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49 Tiger Lily Tattoo Designs To Show Strength And Beauty

Tiger lily tattoos have become one of the most popular flowers not only for their looks but also for their symbolism. The flower can represent a lot of unique meanings and symbolism. The tiger lily is primarily a captivating flower with some vibrant colors and cute black spots to complement that color.

The flower comes in different colors and all of the colors are absolutely eye-catching. The tattoo following the flower also is very colorful. But you also cannot go wrong with a black-and-white color scheme for the flower’s unique shape. Overall, the tattoo looks amazing in any shape or color.

With all these choices, choosing one single tattoo can be daunting. To help you choose a color and design for the tiger lily tattoo, we have created a comprehensive list of some amazing designs for you.

So why wait? Just choose one from our list and show off some amazing ink.

Meaning Of The Tiger Lily Tattoo

Like its diverse color and design options, the tiger lily tattoo is also meaningful. The tattoo carries a significant meaning across different cultures among tattoo enthusiasts. The tiger lily tattoo commonly represents wealth and prosperity.

But with the vibrant colors of the flower, this flower can also represent passion and love. The tattoo has often been seen as a symbol of strength and resilience. So, overall, the tattoo can serve as a personal and permanent reminder of growth, strength, passion, and a will to prosper in life.

But at the end of the day, the meaning depends on the wearer of the tattoo. And you can also just choose the tattoo for its visual aesthetic without referring to the meaning at all.

Tiger Lily Tattoo Ideas To Welcome Fortune

The tiger lily tattoo following the flower has a ton of color and design options. The possibilities are endless and your imagination is the limit for customizing this tattoo. You can add elements to the tattoo to meet your personal choice.

We have gathered some of the most amazing tiger lily tattoo designs for you to choose from. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Tiger Lily Tattoo Black And White

Tiger Lily Tattoo Black And White 1


Tiger Lily Tattoo Black And White 2


The tiger Lily black and white tattoo features a black and white look on the tiger lily. This tattoo is a classic design that emphasizes the intricate details of the flower, rather than the color. This tattoo also creates a stunning contrast against the skin.

This tattoo can be customized with other elements in black and white. You can add birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds to the tattoo. You can even go for the negative space design for the tattoo as well.

This tattoo represents the elegance of a tiger lily tattoo on the skin and shows the wearer’s grace and loving nature. It can also represent the wearer’s passion and strength. The tattoo looks best on the forearm or arm sleeve.

Small Tiger Lily Tattoo

Small Tiger Lily Tattoo 1


Small Tiger Lily Tattoo 2


Small Tiger Lily Tattoo 3


Sometimes the most beautiful tattoos are the small tattoos. And, the small tiger lily tattoos are no different. This tattoo features a tiny tiger lily tattoo with minimal details and color. This tattoo also represents strength, love, and resilience.

As this is a very minimal tattoo, There are few customization options for the tattoo. To keep the tattoo discreet, it is usually done with a fine line or single needle tool to just create the outline of a tiger lily. This tattoo is best placed on the wrist, ankle, or behind the ear for a minimal look.

Realistic Tiger Lily Tattoo

Realistic Tiger Lily Tattoo


The realistic tiger lily tattoo aims to mimic a realistic tiger lily. This tattoo features some vivid colors, highlights, and shadows to show the natural beauty of the flower. It’s A stunning option for anyone who loves a real-life tiger lily flower.

As this tattoo mimics the original flower, this tattoo is also often done with realistic leaves, stems and butterflies for some added depth and customization. You can also add dragonflies, roses, and other floral elements. This tattoo looks best on the forearm, or hands for easy visibility.

Orange Tiger Lily Tattoo

Orange Tiger Lily Tattoo 1


Orange Tiger Lily Tattoo 2


Orange Tiger Lily Tattoo 3


Orange is the most common color among tiger lilies. The orange tiger lily tattoo mimics the orange tiger lily with some intricate details and vibrant orange color. This tattoo can represent enthusiasm, vitality, and a fiery spirit.

You can also customize the tattoo with other elements. You can do a floral design, a hummingbird, butterfly, or dragonfly tattoo along with the orange tiger lily to give the tattoo some definition.

