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49 Radiant Sun With Rays Tattoo Ideas For 2023

Tattoo is a significant part of a human’s life as it stays with you forever from the day you get inked. It becomes a part of you showing your personality and nature. Every one of us wants a tattoo that is linked with your life, and ofcourse we want a tattoo completely unique with significance.

Sun with rays holds a vital symbol which resembles a special tattoo indeed. Best part of this tattoo is that people of all genders like it and use the designs for their special tattoo purpose. Age is not a number if you are considering getting a sun with rays tattoos.

Speciality about this tattoo is that it holds a lot of meanings and symbols which we can use according to our own needs. Variations of design will make you stunned and it is actually hard to choose a sun with rays tattoo till you are an artist by yourself.

To make things easier for you, this article is decorated especially for you to choose your designs knowing the actual meanings. Also many ideas are shown along with different positions to have a better look from the inside. So let’s dive deep into the meanings and many radiant designs of sun with rays tattoo.

What Does A Sun With Rays Tattoo Mean?

Sun with rays tattoo 1

From the birth of our mother Earth, it’s the Sun that was first seen and since then it’s been protecting our birthplace. Significance of the Sun means so much that it can not be explained with a few words. But it’s obvious that the tremendous energy that the sun holds, is carrying us from the very beginning.

It is difficult to explain the exact symbol of the Sun as it carries divine importance and boundless necessities. A sun with rays tattoo is a very popular tattoo which is used by many people and almost like any parts of our body. Summarizing the symbols, we may say that they represent existence, cycle of birth, strength, aspiration, great desire, the capacity to heal, and other concepts.

The history of the Sun has never ending explanations. From the beginning of life, people have worshiped many Gods and Goddesses, among them, Sun was always their prime God holding the supreme power. In many different tribes, Sun was considered to be their God, and even they sacrificed humans for the sake of their Sun God.

Besides all these sublime meanings and overwhelming histories, our Sun with rays tattoo holds the same significance and people love to carry this energy through this tattoo. You don’t need to get confused with designs and ideas as we have prepared a complete guideline for you which will help you to choose your loved ones and surely will clear all your confusions regarding Sun with rays tattoos.

Exceptional Sun With Rays Tattoo Ideas Throughout The Time

A common tattoo like Sun with rays tattoo is difficult to select the design and position of the body. It’s important to keep the aspect of meaning and design of the tattoo relevant. You got an absolute idea of the tattoos meaning and its importance from above. As now you know its relevance it will be easier for you to choose the correct design for yourself.

No need to worry, you will obviously find your favorite tattoo here as we represent you with all possible unique designs with a touch of many different tattoo experts. Just observe closely what actually you want only for yourself with the true meaning you are looking for. So cut to the chase, let’s explore the exquisite new ideas of Sun with rays tattoo!

Cross Tattoo With Sun Rays

Cross with sun rays tattoo

Cross tattoos with sun rays are ancient designed tattoos with an interesting background story from history. Originally derived from the Celtic, this design mainly derived from the Pagan history. As we can see, a cross which is highlighted at the front and red rays are seen in the background, this is the traditional cross sun rays tattoo.

With so many details on the background, this particular tattoo needs quite a precise hand to make it more perfect and more acceptable. Comparatively larger space is required for a cross sun ray tattoo. Colorful tones will add extra radiance towards the tattoo. If someone likes traditional based tattoos, surely they can try this particular tattoo.

Cloud With Sun Rays Tattoo

Cloud with sun rays tattoo

To add some more meaning to sun ray tattoos, one may add many things from nature and one of the notable things can be a Cloud based design. As we can see, a cloud covering the sun makes the tattoo look more real and many meanings can be found.

Arms, shoulder, chest these places are quite considerable for a Cloud with sun ray tattoos as its design requires larger space. Colorful ink is much more preferred for this particular design, though black and white design will surely bring an aesthetic gesture towards the idea.

Traditional Sun With Rays Tattoo

Sun with rays traditional tattoo

As described earlier, sun with rays tattoo are from the ancient period so it has a lot of different history with many forms of interpretation. Traditional tattoos are really popular but also very complicated in the eye of an artist.

So if someone is considering a traditional tattoo, he must consult with an expert sharing his actual thoughts. A lot of fascinating designs can be found regarding this particular design. Any kind of size and color may be used to enhance the beauty and accelerate the inner meaning.

 Forearm Sun With Rays Tattoo

Sun with rays forearm tattoo

Forearms tattoos are one of the favorite spots for any tattoo enthusiast. A meaningful tattoo like Sun with rays is undoubtedly the first choice if someone wants a full arm cover as you can see in the picture.

