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101 Mythical Succubus Tattoos You Are Looking For!

Tattoos of succubus mainly depict female or demonic figures with wings sprouting from their backs. They originate from myths of the Middle Ages, during which they’d assume a feminine form to entice men and drain their life force. Numerous people have chosen the succubus as a tattoo design. While some people consider the tattoo as a method to exhibit their playful side, others perceive it as a technique for giving in to their more basic urges.

The imagery usually features winged creatures with pointy tails, bizarre eyes, and other demonic traits. Numerous folktales from various civilizations all include succubus. Different countries have a different story of the succubus tattoo with a variety of perspectives.

If you want to explore more on the Succubus tattoo with alluring symbolic meanings and seductive ideas, then let’s dive into this article to get the best designs you are looking for!

Interesting Mythical Symbolic Meanings Of Succubus tattoo

Succubus tattoo 1

Succubus tattoos are a widely known idea for tatt freaks captivated by the sensual and appealing illustration of the devil. This design is actually   well-liked by both males and females, who are drawn to the alluring and fearsome demon image.

The succubus tattoo’s most widely accepted explanation is that the tattoo stands for dominance and sensuality. Another approach to express one’s urges and shows the highest with one’s sexual abilities is to get a tattoo. Certain women may choose to receive a succubus tattoo as an identification of their total control and eroticism, although some may view it as a means of expressing themselves and a kind of defiance of society expectations.

For its long history, the tattoo has many tales and each design has a certain story of its own. The glowing eyes and the evil characteristics are much liked by many people. If you are looking for something new and interesting, then check the exquisite ideas and designs of the Succubus tattoos below!

Divine Ideas Of Succubus Tattoos!

Due to its varieties of meanings and symbolic uses, men and women both want this tattoo with their own designs. Those who want to express their darkest desires and want to show to the rest of the world, they choose this seductive Succubus tattoo to show their inner fantasies and sometimes some untold stories.

So check out these divine new ideas of Succubus tattoos, selected from the best of the best and a total guideline with appropriate meaning following the designs!

Succubus Tattoos On Forearm

Succubus forearm tattoo

Succubus tattoos has a wide variety of designs due to its popular intervention. Though people get convinced with the design, most of them end up in confusion regarding the placement of the tattoo. For a sexy tattoo like Succubus, one should try the forearms as it is the favorite position for most tattoo enthusiasts.

As the forearms have quite a long and wide space for design, you can also think of getting the Succubus devil instead of the symbol just like in the picture above. The design of the Succubus tattoo is not simple, and there are many different kinds of shades if you want to have a perfectly designed Succubus tattoo on Forearms.

Succubus Symbol Tattoo

Succubus symbol tattoo

Those who are obsessed with signs and symbols, they can go for the Succubus Symbol Tattoo. The Succubus symbol generally denotes power and seduction, but as times and cultures change, so do the significance and intensity of the symbols. Today, it stands for one’s inner fortitude to confront despair or limitation. So those who are eager with symbolic meanings, they feel interested in the Succumb symbol tattoos.

Forearms, biceps, wrists or any place which are always visible, is acceptable for the Succumb Symbol tattoo as very little space is required if you are looking for the symbol only. The symbol looks easy but the pattern has a definite stroke and you can use dark colors for its representation.

Succubus Tattoo On Leg

Succubus tattoo on leg

For characters and vertical long designs, legs are the best option for the certain tattoo design. As in the picture, the Succubus Evil is standing with its demonic traits visible all around her body. The attractive part of the tattoo is the charming figure of the demon itself.

Succubus tattoos on legs are a good choice for those who like to wear shorts and love to show off their beautiful legs. In my point of view, color should be avoided on the leg parts if you are confused, black ink is the best option for this particular spot.

Succubus Tattoo On Thigh

Succubus tattoo on thigh

As the Succubus signifies the demon of sex and seduction, so the girls who want a Succubus tattoo, usually choose sensational parts of the body, just like the Thighs. Thigh tattoos look so alluring when a girl wears a short or a bikini and when it’s a Succubus designed tattoo, the boys just like the myth, get seduced and fall in love instantly!

So if you want to enhance your female sexuality and outward beauty, you can try the charming Succubus tattoos on thighs. For its wide space, you can use any large designs and shades as you wish. Being a dark tattoo, clients usually prefer deep black ink and avoid colors.

Succubus Womb Tattoo

Succubus womb tattoo

Succubus and womb tattoos are not usually seen together. The womb depicts reproduction and maternity, whereas the succubus is a seducing devil who haunts young males. This tattoo is very trendy among the girls and people are getting more interested also in these modern era.

Some people, meanwhile, may integrate such motifs as a distinctive and individual representation inside a tattoo, like a reflection of their dominance and sexual orientation as a woman or the notion of being both a parent and a captivating personality in one tattoo. Succubus Womb tattoo looks beautiful in colors and the symbols are appealing indeed.

Succubus Anime Tattoo

Succubus anime tattoo

A big shout to the anime fans who are looking for a Succubus Anime tattoo. Anime mainly emerged in the 50’s in Japan, and eventually people around the world loved the theme and nowadays, there are millions of people who are fans of Anime.

This popular trending culture stimulates the fans with its attractive designs and motifs. Actually the character is the same, just the figure is in the Anime form as you can see in the picture. Succubus Anime designs are different from the cartoon characters, it’s more surreal and appealing.

