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93 Creative Stitch Tattoo Ideas To Bring Up Your Quirky Side

One of the recent tattoos that gained a lot of traction among young tattoo enthusiasts is the stitch tattoo. The stitch tattoo portrays Stitch from the beloved Disney series “Lilo and Stitch”. This tattoo shows a quirky and fun side of the wearer, following Stitch.

The movie shows the journey of Lilo who adopts an alien named Stitch. The alien is fun and mischievous. If you are a long-time fan of the Disney series and if you think you connect with the fun side of the character, then the Stitch tattoo is a great option for you.

You have the option to apply different colors to the tattoo along with different placement options. So you will easily get lost in all the design options you can get for this tattoo. So let us help you out with some of the tattoo designs we think are the coolest for the Stitch tattoo.

Let’s start, shall we?

The Meaning Of Stitch Tattoo

Meaning Of Stitch Tattoo


Stitch is a character that is seen in the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch”. This tattoo has become popular among those who have grown up seeing and loving the character. For long-time fans of this movie, this character stands for the core message of the movie which is “Ohana” or “family” comes first.

Some also associate Stitch with fun and the joy of life due to the quirky side of Stitch. Stitch is often also seen as a symbol of growth and resilience as Stitch persevered through all the hardships and grew as a family member of Lilo.

On the other hand, some associate Stitch with healing from past trauma and fixing a broken soul. As Stitch questioned his purpose of being mischievous, and the trauma of not having a purpose in life and not having a family., he finally began to discover a new side of himself. This leads many to associate Stitch tattoos with healing and fixing a soul from past trauma.

Mischievous Stitch Tattoo Designs To Bring Out Your Fun Side

The stitch tattoo can be done in many different styles including a variety of sizes and color options. You can choose a really colorful option for the stitch tattoo. Or you can just do a minimal black-and-white version of the tattoo.

The most common design perhaps is doing a stitch tattoo that looks like the character has been stitched to the skin with a thread. You can get the tattoo also on different locations on the body. So, let’s get to see some of the designs that we have cherry-picked for your next tattoo inspiration.

Lilo and Stitch Tattoo

Lilo and Stitch Tattoo 1


Lilo and Stitch Tattoo 2


Lilo and Stitch Tattoo 3


This tattoo is a classic homage to the characters Lilo and Stitch from the Disney Movie “Lilo and Stitch”. This tattoo often features both characters in some fun activities like eating some ice cream or dancing.

If you resonate with the silliness of the characters, or the message this show intended to deliver, this tattoo is a great option to get. You can get the tattoo in some great definitions including bright colors and bold outlines.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen some great customizations of this tattoo. For example, many of the variants we’ve done for our clients included the iconic scene of Lilo and Stitch eating some ice cream. You can also add the elements of your preference from the series if you like to customize the tattoo even further.

Small Stitch Tattoo

Small Stitch Tattoo 1

Small Stitch Tattoo 2


If you want to show your love for the Disney character but want to keep it subtle, then the small stitch tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This tattoo features Stitch in a small form factor that looks hella cute.

You can place the tattoo anywhere on the body as it is a small tattoo. But this is the perfect tattoo to get on the wrists, behind the ear, or ankle to keep it minimal while still showing your love for the character.

Ohana Stitch Tattoo

Ohana Stitch Tattoo 1


Ohana Stitch Tattoo 2


The Ohana tattoo features the concept of Ohana or family. The concept of Ohana is the core message that the show delivered which states that family comes first. This tattoo represents the importance of family and the love that comes with it.

You can customize this tattoo with other elements that represent love, and family. For example, you can add some flowers, a heart sign, or the word Ohana to the tattoo. You can even add a quote regarding Ohana as well.

If you want to show your love for your family through your body ink, you can get this tattoo with no questions asked. To showcase your love for your family, we’d suggest you go for the forearm, sleeve, or shoulder placement for this tattoo.

Stitch and Angel Tattoo

Stitch and Angel Tattoo 1


Stitch and Angel Tattoo 2


This tattoo features the dynamic duo Stitch and Angel from the show. The Stitch and Angel tattoo depicts both the characters together in their fun and mischievous activities. This tattoo can be done in different styles including a realistic, or watercolor style.

