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68 Creative Sword Tattoos That Can Cater To Every Purpose

Since the aesthetics of a tattoo matter quite a bit these days, finding a variant that offers excellent visuals in addition to conveying a deep message could be quite the task to fathom. While floral patterns and living creatures are the leading options to experiment with in order to meet the benchmark, the likes of a sword tattoo can also be a unique way to meet the former criteria.

Sword tattoos have existed in the world of tattoos for quite some time now. Although it always comprised crystal clear visuals and contained a colour scheme revolving around the shades of black and grey, sword tattoos were mostly used for intimidating people and putting a sense of fear into the minds of opponents during their formative years.

However, just like most tattoos in this day and age, a sword tattoo is perceived as an open book, explaining the hefty amount of forms it comes in. Join us on this journey to learn everything that makes a sword tattoo, and the ways in which one can implement the artwork in an optimal way!

Unveiling The Heavy Meaning Of Sword Tattoos

Meaning of sword tattoos


Sword tattoos are easy to create and even easier to make changes to when incorporated into a tattoo. However, the main reason behind their appeal lies in their symbolism, which is associated with strength, courage, protection, and bravery.

With the power of its multipurpose tattoo, wearers can possess the ability to change for the better. The tattoo isn’t just good when getting rid of bad habits, but it can also work wonders for those stuck between a rock and a hard place, people entering a new chapter in life, and those that are far from home.

In addition to spreading positivity with its never-ending messages, a sword tattoo is also quite compatible with multiple existing designs in the tattoo world, as the power of strength helps most variants propel to another dimension in a spiritual way.

Eloquent Designs Of Sword Tattoos That Can Improve One’s Inner-being

Designs of sword tattoo


A sword tattoo surely gets a pass in our eyes due to its remarkable groundwork, making it a great design for first-timers looking for a simple option. The tattoo mostly comprises nothing but the silhouettes of the double-edged weapon itself, but it can also fit exceptionally well with floral patterns, stick and poke tattoos, and color tattoos, mainly due to its versatility.

While the former paragraph displays just how flexible sword tattoos are and the ways in which one can do justice to their symbolism, this portion contains all the excellent patterns that one can replicate when getting a sword tattoo. Don’t miss out on the following entries if you too would like to hop on the bandwagon!

Sword Tattoo on Forearm

Sword Tattoo on Forearm 1


Sword Tattoo on Forearm 2


The best possible option for sword tattoos is a forearm tattoo, comprising tons of size and volume that can demonstrate extensive patterns as well as minimal symbols. The forearm is also quite resilient against the blows of a tattooing needle, bringing to the table a painless procedure.

A sword forearm tattoo can be a great option if you don’t want your tattoo to be swept under the rug, as the location is quite open to the public eye. Since the area is so wide and long, adding more tattoos to highlight the distinct features of a sword is quite possible.

Sword Back Tattoo

Sword Back Tattoo


If you’d like a wider canvas, consider using the dimensions of your back when coming up with your very own sword tattoo.

Obtaining a back tattoo could be time-consuming since there’s so much circumference to cover, and painful due to the bone density that the location usually comprises. However, a sword back tattoo is regarded as the best location for introverts, as the area is always reserved.

An enlarged symbol of a sword can be a great option to install on the back for beginners, as it contains a simple pattern. If you’d like something more complex and detailed, however, consider adding patchwork tattoos that are directly related to the symbolism of your sword tattoo!

Samurai Sword Tattoo

Samurai Sword Tattoo


Samurais were ruthless figures in the Middle Ages. They were quite intimidating, and always carried themselves with their heads held high. Samurais were like concrete mentally, and had exceptional sword fighting skills to defend themselves at all times, preferably from those trying to cause them harm.

A samurai’s sword can be found at antique stores, but it can also be incorporated into a sword tattoo for nostalgia. While the thick-edged sword could be hard to tell apart from modern-day swords, the metal-based handle could be a remarkable component to glare at.

Master Sword Tattoo

Master Sword Tattoo 1


Master Sword Tattoo 2


Master Sword Tattoo 3


Master Sword Tattoo 4


The “Master Sword” in Zelda is definitely one of the best weapons to look forward to when playing the game. It is a dominant force that never breaks, and stands out when going back and forth against major antagonists in the game.

