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125 Glamorous Sukuna Tattoos That Deserve Immediate Attention!

Despite being the strongest antagonist on “Jujutsu Kaisen,” Sukuna could still very well be your favorite character from the show. Although we would suggest fanatics refrain from taking notes about and mimicking his arrogant, sadistic, and selfish personality, we would always provide them with support if they want to showcase the love they have for the villain through the means of a Sukuna tattoo.

The popularity of Sukuna in the tattoo world isn’t due to his wicked demeanor, but lies rather behind his physical appearance. Even though his initial sketch comprises 4 arms, and 2 faces, the appearance in the anime contains distinct features that can be transformed into a marvelous tattoo. On top of having spiky pink hair, Sukuna also has multiple marks on his face, and is always in a black and white kimono.

Moving on, if you’ve been a loyal fan of his since the release of the anime, and would like to let the world know about it, then you’ve come to the right place! In addition to providing all the designs of Sukuna tattoos, we will also reveal the perfect area in which each variant should be placed. All you have to do is keep reading until you reach the final segment to have your queries answered!

Thriving Sukuna Tattoos That His Devoted Fan Base Should Definitely See!

Sukuna tattoo 1

If you’re already sure about your decision to get a Sukuna tattoo, all you have to do is pick a design that caters to your preferences, which could be time consuming on most occasions. However, that’s where we come in.

After putting in hours of work, we have finally come up with an admirable list of Sukuna tattoo variations that you can look into for inspiration, or even go ahead and replicate. The best part about most entries is that each design is flexible and cooperative to change.

From outline tattoos to designs with minimal components, here are all our favorite Sukuna tattoos that would definitely fascinate you and can even come in handy when creating your own version of the Sukuna tattoo!

Sukuna Face Tattoo

Sukuna face tattoo

Every tattoo has a fan favorite, and for Sukuna tattoo, it’s the Sukuna face tattoo.

In contrast to the rest of the variants, this portrait tattoo is rather simple, colorless, and contains alluring borders. The minimal theme of the artwork can be great if you’re seeking a sophisticated design, and a compact one.

Since the procedure is also extremely lenient, and relatively pain-free, this option can be something that you should definitely keep in mind if you’re sensitive to pain.

One of the best parts about choosing this Sukuna tattoo is the size it attains. Due to its flexibility, it can be incorporated into a forearm tattoo for elegance, and even match perfectly with the hues of an artwork that contains size.

“Jujutsu Kaisen” Sukuna Tattoo

Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna Tattoo

If you’ve got an option that is anything but dull in terms of visuals, this “Jujutsu Kaisen” is something that you should add to your list!

This tattoo, in terms of appearance, has an eerily realistic feel. It contains a vibrant color palette, and contains intricate features that you won’t find in the groundwork of another.

Although the color of his hair is a bit different as opposed to the one he has in the anime, the bright tone it attains surely makes his shocking pink hair the star of the show.

Sukuna Body Tattoo

Sukuna body tattoo

If a portrait tattoo isn’t enough for you, bring in other components, make the design a bit more emphasized, and incorporate a Sukuna body tattoo!

When push comes to shove, this variant caters to those that look for simplicity in their artwork. It has rich borders and neutral shadows, but lacks color. However, since the artwork is more than cooperative to change, you can easily turn this variant into a loud tattoo. All you have to do is bring in the color palette that is used for Sukuna in the manga or the anime.

Sukuna Hand Tattoo

Sukuna hand tattoo

Desiring a hand tattoo could be normal, and can even work wonders for you when pulling off a Sukuna tattoo.

When it comes to the design itself, you can either obtain a mini portrait of the antagonist, or even create a symbol tattoo of the unique mark that he has on his tongue. Nonetheless, the result will always be extremely positive.

Additionally, if you do go forward with this variant, prepare for loads of pain. Since the hand contains multiple nerve endings, using a needle directly onto the surface of that area could bring to the table an unpleasant experience.

Sukuna Back Tattoo

Sukuna back tattoo

For creating a large artwork, place your trust in the potential of a Sukuna back tattoo! In addition to containing tons of room for creativity, this variant also contains a design that is crystal clear with a menacing color scheme.

Additionally, since the amount of fat one’s back contains is often plentiful, this option should definitely be considered by those that are seeking an effortless, painless procedure. Due to the even structure of it, implementing crucial components of the tattoo could also be an effortless task for the artist themselves.

Sukuna Armband Tattoo

Sukuna arm band tattoo

An asset amongst Sukuna and his physical features is the series of tattoos the character has. He has modifications all over his body, and although all of them look extremely compelling, the best tattoo the villain has is the armband tattoo; which can also be an excellent look for you to consider!

