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129 Stunning Sharingan Tattoos That Will Bring Back Your Childhood

Naruto is hands down one of the most popular anime of all time.It first received recognition in 2007, days after the first episode aired on television. The main reason behind its ever growing success back then was solely existent due to the enticing plot and the characters that the show had throughout the series. The plot tackled day to day issues that one would face in real life, and each character, regardless of whether they were a protagonist or an antagonist, had a fanbase of their own.

In addition to garnering attention for the plot and characters, Naruto is popular to this day because of the aesthetics of the characters, and certain abilities that they regularly rely on during their fights.

While many showcase their love by cosplaying their favorite character from Naruto, there are loads of people who express their admiration through the means of getting a tattoo. It could be as detailed as a portrait tattoo of one of the main characters, or can also be as subtle and as delicate as the sharingan tattoo, which will be the main agenda of today’s article.

This write-up will comprise not only the meaning of the sharingan tattoo, but also feature a list of designs one can incorporate one their body to rejuvenate the love they have for Naruto and reminisce about their childhood. The second half of the article will contain a final take on what one should do before picking a design, which could definitely be of help to those that are indecisive. Till then, we hope you enjoy the read while we reveal the symbolism of a sharingan tattoo.

An Investigation into The Meaning of The Sharingan Tattoo

Sharingan tattoo 39

When sharingan first made its appearance in the Naruto manga, readers were left confused. It was later revealed that a sharingan, which stands for “copy wheel eye” is an ability that members of every clan incorporate to mimic the most powerful abilities of their opponents. It affects the eyes and causes them to turn red and black in color and form tomoe; comma-like patterns around the eyeballs of the user.

While it is extremely powerful in the anime, the visuals of the sharingan is renowned in popular culture. Loads of people not only find the color scheme of red and black very appealing, but also find the flexibility of the shape very convenient.

Incredible Sharingan Tattoo Ideas To Experiment With This Year!

Now that you have a better understanding of what it looks like and the meaning it symbolizes, it’s time to take a look at some of the best designs that are currently available. You are more than welcome to recreate the designs mentioned below, or can even take inspiration from the entries if you’re coming up with your own design. Nevertheless, we hope you have a memorable time going through the list and find your desired visuals.

Itachi Sharingan Tattoo

Itachi sharingan tattoo

Itachi is the main antagonist in Naruto. Apart from his villainous role, he’s also the strongest character in the entire series. While itachi is popular amongst fans because of his strength, he’s also praised for having the Mangekyo sharingan.

Appearance-wise, the Itachi sharingan tattoo isn’t as simple as it seems. Since it contains a portrait of Itachi, recreating this design might be very time consuming and can even take up to 6 2 hour sessions to mirror.

Furthermore, the placement should be made on areas that are spacious like the back and the chest area. One can even get it on the forearm to expose it to the world more often.

Mangekyo Sharingan Tattoo

Mangekyou sharingan tattoo

The mangekyo sharingan is one of the most unique sharingans in the series. Its design contains three spiraling curves around the pupil, and it gives one the ability to send their opponents or their foes to another dimension.

One of the reasons why this variant is extremely popular amongst admirers of Naruto is because of the simple pattern it contains. The design can either be developed into an expressive tattoo with an enormous layout, or can even be paired up with another tattoo to create a simple tattoo with clear visuals.

Sharingan Eye Tattoo

Sharingan eye tattoo

This option is great for those that are indecisive, as it contains various patterns.

In naruto, a sharingan is as normal as personality traits. The series has 15 types of sharingans, with each containing different visuals. The variant with the plainest visuals is known as the first stage sharingan, which consists of one comma right under the pupil. On the other hand, the most complex sharingan is the Juubi Rinnegan Sharingan, which contains multiple commas around the pupil.

Furthermore, for achieving the best results in terms of appearance, one should place it on compact areas of the body, and obtain a small sharingan tattoo. Installing an enormous design might look unattractive and too loud on most occasions.

Naruto Sharingan Tattoo

Naruto sharingan tattoo

If you started watching Naruto solely because of the main character of the same name, then hop on the bandwagon! Naruto is easily the most likeable character in the show. His enthusiasm, determination, and compassion towards other characters are some of the many reasons why he’s the most popular character on the show after Sasuke.

