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134 Must-Have Admirable Designs Of The Skeleton Hand Tattoo

A very strange yet magnificent tattoo is currently on the rise, and it’s commonly referred to as the skeleton hand tattoo.

As its name suggests, a skeleton hand tattoo mainly comprises the bony framework of one’s hand. While the design of it alone can very well be enough for a tattoo to be called monumental, a skeleton hand tattoo can also be in collaboration with other symbols for great results.

Prior to obtaining its breakthrough, the skeleton hand tattoo was a piece of art that was frowned upon. However, as each year passed by, the artwork gained a fanbase for its generous symbolism and distinct visuals. Keep reading to learn more about skeleton tattoos and gain knowledge on all the unique designs they can be showcased with!

Skeleton Hand Tattoo: What Does It Mean?

Skeleton hand tattoo 1

Just like most people, I too struggled to fathom why and how a skeleton hand tattoo rose to prominence. However, once I looked up the symbolism, that feeling of mine faded away.

According to most sources, a skeleton hand tattoo is associated with death and fearlessness. In some cases, its symbolism is affiliated with protection and bravery.

Despite being intimidating in terms of appearance, a skeleton hand tattoo is a good installment to try out if you’re seeking a spiritual journey. A bunch of my clients that incorporated the symbol of a skeleton’s hand into a tattoo often mentioned how they were using it as a source of positivity. Another lot even mentioned using the intricate image to accept the inevitability of death, which, while dark, spoke volumes in multiple ways.

Should You Obtain A Skeleton Tattoo? 134 Skeleton Hand Tattoo Ideas To Look Into!

As stated earlier, a skeleton hand tattoo is a lone wolf. It is typically obtained without a sidekick or a supporting symbol due to how powerful it is on its own as a tattoo. However, just like most tattoos in this world, a skeleton hand tattoo can be smoothly paired up with the shade of another as long as the aura is on the same wavelength.

Over the course of my career as a tattoo connoisseur, I have created around a thousand symbols of a skeleton’s hand into a tattoo. While most of them looked the same and had the same procedure, some of them really astonished me to the point of no return.

From being showcased in a traditional manner to being paired up with wonderful creatures, here’s a list of my favorite variations of the skeleton hand tattoo.

Rose Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Rose skeleton hand tattoo

Despite being perceived as a one-man army in the tattoo world, the most popular variant of the skeleton hand tattoo features a collaboration of the hand tattoo and a rose tattoo.

The best placement candidate for this design is the wrist. Despite running a little narrow in terms of width, the evenness of the area in addition to its length makes it a very convenient spot.

The color scheme of this tattoo is usually neutral. I usually create the pattern with a fine-line round liner to avoid any potential mishap. After the distinct features of both the skeleton and the rose have been made, I use a magnum shader to create the blurry black tone of the hand and fill in the leaves and stem of the rose.

If my client asks for a monochromatic image, I add a black and gray shade using the same magnum shader for the rose. However, I personally prefer adding some color to the tattoo by draping the rose with a bright shade of red.

Traditional Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Traditiona skeleton hand tattoo

A skeleton’s hand can also be expressed in the form of a color tattoo, preferably through a traditional tattoo.

Unlike the previous entry, this variant features an aura of colors. Due to the bright color scheme, the skeleton hand tattoo is also less frightful and intimidating.

Although the structure of this design is limited, a good way to break free from the restrictions and introduce some authenticity could be achieved by changing the color palette of the flowers and every other component that is involved.

Small Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Small skeleton hand tattoo

Skeleton tattoos in my opinion look exceptional as small tattoos. Although the procedure could be a bit of a challenge for me or any tattoo artist, the attention to detail that it has makes this design one in a million.

Typically, a 1rl needle is used to create the structure of the hand. Since the piece of equipment contains one needle, it feels like a scratch when making contact with a piece of skin.

