25 Sound Wave Tattoos That Cater To All Occasions

These days, tattoos seem to be more presentable and likable when the patterns go beyond the visual aspect, and comprise a dash of realism and relatability as well.

While emblem tattoos of insects and animals can be used to shed light on the beauty of realism, abstract patterns hit the jackpot when it comes to relatability, one of which is the Sound Wave tattoo.

Since each pattern tends to be the code to a different theme, sound wave tattoos come in different shapes and sizes. The tattoo is a great way for adventurers to showcase their distinct taste in music and a sublime design to incorporate into a delicate body part of a first-timer.

In this article, we will take a closer look into all the promising variations that one can pull off with the help of a sound wave tattoo. To make sure your feelings of doubt only exist in theory, we will also inspect and reveal what Sound Wave tattoos typically tend to convey.

The Meaning Of Sound Wave Tattoos On Closer Inspection

Sound Wave Tattoo Meaning


When push comes to shove, it’s quite easy to tell why Sound Wave tattoos are currently on the horizon of the most desired tattoos in pop culture. The wavy lines can surely capture the eyes of many on the outside, but its symbolism’s versatility is rich enough to sweep everyone off their feet.

While sound wave tattoos only comprise patterns that transform into audio clips when scanned, the kind of audio incorporated into each pattern remains subjective. With a sound wave tattoo, a wearer can hold on to their favourite music, take a walk down memory lane with an old audio clip, and can even remember a loved one by incorporating the sound of their voice into the design.

On top of being compatible, sound wave tattoos are also known for being free-size designs. One can expand a variant as much as they please, but can also trim the dimensions to mesh the artwork into compact body parts.

15 Exceptionally Put Sound Wave Tattoo Ideas That Are Currently On Trend!

As stated earlier, the ways in which one can wear a sound wave tattoo are endless. The placement area seems just as flexible, as the distinct artwork can seamlessly be tuned down or expanded accordingly to match the circumference of an existing body part.

If you’ve made it this far, we assume that you haven’t skipped out on the previous segment, where we explored and revealed just how open-minded sound wave tattoos are due to their lenient symbolism. And if our former assumption is accurate enough, reward yourself by skimming through a list of our favourite variants of sound wave tattoos currently up for grabs!

Bird Sound Wave Tattoo

Bird Sound Wave Tattoo


Finding serenity could very well be a target you’d like to obtain with the help of your sound wave tattoo. And while you may add the wavelength to your favourite song to meet that criterion, adding a bird’s chirp could be another quick and easy way of satisfying your need.

A bird sound wave tattoo won’t just help you find peace in a matter of seconds, but it will also fill in the excessive gaps that most sound wave tattoos leave behind, making the first impression of the design more appealing.

While you may incorporate a crow into your tattoo for a neutral colour scheme, you can also turn to the visuals of a cardinal tattoo if you want the outside to be as impactful as the inside!

Tree Sound Wave Tattoo

Tree Sound Wave Tattoo


Another way you can stand out with your sound wave tattoo is through the visuals of trees, as their silhouettes are typically in-sync with that of the wavelengths used in a sound wave tattoo.

Since it would indeed be impossible to lead a healthy or substantially lengthy life without trees, it’s no surprise that each variation of a tree is associated with life. While any kind of tree will be sufficient enough to team up with the graphic of a sound wave tattoo, our recommended suggestion would definitely be a palm tree, as its structure is probably the easiest to observe!

Sound Wave Tattoo on Forearm

Sound Wave Tattoo on Forearm 1


Sound Wave Tattoo on Forearm 2


The forearm is considered to be the best placement option for tattoos; a claim that soundwave tattoos back wholeheartedly.

Due to their spacious nature, the wavelength of any sound can fit in one of the two forearms with ease. Since the forearms also comprise very few nerve endings and tons of tough layers on the surface, obtaining a large artwork of a sound wave tattoo should also be convenient and pain-free.

