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68 Electrifying Stingray Tattoo Ideas To Stand Out

In the deep exotic waters, you will often see a wide and flat creature gliding on the water surface. It hardly looks like a fish. Instead, the creature is a bizarre mixture of a shark and an octopus. Due to its unique appearance, the stingray has made quite a name for itself in the tattoo realm.

We are always accustomed to things that don’t make much sense. We gravitate towards the unknown. A creature like the stingray doesn’t’ feel like it belongs in the ocean. A much more suitable habitat for them is perhaps outer space. This sense of mystery is what makes them such an interesting tattoo choice.

Although to the naked eye, it just looks like a giant circle with a straight tail, there is much more to stingrays than meets the eyes. They even have a secret weapon in their arsenal. Today, we are going to know everything about them. So, grab a cup of coffee and embark on this journey with us.

No Country For Old Stingray Tattoos: The Cryptic Meaning Behind Them

Stingray tattoo meaning


Stingrays were an integral part of the people living in islands. They would often swim alongside with them. Tribal people wholeheartedly believed that stingrays were a symbol of protection. They would protect the people from natural calamities such as cyclones or floods.

Over the years, the meaning of symbolism of stingray tattoos has seen quite a bit of change. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the most apparent ones.

How Stingray Tattoos Define Polynesian Culture

Polynesian people always regarded the stingray as a symbol of hope and prosperity. In many households, they even worship the sea creatures believing that they would grant them good luck.

The stingrays also seem to be quite amicable to the polynesian people. They would often come close to the shore and play with the children. Because of such a deep connection, there are countless mentions of stingrays in a wide range of polynesian literatures.

Blending In With The Environment

In our life, we have to adapt to difficult situations to survive. Those who can’t adopt quickly fall behind and they can never recover. If you are someone who is struggling then take some inspiration from stingrays.

These sea dwellers are highly self aware and they can adapt to any kind of situation within a jiffy. They would observe the environment for a second and then blend right into it. You have to be as malleable as stingrays in order to prosper in life.

A Card On The Sleeve

The stingrays have quite a harmless appearance. They look like naive creatures that have nothing in their disposal to defend themselves. But that’s not the case.

If you somehow threaten these peaceful creatures underwater, you will find yourself in a pretty bad situation. The stingrays have a barb in their tail that is razor sharp. They have complete control over it and can cut you all over the place with extreme force. This teaches us another lesson. You should also have an innocent appearance outside but always have something up your sleeve to defend yourself.

Mesmerizing Stingray Tattoo Designs To Stay Relevant In 2023

There are a myriad of styles and shapes that you can choose from when it comes to stingray tattoos. In nature, a variety of stingrays exists ranging from colorful ones to completely transparent looking ones that you won’t even be able to notice. So to make your job a little bit easier, we have compiled some of the most intriguing stingray tattoo designs that you will get obsessed with.

Tribal Stingray Tattoo

Tribal Stingray Tattoo 1


Tribal Stingray Tattoo 2


You already can comprehend just how much stingrays mean to the tribal people living in the coastal areas. Stingrays were not just an animal to them. They were considered to be protectors of humans.

If you are opting for this tattoo then you should always incorporate a wide range of tribal elements into the mix. A simple palm tree or a coconut can elevate the design of the tattoo to the next level. Tribal people always love to ornament themselves with vibrant colors. You should also do the same in your tattoo.

Moana Stingray Tattoo

Moana Stingray Tattoo


Disney releases hits after hits starring princesses every other year. One of their most acclaimed animated films was Moana which features the story of a girl who wants to go beyond the seas to find the true meaning of life. In her search for meaning, she comes across a wide range of enemies along with some friends.

From a very young age, Moana had a fascination for the water. She would go near the ocean without anyone’s notice and play with the stingrays. In some instances, they even helped her. This is where the concept of Moana tattoo comes from.

Small Stingray Tattoo

Small Stingray Tattoo 1


Small Stingray Tattoo 2


Small stingray tattoos are extremely fun as they portray the same meaning without having to sit for hours to get a tattoo. Furthermore, you can get the tattoo anywhere you want.

Small stingray tattoos capture the vastness of the ocean perfectly. When you get the tattoo in a large place like your back or chest, it would feel like the stingray is swimming in a skin colored ocean with no coast nearby. How amazing is that!

Traditional Stingray Tattoo

Traditional Stingray Tattoo 1


Traditional Stingray Tattoo 2


Traditional stingray tattoos commemorate the beliefs and customs of the people living on the coast. Their lives are quite different from others.

They are not a slave to the technology. Instead, they are free souls that live closely with nature. The air they breathe doesn’t have any pollutants. The water they swim in doesn’t have any polythenes. Everything around them is fresh as a cucumber. Perhaps this is the reason why the tattoo as well looks aesthetic and soothing to the soul.

Polynesian Stingray Tattoo

Polynesian Stingray Tattoo

Whenever there is a conversation about the polynesian culture, the first thing that pops out is the stingrays. They are such an integral part of their custom that you can’t leave them out.