Succubus Tattoo On Knee

Succubus knee tattoo

Knee tattoos are not so popular and definitely this is not the tattoo for the first timers. Succubus tattoos on knees are complicated not only in the designs but also the placement is quite difficult to place the tattoo properly. As the knee bends regularly so the design should be done accordingly.

You got enough space on the knee area, but the shapes are unusual compared to the different parts of the body, so the design is different from the other usual ones. The example given above is a really complicated dark design of a Succubus tattoo on the knee. To keep the raw feeling,the tattoo is done in pitch black ink.

Succubus Tattoo On Arm

Succubus tattoo on arm

If you ask me for the best position for a Succubus tattoo, I would personally suggest you for the Arms spot. The shape is sort of round or oval depending on the size of the client’s arms, it is perfect to put on the face or the symbol of the Succubus tattoo. Arms can be exposed according to the design holder’s wish.

Colors depend what design you are going for, this dark fantasy tattoo is mostly preferred with Black Ink. Also the shape and size depends on the arms but it is best to consult an expert before you wish to go for the Succubus tattoo on arms.

Succubus Tattoo On Finger

Succubus tattoo on finger

One of the most painful placements for a tattoo is the finger spot. So those who are considering getting a finger tattoo, can check this article before you go for it. Now you can assume that it is really painful but the outcome is marvelous. Finger tattoos are attractive and look very classy, especially if you are thinking of a Succubus tattoo on your finger.

You can use the Succubus symbol tattoo if you are thinking of going for the finger. As the space is limited so you should consider small designed or minute symbols just like the succubus symbol tattoo shown in the picture above. You can use more than one finger to fulfill the design as the space is limited.

Succubus Tattoo On Lower Back

Succubus tattoo on lower back

A seductive tattoo should be put on somewhere very appealing, maybe a lot of space already came to your mind, but for a Succubus tattoo, the best possible position for this particular design is the Lower Back. Of Course you would love to show your backside with an alluring tattoo, and such a design is the Succubus tattoo.

You can use colors according to your wish, as space is sufficient, so you can also go for the bigger designs you were thinking of. For a hot sexy look, Succubus Tattoo on Lower back is the eccentric position to go for.

More Magnificent Succubus Tattoo Designs To Explore!

Succubus tattoo is an ancient tattoo and people have been using the design for centuries. So there are a hell lot of collections for this design. But the most important question is, have you found your desired one? If not, then here is the list of some more Succubus tattoo designs which will surely help to find your favorite one!

Succubus tattoo 3

Succubus tattoo 2

Succubus tattoo 5

Succubus tattoo 4

Succubus tattoo 6

Succubus tattoo 7

Succubus tattoo 8

Succubus tattoo 9

Succubus tattoo 10

Succubus tattoo 11

Succubus tattoo 12

Succubus tattoo 13

Succubus tattoo 14

Succubus tattoo 15

Succubus tattoo 16

Succubus tattoo 17

Succubus tattoo 18

Succubus tattoo 19

Succubus tattoo 20

Succubus tattoo 21

Succubus tattoo 22

Succubus tattoo 23

Succubus tattoo 24

Succubus tattoo 25

Succubus tattoo 26

Succubus tattoo 27

Succubus tattoo 28

Succubus tattoo 29

Succubus tattoo 30

Succubus tattoo 31

Succubus tattoo 32

Succubus tattoo 33

Succubus tattoo 34

Succubus tattoo 35

Succubus tattoo 36

Succubus tattoo 37

Succubus tattoo 38

Succubus tattoo 39

Succubus tattoo 40

Succubus tattoo 41

Succubus tattoo 42

Succubus tattoo 43

Succubus tattoo 44

Succubus tattoo 45

Succubus tattoo 46

Succubus tattoo 47

Succubus tattoo 48

Succubus tattoo 49

Succubus tattoo 50

Succubus tattoo 51

Succubus tattoo 52

Succubus tattoo 53

Succubus tattoo 54

Succubus tattoo 55

Succubus tattoo 56

Succubus tattoo 57

Succubus tattoo 58

Succubus tattoo 59

Succubus tattoo 60

Succubus tattoo 61

Succubus tattoo 62

Succubus tattoo 63

Succubus tattoo 64

Succubus tattoo 65

Succubus tattoo 66

Succubus tattoo 67

Succubus tattoo 68

Succubus tattoo 69

Succubus tattoo 70

Succubus tattoo 71

Succubus tattoo 72

Succubus tattoo 73

Succubus tattoo 74

Succubus tattoo 75

Succubus tattoo 76

Succubus tattoo 77

Succubus tattoo 78

Succubus tattoo 79

Succubus tattoo 80

Succubus tattoo 81

Succubus tattoo 82

Succubus tattoo 83

Succubus tattoo 84

Succubus tattoo 85

Succubus tattoo 86

Succubus tattoo 87

Succubus tattoo 88

Succubus tattoo 89

Succubus tattoo 90

Succubus tattoo 91


There are certain broader connotations connected to certain tattoo designs, even when the representation of tattoos can differ depending on the individual’s circumstances.

For instance, a succubus tattoo may signify temptation or sensual desire. It may occasionally also allude to a sinister or frightening aspect of the wearer’s character. It’s essential to remember that the implication of a tattoo largely depends on the person who carries it.

Therefore, if you are thinking about having a succubus tattoo, give it some thought considering what the tattoo means to you personally and what meaning you hope to express.

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