Furthermore, while Naruto never had the ability to have his own sharingan, it’s not like you can’t create it through an illustration! Besides, we think that it would’ve gone well with his outfit and his natural abilities.
Place the tattoo on your forearm and show it off today! For enhancing the existing appearance, you can also add borders around the artwork, and give the portrait a fade in effect.

Sharingan Hand Tattoo

Sharingan hand tattoo

A hand tattoo can also be an excellent placement for sharingan tattoos. Not only will the visuals be exposed for the world to see, but the spacious nature of the hand will allow every little detail of the sharingan tattoo to stand out.

When placed on the hand, you can also pair the tattoo up with other designs to make the sharingan tattoo stand out even further. Make sure to place frames around it to make the tone of red a bit more apparent.

Kakashi Sharingan Tattoo

Kakashi sharingan tattoo

Kakashi is easily the unsung hero in the anime “Naruto”. While his personality falls under the category of plain and reserved, his abilities as a ninja surely makes up for it.

Kakashi is one of the very few characters in the anime who can generate a sharingan despite not being a member of the Uchiha clan. It all happens when Obito offers him his eye as a replacement to Kakashi’s damaged left eye.

Additionally, in terms of appearance, Kakashi’s sharingan looks more like a shuriken as opposed to the pinwheel-like appearance of a normal sharingan tattoo. One can easily incorporate the portrait of Kakashi with his sharingan to bring back the memories of a truly unforgettable segment, or create a minimalist tattoo containing just the sharingan of Kakashi.

Sharingan Tattoo Sleeve

Sharingan tattoo sleeve

If you’re a fanatic of Naruto and want the visuals to support your claim, go all in and get a sleeve tattoo. Doing so will allow you to not just include the sharingans of your favorite characters, but also a portrait of each character.

Additionally, while it will take a chunk of your time due to its lengthy procedure, a sleeve tattoo is painless more often than not due to the layer of skin that makes up the forearm. This can be a positive if you’ve never gotten a sleeve tattoo, and can also come in handy if you want to add in a bunch of colors to enhance the design of your sleeve tattoo.

Sharingan Rinnegan Tattoo

Sharingan rinnegan tattoo

The rinnegan sharingan is not only an ability that is powerful, but it also gives the summoner with the abilities to transport their clan members to a series of dimensions.

While the meaning of it is compelling, most enthusiasts find the visuals appealing as opposed to the symbolism, which is the reason why they side with this sharingan more often than the rest.

Appearance-wise, the visuals of rinnegan are different from that of a regular sharingan. It has 9 tomae, and 3 circular lines around the pupil. The color can either be bright red, or a dull shade of purple.

Crow With Sharingan Tattoo

Crow with sharingan tattoo

Apart from the Uchiha clan, another unusual creature that had the ability of summoning a sharingan was Itachi’s crow, who was given the eye of Shisui Uchiha to achieve that trait. The intention of the crow’s sharingan was to protect the world, which was fulfilled when the crow sacrificed itself to save the sun and the world from unfortunate scenarios.

Excluding the symbolism, the design of Itachi’s crow with a sharingan is nothing short of enticing. The monochrome of the crow pairs well with the bright red tone of the sharingan with the shuriken like pattern. 

Sharingan Sasuke Tattoo

Sharingan sasuke tattoo

Sasuke was a heartthrob when Naruto was first showcased on tv. The refreshing personality of his in addition to his abilities as a ninja made him a fan favorite overnight.

Furthermore, in the anime, Sasuke is one of the very few characters with the ability to summon two types of sharingans at the same time! The trait was displayed when he put it to use in the later seasons of Naruto. It didn’t come as a surprise, as he is one of the many members of the Uchiha family.

Sasuke mainly used his double sharingan to read the upcoming maneuvers of his opponents to counter them effectively.

Moreover, on another note, the visuals of his double sharingan are extremely distinct, vibrant, and appealing. One can achieve it on their forearm to unlock the best visuals, or take it one step further by adding a portrait tattoo with the sharingan tattoo as a sleeve tattoo.

Sharingan Neck Tattoo

Sharingan tattoo neck

If you want a tattoo that isn’t too big nor small, and has a touch of elegance, place it on the neck. Whether it contains the visuals of a first stage sharingan tattoo or the visuals that are similar to that of an advanced sharingan, the artwork will never look loud or dull on the area behind the neck.