Despite being lenient to the wearer, utilizing the tool to create anything is difficult for the artist. Although the final outcome is usually positive, obtaining this variant could be a little time-consuming.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Chest

Skeleton hand tattoo on chest

Another variant of skeleton hand tattoos that gradually grew on me is a skeleton hand tattoo on the chest.

The chest is always an excellent area to implement a good design. Regardless of whether the size is compact or enormous, creating the hand of a skeleton is always an effortless task.

A popular skeleton hand tattoo on one’s chest is the image used for reference. It features the hand of a skeleton, a bow, with a rose used as an arrow,

After creating the artwork with a round liner, I usually create the color scheme with a round shader. Doing so allows me to add the subtle shade of black and gray with ease. I also switch it up every now and then by using a curved magnum to make the total artwork more natural.

Geometric Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Geometric skeleton hand tattoo

Since the formation of a skeleton consists of sharp shapes, lines, and points, a great way to showcase every ounce of a skeleton’s hand can be achieved by creating a geometric skeleton hand tattoo.

Tons of my clients usually ask me to create the shapes first, which honestly makes the whole procedure very time-consuming and hectic. Instead, I feel that the harder portions, which would be the skeleton’s hand and the rose in this scenario, should be created first. Doing so will not just make the wearer happy, but also make things easy for the tattoo artist.

Regardless of what you decide to do with the color scheme, ensure that the image is not a black and gray tattoo as the photo will become extremely monotone and common.

Outline Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Skeleton hand outline tattoo

Certain symbols tend to look best when they’re obtained as a colorless sketch, and a skeleton hand tattoo is undoubtedly one of them.

The artwork looks glamorous regardless of where it’s placed. Since the image comprises just the structure of a hand, it is very time-friendly, which is a trait that many entries on this list lack.

To fight the plainness of this design, you should always add a pearl hue to the image. Using the classic shade of white might be a bit too much for the artwork to handle, and can often overpower the dark borders of this image.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Forearm

Skeleton hand tattoo on forearm

The emblem of a skeleton’s hand fits like a glove with the forearm. Since the forearm contains an even surface, you should always go forward with it if the skeleton hand tattoo you have in mind contains complicated elements.

Since the design comprises a series of colors, it could be the right pick if you’re looking for something that is visually oriented and rather mild in terms of symbolism.

When choosing colors, I often encourage my clientele to resort to options that cater to their taste. However, to play it safe, you should always incorporate soft and vibrant colors into the image.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Bicep

Skeleton hand tattoo on bicep

A common issue with tattoos that have complicated designs is that they’re usually painful to obtain. If that is a major concern of yours as well, you can always play it safe by obtaining a complex skeleton hand tattoo on your bicep.

Creating a bicep tattoo is always a chore for me. While it does welcome the utilization of even the most unreasonable needle with open arms, the flabby surface of one’s bicep comes as a challenge to work around, especially when you’re having to create a design as comprehensive as a skeleton’s hand. Nonetheless, I do appreciate the pain-friendly nature of it and would definitely recommend every beginner to give this variant a go.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Arm

Skeleton hand tattoo on arm

Another placement for a skeleton hand tattoo is the arm, specifically, the tricep region. This is a great location for anyone seeking a tightly packed design. However, due to how limited the dimensions are, creating the tattoo on the tricep could cause a bit of discomfort.

If you still go forward with this option, ensure to ask the tattoo artist to use a magnum liner. Make sure the design is as simple as possible and preferably passes as an outline tattoo.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Thigh

Skeleton hand tattoo on thigh

An easygoing placement for a skeleton hand tattoo is the thigh, especially if the artwork you have is massive.

The side of the thigh is often the preferred area, because of how flat the surface is. The even nature of the thigh is a blessing in disguise for the artist as well as the wearer, as it usually complies rather well with any needle and design. Whether the skeleton hand tattoo is a color tattoo, black and gray tattoo, or just a simple sketch of a skeleton’s hand with a flower, the thigh will always be one of the better spots to place your bet on.