Sun with rays tattoo itself is a nice choice but people consider to add some more designs to add extra meaning towards the tattoo. But you have to keep in mind before putting the extra designs that it should be matched with the meaning and the position on your body.

Geometric Sun With Rays Tattoo

Sun with rays geometric tattoo

Personally I have a geometric shaped Sun with rays tattooing myself. So to talk about it, it will not end in short. But let me help you in brief, geometric shapes are an artist’s personal favorite as it is precise and the tattoo has a definite outline to make it perfect.

Comparatively a large space is required to fulfill the Geometric shaped Sun with rays tattoo. Once the shape is fixed, you can put any designs as you like just like the picture above. Adding color makes the tattoo beautiful though I go for the black and white as it looks much more aesthetic.

Argentina Sun With Rays Tattoo

Argentina Sun with rays tattoo

National flag of Argentina has a sun in the middle of the blue and white rectangular shaped flag. So,it is very much popular in the country especially for the natives. Not only in Argentina, people around the world consider this design as the design of the Sun has a face on it which looks different from the other designs.

Argentina is famous for football and in 2022 they have won the world cup. So people around the world who are Argentina football fans, are coming up with the tattoo idea to remember their achievements. It is becoming popular day by day.

Sun With Rays Knee Tattoo

Sun with rays knee tattoo

Knee tattoos are the favorite spot for people who love to wear shorts or mini skirts. It adds up a different beauty towards your body. Sun with rays tattooed on the knee is quite familiar and people also try to add more beauty to those who are obsessed with their legs.

Generally knee tattoos are bigger to cover up the big space. Details are required to make it  more attractive so expert advice is much needed before you go for a sun with rays knee tattoos.

Sun With Rays Shoulder Tattoo

Sun with rays shoulder tattoo

For its vast space, shoulder tattoos are used by those who love bigger tattoos. As the shape of the sun is circular, shoulders are quite a place to cover up as seen in the picture. It actually covers your arms also if the details are perfectly done.

Color depends totally up to the client and in my perspective it should be decided considering the color tone of the client.

Sun With Rays Dove Tattoo

Sun with rays dove tattoo

Dove is the symbol of “letting go”. So it’s a good symbol for representing death. Sun with rays are a perfect match for a dove tattoo as we can see in the picture the dove is flying and there is a sun ray behind it that means it is flying towards the sun or the afterworld.

Those who are religious, mainly use the dove tattoo with sun rays. It helps to enhance the actual meaning of the tattoo and I find this idea really fascinating.

More Sun With Rays Magnificent Tattoo Designs to Explore!

With a long history and engaging meaning, Sun with rays tattoos are used from the ancient period so the tattoo designs are never ending. Though we have put significant ideas throughout the article explaining the meaning , I hope it will be easier for you to decide your own choice.

Explore more designs given below and hopefully you will find your desired designed tattoos!

Sun with rays tattoo 2

Sun with rays tattoo 4

Sun with rays tattoo 3

Sun with rays tattoo 6

Sun with rays tattoo 5

Sun with rays tattoo 7

Sun with rays tattoo 8

Sun with rays tattoo 9

Sun with rays tattoo 10

Sun with rays tattoo 11

Sun with rays tattoo 12

Sun with rays tattoo 13

Sun with rays tattoo 14

Sun with rays tattoo 15

Sun with rays tattoo 16

Sun with rays tattoo 17

Sun with rays tattoo 18

Sun with rays tattoo 19

Sun with rays tattoo 20

Sun with rays tattoo 21

Sun with rays tattoo 22

Sun with rays tattoo 23

Sun with rays tattoo 24

Sun with rays tattoo 25

Sun with rays tattoo 26

Sun with rays tattoo 27

Sun with rays tattoo 28

Sun with rays tattoo 29

Sun with rays tattoo 30

Sun with rays tattoo 31

Sun with rays tattoo 32

Sun with rays tattoo 33

Sun with rays tattoo 34

Sun with rays tattoo 35

Sun with rays tattoo 37

Sun with rays tattoo 36

Sun with rays tattoo 38

Sun with rays tattoo 39

Sun with rays tattoo 40


Tattoos like Sun with rays are non-regrettable tattoos. It holds a powerful meaning so the tattoo has its big influence and definitely this type of tattoos motivate you throughout your life. I personally like this tattoo so much that I inked myself with this very design.

Any confusion, questions or anything regarding this tattoo is explained in this article. I think it will meet all your expectations regarding any information on this tattoo. If you have liked the article you can check other articles regarding tattoos with unique meanings!

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