Simple Tiger Lily Tattoo

Simple Tiger Lily Tattoo


The simple tiger lily tattoo features a minimal version of the tiger lily that does not take up much space. This tattoo is usually done with just the outline of the tiger lily. This tattoo looks best on the wrist, behind the ears, or on the ankle.

Red Tiger Lily Tattoo

Red Tiger Lily Tattoo


The red tiger lily tattoo similar to the orange tattoo features a red tiger lily flower. This tattoo represents passion, courage, and love. You can get this tattoo with a realistic, watercolor, or abstract style. This tattoo looks best on the forearm, sleeve, or on shoulder for easy visibility.

Purple Tiger Lily Tattoo

Purple Tiger Lily Tattoo


The purple tiger lily tattoo is similar to the red or orange tiger lily. This tattoo offers a stunning look for the wearer representing transformation, spirituality, and beauty. This tattoo looks best on the forearm or sleeve.

Watercolor Tiger Lily Tattoo

Watercolor Tiger Lily Tattoo


The watercolor tiger lily tattoo is a soothing tattoo design that mimics a watercolor painting. This tattoo features muted colors and bold black outlines to recreate a painting. As a beautiful tattoo, this is usually done on the forearm or sleeve.

Tiger Lily Ankle Tattoo

Tiger Lily Ankle Tattoo


Similar to the wrist tattoo, the tiger lily ankle tattoo is a minimal tattoo. This tattoo is often done with the outline of the tiger lily with a single needle or fine-line needle tool. You can also play around with the color of the tattoo by keeping the minimalist aesthetic.

Tiger Lily Tattoo On Back

Tiger Lily Tattoo On Back


The tiger lily on the back is a bigger design featuring the tiger lily flower. This tattoo is usually put on one side of the back or the entire back depending on the size of the tattoo. As there is a large workspace you can easily add other design elements with the tiger lily, like butterflies, dragonflies, or birds.

Tiger Lily Leg Tattoo

Tiger Lily Leg Tattoo


The tiger lily on the leg is a versatile tattoo design that you can easily hide or show. As this tattoo is on the leg you get a big workspace and the ability to extend the tattoo to your thigh or ankle depending on the size of the tattoo. This tattoo can also be done in color or in black and white.

Tiger Lily Arm Tattoo

Tiger Lily Arm Tattoo


The tiger lily arm tattoo is a bigger design featured on the arm. This tattoo can either cover the entire arm or on one side of the arm. This tattoo is mostly done in vivid colors as the arm is a very visible area. But monochrome tattoos featuring the tiger lily also look amazing on the arm.

Tiger Lily Forearm Tattoo

Tiger Lily Forearm Tattoo


The forearm is probably the most intuitive placement for the tiger lily tattoo because of its versatility and easy visibility. You can play around with the color on the forearms choosing to do a watercolor, traditional, or abstract style featuring the tiger lily. You can also get the tattoo in black and white to create a good contrast on your skin.


There are a lot of design options for the Tiger Lily tattoo online. So, we have often asked questions about the Tiger Lily tattoo by our clients. So, for your convenience, here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Tiger Lily tattoo.

Q: Are Tiger Lily tattoos only for women?

Answer: No. Tiger Lily tattoos are not only for women. Anyone can get the tattoo if they connect to the meaning of the tattoo or like the visual aesthetic of the tattoo regardless of their gender.

Q: Are tiger lily tattoos painful?

Answer: Tiger lily tattoos like any other tattoos are painful in general. But the Tiger Lily tattoo is not more painful than other tattoos in particular. The pain level depends on the tattoo placement and design complexity of the tattoo.


The tiger lily tattoos are some beautiful pieces of art featuring vibrant colors and deep symbolism. The tattoo is a permanent reminder of the wearer’s strength, beauty, and search for prosperity.

The tiger lily tattoos can be customized to fit the wearer’s preference and needs. From watercolor to abstract, the tiger lily tattoo can offer a ton of design options. So, you’ll find a lot of choices for the tiger lily tattoo online.

To help you choose a tattoo we have gathered some of the most amazing tiger lily tattoo designs. Just choose one from our curated list or create one by mixing and matching elements from the list.

Happy tattooing!

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