The armband tattoo of Sukuna is effortless to create and can be extremely cheap to install as well due to its basic procedure. Although the artwork would look best when draped in black, you can even switch for a look that comprises a color with tons of energy.

Ryomen Sukuna Tattoo

Ryomen sukuna tattoo

Regardless of how villainous he is, it’s safe to say that Ryomen Sukuna is one of the most influential characters in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” and it shows! To this day, his character is without a doubt the most popular figure from the anime in the tattoo industry.

While his pink hair surely is a contributing factor, we also believe the build he has in addition to the series of body modifications he has also plays a massive role behind the character’s success in the world of art.

On a separate note, if you do go forward with this option, pick a spot that has resilience and contains tons of space. Although the image looks easy on the eyes, it could be extremely time-consuming and painful to replicate.

Sukuna Mouth Tattoo

Sukuna mouth tattoo

You don’t always have to get a portrait of Sukuna to prove your loyalty to the fanbase. Sometimes, keeping it light could be a good way to go about it, and although you could look into the entry that contains Sukuna’s armband tattoo, you can also take this Sakuna mouth tattoo into account.

As the name suggests, the design of this option comprises the dimensions of Sukuna’s mouth. While the eye on top is surely the showstopper, the potential of it is overshadowed by the unique mark that Sukuna has on his tongue, which is also nicely showcased in this image.

Sukuna Finger Tattoo

Sukuna finger tattoo

If your budget isn’t as humongous yet you’d like to obtain a Sukuna tattoo, protect your savings and meet the previous criteria by incorporating one of Sakuna’s features into a finger tattoo.

The best part about this variant is the unlimited amount of designs it comes with. One can obtain distinct features of Sukuna’s physical appearance, but can also create a design that contains a one-liner. While the artwork will lack size, it will contain sophistication.

Additionally, to make the look a little less dull, you can incorporate multiple micro tattoos around the main tattoo. Doing so will without a doubt improve the layout, and improve the impression of those that will come across the overall artwork.

Sukuna Wrist Tattoo

Sukuna wrist tattoo

A small artwork of Sukuna can also be showcased vividly with lucid visuals through the means of a wrist tattoo.

Although the placement is compact in contrast to most options, a portrait image of Sukuna can be created on the surface without an issue!

Additionally, since the wrist is somewhat wide, you can even incorporate distinct features of Sukuna into the tattoo such as his hair, his bloodshot eyes, and his intimidating tongue!

Sukuna Gojo Tattoo

Sukuna Gojo tattoo

Any portrait tattoo can be collaborated with the image of another for obtaining great results. Similarly, if you want to stand out and obtain a tattoo that won’t be common amongst the community, you can pair up Sukuna’s tattoo with the tattoo of another character, like Gojo.

Gojo is one of the strongest sorcerers in “Jujutsu Kaisen.” Just like Sukuna, he too contains an aesthetic that isn’t just unique, but can also look excellent when incorporated into a tattoo.

Furthermore, when creating this tattoo, make sure to keep it subtle. Do so by incorporating two portraits into the tattoo, or two sketch tattoos into the image of the final blueprint.

Itadori and Sukuna Tattoo

Itadori & Sukuna tattoo

Since the spirit of Sukuna is currently in the body of Itadori, the protagonist of the anime, incorporating a split-screen and installing two portrait tattoos of each character could be an exceptional and meaningful way to wear a Sakuna tattoo.

On top of having unparalleled visuals, this tattoo will also allow non-watchers of the anime to understand the plot. Though the artwork is often created using a monochromatic and neutral color scheme, you can even change the hues of it if you want the image to shine.

Megumi and Sukuna Tattoo

Megumi & Sukuna tattoo

The feud between Megumi and Sukuna is a regular occurrence in the anime. While the exchanges are tense throughout the show and the battles are fairly one-sided, one can unlock a brighter side of this scenario by obtaining an artwork of Megumi and Sukuna as a tattoo.

When it comes to placement, think of areas that are spacious, lengthy and narrow at the same time. Even though the forearm is a fan favorite, you can even resort to a private area that is as spacious as the chest if you’re seeking a draft that won’t make you the center of attention.

Sukuna Arm Tattoo

Sukuna arm tattoo

If you want to obtain an image that is sizable and a placement that enables you to showcase the love you have for Sukuna in a loud and clear manner, then make things easy for yourself. Incorporate a portrait of Sukuna into an arm tattoo!

In addition to having the option to choose the color scheme, this tattoo, due to the placement, will be relatively easy to install. Although the timeframe of it will be relatively lengthy, the final product will have a clear image with a unique color palette; two main requirements that good tattoos need to have.