A staggering feature of the “Master Sword” tattoo is its colour scheme, which is draped in the bright hues of yellow, grey, and blue. Since that component is quite subjective, try aligning the colours with your preferences.

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo

Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 1


Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 2


Demon Slayer Sword Tattoo 3


Sword tattoos also welcome anime fans with open arms, but mostly cater to Demon Slayer fans with the silhouettes of this tattoo!
A Demon Slayer tattoo isn’t as meaningful as some of the entries on this list, but it contains dark yet pleasant aesthetics that can amp up one’s appearance. The tattoo comprises a series of components, typically involving an eye, script, and sword tattoo.

Due to being a visually-oriented design, a Demon Slayer tattoo requires a spacious area to stand out effortlessly. However, if you’d like to keep your options open, be sure to check out our existing material on Demon Slayer tattoos.

Small Sword Tattoo

Small Sword Tattoo


Believe it or not, just a simple sketch of a sword can go a long way as a tattoo design. Therefore, if you’d like to avoid tons of pain and save a couple of hours from your day, compromise and settle for a small sword tattoo!

Containing a simple sketch of a sword using a black and grey undertone, a small sword tattoo is quite mesmerizing to look at. The artwork can adapt to the volume of any body part, but is at its peak when obtained as a rib tattoo, which displays its delicacy on another level.

Crossing Swords Tattoo

Crossing Swords Tattoo


The collision of two sharp-edged swords was quite common in the Middle Ages, but is a rare occurrence in the present day. However, if you find yourself gravitating towards the rich history that our ancestors left for us, you might also find contentment in this design, typically known as a crossing swords tattoo.

The design was originally associated with conflict during its formative years, but is currently perceived as an open book. Most wearers of this tattoo either pick the design for its convenient creation process, or elegant aesthetics. A crossing swords tattoo is quite flexible in terms of size, making it compatible with any location.

Zoro Sword Tattoo

Zoro Sword Tattoo 1


Zoro Sword Tattoo 2


Zorro definitely shaped trends during the early 19th century and throughout the late 19th century with its monochromatic costume, exceptional fighting skills, and charming personality. While his mask covered every ounce of his real identity, his lean rapier, also called a sword, shielded him from his enemies.

To pay homage to Zorro, you don’t always need to install a portrait of his design. Keep it simple with this sword tattoo instead. Adding multiple swords could be a good idea too, especially if you’d like to make the artwork bulkier.

Broken Sword Tattoo

Broken Sword Tattoo 1


Broken Sword Tattoo 2


Broken Sword Tattoo 3


Every fairytale comes to an end. Similarly, every chapter concludes.

A broken sword was always perceived as a sign of defeat in movies. Although that narrative could be irrelevant in real life, the symbolism of it can also be showcased quite elegantly, preferably with the components of this broken sword tattoo.

Associated with loss and powerlessness, a broken sword tattoo is a common way for emotionally vulnerable people to express themselves. The artwork is usually obtained on exposed parts of the skin, mainly as a call for help.

Feminine Sword Tattoo

Feminine Sword Tattoo


Most sword tattoos look hostile and vile, rendering the options ineligible of comprising feminine qualities. Nonetheless, if you want your variant to be a representative of feminine energy, be sure to take notes from this feminine sword tattoo.

From the placement to the design, everything about this option caters to genders on the feminine side. The sword contains leaves around the sides, directly associated with life’s highs and lows!

Snake Wrapped Around Sword Tattoo

Snake Wrapped Around Sword Tattoo 1


Snake Wrapped Around Sword Tattoo 2


Snake Wrapped Around Sword Tattoo 3


If you’re easily moved by visually pleasing artwork comprising deep layers of meaning, a sword tattoo with a snake wrapped around its blade can be a great candidate to throw into the mix.

While the stencil is quite intimidating and is a specialist in creating negative remarks, what lies underneath the graphic is quite positive, as the image of a snake wrapped around a sword tattoo is affiliated with spiritual powers to heal and cleanse the soul. Additionally, due to the tattoo it generates, a snake and sword tattoo is definitely a feast for the eyes!

Sword Finger Tattoo

Sword Finger Tattoo 1


Sword Finger Tattoo 2


A sword tattoo is for everyone, even for those that believe in the art of subtlety.

