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88 Spiritual Stomach Tattoo Ideas for Women You’ll Want to Copy

Perhaps the most neglected part of our human body is the stomach. There are so many insecurities surrounding it. Those who are bulky consider it to be a curse while people with lean stomachs think that the fat is too much. This round shaped part of our body gets hated no matter what.

Although it has become a punching bag, it can’t be argued that the most important biological functions occur in the stomach. From metabolism to digestion, the main juice of life gets manufactured here. That’s why even if people sometimes don’t like the appearance, its role in the body deserves a tattoo.

But despite diatribing the visuals, the stomach is in fact quite a unique place to have a tattoo on. The adequate space of it makes the stomach perfect for all sorts of tattoos. That’s why there has been a resurgence in popularity.

Brilliant Stomach Tattoo Designs For Females

Your stomach is such a place that any kind of shape and style will look beautiful. You can either use a monochromatic scale or make your tattoo full of whimsical colors. Whatever color or style you choose, make sure that it fits your personality. That’s why we are here to give you some of the most intense stomach tattoos and their symbolism to help you choose the best one for you.

Stomach Butterfly Tattoo

Stomach Butterfly Tattoo 1


Stomach Butterfly Tattoo 2


Butterflies look like they have mistakenly jumped into our world from fairy tales. Each component of them is so mystical that your eyes can’t get enough of them.

That’s why it’s only suitable for a place that can match its aesthetics. Your stomach may look ordinary but what sets it apart is the motion that it creates when you walk around.

So when you will get this tattoo, it will feel like the butterfly is flocking around in your stomach. As for the tattoo design, make sure to incorporate a lot of colors in the body to make the butterfly look whimsical.

Lower Stomach Tattoo

Lower Stomach Tattoo 1


Lower Stomach Tattoo 2


Your lower stomach has a shape that can’t be found anywhere else in the body. This v shape can be a great asset while illustrating a tattoo as it can create a sense of anticipation.

Another great thing about the lower stomach is that there are quite a few natural curves in there. If you can utilize those curves effectively the tattoo will look incredibly realistic.

Side Stomach Tattoo

Side Stomach Tattoo 1


Side Stomach Tattoo 2


Side Stomach Tattoo 3


Drawing a tattoo around your belly button is quite disgusting to be honest. If you draw it in the center, there is too much negative space creating a sense of voidness.

Rather you should get a side stomach tattoo which will properly utilize the entire barren space of your stomach. Make sure to color the tattoos appropriately.

As you might’ve guessed, illustrating too much of a large tattoo in the side stomach will look bad. So instead get a small and simple tattoo of a butterfly or some floral patterns that will make you fall in love with the tattoo.

Full Stomach Tattoo

Full Stomach Tattoo


One of the biggest problems of your stomach is that it doesn’t stay in the same shape for eternity. As you grow in size and age, the stomach extends as well. Therefore, the place on your stomach that is looking like the perfect spot may not look the same after 5-10 years.

So why take a risk? Rather you should go all out and get a full stomach tattoo. Then whatever your shape and size is, the tattoo will always look amazing.

There has been a debate whether monochromatic scale or whimsical color suits the stomach more. It’s totally up to you. The rule of thumb is to add as many elements as possible to fill up the entire space.

Small Stomach Tattoo

Small Stomach Tattoo


Small stomach tattoos may be contradictory to the enormous space of the stomach but hear us out. There is always something intriguing about two opposing concepts.

Life and death are two completely opposite phenomena. But they go so well with each other. The same is for small stomach tattoos.

Two opposite things create a dichotomy that represents the Yin and Yang of Chinese culture. That’s why rather than getting an enormous tattoo, people are gravitating towards having a small tattoo.

Flower Stomach Tattoo

Flower Stomach Tattoo 1


Flower Stomach Tattoo 2


Floral patterns are always soothing to watch. From the petals to the unique designs found in the center, everything makes up for a formidable tattoo design.