These kinds of tattoos consist of heavy brush strokes along with a proper use of negative space. A blend between stingray and other oceanic elements can make the tattoo look much more hearty. If you want to feel more connected to mother nature, this is the tattoo for you?

Mandala Stingray Tattoo

Mandala Stingray Tattoo


Have a knack for a design that is a tad bit sophisticated? We got you covered. The mandala artwork uses intricate designs to make a maze -like pattern that is just hypnotic to the eye.

An excellent idea is to illustrate a bunch of mandala patterns throughout the body of the stingray. The simplicity of the stingray and the complexity of the artworks will complement each other perfectly.

Realistic Stingray Tattoo

Realistic Stingray Tattoo


This kind of tattoo accurately portrays the imagery of the stingrays in its natural vicinity. Therefore, you need to incorporate a lot of details to make the tattoo look real in your body canvas.

For any kind of realistic tattoo, the outline is crucial. It will create a base for the tattoo which you can use to include intricate patterns in the later stage. You should highlight the borders sensibly without overdoing it. A scenic background can make the stingray tattoo feel much more aesthetic.

Stingray Hand Tattoo

Stingray Hand Tattoo


Perhaps the most heartbreaking story associated with stingrays is the death of Steve Erwin. This zookeeper from Australia fell to his death when he encountered a stingray while diving deep underwater. The stingray attacked Steve and he couldn’t stand a chance against the mighty beast.

The news made headlines and everybody mourned. Still today, people get hand tattoos to commemorate Steve’s legacy. The tattoo also expresses the notion that we should always lend a hand to make our world a better place.

Watercolor stingray Tattoo

Watercolor stingray Tattoo


Watercolor perfectly encapsulates the essence of stingrays. You cannot hold stingrays captive. With their wide shape, they would glide in the water swiftly swimming away.

The nature of watercolors is just like that. They don’t have any boundaries. Once you set off the color, it will keep on flowing until the ink runs out. Therefore, these two elements work well together.

Stingray Arm Tattoo

Stingray Arm Tattoo


Arm tattoos convey the wearer’s power and strength. People in the past believed that wearing a tattoo on their arm before a battle would give them strength.

People usually get the artwork of their totems. Stingrays are great totem animals because of their fierce strength and quick reflexes. Once you have the tattoo on your hand, you’ll feel unstoppable.

Stingray Tattoo Behind The Ear

Stingray Tattoo Behind The Ear


Many claim that their ears are their biggest source of insecurity. They just hate the way their ears look. Well, you can’t do much about the structure of your ear but you can surely enhance its appearance by getting a stingray tattoo.

But make sure you don’t ink too deeply. The skin behind your ear is quite soft. Therefore, accidents can happen. Always be gentle with your stencils to portray a breathtaking stingray tattoo.

Stingray Forearm Tattoo

Stingray Forearm Tattoo


Tattoos are not always to showcase it to the world. A tattoo can be personal that can convey something very special that only the wearer will be wary of. So, people always look for a place in the body where they control when to show and hide their tattoos.

There is no other place other than your forearm that has the ability to do that. When you feel like you want to exhibit your stingray tattoo, you can stretch out your forearm. If you are feeling self aware then you can easily conceal the tattoo at any moment.

Fineline Stingray Tattoo

Fineline Stingray Tattoo


Fine Line tattoos are quite artistic. They give off a very psychedelic effect. When you look at this kind of tattoo for too long, you will feel like your soul has left the vessel and is now traveling into outer space. It’s an experience that can’t be expressed in words.

To portray something as magical as stingrays, there isn’t a better style. The deep black color will accurately depict the intensity and the rawness of the stingrays.

Cute Stingray Tattoo

Cute Stingray Tattoo


There is a video circulating on the internet where a fisherman catches a stingray and puts it to the deck of the boat. Then, he gently tickles the stingray and it bursts out laughing. The authenticity of the tattoo is questionable but one thing’s for sure that the video is adorable.

There is just something cute about the stingray laughing; they just melt our hearts. Even in nature, these innocent creatures look quite friendly and approachable.

Stingray Thigh Tattoo

Stingray Thigh Tattoo


Your thigh has ample amount of space to draw the stingray in its entirety. You can include a wide range of intricate details and blazing colors to make the tattoo something to die for.

Thigh tattoos have gained popularity because of the wiggle effect. When you walk, your thigh jiggles. So when you have stingray in the thigh, it will also move as if it’s alive in your skin.

Stingray Ankle Tattoo

Stingray Ankle Tattoo


Some people consider the ankle to be the worst place to get a stingray tattoo. But with proper creativity and a solid design, even your ankle can be a good spot.

The key to getting an amazing ankle tattoo is to first get a framework. You should always picture an artwork that makes the centerpiece to be above or superior. So, if you want to express your desire to stand out among others, then this is the design for you.

Japanese Stingray Tattoo

Japanese Stingray Tattoo


The entire city of Japan is under the sea. Therefore, it’s quite obvious why they are so obsessed with sea creatures.

Stingrays are not just a visual feast for them. They are also a source of protein. Japanese make Sushi from the stingrays. In some parts, they are even considered as gods who are believed to protect them from evil things.

