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150 Refreshingly Vibrant Strawberry Tattoos To Wear Today!

Fruit tattoos are heavily sought after in the tattoo industry. Most of them are minimal, sophisticated, fruitful, and have a touch of elegance to their pattern. Amongst some of the renowned fruit tattoos are strawberry tattoos.

Known for its bright red visuals and its uniquely compact shape, when achieved as an artwork, a strawberry tattoo tends to look rather soothing. It is great for those that are optimists and believe in the positives of life, but can also be an exceptional option for those that are minimalists.

Moving on, today’s write-up will comprise a guide of strawberry tattoos, their meaning, and a rewind about their rise to stardom in the tattoo world.

Apart from revealing the materials mentioned in the previous statement, we will also showcase the best designs of strawberry tattoos that one can incorporate into their arsenal, which will be attached in the second half of this article, along with a closing statement. TIll then, we hope you enjoy learning more about strawberry tattoos and are able to find an option that meets your visual requirements, especially if you’re planning on getting one as soon as tomorrow!

An investigation into the meaning of Strawberry tattoos

Strawberry Tattoo 20

When consumed, strawberry tattoos are soft, sweet, and delicious. It can be consumed in multiple ways, whether it’s through the means of a smoothie, or with complementary items like Nutella. While they are best consumed when ripe, having it when they’re freshly picked will also allow the consumers to have a refreshing experience.

A strawberry tattoo’s symbolism is similar to the qualities it contains. It is a symbol for sweetness, innocence, and purity, because of the experience one has when they consume it!

Furthermore, a strawberry tattoo is very common amongst females, as they mainly use the visuals of the fruit to convey the love they have for their families, friends, and on some occasions, their significant other. When incorporating this variant, users usually add an additional tattoo either containing the initials of their loved ones, or a small script tattoo to further enhance the sentimental value.

Some couples also view strawberry tattoos as symbols of fertility. They believe that wearing a strawberry tattoo blesses them with good luck and fortune when starting new chapters, i.e, getting married and having a baby.

Additionally, just like the actual fruit, a strawberry tattoo is extremely versatile and flexible. It can be pulled off elegantly as a small tattoo, but can also be transformed into a more meaningful tattoo with much larger visuals. It is also relatively painless compared to the design of most tattoos, catering to those either that have sensitive skin or want an option with minimal pain.

Flavorful Strawberry Tattoo Designs To Cure The Monday Blues

Appearance-wise, a strawberry tattoo can be rather captivating. The minimal structure of it mixed with the awfully pleasant tone of red that it has makes the artwork rather appealing on the eye, and also makes it a flexible tattoo.

From tattoos containing an array of colors to tattoos with minimal visuals, here are all the variations one can pull off through the help of a strawberry tattoo.  

Traditional Strawberry Tattoo

Traditional Strawberry Tattoo

If your main aim is to play it safe, consider sticking with the traditional variation of the strawberry tattoo. The visuals are extremely appealing, consisting of the colors red, green, yellow, and lavender.

The tattoo is also very flexible, and can be presented as a small wrist tattoo, as well as a sizable forearm tattoo. It’s a great option for those that are extroverts and those that resonate with designs that are vibrant.

Minimalist Strawberry Tattoo

Minimalist Strawberry Tattoo

If you’re a preacher of minimalism and love expressing your admiration of being a minimalist by incorporating them into your tattoos, a strawberry tattoo can surely be a reliable contender. While the fruit is known for its bright tone of red and its tender flavor, the shape of it is extremely sophisticated, and more importantly, looks extremely simple. Just the use of an ink pen will be sufficient to unlock this option.

Additionally, to give the tattoo a subtle boost, a red tattooing pen will do the trick! 

Strawberry Shortcake Tattoo

Strawberry Shortcake Tattoo

If you’re a gen Z individual or even a 90s kid, you probably did watch the cartoon “Strawberry Shortcake” which aired in mid 2003. It’s about Strawberry Shortcake, the princess of Strawberry Land, who lives in a house that resembles the same shape as that of a strawberry shortcake. In the series, Strawberry Shortcake goes on multiple adventures with her friends to explore every corner of Strawberry Land.

While the series was initially created in the 90s, it received worldwide recognition in early 2000s. In fact, the recognition that they received back then was so substantial that at one point, they released merchandise for the fans. It also gained an influential amount of attention in the tattoo world, as many fans got the artwork of Strawberry Shortcake on their body.

