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37 Emotional Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Ideas To Break The Stigma

Although the means of connecting with people is increasing day by day because of the availability of the internet, we are becoming more and more isolated. Even when people meet with each other, they just stare at their phone instead of conversating. This is making our entire generation lonely and depressed.

Mental problems are at an all time peak now. The most concerning aspect is that the children and teenagers are suffering from it the most. While there are medications and therapies available, the spreading of this mental problem cannot be stopped it seems.

This is why the semicolon butterfly tattoo was conceptualized. The tattoo expresses the fight against the recurrent mental issues that are occurring in people. It is breaking all the stigmas relating to the problems. Now, people are much more open. I’m talking about these sensitive subjects.

All Is Not Lost: The Inspiring Meaning Behind Semicolon Butterfly Tattoos

Meaning Behind Semicolon Butterfly


The semicolon butterfly tattoos are a simple design that holds thousands of emotions. The best part about them is these tattoos are helping people be the best version of themselves. The tattoos are energizing them and making them forget about all their worries. Let’s look at some of the most positive meanings of semicolon butterfly tattoos to brighten up our days.

War Against Mental Issues

The concept of semicolon butterfly tattoos was born by the project semicolon. The main objective of the project was to make people aware about the mental issues and talk about them to help those who are in need of help. When people got this tattoo, others around them also followed them and it became a trend. Those who are facing mental problems are gaining more support than ever.

The Fight Is Not Yours Alone

When someone has a mental disease, they feel like the entire world is crumbling down their feet. They feel like they have an immense burden on their shoulders. They think they are alone in this world with no one to be on their side. When you get this tattoo, you will appear as an ally to them. They will feel that they are not alone in this world. There are also good people who will stay by their side no matter what happens.

An Vessel Of Peace

The overall appearance of the tattoo is immensely serene. Whenever you look at the tattoo, you feel like you have no worries in the world. Your hearts get pumped with joy. All the pressure and burden that lies on your shoulder starts to fade away.

A Bold Statement

Apart from its symbolism towards the recurring mental health problem, the tattoo is also a statement against being a free soul. With this tattoo, you will not be someone who is restrained by the conformity of the society. You will be like a free bird that can fly anywhere it wants.

Artistic Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Designs To Show Support

A recent survey indicates that there is at least one person that has mental issues in every household. Therefore, you can understand just how serious the problem is. The semicolon butterfly tattoo will promote awareness as well as make you look phenomenal.

The tattoo has a subtle design with a semi colon being the center of the butterfly. You can add different elements in there as well to make it look a certain way. We have some designs that you will surely love. Give them a look

Small Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Small Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


It doesn’t matter if it’s large or small as long as your tattoo expresses the battle against mental health issues then it will serve its purpose.  Big and over the top tattoos always fail to portray what it’s meant to convey.

A small semicolon butterfly tattoo will be a reminder that life is beautiful. No one has to suffer for long. After the dark, a ray of light appears. You just have to hold on till then.

3D Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

3D Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


3D tattoos are always a great choice as it creates a whole new dimension in your body. When you look at the tattoo, you feel like the butterfly is going to jump right out of your flesh.

The 3D tattoo is a much more vocal portrayal of the war against mental issues. With this tattoo, people will be instantly intrigued and they will come to you to know what it’s all about. The congestion will lead to the end of the stigma revolving talking about sensitive topics.

Matching Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Matching Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


Do you have a friend who is struggling? Arenthey constantly staying at home? If you have someone like that in your life then you should be beside them. The times they are going through are extremely tough.

A person who has depression or any other mental problems doesn’t even have the strength to get up from bed. You should help them in their time of need. A good way to encourage them is by getting a matching semicolon butterfly tattoo. It will mean that they are not alone and you will always stay with them.

Semicolon Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Shoulder Tattoo


We always dreamed of having angelic wings and having the ability to fly. Our lives would be so much easier if we could do that.

If we were stuck in traffic, we could just extend our wings and fly to our destination. How wonderful would that be! All this may be impossible but you can surely get a semicolon butterfly tattoo on your shoulder to get a glimpse of this imagination. It would give you the feeling as having wings protrude from the shoulder.

Semicolon Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Neck Tattoo


Your neck is a gentle place that is perfect for depicting such a gentle tattoo. We don’t always want to showcase a tattoo to the world.

Sometimes we want to keep it to ourselves. A personal tattoo helps us connect more with the symbol. We truly start to appreciate the symbolism when we are the only one that can see the tattoo. Usually, simple patterns are the way to go for this kind of tattoo. You can include a few natural elements to make it a bit more aesthetic.

Watercolor Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Watercolor Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


Watercolors are the perfect choice to portray an elegant creature such as a butterfly. As you might have already known, the best thing about watercolor is that it keeps on flowing until it runs out.

This creates a trail of subtle colors behind. It creates a magical aura exuding from the butterfly. It’s as if the butterfly is spreading positivity wherever it goes. Illustrating with the watercolor is also much easier than other colors as you don’t have to force anything.

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Behind The Ear

Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo Behind The Ear


Your ear looks very similar to the butterfly. Both of them have intricate patterns inside of them.  The butterflies have dots whereas the ear has swirls all throughout the inside of it.

Therefore, when you get the tattoo there, it would look like there are two butterflies close to each other. Who knows, your ear and the butterfly may become the best of friends.

Geometric Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Geometric Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


If you look closely at the design of the semicolon butterfly, you will notice that there aren’t any sophisticated shapes in there. It only comprises a few geometric shapes such as circles and swirls.

