now. Then she can take you to your dream world where you will be forever happy.

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