It’s as if there are patterns after patterns that are hidden within it. Also you have the freedom of incorporating any kind of colors. There’s no restriction to it.

The first thing is to choose the flower of choice for the base of the tattoo. Dandelions and roses are the most sought after ones according to google. If you want to be exceptional then choose a rare tropical flower that will stand out.

Stomach Cover Up Tattoo

Stomach Cover Up Tattoo


Tattoos are always illustrated when something means a lot to you. It either can be a tribute to someone you love or marking a significant moment in your life. But sometimes we make the stupidest mistake while getting a stomach tattoo.

But it doesn’t mean that you can alter the outcome. Artists have come up with an excellent approach to tackle bad tattoos.

You can easily get a stomach coverup tattoo to hide your hideous tattoo. Rather than drawing a completely new one, you can utilize your previous tattoo and make up a brilliant tattoo that will have no trace of the old one.

Medusa Stomach Tattoo

Medusa Stomach Tattoo


In ancient Greek mythology, medusa used to be one of the most beautiful women in the entire galaxy. One day, a god cursed her and from that day, whoever laid eyes on her would turn to stone.

Even in modern movies and literature, medusa has been depicted in many different iterations. Because of its immense popularity, it’s obvious that it has made its way into the tattoo world as well.

Although it has been depicted that the skin color of medusa is dark green, it’s best to draw the tattoo in a black and gray color scheme. Then whoever will look at your stomach, they will also turn into stone.

Old English Stomach Tattoo

Old English Stomach Tattoo


Old english stomach tattoos are for the classy people who love a vintage looking tattoo. The entire concept of the tattoo is to time travel back into the 17th century English era where people used to have bushy mustaches and thick coats.

A great tattoo idea is to incorporate some sort of historic dates or a quote. This type of thing compliments the tattoo a lot and takes it to the next level.

Dragon Stomach Tattoo

Dragon Stomach Tattoo


Dragons are known to be vicious creatures that wreak havoc in rural villages and cities. Whenever it flew, a tornado erupted. Whenever it roared, the entire earth vibrated.

Therefore, you can understand the magnitiude of this creature. So, it’s only fitting to draw it in a gigantic place such as the stomach. Your stomach is the only place that can depict each component of the dragon perfectly.

Plus Size Stomach Tattoo

Plus Size Stomach Tattoo 1


Plus Size Stomach Tattoo 2


Fat shaming has been one of the most serious problems of the 21st century. It seems like there is a natural tendency of humans to ridicule anyone who is on the larger side.

Because of such humiliation, there are many who start to feel insecure about their body. Well, you can’t do much about the haters. But you can gain a lot of confidence if you get a stomach tattoo.

Stomach tattoos are a lovely way to hide all your fat. If you use vibrant colors no one will start to notice your stomach. Rather they will be too captivated by the tattoo.

Stomach Scar Tattoo

Stomach Scar Tattoo


In today’s world, there seems to be no alternative to c section. Whenever there is a case of delivery, even doctors opt to go for C section rather than normal delivery

But they don’t consider the effect it has on the mother. Because of the operation, the mother has to bear a scar for the rest of life. Whenever she sees it, she gets hurt by it.

So to recover from it, everyone should get a stomach scar tattoo. Artists can use the unique patterns of the scars to turn it into something magnificent.

Japanese Stomach Tattoo

Japanese Stomach Tattoo


What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about the japanese? Sumo wrestling has to be one of the things. This event has been such an integral part of Japanese culture for almost a century.

Most sumo wrestlers have a gigantic body with a stomach that seems like it can devour an entire planet. To make them look even more menacing, these wrestlers get stomach tattoos of their totem animals to strike fear into the heart of their opponent. If you want to do the same then go for it.

Rose Stomach Tattoo

Rose Stomach Tattoo


Deadly yet beautiful. That’s perhaps the most accurate way to describe roses. The vibrant colors along with the spiky thorns on the stems make up for a formidable tattoo choice.