To this day, the wagon of getting a tattoo of Strawberry Shortcake is still running, so, join the crew whilst you still have time.

Strawberry Vine Tattoo

Strawberry Vine Tattoo

If you love incorporating plants to your artwork, you can definitely do so when achieving a strawberry tattoo. Not only will the strawberry have room to be the spotlight when paired up with a vine, but the complete artwork will look eerily similar to that of a sleeve tattoo.

When it comes to the design, you can either keep it cool by making it a sketch, or can even add a series of colors to bring out the best of its visuals.

Strawberry Plant Tattoo

Strawberry Plant Tattoo

If you’re a fan of the previous entry, you can also take this option into consideration. While the symbol it has is the same as that of the former variation, the design it contains is a bit more emphasized and might require a different area for ensuring the perfect placement. For instance, the vine tattoo looks exceptional when placed on the forearm, but the plant tattoo looks clear and presentable when placed on the bicep.

Additionally, due to the placement it involves, obtaining and recreating this artwork will be relatively painless as opposed to most options on this list. This is mainly behind the thickness of the skin that the bicep area contains, which is more resilient than the layers that make up other parts of the body.

Cute Strawberry Tattoo

Cute Strawberry Tattoo

One of the plentiful reasons why a strawberry tattoo is popular lies behind its flexibility. It looks great when the artwork is huge and noticeable, but also tends to look sophisticated with neat patterns that are as small as a micro tattoo.

This option looks best when placed on the inner bicep, but also excels when it’s right above the ankle or one of the knees. Additionally, one can definitely keep it light with no color scheme, but can also add brighter colors to make the tattoo more apparent.

Strawberry Tattoo Black and White

Strawberry Tattoo Black and White

A stale image can also be obtained if one is interested in getting a strawberry tattoo. It can be done so by getting a tattoo of just a strawberry, and introducing a black and white color palette to make the appearance of the illustration blossom.

Furthermore, while the image placed for this entry contains a design that is somewhat larger than usual, one can definitely readjust the size of the artwork and incorporate an image that is more manageable and pain-free. However, for best results, refrain from changing the monochromatic vibe of this variant.

Strawberry Fields Tattoo

Strawberry Fields Tattoo

In ancient history, plenty believed that strawberries were symbols of fertility and good fortune when starting a family. For that reason alone, most couples would get tattoos of this entry to diminish any sign or symptom of bad luck. While a majority of them did believe in the power of its symbolism, a minority of the portion believed that obtaining an artwork didn’t make much of a difference.

In addition to its symbolism, the phrase “Strawberry Fields” has a fanbase to this day due to a song titled “Strawberry Fields Forever”  which was written by The Beatles, a British rock band that was formed in the 60s and is considered to be the biggest British rock band in the history of music. While the initial meaning behind the lyrics of the song is mostly related to substance abuse, one of the reasons why this tattoo design is alive and kicking to this day is due to the soundtrack.

Strawberry Flower Tattoo

Strawberry Flower Tattoo

The physical qualities of a flower fits like a glove with the delicate appearance of a strawberry. When teamed up together for an artwork, a strawberry flower tattoo is great for those that want to showcase the love they have for femininity and the beauty of life.

The color scheme of it is usually very soothing as it contains softer shades of the colors that are usually picked. The size of it is also adjustable, as most can pull off an iconic tattoo that is relatively large, or even settle for an image that is eligible enough for a finger tattoo.

Black Strawberry Tattoo

Black Strawberry Tattoo

If you have a knack towards monochromatic images and tattoos, incorporate a black color scheme to your strawberry tattoo. You may get them on areas such as the place behind the neck, which is almost always exposed, or keep things private by getting a chest tattoo.

Furthermore, if you want to give the appearance of it a subtle boost, consider giving the artwork a fade-in effect.

Strawberry Cow Tattoo

Strawberry Cow Tattoo

If you love strawberry milk, or animals even, you should definitely check the design this option consists of. While the tone the artwork sets is a little more on the lighter side, the illustration itself is very vibrant and contains a soft color palette, containing shades of red, blue, pink, yellow, and green. An additional shade of color is added behind the figure of the cow to neaten the overall outlook of the tattoo, which can also be replaced with a lighter shade of lavender.

Simple Strawberry Tattoo

Simple Strawberry Tattoo

If you are working around a tight schedule but would like to get a strawberry tattoo amidst all the tasks you have to finish, satisfy your needs by getting this variation. It contains nothing but two icon sized strawberries that look clear and playful. The shape is a bit different as opposed to that of an actual strawberry, which is a bit unusual, but also helpful if your main incentive is to make the tattoo as unique as possible.