Moreover, if your main aim is to obtain a tattoo in a delicate location, and to get the job done within minutes, a sword finger tattoo can be your ideal match. Although the fingers aren’t comfortable with coming in contact with sharp needles, this design remains an impressive option for beginners to execute.

Additionally, if you’d like to replicate this tattoo to the fullest extent, know that it could be quite painful. To tackle that inconvenience, try using a numbing cream 30 minutes before the creation process begins!

Sword and Crown Tattoo

Sword and Crown Tattoo 1


Sword and Crown Tattoo 2


The visuals of a sword and a crown can make a great sword tattoo, but may seem rather controversial based on which one you side with. One of the variants comprises two swords alongside a crown, which conveys how strength often leads to victory. On the other end is a sword that pierces through the crown, which is associated with vile acts such as murder.

Sword and Rose Tattoo

Sword and Rose Tattoo


Incorporating a symbol that brings a whole new meaning to the silhouettes of a sword tattoo can be another unique way to showcase the design. While adding abstract patterns can be a good way to establish a surface-level understanding, adding a rose with a sword tattoo can be a great design for the mind to comprehend.

On top of having crystal clear visuals, the combination of a rose and sword tattoo runs high in sentimental value. The sword stands for strength, courage, and power, while the rose conveys every ounce of love the world has to offer.

Guts’ Sword Tattoo

Guts’ Sword Tattoo 1


Guts’ Sword Tattoo 2


For adding a different kind of sword to your upcoming sword tattoo, try taking notes from Gut’s sword, which is hefty, voluminous, and dangerous.

Guts is the leading character of the Berserk franchise. Although he is a cynic and constantly battles inner demons throughout the anime, Guts is the man to rely on when it comes to winning fights, mainly due to his sword. The width and thick blade of the sword have won him many fights, but can also be used as the leading components in a sword tattoo, as well as a Berserk tattoo.

Brock Lesnar Sword Tattoo

Brock Lesnar Sword Tattoo


WWE superstar turned UFC veteran Brock Lesnar will definitely go down as a Hall of Famer in both fields once he chooses to hang up his gloves. And although the contribution he made is surely the reason behind his success, another reason behind his appeal is the sword tattoo he has on the surface of his sternum.

During an interview, Brock revealed that he obtained this tattoo when he was struggling to make his mark as a pro athlete. He also revealed that the sword was a metaphor for how much was on his plate at the time, and how it helped him overcome adversity and rise above.

Angel with Sword Tattoo

Angel with Sword Tattoo


Having a symbol that always watches over you can be rather peaceful when you’re going through hardship. Although a sword tattoo will come through during crunch time by providing you with strength and power during dark times, a blend between an angel tattoo and a sword tattoo will be even more effective, providing you with guidance and consolation as well.

The silhouettes of an angel tattoo is also the perfect fit for sword tattoos, making it a favourable option for free thinkers. Moreover, if you’d like to rediscover your religious beliefs with the assistance of this tattoo, don’t forget to stir your desired artwork with an angel number tattoo.

Sword With Wings Tattoo

Sword With Wings Tattoo


A great alternative to the former sword tattoo is this pattern right here, comprising a mix between a sword tattoo and a wing tattoo, associated with freedom, faith, and strength. The sentimental value of this design is quite heavy, but the components involved in the graphic are just as complex to comprehend.

The best area for this tattoo is definitely a location with a wide canvas. However, if you trim the size down by a tad bit, the duo of a sword and wings can also fit perfectly in compact areas.

Anime Sword Tattoo

Anime Sword Tattoo


For pulling off a remarkable design with mind-boggling bits in the artwork, an anime sword tattoo should definitely be considered. The design typically comes in a minimal paint job of black and grey, but it pairs effortlessly with pastel tones and vibrant shades.

A common concern of this tattoo is definitely the dimensions it contains, which can feel quite empty to look at. However, by doodling around the initial pattern, the areas surrounding the tattoo should be effectively covered.

Additionally, if you’d like to pair your sword tattoo with your favorite anime character, be sure to give our write-up on Anime tattoos a chance!

