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64 Spartan Tattoo Ideas To Embrace Your Inner Warrior

The Spartan tattoo is a classic tattoo that has never gone out of style. It is a constant fan favorite as a way to show one’s inner spirit as a warrior. This tattoo features the warriors of Sparta who fought a large army with only simple weapons and sheer willpower.

The Spartan tattoo features the fearless Spartans. So this tattoo acts as a constant and permanent reminder to be bold and fearless in your life’s choices. This is also a great way to show your mental strength, courage, and a sense of honor.

The tattoo is also versatile in its design options. So there are many design options for the Spartan tattoo out there. To ease the pain of finding out the perfect tattoo for you, we have cherry-picked some of the most unique and visually aesthetic spartan tattoo designs for you.

Let’s check them out.

Spartan Tattoo: Meaning And Symbolisms

Spartan Tattoo Meaning


Before looking at the designs, you should get familiar with what the tattoo can mean for you. The spartan tattoo generally represents the qualities of the Spartan warriors. They were an elite warrior force from ancient Greek who possessed incredible strength and loyalty. They held a strong sense of honor and discipline that made them legendary warriors.

The spartan tattoo features all of these meanings carried by the Spartans. It shows the wearer’s strength, loyalty, courage, discipline, and honor.

But the tattoo can also represent other meanings depending on its interpretation and design choices. The tattoo can also hold a personal meaning depending on your choice. Or you can simply do the tattoo for its aesthetic purposes.

Spartan Tattoo Designs To Unleash Your Warrior Spirit

The design options for the spartan tattoos are as versatile as their meaning. You would find a ton of design choices on the internet for the Spartan tattoo. But you’d have a hard time finding a unique tattoo design.

To aid you in this venture, we have gathered some of the most amazing Spartan Tattoo designs for you. You can get one of these tattoos or just get some ideas from these tattoos.

Let’s get started.

Spartan Helmet Tattoo

Spartan Helmet Tattoo 1


Spartan Helmet Tattoo 2


Spartan Helmet Tattoo 3


The spartan helmet is an iconic symbol featuring the helmet that was worn by the Spartans. As the helmet was unique to the Spartans, it represents their warrior spirit and unwavering determination.

The design for this tattoo is as diverse as the Spartan tattoo itself. This tattoo features only the helmet of a Spartan with some intricate details and ornamentation. The helmet can feature the typical brush top or can be paired with features.

The tattoo shows the spartan helmet in great detail. And to do that the tattoo must be placed somewhere visible. So the usual placement for the tattoo is on the forearm, shoulder, or sleeve. The tattoo is also mostly done in color to replicate the intricate details of the helmet. But you can always get the tattoo in black and white.

Spartan Warrior Tattoo

Spartan Warrior Tattoo 1


Spartan Warrior Tattoo 2


Spartan Warrior Tattoo 3


The Spartans were indomitable fighters and great warriors. So, if you are looking to get a warrior tattoo, you cannot go wrong with the Spartan warrior tattoo. This tattoo typically features the Spartan warrior in his full glory holding his spear and shield.

This tattoo represents all the meanings and attributes held by the spartan warrior. This tattoo shows the wearer’s determination, unwavering resolve, strength, and power. This tattoo is also a very masculine tattoo.

The design of this tattoo usually features the intricate details of the Spartan warrior’s armor, shield, and spear. This tattoo can be placed anywhere visible on the body including the chest and the back. The tattoo is often done in black and white to keep the rugged aesthetic.

Spartan Sleeve Tattoo

Spartan Sleeve Tattoo 1

Spartan Sleeve Tattoo 2


Spartan Sleeve Tattoo 3


The spartan sleeve tattoo is a great way to showcase your creativity and turn the spartan tattoo into a long tattoo with multiple elements. The tattoo even allows you to take a storytelling approach with multiple different tattoos side by side featuring the Spartan warrior.

The sleeve tattoo usually covers designs such as the spartan warrior in his full glory covering the entire arm. But the tattoo can be far simpler by centering the spear of the spartan warrior and the other spartan elements covering the entire sleeve.

The tattoo looks best in a monochrome style featuring a mix of different elements. The tattoo can be done in color, but we’d recommend a black-and-white aesthetic.

Spartan Shield Tattoo

Spartan Shield Tattoo 1

Spartan Shield Tattoo 2


Similar to the Spartan Spear, the Spartan shield is also a unique weapon for the Spartans. The spear features some delicate patterns that were unique to the Spartans. So the tattoo also follows the same design language.