Additionally, if you’re not the biggest fan of tattoos that are always exposed, you can definitely obtain it in areas that are usually away from the spotlight, such as the area above the knee, and the area that makes up the rib cage.

Strawberry Outline Tattoo

Strawberry Outline Tattoo

A strawberry tattoo is also very convenient and popular amongst those that believe in minimalism as a lot of them look great with the involvement of zero colors. Take a look at this one, for example.

The outline of the tattoo is monochromatic but deep, and the border of the strawberry itself consists of a bright shade of red, making the overall image sophisticated with clear visuals. The contrast between the shade of red and black also makes the whole artwork more apparent, which could be a good sign if your main aim is to garner attention.

Katy Perry Strawberry Tattoo

Katy Perry Strawberry Tattoo

If you’re a fan of tattoos that have very little impact, you can recreate the strawberry tattoo that Katy Perry has. It is placed on the foot and the size is as small as that of a micro tattoo. It contains a matte color palette, with a monotone shade of red and green. It also contains eyes and lips, mainly so that it could stand out amongst the other variations.

Strawberry Blossom Tattoo

Strawberry Blossom Tattoo

The shape of any flower pairs extremely well with strawberries. The results usually include a soft artwork containing flowers and strawberries, which looks best when displayed as a small tattoo. While the placement in the image is on the inner bicep of the wearer, one can easily obtain it in delicate areas such as the area behind the neck, the collarbone, the wrist, and so on.

Strawberry Candy Tattoo

Strawberry Candy Tattoo

Remember those hard candies that resembled the shape of a strawberry and tasted sweet but bitter, just like a strawberry? Well, there’s a certain demographic that not only enjoys the flavor of it, but also loves the way it looks. Indeed, the bright metallic red packaging with dark green leaves near the top makes the complete visuals of the wrapper extremely nostalgic for some reason.

Moreover, since this option’s size is a bit more manageable, one can place it anywhere and everywhere without having to deal with botched results.

Strawberry Heart Tattoo

Strawberry Heart Tattoo

Although the shape of a strawberry is already extremely distinct and eye-grabbing due to its narrow yet curvy shape, one can also opt for a design that makes the tender fruit look more similar to a heart. It looks clear and can be customized by adding a range of colors to the original image, but one can also incorporate an image with no color scheme whatsoever to unlock the best results for this variation.

Strawberry Milk Tattoo

Strawberry Milk Tattoo

While strawberries are extremely tasty on their own, the love one has for strawberry milk could be counted as unconditional. Best consumed when cold, the fruity flavor of the strawberry pairs well with the creaminess of milk, making it a beverage that is regularly consumed to this day.

In fact, the popularity is so immense that many people often incorporate this variation on their body. They believe that doing so allows them to not only showcase the love they have for their go-to drink, but also be rewarded with a tattoo with unique and soft visuals.

Strawberry Skull Tattoo

Strawberry Skull Tattoo

A strawberry tattoo can also have the visuals of a tattoo that is edgy and intimidating, especially if it’s paired up with the visuals of a skull tattoo. Although it might seem unusual at first, for achieving the best possible outcome when getting this tattoo, the placement of the skull should be on the strawberry itself. One can use the skull as a face for the strawberry, but can also add multiple skulls to replace the seeds.

Cartoon Strawberry Tattoo

Cartoon strawberry tattoo

If you want a tattoo that will always lighten your mood every time you come across it, add your favorite animated character to the design of a strawberry tattoo. Make it as goofy as possible with a high-spirited color scheme to support the laid back approach.

To further enhance the visuals and ensure the lighthearted mood of the artwork, add a dialogue on top of the character. You can either quote an idol of yours or even resort to incorporating the catchphrase that the animated character uses.

More Designs of Strawberry Tattoos To Check Out This Instant

Can’t get enough of the designs? You’re in luck! Here are more creative designs of strawberry tattoos that you are more than welcome to look at for inspiration!