Sword and Shield Tattoo

Sword and Shield Tattoo


It always takes two to tango. Similarly, to do justice to sword tattoos, involving a shield tattoo is quite necessary. Doing so not only makes the final stencil more appealing but also showcases how well the pair complement one another.

Although this design is easy on the eyes, the creation process is quite complex. Be sure to reach out to a professional tattoo artist instead of a rookie, and take plenty of photos and instructions to avoid a botched procedure.

Black Sword Tattoo

Black Sword Tattoo


Keeping things subtle can be a great approach to take under your wing when getting sword tattoos, especially if you’re hoping to replicate the elements that make up this black sword tattoo.

The image of this tattoo is substantially lengthy, and comprises a concentrated paint job of black and grey that can take up all the spotlight in a room full of people. Since the design is quite cooperative to modifications and compatible with colours, supporting tattoos can easily be added to make the first impression of this tattoo more engaging.

Celtic Sword Tattoo

Celtic Sword Tattoo


If you’d like to represent your Celt ancestors using a sword tattoo, give this Celtic sword tattoo a chance. The sketch is quite different as opposed to regular sword tattoos, containing Celtic knots instead of stainless steel to form the upper half of the weapon.

A blackwork tattoo is typically the best design to take notes from, as the concentrated paint job of jet black aligns perfectly with the knotted pattern of the sword. The stencil also runs quite big, but can fit perfectly in spacious locations.

Flaming Sword Tattoo

Flaming Sword Tattoo


Adding flames around the sketch of a sword tattoo can be a marvellous way to enhance the components of a sword, and even better for closing out noticeable gaps around the artwork.

This option looks comfortable when obtained as a forearm tattoo, but can also adjust to the circumference of the bicep or thigh quite comfortably. The design is also quite flexible, rendering it eligible to adapt to a smaller design to decrease the pain level of the procedure.

Japanese Sword Tattoo

Japanese Sword Tattoo


Taking inspiration from the aesthetics of Japanese artwork can also open multiple doors for you, especially when obtaining a sword tattoo. Therefore, if you’d eventually like to obtain a Japanese dragon tattoo, place your trust in a Japanese sword tattoo to kick things off!

Japanese swords are thin, curvy, and lengthy, all of which can be displayed in a Japanese sword tattoo. To make the design more realistic, add the plastic cover of the sword, also known as saya, alongside your new tattoo!

Finn’s Sword Tattoo

Finn’s Sword Tattoo


Fans of the popular animated series Adventure Time can also hop on the trend of sword tattoos, especially if they’re wary of Finn’s go-to golden-plated sword.

The sword is far from appealing in terms of appearance, but it can be used to recall fond memories from childhood or reminisce about certain segments of the show itself. Don’t forget to add the bright color scheme used in the image, as it is the selling point of this variant.

Heart With Sword Tattoo

Heart With Sword Tattoo


A mix of a heart tattoo and a sword tattoo can also be a good notion to experiment with, especially if you’d like to convey a deeper message. Although the heart is usually the center of attention in this design, you can make the role of the sword tattoo just as equivalent by increasing the tally of the swords.
Allow the swords to pierce through the heart if your main aim is to obtain an unforgettable design.

Spartan Sword Tattoo

Spartan Sword Tattoo


Spartans were definitely a crew to avoid during conflict, as they possessed enough strength to carry a whole dynasty. While the legacy of Spartans heavily influences the popularity of warrior tattoos, the swords they used can also be collected and transformed into a unique variant of a sword tattoo, also known as a spartan sword tattoo!

Medieval Sword Tattoo

Medieval Sword Tattoo


As opposed to modern-day swords, medieval swords had the edge due to their double-edged construction and highly sharp tips. Although their hefty weight only exists in theory, the beauty of their accessible components will remain appealing until eternity, and can also be expressed using a medieval sword tattoo.

The best placement area for this tattoo is the forearm, since it has enough width and length to pull off such an elegant design. If you’re looking for an alternative, however, add the mid-section of the neck as a compelling plan B.

Pirate Sword Tattoo

Pirate Sword Tattoo


Pirates were known for being free thinkers, and were often equipped with a heavy set of tools for protection, However, prior to discovering guns and cannons, their go-to weapons were swords, an element that can make a great sword tattoo.