You can also add other customizations to the tattoo with other characters or symbols from the movie like flowers and leaves. This tattoo can be a great matching tattoo to do with your partner to show your unique dynamic.

This is a beautiful tattoo that is sure to turn some heads. So we suggest you get this tattoo on the shoulders or on the forearms so you can show off the design. These positions will also give you a big workspace to make the tattoo pop.

Stitch Outline Tattoo

Stitch Outline Tattoo


The outline tattoo is a very simple and minimalist way to show your love for the character. This tattoo features only Stitch in a simple black outline. This tattoo is done with a fine-line needle to keep the tattoo very simple and minimal.

There are a few customization options available for this tattoo. The best you can do is add some leaves and flower outlines to the tattoo. This tattoo would be a great addition to your underboob, side boob, or neck tattoo.

Stitch Tattoo Black and White

Stitch Tattoo Black and White


The black-and-white Stitch tattoo has become a very popular choice among lovers of the black-and-white aesthetic. This tattoo is often very minimal and is done with only black ink filling the entire tattoo.

Although you can add some other elements to this tattoo to give it more definition, it is best to keep things simple for this tattoo. You can add some highlights with quotes from the movie in simple fonts or the word Ohana written along with Stitch.

Stitch Watercolor Tattoo

Stitch Watercolor Tattoo 1


Stitch Watercolor Tattoo 2


This tattoo shows Stitch in a watercolor art style. If you want a tattoo that is different from others and is artsier, then the watercolor tattoo might be a good bet. This tattoo features bright watercolor-style strokes and bold black outlines.

If you want to customize the tattoo, you can add other watercolor elements to the tattoo. For example, you can add watercolor tropical flowers or leaves to complement Stitch. You can also get this tattoo on the thigh or the forearm.

Stitch and Toothless Tattoo

Stitch and Toothless Tattoo 1


Stitch and Toothless Tattoo 2


This tattoo features another set of cute Disney characters, Toothless from the “How To Train Your Dragon” series and Stitch together. This tattoo often shows both characters playing or sitting together.

As both the characters are similarly quirky and funny, they go very well together in the same tattoo. If you want to appear bold with these characters, you can get a tattoo with both the characters in a powerful stance, or you can get a playful pose too to keep things lively.

Stitch Tattoo with Flower

Stitch Tattoo with Flower


Perhaps the most common elements that are added to Stitch tattoos are tropical flowers. Flowers and Stitch go together very beautifully and can complement each other’s colors. This tattoo represents the innocent side of the wearer.

If you are looking into getting this tattoo, you can do different color schemes and styles. For example, you can add a realistic style or a watercolor style design for this tattoo. This tattoo would look best on visible places like the shoulder, or forearms.

Stitch Patch Tattoo

Stitch Patch Tattoo


If you are looking into getting a patchwork tattoo, then the Stitch patch tattoo is an excellent choice. This is a very unique style of tattoo that looks like a real-life patch of the character Stitch.

You can customize this minimal tattoo with some vivid colors. We’ve rarely seen a black-and-white patchwork tattoo in our studio, but if you want you can also go for one. You can get this tattoo anywhere on the body.

Arm Stitch Tattoo

Arm Stitch Tattoo


The arm is a big workspace for the Stitch tattoo. You have the choice to expand to the forearms or the shoulders with a big design, or just do a simple Stitch design on the arm. You can go ham with the designs for this tattoo as you can add different colors, flowers, and leaves on the arm.

Disney Stitch Tattoo

Disney Stitch Tattoo


The Disney Stitch tattoo features Stitch in his original Disney look. This tattoo features Stitch in a bright blue color scheme with some bold black outlines. But this design can also be a simple outline of Stitch to keep things minimal. This is a great tattoo to show love for the Disney character.

Evil Stitch Tattoo

Evil Stitch Tattoo

The evil Stitch tattoo features the bad and deranged version of Stitch. Before becoming the Stitch we all have come to love and adore, Stitch was created to destroy everything. This tattoo shows off the evil side of the character.