If you are opting for this tattoo, then make sure you incorporate a wide range of colors. Japanese are quite festive and they love to ornament themselves with colors. You should do the same for your stingray tattoo.

Stingray Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Stingray Shoulder Blade Tattoo


Your shoulder blade resembles the body of the stingray. They have the same wide and flat structure. Therefore, it’s only fitting to get a stingray tattoo on your shoulder blade.

Your shoulder is quite a sensual place as well. When you get the tattoo, the stingray will peek through your cloth. It will appear as if it’s luring you into its vicinity to do something quite evil.

Mermaid and Stingray Tattoo

Mermaid and Stingray Tattoo


Mermaids are mythical creatures that lived under the seas. They were so beautiful that whoever laid eyes on them fell deeply in love with them. Mermaids used their alluring beauty to manipulate voyagers to come with them. They then took the voyager deep into the ocean and devoured them.

The stingrays have always been associated with the mermaids. In many movies and literature, they have been depicted to glide around the mermaids as if they are playing with them.

Geometric Stingray Tattoo

Geometric Stingray Tattoo


Geometric tattoos are a fascinating concept which consists of only using geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles or circles. To illustrate a geometric tattoo, you need to unlock the mathematical side of your brain.

If you look closely at the stingray, you will notice that there are only a couple of main shapes. A circle can be used to illustrate the main body whereas a straight line is more than enough to depict the tail. Throw in a bunch of other shapes into the mix and voila.

Stingray Wrist Tattoo

Stingray Wrist Tattoo


The wrist has seen a great deal of mutilation over the years thanks to humans. Back then, people would cut their wrists to symbolize their allegiance or loyalty. Sometimes people slashed their wrists to create letters in the blood to demonstrate how much they truly love someone.

These are just foolish choices. The same message and feeling can be conveyed without mutilating your wrist by getting a startling stingray tattoo instead.

Blackwork Stingray Tattoo

Blackwork Stingray Tattoo


Blackwork tattoos completely cover the entire surface of your skin. So, there is no turning back. Once you get this tattoo, you cannot reverse it.

Therefore, you should think carefully about what you want to portray in your body if you are opting for a blackwork tattoo. A stingray is always a good option because they typically come in a single hue in nature. So it’s simple to depict the stingray with a dark color.

Stingray Ribs Tattoo

Stingray Ribs Tattoo


There is an ancient urge which still lurks inside of us to capture animals and put them in a cage. Over the years, we have domesticated many species. We have even put sea creatures captive by putting them in aquariums.

But a cage is a bit different. In aquariums, stingrays swim in their own will. On the other hand, creatures in a cage don’t have much will. You are the one that is in control. Perhaps this dark twisted thought manifested in the conceptualization of the stingray ribs tattoo.

Stingray Bicep Tattoo

Stingray Bicep Tattoo


This is a must for all the gym lovers out there. If you have been hitting the gym, your muscle probably has gotten much bigger than before. When you apply force, the biceps get stretched out.

So if you get a stingray tattoo in there, it will also get bigger when you apply force. When you relax your muscles, it will shrink to its original shape. How magical is that! This kind of theatricality cannot be found in any other place in your body.

Floral Stingray Tattoo

Floral Stingray Tattoo


If you are struggling to come up with ideas for your stingray tattoo then you should just look around. Mother nature has bestowed so many jarring designs upon us that we tend to ignore. These beautiful patterns can be mixed with the stingray tattoo to create a work of art.

Floral patterns are always a good choice as it takes the tattoo to a new level. It brings a more rustic and natural look to the tattoo that feels more welcoming.

Swimming With The Stingrays: A Timelapse For The Ages

Stingray tattoos aren’t that difficult to portray as the morphological structure is pretty straightforward. But there is a lot of approach you can take to ink the tattoo from scratch. This is why it can get a bit tricky.

To give you a better understanding, we have an amazing artist illustrating a beautiful stingray tattoo from his imagination. Look closely to get some ideas.


Looking for answers to your questions? We got you covered. In this section, we have selected some of the most burning questions that can arise at any moment in your mind regarding the stingray tattoo. The answers will surely shock you.

Q: Are Stingray Tattoos Lucky?

Ans: Stingray tattoos are considered to be extremely lucky by a lot of people. They believe that they are the protectors of the sea keeping away cyclones and typhoons. When you get the tattoo, it will keep away all your enemies from harming you.

Q: Do Stingray Tattoos Hurt A Lot?

Ans: Any kind of permanent tattoo will hurt a lot. If you want to get a realistic stingray tattoo then the pain would be far greater. A minimalistic tattoo without much detail will probably hurt less.

Q: Where Should You Get The Stingray Tattoo?

Ans: Stingray tattoos look good anywhere on your body. But in our opinion, the neck and the back is the best place for getting a stingray tattoo.


Stingray tattoos are a bold tattoo choice that express a wide range of emotions. If you get this tattoo, you will feel a sudden surge of strength. You won’t be able to be lazy anymore. The tattoo will keep on reminding you to be the best version of yourself.

There are a lot of things you can do with a stingray tattoo. You can combine with other ocean or natural elements to make it look more rustic. You can throw in some modern components to make it appear more trendy. The options are limitless.

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