Strawberry Tattoo 1

Strawberry Tattoo 2

Strawberry Tattoo 3

Strawberry Tattoo 4

Strawberry Tattoo 5

Strawberry Tattoo 6

Strawberry Tattoo 7

Strawberry Tattoo 8

Strawberry Tattoo 9

Strawberry Tattoo 10

Strawberry Tattoo 11

Strawberry Tattoo 12

Strawberry Tattoo 13

Strawberry Tattoo 14

Strawberry Tattoo 15

Strawberry Tattoo 16

Strawberry Tattoo 17

Strawberry Tattoo 18

Strawberry Tattoo 19

Strawberry Tattoo 20

Strawberry Tattoo 21

Strawberry Tattoo 22

Strawberry Tattoo 23

Strawberry Tattoo 24

Strawberry Tattoo 25

Strawberry Tattoo 26

Strawberry Tattoo 27

Strawberry Tattoo 28

Strawberry Tattoo 29

Strawberry Tattoo 30

Strawberry Tattoo 31

Strawberry Tattoo 32

Strawberry Tattoo 33

Strawberry Tattoo 34

Strawberry Tattoo 35

Strawberry Tattoo 36

Strawberry Tattoo 37

Strawberry Tattoo 38

Strawberry Tattoo 39

Strawberry Tattoo 40

Strawberry Tattoo 41

Strawberry Tattoo 42

Strawberry Tattoo 43

Strawberry Tattoo 44

Strawberry Tattoo 45

Strawberry Tattoo 46

Strawberry Tattoo 47

Strawberry Tattoo 48

Strawberry Tattoo 49

Strawberry Tattoo 50

Strawberry Tattoo 51

Strawberry Tattoo 52

Strawberry Tattoo 53

Strawberry Tattoo 54

Strawberry Tattoo 55

Strawberry Tattoo 56

Strawberry Tattoo 57

Strawberry Tattoo 58

Strawberry Tattoo 59

Strawberry Tattoo 60

Strawberry Tattoo 61

Strawberry Tattoo 62

Strawberry Tattoo 63

Strawberry Tattoo 64

Strawberry Tattoo 65

Strawberry Tattoo 66

Strawberry Tattoo 67

Strawberry Tattoo 68

Strawberry Tattoo 69

Strawberry Tattoo 70

Strawberry Tattoo 71

Strawberry Tattoo 72

Strawberry Tattoo 73

Strawberry Tattoo 74

Strawberry Tattoo 75

Strawberry Tattoo 76

Strawberry Tattoo 77

Strawberry Tattoo 78

Strawberry Tattoo 79

Strawberry Tattoo 80

Strawberry Tattoo 81

Strawberry Tattoo 82

Strawberry Tattoo 83

Strawberry Tattoo 84

Strawberry Tattoo 84

Strawberry Tattoo 86

Strawberry Tattoo 87

Strawberry Tattoo 88

Strawberry Tattoo 89

Strawberry Tattoo 90

Strawberry Tattoo 91

Strawberry Tattoo 92

Strawberry Tattoo 93

Strawberry Tattoo 94

Strawberry Tattoo 95

Strawberry Tattoo 96

Strawberry Tattoo 97

Strawberry Tattoo 98

Strawberry Tattoo 99

Strawberry Tattoo 100

Strawberry Tattoo 101

Strawberry Tattoo 102

Strawberry Tattoo 103

Strawberry Tattoo 104

Strawberry Tattoo 105

Strawberry Tattoo 106

Strawberry Tattoo 107

Strawberry Tattoo 108

Strawberry Tattoo 109

Strawberry Tattoo 110

Strawberry Tattoo 111

Strawberry Tattoo 112

Strawberry Tattoo 113

Strawberry Tattoo 114

Strawberry Tattoo 115

Strawberry Tattoo 116

Strawberry Tattoo 117

Strawberry Tattoo 118

Strawberry Tattoo 119

Strawberry Tattoo 120

Strawberry Tattoo 121

Strawberry Tattoo 122

Strawberry Tattoo 123

Strawberry Tattoo 124

Strawberry Tattoo 125

Strawberry Tattoo 126

Strawberry Tattoo 127

Strawberry Tattoo 128

Strawberry Tattoo 129

Bottom Line

All in all, a strawberry tattoo is definitely an artwork that people should give a go at. The unique visuals combined with the symbolism makes a strawberry tattoo extremely wholesome to wear. Once achieved, not only will they have a tattoo that is great to look at, but also an artwork that won’t be loud enough to shape up their whole persona.

In addition, while it does cater to those that are optimistic, ambitious and high-spirited, it is also great a great option to take up if one’s main aim is to enhance their physical appearance with the assistance of a strawberry tattoo, as the large bust and narrow hips of the strawberry will surely make the wearer the center of attention.

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