When getting forearm soundwave tattoos, most people typically prefer paying tribute to their loved ones. Therefore, if you’d like to ink the unforgettable memories that you’ve shared with your parents, friends, or family members, don’t take this option for granted!

Sound Wave Ring Tattoo

Sound Wave Ring Tattoo


While most sound wave tattoos are no short of being sizable and hefty, the artwork is also open to smaller variations with a toned-down layout. A primary example that demonstrates how welcoming it is to smaller patterns is a sound wave ring tattoo, the next entry on our list.

A sound wave ring tattoo can be the perfect option to throw into the mix if you’re easily fascinated by delicate body parts, as it can only be obtained as a finger tattoo. Although the simplicity of its design makes it the perfect candidate for beginners to experiment with, the painful tattooing process can be a challenge that many might struggle to cope with.

Watercolor Sound Wave Tattoo

Watercolor Sound Wave Tattoo


To many of you, a sound wave tattoo can easily be perceived as a plain and monotone variant due to its black-and-white or one-dimensional colour palette. However, with a little bit of effort, you can definitely turn things around and obtain a high-spirited variation!

Instead of making direct changes to the layout of the sound wave tattoo, try surrounding the selected wavelength with an array of colours. To obtain the best case scenario, you can incorporate or replicate all the colours from a rainbow. You may also resort to a tri-tone combo with bright tones to change the final impression of your tattoo in a remarkable manner!

Tribal Sound Wave Tattoo

Tribal Sound Wave Tattoo


Even though we’re living in the 21st century, there’s no doubt that some of us may have had family members that once served for and were unconditionally loyal to a tribe. And if you’d like to obtain a tattoo in their honour, do so by taking inspiration from this tribal sound wave tattoo.

While you can replicate the visuals in the photo used for reference, you may also take notes from Polynesian patterns to develop an authentic design. To make sure the sound wave tattoo doesn’t backfire, don’t forget to take assistance from an experienced tattoo artist!

Matching Sound Wave Tattoo

Matching Sound Wave Tattoo


Sometimes, tattoos can also be utilized to express feelings of love and take an existing relationship to a whole new level. And if you’re not quite sold on that take of ours, take into account the thought of obtaining matching sound wave tattoos.

If you’re getting this tattoo inked with your significant other, try adding the sound wave of the music that played during your first date, or a mutual favourite tune that both of you listen to on a daily basis.

On another note, if you’re pursuing this tattoo with a family member or one of your siblings, try adding a wavelength of an old footage that carries unforgettable events!

Armband Sound Wave Tattoo

Armband Sound Wave Tattoo


An armband tattoo is typically associated with feelings of strength and luck. However, when teamed up with a sound wave tattoo, the symbolism appears to become even stronger and more resilient!

While the layout of the tattoo is replaced with a series of wavelengths, the area of placement and symbolism tends to stay the same. Don’t hesitate to add a clip that gives you strength and courage either, as your new armband sound wave tattoo will only take seconds to scan and generate.

Floral Sound Wave Tattoo

Floral Sound Wave Tattoo 1


Floral Sound Wave Tattoo 2


A sound wave tattoo is notably known for enabling users to express their taste in music, but it can also be exploited to convey an artwork that reeks of feminine energy. And while incorporating butterfly tattoos can be a direct way of enhancing any sound wave tattoo with a feminine aura, orchestrating the pattern with a floral design can be just as compelling.

While rose tattoos remain front runners among floral designs, the December birth flower tattoo, one of our favorites, remains a close second!

Sound Wave Wrist Tattoo

Sound Wave Wrist Tattoo


Working a 9-5 could seem challenging when you have tattoos as your intentions could easily be frowned upon and misunderstood. But, if you’d like to go forward with your decision to get a sound wave tattoo anyway, try not to dismiss the potential of the sound wave wrist tattoo.

By obtaining a sound wave tattoo on the wrist, you’ll garner direct control over the crowd that will be exposed to the artwork. Since a wrist tattoo often lacks volume, covering it should be a walk in the park as long as you’re wearing a top with full sleeves! Be sure to use a fine-line needle, however, as this area contains multiple nerve endings that are susceptible to damage!