Skeleton Hand Tattoo On Neck

Skeleton hand tattoo on neck

Due to its symbolism, a skeleton hand tattoo could pair well when adjusted onto the surface of the neck.

Since most neck tattoos are affiliated with change, placing the symbol of a skeleton’s hand can be the best-case scenario for you if you consider yourself to be a spiritual person.

A neck tattoo of a skeleton’s hand can also be used as a source of hope and positivity during dark times, which is one of the reasons why it will forever remain a variant that is emotionally moving and unconditionally sought-after.

Butterfly Skeleton Hand Tattoo

Butterfly skeleton hand tattoo

An honorable mention that this list comprises is the butterfly skeleton hand tattoo.

Because a skeleton hand tattoo is a bit hollow, adding creatures of nature can be a great way to enhance the visuals and fill the void at the same time.

If your tattoo artist is new to the game, make sure to ask them to start with the butterfly tattoo first. As the hand is the main star of this design, it is crucial that the exoskeleton of the butterflies is directly proportional to the skeleton hand tattoo.

On another note, if you’re not sure about the kind of butterfly tattoo that you’d like to pair with your skeleton hand tattoo, be sure to check out this issue, which comprises a series of promising butterfly hand tattoos!

More Skeleton Hand Tattoos To Recreate At This Instant!

While the previous list should be sufficient to assist you with your skeleton hand tattoo, the entries it comprises were based on favoritism. In fact, there are many more marvelous designs that you can very well replicate or add to your own skeleton hand tattoo! Make sure to view each of them thoroughly, especially if you haven’t found your right match yet.