Sukuna Neck Tattoo

Sukuna neck tattoo

The neck could also be a great candidate if you’d like to install a Sukuna tattoo. Despite being narrow and compact in size, an artwork that looks as detailed as a Sukuna tattoo will surely look noticeable, elegant, and nicely put on the surface of the neck.

Additionally, if you don’t always want to boast about the tattoo, getting a neck tattoo will probably be a good idea, since you can easily hide the artwork by wearing a turtleneck, a jacket, and even a sweatshirt if you feel the need to.

More Sukuna Tattoos With Incredible Visuals

If you’ve been a relentlessly loyal fan of Sukuna, perhaps a list of 15 options was sufficient for the brief, but not quite enough to satisfy you to the fullest. To get rid of that feeling, however, here’s another series of Sukuna tattoo ideas! You may skim through them if your options are still open, but can even go through them to unlock feelings of nostalgia.

Sukuna tattoo 2

Sukuna tattoo 4

Sukuna tattoo 3

Sukuna tattoo 5

Sukuna tattoo 7

Sukuna tattoo 6

Sukuna tattoo 8

Sukuna tattoo 9

Sukuna tattoo 10

Sukuna tattoo 11

Sukuna tattoo 12

Sukuna tattoo 13

Sukuna tattoo 14

Sukuna tattoo 16

Sukuna tattoo 15

Sukuna tattoo 17

Sukuna tattoo 18

Sukuna tattoo 19

Sukuna tattoo 20

Sukuna tattoo 22

Sukuna tattoo 21

Sukuna tattoo 23

Sukuna tattoo 25

Sukuna tattoo 24

Sukuna tattoo 27

Sukuna tattoo 26

Sukuna tattoo 28

Sukuna tattoo 29

Sukuna tattoo 30

Sukuna tattoo 31

Sukuna tattoo 32

Sukuna tattoo 33

Sukuna tattoo 34

Sukuna tattoo 36

Sukuna tattoo 35

Sukuna tattoo 37

Sukuna tattoo 39

Sukuna tattoo 38

Sukuna tattoo 41

Sukuna tattoo 40

Sukuna tattoo 43

Sukuna tattoo 42

Sukuna tattoo 45

Sukuna tattoo 44

Sukuna tattoo 47

Sukuna tattoo 46

Sukuna tattoo 49

Sukuna tattoo 48

Sukuna tattoo 51

Sukuna tattoo 50

Sukuna tattoo 52

Sukuna tattoo 53

Sukuna tattoo 54

Sukuna tattoo 55

Sukuna tattoo 56

Sukuna tattoo 57

Sukuna tattoo 58

Sukuna tattoo 59

Sukuna tattoo 60

Sukuna tattoo 62

Sukuna tattoo 61

Sukuna tattoo 63

Sukuna tattoo 64

Sukuna tattoo 65

Sukuna tattoo 67

Sukuna tattoo 66

Sukuna tattoo 69

Sukuna tattoo 68

Sukuna tattoo 71

Sukuna tattoo 70

Sukuna tattoo 72

Sukuna tattoo 73

Sukuna tattoo 75

Sukuna tattoo 74

Sukuna tattoo 76

Sukuna tattoo 77

Sukuna tattoo 78

Sukuna tattoo 80

Sukuna tattoo 79

Sukuna tattoo 81

Sukuna tattoo 82

Sukuna tattoo 83

Sukuna tattoo 84

Sukuna tattoo 86

Sukuna tattoo 85

Sukuna tattoo 87

Sukuna tattoo 88

Sukuna tattoo 89

Sukuna tattoo 90

Sukuna tattoo 91

Sukuna tattoo 92

Sukuna tattoo 93

Sukuna tattoo 94

Sukuna tattoo 95

Sukuna tattoo 96

Sukuna tattoo 97

Sukuna tattoo 98

Sukuna tattoo 99

Sukuna tattoo 100

Sukuna tattoo 101

Sukuna tattoo 102

Sukuna tattoo 103

Sukuna tattoo 104

Sukuna tattoo 105

Sukuna tattoo 106

Sukuna tattoo 107

Sukuna tattoo 108

Sukuna tattoo 109

Sukuna tattoo 110

Bottom Line

All in all, while Sukuna’s character will forever remain complex, introducing his physical aspects into a tattoo should be the opposite. One can wear emblem tattoos of the character, or can even resort to various portrait tattoos of Sukuna to display the love they have for the primary antagonist of “Jujutsu Kaisen.”

Furthermore, to attain the best case scenario regardless of the design, make sure to reach out to an artist as well as an experienced tattoo artist. The artist will probably be the best source to bring your visions to life, and the experienced artist will engrave your own version of the Sukuna tattoo into your desired body part.

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