Additionally, to make the tattoo more noticeable, one can either add a chunkier border around the sharingan, or introduce an array of high-spirited colors comprising purple, light pink, and tomato red.

Small Sharingan Tattoo

Small sharingan tattoo

If you consider yourself to be quite the minimalist, a small sharingan tattoo would suffice. Keeping it colorless will make the pattern more apparent, and clear, oozing of the sophistication that most entries on this list lack.

The size can also be trimmed to make it eligible for an area that is compact, or an area that is known for its delicacy. Some notable examples could be the wrist, the collarbone, and the area right above the ankle.

Sharingan Chest Tattoo

Sharingan chest tattoo

A chest tattoo can also be a perfect way for one to show their fascination towards sharingans. It is great for those that believe in designs with enormous blueprints, as the chest area is known for the amount of space it contains.

While achieving the tattoo can be a bit painful due to the area’s sensitivity, the final outcome will consist of a tattoo with clear visuals, which can be complemented with a vibrant set of colors.

Madara Sharingan Tattoo

Madara sharingan tattoo

Another variant of sharingan that has a pleasant appearance is the Madara Sharingan. In the series, it is the first kind of Mangekyo Sharingan, which was displayed by Madara Uchiha.

Appearance-wise, the sharingan is slightly different as opposed to the rest. Instead of containing commas or shuriken-esque patterns, the sharingan is made of circular patterns that surround the pupil.

Additionally, a pro of this option is the versatility of it. One can either achieve a design that demonstrates the strength of Madara’s sharingan by obtaining it as an enormous chest tattoo, or can choose to keep it simple by placing a symbol tattoo of Madara’s sharingan around their wrist, finger, or their inner bicep.

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Sharingan tattoo 31

Sharingan tattoo 32

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Sharingan tattoo 34

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Sharingan tattoo 38

Sharingan tattoo 39

Sharingan tattoo 40

Sharingan tattoo 41

Sharingan tattoo 42

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Sharingan tattoo 49

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Sharingan tattoo 55

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Sharingan tattoo 57

Sharingan tattoo 58

Sharingan tattoo 59

Sharingan tattoo 60

Sharingan tattoo 61

Sharingan tattoo 62

Sharingan tattoo 63

Sharingan tattoo 64

Sharingan tattoo 65

Sharingan tattoo 66

Sharingan tattoo 67

Sharingan tattoo 68

Sharingan tattoo 69

Sharingan tattoo 70

Sharingan tattoo 71

Sharingan tattoo 72

Sharingan tattoo 73

Sharingan tattoo 74

Sharingan tattoo 75

Sharingan tattoo 76

Sharingan tattoo 77

Sharingan tattoo 78

Sharingan tattoo 79

Sharingan tattoo 80

Sharingan tattoo 81

Sharingan tattoo 82

Sharingan tattoo 83

Sharingan tattoo 84

Sharingan tattoo 85

Sharingan tattoo 86

Sharingan tattoo 87

Sharingan tattoo 88

Sharingan tattoo 89

Sharingan tattoo 90

Sharingan tattoo 91

Sharingan tattoo 92

Sharingan tattoo 93

Sharingan tattoo 94

Sharingan tattoo 95

Sharingan tattoo 96

Sharingan tattoo 97

Sharingan tattoo 98

Sharingan tattoo 99

Sharingan tattoo 100

Sharingan tattoo 101

Sharingan tattoo 102

Sharingan tattoo 103

Sharingan tattoo 104

Sharingan tattoo 105

Sharingan tattoo 106

Sharingan tattoo 107

Sharingan tattoo 108

Sharingan tattoo 109

Sharingan tattoo 110

Sharingan tattoo 111

Sharingan tattoo 112

Sharingan tattoo 113

Sharingan tattoo 114

Final Thoughts

All in all, if you feel that rewatching Naruto won’t be enough to recall all the ties you have with the anime, take it to another level by getting a sharingan tattoo. It definitely has the visuals, and has the versatility to pull off any look. From big to small, from simple to extravagant, any type of tattoo can be achieved and flawlessly showcased as long as the symbol of sharingan is involved.

Furthermore, if you’re still not sure about the type of sharingan tattoo you’d like to achieve, have a chat with your tattoo artist. Allow them to bring your visuals to life and help you with forming a special bond with the anime you relate with the most.

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