This tattoo can be a great reflection of the duality of the tattoo wearer and can be used to portray the inner struggles of the wearer. This tattoo features Stitch in a deranged form with sharp teeth or red eyes.

If you are a fan of gothic-style tattoos, then this can be a great addition to your tattoo collection. You can do this tattoo in a black-and-white color scheme to create a dark and broody variant of Stitch.

Halloween Stitch Tattoo

Halloween Stitch Tattoo


The Halloween stitch tattoo shows off a  funky and spooky side of Stitch. This tattoo often features a Halloween pumpkin, skeleton, and Stitch together. You can do some simple designs to some detailed designs of Stitch and the other elements in the tattoo.

This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. But as you want to show your funky side in the Halloween season, we’d suggest you go with a visible part of the body to do this tattoo. So, the forearm or the shoulder is a good placement choice for this tattoo.

Pikachu Stitch Tattoo

Pikachu Stitch Tattoo


This tattoo combines another beloved character Pikachu from the Pokemon series with Stitch. The Pikachu Stitch tattoo features Stitch wearing a Pikachu costume which looks very lighthearted and funky.

This tattoo can be customized with different color schemes. For example, you can do a realistic color design for the tattoo. Or you can do a cartoonish color to stay true to the Pokemon series. This tattoo is best done on the leg, thigh, or shoulder.

Stitch and Scrump Tattoo

Stitch and Scrump Tattoo


The Stitch and Scrump Tattoo features both Scrump and Stitch together in one tattoo. You can do a design where Stitch is hanging on to Scrump. Or you can do a design where Stitch and Scrump are sitting down. The choice is up to you. This tattoo would look best on the forearm, sleeve, and other visible places on the body.

Stitch Foot Tattoo

Stitch Foot Tattoo


If you are looking for a tattoo to easily hide but still show your personality, then the foot Stitch tattoo is a good option for you. But be remindful that foot tattoos can be painful. So, you can choose to do a simple tattoo with minimal details on the foot. Or you can go crazy on the design and do a detailed design on the foot.

Stitch and Groot Tattoo

Stitch and Groot Tattoo


This tattoo features the beloved character Groot from Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy along with Stitch. This tattoo can be a great symbolic piece as both characters are aliens who found another family in their company. So, we’d recommend that you get this tattoo on the forearm, or the shoulders to show off the design.

Cute Stitch Tattoo

Cute Stitch Tattoo


The cute Stitch tattoo is a very minimal and feminine-looking tattoo featuring Stitch in a very colorful manner. You can also add other elements like flowers and birds to the tattoo to increase its cuteness.

Stitch Sleeve Tattoo

Stitch Sleeve Tattoo


The sleeve is an excellent placement for the Stitch tattoo as it offers good versatility and the option to hide a tattoo with different clothing options. You can do a wrap-around tattoo with other elements from the movie if you want. Or, if you want you can extend the tattoo to the forearm and even to the shoulders with a big design.

Stitch Harry Potter Tattoo

Stitch Harry Potter Tattoo


This one’s a shoutout to both Harry Potter and Stitch fans. This tattoo shows Stitch and Lilo in the classic Hogwarts costumes. You can keep the simple and cool aesthetic of the Lilo and Stitch series and make a colorful and fun tattoo, or you can go for a darker black-and-white aesthetic.

Stitch in Deadpool Tattoo

Stitch in Deadpool Tattoo


This is another quirky tattoo option that combines another mischievous character Deadpool from the Marvel universe with Stitch. Often this tattoo features Stitch in Deadpool’s costume. You can do a different version of the Deadpool costume for this tattoo if you want to customize the tattoo.

Stitch Shoulder Tattoo

Stitch Shoulder Tattoo


The shoulder Stitch tattoo is often a simple design done on the shoulder. You can expand the tattoo to your chest, or forearm. You can either do a simple and colorful tattoo of Stitch on the shoulder or you can choose an outline tattoo to keep it simple.