Elephant with Sound Wave Tattoo

Elephant with Sound Wave Tattoo


A common issue with sound wave tattoos lies within the images of each variant, which tends to feel empty and lacks colour on most occasions. However, if you’d like your sound wave tattoo to overcome that drawback with ease, know that obtaining a portrait of an elephant alongside a sound wave tattoo will be enough.

Even though the colour way of the elephant should comprise a neutral colour scheme for establishing a realistic feel, you can make adjustments to the sound wave tattoo and drape it in a vibrant colour combination to bring in more balance to your tattoo’s visuals.

Sound Wave Above the Knee Tattoo

Sound Wave Above the Knee Tattoo


A sound wave tattoo can be a marvellous pattern to explore for those with creative minds due to its adaptability to various demands, but it can also be used to entertain the needs of those that prefer delicate tattoos. And if you’re also willing to bear with a little bit of pain to meet your match, let us present to you the above-the-knee sound wave tattoo!

Although you can translate any existing audio clip with this tattoo, know that the procedure will be uneventful if your artist isn’t experienced enough. Therefore, make sure the tattoo parlour you go to comprises a team of experts who can create tattoos in sensitive areas in a lenient and hassle-free manner!

Sound Wave Tattoo on Hand

Sound Wave Tattoo on Hand


In our opinion, a sound wave tattoo shouldn’t be swept under the rug. Since it’s typically used as a means of expressing individuality and encourages wearers to be loud and proud about who they love and what they find contentment in, the perfect design that justifies its existence is a sound wave tattoo on hand!

A sound wave hand tattoo is definitely for you if you’d like to expose the artwork to as many people as you can on a regular basis. Be sure to prepare yourself mentally before visiting your tattoo artist, however, as the hand is one of the more painful areas to use for obtaining tattoos!

Small Sound Wave Tattoo

Small Sound Wave Tattoo


You could definitely turn to a sound wave tattoo if you’d like to put yourself out there a little more. However, if you happen to be an introvert who plans on staying just as reserved afterwards, know that a sound wave tattoo can still remain a top pick on your list.

To free yourself from a variation that’s loud and edgy, try taking notes from this small sound wave tattoo. Sure, it doesn’t offer much to viewers that prefer jarring colour schemes and vivid components in their artwork, but the compact nature of the sound wave should be enough for your minimalist mindset, and wide enough for you to be able to incorporate your favourite tune!

Arrow Sound Wave Tattoo

Arrow Sound Wave Tattoo


Similar to a sound wave tattoo, an arrow tattoo conveys various meanings. It can convey a time of hardship, but it can also be the perfect artwork to experiment with during a phase of positivity due to its affiliation with peace.

The mesh of an arrow tattoo and a sound wave tattoo, also known as an arrow sound wave tattoo, is an excellent option to try out if you have a knack for sharp yet crystal-clear visuals. To make the first impression of the layout even more enticing, try adding compatible shapes and colours. You may also want to add a tune that speaks to you personally if you’d like the viewers to know more about yourself!


Sound wave tattoos are definitely on the rise right now due to how open it is to adapting to the views of and understanding the vision of tattoo enthusiasts. The wavy pattern is a breath of fresh air to look at, and can be an added bonus to your tattoo collection if you’re quite the storyteller.

When it comes to sound wave tattoos, the most favoured area of placement is the forearm. The area isn’t just a recommended pick for the amount of space it provides or how neatly it presents each variation, but it also has what it takes to offer a painless procedure to debutants looking to hop on the trend of getting tattoos.

To find the right sound wave tattoo, you really have to explore your desires before searching for a pattern that is on the same page as your views. While the first part could possibly be a self-supported journey, be sure to take notes from the formerly-mentioned entries of sound wave tattoos before creating and finalizing the groundwork of your own soundwave tattoo!

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