On top of adding the silhouettes of a pirate and the graphic of a sword, try adding a concentrated black and grey palette to add to the design’s appeal. You may also add a highly-detailed portrait of a pirate instead of the silhouettes, especially if you have a knack for designs with realism.

Skull and Sword Tattoo

Skull and Sword Tattoo


The pairing of a sword tattoo and a skull tattoo can also be a good option to consider. The design is relatively large in contrast to multiple options on this list, but contains elements that one can’t find among the visuals of the rest.

Once obtained, you can either leave the fusion of the sword and skull tattoo alone and let it age, or add to the pattern over time. The color scheme of this entry is also open to interpretation, so don’t hesitate to align that aspect as per your preferences.

Sword Neck Tattoo

Sword Neck Tattoo


The side of the neck can be a painful placement for any tattoo, but it elegantly displays a sword tattoo nonetheless, making it a compelling option for many.

A sword tattoo around the side of the neck comprises very little detail and runs low in size, enabling it to be the perfect design for minimalists. Since the neck is quite delicate and exposed, this sword tattoo also caters to bold enthusiasts.

Geometric Sword Tattoo

Geometric Sword Tattoo


The silhouettes of a sword carry the visuals of a sword tattoo, but they’re also quite malleable, especially with shapes and patterns. Additionally, if you feel that a sword tattoo looks too empty, glam the artwork up by adding geometric symbols.

Lengthy shapes like rectangles can be used to highlight the upper half of the sword tattoo, while circles and spheres can bring more attention to the handle and the supporting cast.

Dragon Sword Tattoo

Dragon Sword Tattoo


 Utilizing your creative thinking can also work in your favour, especially if your next mission is to obtain a sword tattoo. For instance, if you have a knack for reptilian creatures that are as majestic as dragons, try introducing the silhouettes or even a sketch of a dragon into your artwork.

To bring more attention to the overall image, incorporate vibrant colours into the tattoo. Blue is obviously the most favorable color, but you may also add shades of green for a similar effect.

Sword Chest Tattoo

Sword Chest Tattoo


If you desire a chest tattoo, but the concept you have lacks size, consider placing it in the middle of your chest as a sternum tattoo, which can benefit you in multiple ways.

The components of this tattoo are quite minimal, and are typically blended in using a black and grey colour palette. Creating this tattoo could be quite painful, however, since the sternum is all bone and no meat.

Sword Tattoos: Realistic Goals To Set When Getting This Tattoo!

Prior to getting a sword tattoo, have a concrete plan regarding the design. Jot down bullet points with the help of the former list if you’re quite indecisive. You may also use its symbolism to your advantage before establishing the groundwork.

Additionally, you should also try setting rational desires when preparing a list of expectations for sword tattoos, as doing so will result in satisfaction instead of discontentment. If you feel that having access to the visuals will make things easier, view the following video!

Frequently Asked Questions

While having realistic expectations when obtaining a sword tattoo can be healthy for your mind and keep you level-headed, being wary of the duration of the session and finding the right placement for your sword tattoo can be equally important.

Additionally, if you opened this article without any prior research, and are currently suffering from feelings of doubt, relieve your worries and eliminate your feelings of uncertainty with the guidance of the following questionnaire!

Q: Which body part is ideal for sword tattoos?

A: Since sword tattoos run compact in size, areas like the forearm, wrist, finger, neck, and collarbone remain ideal candidates for pulling off any and every silhouette.

Q: Are sword tattoos painful to obtain?

A: A sword tattoo is quite easy to create, making its procedure quite painless. However, if you resort to an area with multiple nerve endings, be prepared for an experience full of discomfort, since the surface might be susceptible to needles.


Sword tattoos have always been a means of expressing strength and power, but are currently taking the town by storm due to their visuals. The sharpness of the sword and the texture of the handle are two great components that can be replicated perfectly into the groundwork of a sword tattoo, meshed with either neutral hues or bright tones.

Adding colors doesn’t just make the pattern more jarring, but also makes the artwork more compatible with color tattoos, floral tattoos, and so on.

Taking into account all the variations that one can recreate with a sword tattoo, finding a look that resonates with one’s personality or current scenario should be quite simple. A sword tattoo is also quite flexible, leaving its placement area open to interpretation.

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