The Spartan shield tattoo represents defense, and resilience along with the sheer determination and willpower of the Spartan warriors. This tattoo can often feature the lambda sign as a signature spartan symbol.

This tattoo can be customized to your heart’s content. You can get the tattoo featuring the shield with some intricate details. Or you can show a battle-worn and broken shield.  The shield can also be accompanied by the helmet and the spear.

Spartan Forearm Tattoo

Spartan Forearm Tattoo 1


Spartan Forearm Tattoo 2


Spartan Forearm Tattoo 3


If you are looking for a visible tattoo featuring the Spartan theme, then the forearm tattoo is a good placement choice. As the forearm is a visible placement, the spartan tattoo has to be intricately detailed and ornamented.

The tattoo represents the wearer’s pride in the tattoo and the Spartan spirit. The tattoo represents everything the Spartan tattoo represents such as your unwavering determination, strength, and power.

As a visible tattoo, this tattoo is often done in vivid colors and great details. You can even make a wrap-around tattoo featuring the Spartan warrior around your arm. The tattoo can also be just done in black and white depending on your preference.

Spartan Chest Tattoo

Spartan Chest Tattoo


The chest is a big canvas and allows for a bigger spartan tattoo. So this tattoo features a big depiction of a Spartan warrior on either side of the chest. The tattoo can also cover the entire chest featuring an even bigger tattoo.

The chest tattoo can incorporate elements including The spartan warrior, the helmet, the spear, or the shield. If you want you can also add a sword, a pair of angel wings, or even a lion to cover the entire chest. As the tattoo will most likely be covered, this tattoo is often just done in black and white.

Spartan Sword Tattoo

Spartan Sword Tattoo 1


Spartan Sword Tattoo 2


This tattoo features the classic sword of the Spartan warriors with a curved edge. If you were looking for a beautiful and unique sword tattoo, then this tattoo should be your go-to. The tattoo represents your warrior spirit and an urge for action.

The Spartan sword tattoo can be customized with any element you like. Other than the typical additions of the spear, shield, and helmet, you can also add some flowers, skulls, and flames to the tattoo. The tattoo is mostly done in black and white to keep the edgy aesthetic.

Spartan Arm Tattoo

Spartan Arm Tattoo 1


Spartan Arm Tattoo 2


The Spartan arm tattoo is another visible tattoo that features the Spartan warrior. This tattoo covers the entire arm with different elements like the sword, spear, or shield. Or this tattoo can feature a Spartan warrior in his full glory wearing the full armor set.

As the arm is one of the most visible and versatile placements, you can easily get the tattoo in color. But if you are looking for a minimalist style, then you can opt for a monochrome color scheme.

Spartan and Lion Tattoo

Spartan and Lion Tattoo


This tattoo features two classic symbols of strength: the lion and the spartan warrior. The tattoo can showcase a spartan warrior taming a lion, or a lion’s head beside the spartan helmet. The design options are endless. The tattoo is mostly done in black and white to keep a rugged look.

Spartan Spear Tattoo

Spartan Spear Tattoo


The spear was the classic weapon of choice for the Spartan warriors. The spear was their way to fight enemies from a long distance. This tattoo features the Spartan Spear along with other Spartan elements like the shield and the helmet.

If you are looking for a bigger tattoo, the spear can be featured itself with some intricate details of the spear tip. This tattoo can cover the entire arm, forearm, or shoulder to showcase the long spear. The tattoo can be done in color or in black and white.

Spartan Back Tattoo

Spartan Back Tattoo


If you are looking for a bigger tattoo on a bigger canvas, the back is the perfect placement to do so. This tattoo features a big feature of a Spartan warrior in his full glory covering the entire back. The tattoo is usually done in black and gray showing some great details.

Spartan Skull Tattoo

Spartan Skull Tattoo


The Spartan skull tattoo is a bold and broody tattoo design featuring a skeleton wearing a Spartan helmet. This tattoo represents the fragility and impermanence of life along with the acceptance of death. This tattoo is usually done with intricate details and in black and gray color schemes to create a striking image.

Spartan Race Tattoo

Spartan Race Tattoo


The Spartan race tattoo features elements from the unique obstacle race known as the Spartan race. This tattoo can feature the logo of the race on the forearm, chest, back, or shoulder. This is a favorite among runners who participated in this insane obstacle course.