Either you like it or not, your stomach is quite like a barren wasteland. There are no patterns nor any twists in it. So to make it look sensual, a rose tattoo can go a long way. Rather than drawing a single rose, it’s best to include an entire bouquet. Then it would look like there’s a party going on in the stomach.

Lion Stomach Tattoo

Lion Stomach Tattoo


If there’s one animal that we all aspire to be, it has to be the lion. It is called the king of the jungle for a reason. The presence alone creates such intinitidiaing aura that is not found in any other creature.

Your stomach has the perfect shape to draw a marvelous face of a lion. Just use the center part to illustrate the face and use the border part of your stomach to draw the mane.

Tupac Stomach Tattoo

Tupac Stomach Tattoo


During the 90s, the rap genre was booming. One star who was making bangers after bangers was none other than Tupac. His lyricism along with a nasty flow made everyone in the rap scene jealous of him.

Because of the rivalry and his dealings with drugs, he died at a very young age. But the spirit of Tupac still lives. To this day, we listen to his music and jam our heads. If you are an avid fan of him, the greatest tribute to him would be a portrait tattoo of his face.

Snake Stomach Tattoo

Snake Stomach Tattoo


Imagine you are sleeping peacefully without a hinge of worry. Suddenly you wake up and see there is a snake wiggling its tail and gradually moving towards you. How terrifying would you feel?

Snakes in general are frightening creatures. From their razor sharp teeth to their ability to inject deadly venoms into their prey, snakes are a menace. So when you will get this tattoo, you will also feel a sudden surge of masculinity within you.

Tiger Stomach Tattoo

Tiger Stomach Tattoo


One of the coolest looking designs on this list is the tiger stomach tattoo. So what’s so amazing about it? Well, you can draw the entire mouth of the tiger in the center of your stomach.

Then include the external parts around it. What this will do is it will make the tattoo seem like the tiger is stretching its gigantic mouth in your stomach to devour whatever is in front of him. Whenever you move, the tiger’s mouth will jiggle as well. This kind of motion dynamics cant be found anywhere else.

Stomach Tribal Tattoo

Stomach Tribal Tattoo

In ancient tribes, body scarification was thought to be the first step in adulthood. In some cultures, people would get a tattoo whenever they achieved a significant milestone in their life.

In native american tribes, warriors used to draw the head of their totems while marching into battle. They believed that this tattoo in their stomach would grant them incredible strength to dismantle their opponents.

Sometimes we also want to go to these clans and fight alongside our tribal brothers. The beast inside ourselves has been in dormancy for way too long. Let’s let it out by getting the stomach tribal tattoo.

Moth Stomach Tattoo

Moth Stomach Tattoo


These insects seem to care about nothing in the world. They just aimlessly fly and gather themselves into a puddle in the corners of the households. Sometimes they use their elongated tongue to get a grasp of smaller insects. That’s about it. But all hell breaks loose when they see a light in front them.

As soon as they see the light, their minds just malware and they go into a frenzy. Many of them die because of chasing light too much. This teaches us an important lesson that we should not chase after something too much. Obsession is a madman’s game. When you will get the moth tattoo, you will keep on remembering this statement.

Owl Stomach Tattoo

Owl Stomach Tattoo


In our modern life, we have been accustomed to being awake all night and then sleeping all day. This circadian pattern resembles that of an owl. That’s why they are such a great tattoo choice because we can relate to them.

Although owls belong to the avian species, they are quite distinct when it comes to the morphological features. The sharp eyes along with a twisted beak makes it look more like an otherworldly creature than a bird. When you are getting the tattoo, make sure you draw the features in a very ambiguous manner to portray a sense of mystery.

Wolf Stomach Tattoo

Wolf Stomach Tattoo


If you hop into social media, you will see countless motivational posts and videos which depict the loner behavior of wolves. The main concept of these posts is to tell people that rather than following the herd, it’s best to be a wolf and journey alone.

Although this type of thing is quite cringy and laughable, you can’t argue that a wolf is truly a mystifying animal. Even when it has immense strength lying in its paws, it chooses to be secluded. So when you get this tattoo in your stomach, it will keep on teaching you an important lesson that showing off is a stupid activity.