Stitch and Pooh Tattoo

Stitch and Pooh Tattoo


This tattoo features two of the most beloved characters from Disney: Pooh from Winnie the Pooh and Stitch. This is a very cute design with both characters done in color. You can get this tattoo on your forearm to show off the cute design.

Super Stitch Tattoo

Super Stitch Tattoo


This is another cute tattoo design depicting Stitch in a superhero costume. You can get Stitch done in a Superman costume with the classic blue and red cape. If you love Stitch and want a superhero-style tattoo, then this can be a great option.

Stitch Thigh Tattoo

Stitch Thigh Tattoo


The thigh is a great way to showcase the fun side of Stitch. You can incorporate a big design on the thigh to show off the beautiful blue color of Stitch. Or you can do a simple outline of Stitch to keep things minimal.

Geometric Stitch Tattoo

Geometric Stitch Tattoo

This tattoo features Stitch in a geometric tattoo design giving the classic character a modern look. This tattoo features geometric shapes like triangles, circles, and other shapes depending on your choice.

Stitch Memorial Tattoo

Stitch Memorial Tattoo


The stitch memorial tattoo is a design that is created to commemorate a beloved person who passed away. This tattoo can be a simple one with Stitch and a quote from the person who passed away. Or it can feature the birthday and the date the person passed away for some added depth.

Stitch Dream Catcher Tattoo

Stitch Dream Catcher Tattoo


This tattoo features Stitch in a Dream catcher design. You can do this tattoo in some great detail going into the intricate ornamentation of the dreamcatcher. This tattoo looks best on places like the thigh, or the forearm depending on the visibility you want.

Stitch and Pua Tattoo

Stitch and Pua Tattoo


This is a classic mashup combining Stitch with Pua from the series Moana. This tattoo is often done in a very colorful design showing the playful side of both characters. This is also a tattoo that you’d love to show off by getting it on the forearm or on the shoulder.

How To Stitch The Stitch Tattoo On Your Skin

This is a video showing you how a stitch tattoo is done. First, the artist traces the stencil for the tattoo on the skin and applies healing balm to clean out the area. Then the artist takes out a fine-line needle and marks out the outlines of the tattoo then the artist goes on to add the colors with a broader needle and gives the tattoo some definition.

This video shows exactly what you’d expect from a patchwork Stitch tattoo. But if you just want to go for a regular stitch tattoo, this is still a good representation of what you will get. So If you are looking to get a stitch tattoo and you’ve chosen a design, take a look at this video to get a good idea of how it might look.


You might still have some questions regarding the stitch tattoo even after looking at the different designs we presented. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the Stitch tattoo that you might be looking for.

Q: Is the stitch tattoo only for Disney fans?

Answer: The answer truly is: no. This tattoo is not only for Disney fans. If you like the artwork for this tattoo, you can choose to get the tattoo for yourself. And if you like the playful nature of Stitch, or renovate with the meaning of the tattoo, you can get the tattoo too.

Q: How much does the Stitch tattoo cost?

Answer: This answer depends on the size and complexity of the tattoo. You might get a stitch tattoo done for as low as $50 if you have a simple design. But if you are looking to get a really complex design with multiple characters, it may set you back up to $500-$1000. The price also varies depending on what part of the body you are going to do the tattoo on.

Q: Does a Stitch tattoo hurt?

Answer: The stitch tattoo does not hurt more than any other tattoo. Depending on the placement of the tattoo, the tattoo may be more painful for example a hand tattoo would be more painful than a forearm tattoo. Of course, the pain tolerance for each person is different.


To conclude, stitch has been a character that is close to the heart of many Disney fans. If you are also a fan of this quirky and fun character Stitch, then you can also get the stitch tattoo to show your love for this beloved character.

You can do the tattoo in many different styles and color variations if you want. You also have the option to customize the design to your liking, changing the size of the tattoo and adding other elements to the tattoo.

But make sure to choose an experienced tattoo artist to do the tattoo and take proper aftercare to ensure that you have a pleasant experience and a long-lasting tattoo. Happy inking!

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