Skeleton hand tattoo 2

Skeleton hand tattoo 3

Skeleton hand tattoo 4

Skeleton hand tattoo 5

Skeleton hand tattoo 6

Skeleton hand tattoo 7

Skeleton hand tattoo 8

Skeleton hand tattoo 9

Skeleton hand tattoo 10

Skeleton hand tattoo 11

Skeleton hand tattoo 12

Skeleton hand tattoo 13

Skeleton hand tattoo 14

Skeleton hand tattoo 15

Skeleton hand tattoo 16

Skeleton hand tattoo 17

Skeleton hand tattoo 18

Skeleton hand tattoo 19

Skeleton hand tattoo 20

Skeleton hand tattoo 21

Skeleton hand tattoo 22

Skeleton hand tattoo 23

Skeleton hand tattoo 24

Skeleton hand tattoo 25

Skeleton hand tattoo 27

Skeleton hand tattoo 28

Skeleton hand tattoo 29

Skeleton hand tattoo 30

Skeleton hand tattoo 31

Skeleton hand tattoo 32

Skeleton hand tattoo 33

Skeleton hand tattoo 34

Skeleton hand tattoo 35

Skeleton hand tattoo 36

Skeleton hand tattoo 37

Skeleton hand tattoo 38

Skeleton hand tattoo 39

Skeleton hand tattoo 40

Skeleton hand tattoo 41

Skeleton hand tattoo 42

Skeleton hand tattoo 43

Skeleton hand tattoo 44

Skeleton hand tattoo 45

Skeleton hand tattoo 46

Skeleton hand tattoo 47

Skeleton hand tattoo 48

Skeleton hand tattoo 49

Skeleton hand tattoo 50

Skeleton hand tattoo 51

Skeleton hand tattoo 52

Skeleton hand tattoo 53

Skeleton hand tattoo 54

Skeleton hand tattoo 55

Skeleton hand tattoo 56

Skeleton hand tattoo 57

Skeleton hand tattoo 58

Skeleton hand tattoo 59

Skeleton hand tattoo 60

Skeleton hand tattoo 61

Skeleton hand tattoo 62

Skeleton hand tattoo 63

Skeleton hand tattoo 64

Skeleton hand tattoo 65

Skeleton hand tattoo 66

Skeleton hand tattoo 67

Skeleton hand tattoo 68

Skeleton hand tattoo 69

Skeleton hand tattoo 70

Skeleton hand tattoo 71

Skeleton hand tattoo 72

Skeleton hand tattoo 73

Skeleton hand tattoo 74

Skeleton hand tattoo 75

Skeleton hand tattoo 76

Skeleton hand tattoo 77

Skeleton hand tattoo 78

Skeleton hand tattoo 79

Skeleton hand tattoo 80

Skeleton hand tattoo 81

Skeleton hand tattoo 82

Skeleton hand tattoo 83

Skeleton hand tattoo 84

Skeleton hand tattoo 85

Skeleton hand tattoo 86

Skeleton hand tattoo 87

Skeleton hand tattoo 88

Skeleton hand tattoo 89

Skeleton hand tattoo 90

Skeleton hand tattoo 91

Skeleton hand tattoo 92

Skeleton hand tattoo 93

Skeleton hand tattoo 94

Skeleton hand tattoo 95

Skeleton hand tattoo 96

Skeleton hand tattoo 97

Skeleton hand tattoo 98

Skeleton hand tattoo 99

Skeleton hand tattoo 100

Skeleton hand tattoo 101

Skeleton hand tattoo 102

Skeleton hand tattoo 103

Skeleton hand tattoo 104

Skeleton hand tattoo 105

Skeleton hand tattoo 106

Skeleton hand tattoo 107

Skeleton hand tattoo 108

Skeleton hand tattoo 109

Skeleton hand tattoo 110

Skeleton hand tattoo 111

Skeleton hand tattoo 112

Skeleton hand tattoo 113

Skeleton hand tattoo 114

Skeleton hand tattoo 115

Skeleton hand tattoo 116

Skeleton hand tattoo 117

Skeleton hand tattoo 118

Skeleton hand tattoo 119

Skeleton hand tattoo 120

Skeleton hand tattoo 121

Skeleton hand tattoo 122

BTS’ Jungkook’s Skeleton Hand Tattoo: What Does It Mean?

A reason that skeleton hand tattoos are so popular right now is due to BTS’ Jungkook, who also happens to have a symbol of a skeleton’s hand on his right forearm. The singer got the tattoo sometime around 2019. While its symbolism remains unknown to this day, many fans believe that it represents the life of Jungkook as a musician.

Many fans also believe that it’s a symbol of peace and love. Perhaps the meaning that it conveys will always remain a mystery, but the tattoo itself will forever be iconic!

How Long Does It Take To Create A Skeleton Hand Tattoo?

A common query of many is regarding the timeframe, and, to be honest, the duration of your skeleton hand tattoo will be based on many factors.

The main component that will shape the timeframe is the design. For instance, if the variation lacks size, and is an image with very little detail, it will take around 10 minutes for professionals like myself.

However, if the groundwork of the design is somewhat sizable, for best results with zero to little drawbacks, you should give the artist at least 3 sessions for completion. The duration of each session should at least exceed an hour and 30 minutes, especially if a painless procedure is expected.

Another factor that will determine the timespan is the type of skeleton hand tattoo you’ll be receiving. If the tattoo you’re getting is a color tattoo, it will particularly be easier to implement, taking less time as a result. On the other hand, if your skeleton tattoo consists of a black and gray pattern, the concentrated shade of black will take a good amount of time.

In retrospect, the duration of getting a skeleton tattoo depends on the design, the placement, and the kind of tattoo artist you’re reaching out to.

Final Verdict on Skeleton Hand Tattoos

A skeleton hand tattoo is a great design to look into for beginners. Due to its compatible artwork, it can also be welcomed with open arms into a tattoo that already exists as well.

Even though creating a pattern with no supporting designs can surely be a good way to impress your friends and anyone you meet, teaming it up with natural creatures can also be a safe way to pull it off, especially if you don’t want to scare kids!

Overall, whether you’re seeking a way to embrace change, or coming to terms with reality and the existence of death, getting a skeleton hand tattoo could be a good move to make in my book.

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