Spartan Gladiator Tattoo

Spartan Gladiator Tattoo


The Spartan Gladiator tattoo features the unique combination of the legendary Greek Gladiators and the Spartan warriors. This is very powerful imagery showing the raw power and strength of the wearer. This tattoo combines the classic armors of the gladiator and the Spartans to create a statement piece.

Spartan Logo Tattoo

Spartan Logo Tattoo 1


Spartan Logo Tattoo 2


The spartan logo tattoo simply features the spartan warrior or any part associated with the warrior in a logo style. This tattoo typically shows a spartan helmet as a logo. The tattoo can be done in monochrome or color depending on the wearer.

Spartan Angel Tattoo

Spartan Angel Tattoo 1


Spartan Angel Tattoo 2


This is a very unique design for the spartan tattoo featuring the strength of the Spartan warrior with the spirituality of an angel. This tattoo represents the wearer’s strength, courage, and determination with the guidance, and spirituality of an angel.

This tattoo can feature the spartan warrior with a halo on his head, or a pair of angel wings. This tattoo can also feature other elements such as spears, shields, and the spartan helmet. The tattoo is mostly done in black and white. But you can get the tattoo in a realistic style to make the tattoo even more stunning.

Realistic Spartan Tattoo

Realistic Spartan Tattoo


The realistic Spartan tattoo is a unique tattoo that features a realistic depiction of a Spartan warrior. This tattoo requires an experienced artist who can bring the intricate features of the Spartan warrior, and his weapons to life. The tattoo is mostly done in color to replicate the realistic effect.

Spartan Bicep Tattoo

Spartan Bicep Tattoo 1


Spartan Bicep Tattoo 2


The Spartan tattoo on the bicep is a great way to show power and strength. This focuses on the strength of the spartan warrior channeled into the wearer. As this tattoo is very visible, it is often done in color.

Traditional Spartan Tattoo

Traditional Spartan Tattoo


The traditional spartan tattoo is for those who want a classic tattoo style. This tattoo features the spartan warrior in the traditional American tattoo style. The tattoo boasts muted colors and bold black outlines. This tattoo can be done on the forearm or on the shoulder to show the beautiful traditional style.

Spartan Eagle Tattoo

Spartan Eagle Tattoo


The spartan eagle tattoo combines two elements of power and strength. The design can feature the eagle placed on the shoulder of a spartan warrior, or the head of the eagle and a spartan helmet. The tattoo can be done in color or in black and white on the forearm or shoulder.

How To Do A Glaring Spartan Tattoo

The video shows the process of getting a spartan tattoo on the shoulder. To do the tattoo, the artist first covers the arm with the design with a stencil. Then the artist moves directly to a broad-size needle to cover the highlights of the tattoo. The artist does the entire tattoo in multiple steps and cleans the space time-to-time.

The video is a good reference point if you are in the market for a big Spartan tattoo on the shoulder. But if you are looking to get a Spartan tattoo in general in any other location, the video will also give you some ideas about the process.


There are tons of design choices for the Spartan tattoos. And with all these designs come many questions. We have answered some of the questions in our tattoo ideas guide section above. But for your convenience here are some other frequently asked questions regarding the spartan tattoo.

Q: Are spartan tattoos only for men?

Answer: The answer is no. Although Spartan tattoos are more popular among men to showcase their masculinity and warrior spirit, the tattoo is not exclusive to men. You can get the tattoo regardless of your gender if you love the design or can connect with the meaning of the tattoo.

Q: Do I have to have a Greek heritage for Spartan tattoos?

Answer: Absolutely not. There is no need to have a Greek heritage to get a spartan tattoo. Anyone can get the Spartan tattoo if they relate to the meaning and symbolism associated with the tattoo or simply like the visual aesthetic of the tattoo.


To wrap up, the spartan tattoo is an absolutely gorgeous way to ink an ancient history on your skin. This tattoo offers you the opportunity to show your inner spirit and channel the fearless spartan warrior’s unwavering determination into you.

Like the dynamic meaning of the tattoo, the design choices for this tattoo are also very dynamic. You can get the tattoo in a variety of styles. From all of these styles, we’ve carefully curated some simple and complex designs for you.

We hope you like the designs and choose one for yourself. Or you can just create a custom design by taking inspiration from these designs. The choice is yours. Whatever you end up doing, the tattoo will turn out to be amazing.

Happy Tattooing!

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