Eagle Stomach Tattoo

Eagle Stomach Tattoo


Imagine you are looking at the sky and contemplating life. Suddenly, you see an eagle ferociously flying towards you. WIthin minutes, it closes the gap and uses its razor sharp claw to go for your jugular. How terrifying would you feel!

Birds have always been associated with peace and tranquility. Whenever we see one flying in the sky, we think of it to be extremely peaceful.

But the whole concept of bird flies out of the window when it comes to eagles. This vicious creature wrecks havoc in the sky with its immense strength and swiftness. If you want to portray that same intenseness in your body then get this tattoo right now.

Skull Stomach Tattoo

Skull Stomach Tattoo


Perhaps the one component of our body that we just keep on adoring forever is none other than our face. We look in the mirror everyday praising our faces’ beauty. For those who are insecure about their face, see through the mirror and curse their misfortune. Therefore, the main source of all the happiness and sorrow of our life can be attributed to our face.

Do you know what lies beneath the face? Yes, it’s our skull. The skill is what determines how you would look. So, there is some unnerving yet beautiful mystery to the skull that makes it such a fantastic tattoo choice.

Peacock Stomach Tattoo

Peacock Stomach Tattoo


Wherever peacocks spread their feathers, it looks as if there are thousands of eyes staring directly at our soul. Each of these feathers have layers after layers of details hidden underneath them.

The stomach is an excellent place for getting a peacock tattoo as it has enough space to illustrate the entire flock of feathers. Make sure to use subtle green colors in the body. There are some artists that try to depict a sense of violence by giving it an evil expression or having blood dripping from its beak. If you consider yourself to be an avid horror fan, then go for these styles.

Mandala Stomach Tattoo

Mandala Stomach Tattoo


Mandala tattoos are like a labyrinth in which anybody can get lost in. It represents a journey. If you look closely at any mandala design, you notice that it starts ordinary at the exterior and gradually gets more and more complex at the center. This resembles life and death.

In the beginning, everything is simple. But as we grow old, life gets sophisticated with many twists and turns. Because of its such depth and unique aesthetic, it will make an amazing stomach tattoo. Just make sure that you don’t overcomplicate things otherwise it will look like a complete mess.

Traditional Stomach Tattoo

Traditional Stomach Tattoo 1


Traditional Stomach Tattoo 2

The whole concept of traditional tattoo is to incorporate such elements that can’t be seen that much in the contemporary world. You may be wondering what’s the importance of such tattoos? Well, the answer is multi-faceted.

Although we love our highly functional modern life with numerous skyscrapers and fast vehicles. But doesn’t your heart tell you to go back in time when things weren’t so complicated? This is the exact reason why traditional tattoos are so sought after. The rustic aesthetic of it takes us back in time when things were simpler and people were far more happy.

Angel Vs Demon Stomach Tattoo

Angel Vs Demon Stomach Tattoo


Angel Vs Demon represents the duality of mankind. Usually, in folktales and mythology it is depicted that angels are a good entity that always helps others while the demon is an evil creature who loves to wreak havoc.

But in modern times, we now realize that angels and demons exist within human beings. Look around. You will see that there are criminals doing heinous malicious acts while there are also people who are giving away their everything for the sake of others.

When you will get the tattoo, you will be self aware that there are two different versions of you. One is good like the angel while the other is as corrupted as a demon. It’s your choice to become which.

Stomach Leaf Tattoo

Stomach Leaf Tattoo


Leaves are simple yet elegant tattoo designs that make your stomach look like a bush of a perennial tree. Although the consensus is to illustrate the leaf tattoo in a colorful manner, the monochromatic color scheme looks best in your stomach.

You can also include some other natural elements such as floral patterns or an animal next to the leaf. This will take your tattoo to a whole new level.

Crown and Rose Stomach Tattoo

Crown and Rose Stomach Tattoo


The crown and the rose have a long association since the ancient days. During medieval times, people used to visit the kings with roses to showcase a token of respect. Even the palaces were decorated with rose bouquets to make it seem grand.

If you are opting to get a crown and rose tattoo, don’t illustrate these two elements side by side. Rather intertwine them so that it looks like a different entity. Use glowy colors to make the crown have that rich aura and you can use the natural red color of the rose to depict love and kindness.

Dragonfly Stomach Tattoo

Dragonfly Stomach Tattoo


Have you watched the immensely popular anime called Dragon ball Z? In this anime, there is a character called Goku who has an incredible ability to teleport from one place to another. If you look at dragonflies in their natural vicinity, they seem to have this ability as well.

You’ll catch a glimpse of them flying in one location for a split second before they disappear into another location. If you want to be as swift as them in your life then this tattoo is just for you.

Bee Stomach Tattoo

Bee Stomach Tattoo


For those who have been stinged by a bee knows just how painful it can be. When bees feel threatened, they extend their stinger to insert it into the skin of humans.

Although their sting is painful, the appearance of them is mesmerizing. The hollow eyes give a sense of voidness white the blobs of black through the yellow body depicts an hilarious yet deadly aesthetic.

If you are thinking of getting the bee tattoo then make sure to illustrate in a bigger shape than their natural form. Otherwise you will need a magnifying glass to observe the tattoo.

Stomach Tattoos: Grease The Wheels With Visuals

Our stomach is perhaps the most visible place in our whole body. That’s why the tattoo that is going to get engraved there has to be perfect. But what makes a perfect tattoo?

Well, the very first thing is the style and shape. Then there is the aspect of colors and finishing touches. The shading and highlighting also plays a crucial role.

So every single of these components make a fantastic tattoo. We know that it can get a bit intimidating. That’s why here is a video of an artist illustrating a magnificent stomach tattoo. Give it a look to generate some ideas.

After Darkness Comes Light: Enduring Stomach Tattoo Pain

Enduring Stomach Tattoo Pain

If you are thinking about getting a stomach tattoo then let us warn you a bit. It can be quite painful especially if you’re on the bulkier side.

Thin people have low skin dripping out which makes it less painful. But the same can’t be said for people with more muscles and skin.

But don’t let that stop you from getting an incredible stomach tattoo. There is a famous saying. No pain, no gain. Even though you will go through pain, the final outcome will make it seem like it is all worth it.


There is so much to know about stomach tattoos that this article will keep on going if we write about the entirety of them. Therefore, we do realize there will be some untouched aspects. But don’t get mad folks. We have collected some of the most interesting questions that revolve in your mind using our psychic powers. Give them a look.

Q: Does Pregnancy Affect Stomach Tattoos?

Ans: Your stomach tends to stretch after you go through the pregnancy period. So, the placement of the tattoo tends to change. That’s why it’s best to think carefully before getting a stomach tattoo. In our opinion, you should get a side stomach tattoo if you will go through the pregnancy process at some stage. Side stomach tattoos won’t change that much.

Q: Can You Sleep On A Stomach Tattoo?

Ans: Sleeping on a tattoo can create a friction that can eventually aid in the fading process. That’s why most artists recommend not to sleep on your stomach tattoo for at least a few days. Let the tattoo sit on your skin properly first.

Q: Are Stomach Tattoos Easy To Remove?

Ans: The parts of your body that are closer to the heart are always easier to remove tattoos from. This is mainly because these parts have much more blood circulation. Furthermore, the skin is quite soft and smooth. Therefore, stomach tattoos are easier to remove compared to other tattoos.


Being proud of our body has been a concept of the past now. The current society is so toxic that it spares no one. If you are a bit out of shape, people will remind you every step of the way. Sometimes, things become so bizarre that those who are insecure about their body stop leaving the house.

While there is no way to break this social stigma, one can easily boost their confidence by getting a stomach tattoo. You will wear the tattoo proudly. You won’t have to hide your stomach from anyone. Rather show the world how comfortable you are.

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