Therefore, you can easily make a jarring geometric semicolon tattoo. The minimalist display will portray the symbolism while looking absolutely breathtaking.

Semicolon Butterfly Wrist Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 1

Semicolon Butterfly Wrist Tattoo 2


When someone is dealing with anxiety and depression, they often self mutilate themselves. One of the most common places of self mutilation is the wrist. Aa there are many veins in the wrist, it often leads to a lot of blood loss which can be fatal.

When you get the tattoo on the wrist, it will prevent you from doing any kind of self harm. Looking at the beautiful little butterfly will make you feel happy about yourself. All the native thoughts will slowly start to fade away.

Side Stomach Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Side Stomach Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


Our stomach is considered to be the most disgusting place of our body because of the insecurity it creates in us. Obesity is becoming more and more apparent and it’s causing our stomachs to get bigger and bigger.

This is also making us more and more insecure about our body. With this tattoo, you will feel much more confident in yourself. The semicolon butterfly will peek from the edges of your stomach creating a mysterious vibe.

Semicolon Butterfly And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly And Lotus Flower Tattoo


When the lotus flower blossoms, the petals resemble the wings of the butterfly. They have the same textures. The only difference is that the petals are usually in one single color whereas the wings have tons of different shapes in them.

The combination of these two elements always creates a jarring tattoo design. The blazing orange color of the flower compliments the subtle colors of the butterfly beautifully. Rather than mixing the two together, it’s best to illustrate them side by side so that they are easily distinguishable.

Semicolon Butterfly Ankle Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Ankle Tattoo 1


Semicolon Butterfly Ankle Tattoo 2


The semicolon butterfly tattoo teaches us to always keep your chin high. When you stay positive at all times, nothing seems to bother you anymore.

Your ankle is naturally in a high place. Therefore, when you get a semicolon butterfly tattoo there, it will intensify the symbolism of keep on moving forward. Furthermore, getting the tattoo inked on the ankle will create a new dimension which will make the butterfly appear as moving in your flesh.

Semicolon Butterfly Arm Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Arm Tattoo


If you wholeheartedly believe in the cause then you should get the semicolon butterfly tattoo in your arm. Arm tattoos always express that the wearer is truly faithful to the message and will do whatever it takes to remove the taboo surrounding mental health.

Rather than getting a small tattoo, you should opt for a design that is a bit more large and flamboyant. A scenic background will further add to the theatricality of the tattoo.

Best Friend Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo

Best Friend Semicolon Butterfly Tattoo


Your best friend is always the closest person to you who you can share your deepest and darkest secrets within. They are your comfort zone.

So when you are feeling down on life, always seek help from your best friend. But during the time of depression, even reaching out to your best friend may feel like a headache. That is why you should get a semicolon butterfly tattoo. It will keep on reminding you that you have a friend that will always be at your side no matter what the situation is.

Semicolon Butterfly With Eeyore Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly With Eeyore Tattoo


If you have seen the Winnie-the-pooh cartoon then you already know who Eeyore is. It’s a donkey that always seems to be sad. Because of its tendency to remain morose for the entire time, it has become a symbol of depression.

Semicolon butterfly tattoos’ main theme is battling with depression. Therefore the combination of these two elements can make all the negative thoughts out of you. Then you will always stay positive no matter how dire the situation is.

Semicolon Butterfly Front Hip Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Front Hip Tattoo


Front Hip tattoos are for those who are proud of their body. They are not afraid to even showcase even their most vulnerable parts.

You don’t have to cover the entire front hip. A simple butterfly tattoo consisting of delicate designs and a monochromatic color scheme will look fantastic. The tattoo will completely blend with your skiing making it look realistic. It would look like the butterfly is flying without any worries in the vast space of your front hip.

Semicolon Butterfly Finger Tattoo

Semicolon Butterfly Finger Tattoo


Semicolon butterfly tattoos do not have many intricate designs or colors. Therefore, you can easily illustrate the tattoo in your finger. Getting the tattoo on your finger will make you look extremely cute.

Another reason why you should get this tattoo is that you can hide the tattoo whenever you feel like it. Sometimes, we can get a bit anxious about our tattoos. During this time, you can conceal the tattoo and where you find courage again, you can showcase the tattoo. How magical is that!

Spread Your Inner Wings With This Amazing Timelapse Of Semicolon Butterfly Tattoos

By looking at the final product, it’s hard to comprehend just how much effort and creativity goes into a single tattoo. Artists need to have the patience of a saint to sit for hours after hours meticulously inking each part of the butterfly. It may even take several sessions to get it done.

So, to make you fully appreciate the whole concept of semicolon butterfly tattoos, we have a phenomenal timelapse of it. Watch the video till the end to understand the basics of inking a marvelous tattoo.


Searching for concise information about a particular topic can be extremely tricky. If you search for it online, a list of websites will pop up in front of you. Finding the one with the correct information is like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why, we have a list of questions that have all the answers you need to soothe your soul.

Q: Why Is There A Semicolon In The Tattoo?

Ans: A semicolon means to continue writing instead of stopping. This has a deep message. It expresses that even when you feel like giving up on life, you should still try to move forward. Who knows, what kind of surprise awaits you. A miracle can come that may change your whole life.

Q: Can Semicolon Butterfly Tattoos Be Colorful?

Ans: Yes, they can be colorful. Semicolon tattoos are not confined to a particular color palette or design. You can incorporate whatever you want. The sky’s the limit.


At some point in our lives, we feel like we have hit a dead end. Nothing goes right for us. Suicidal thoughts arise in our minds. When this happens, take a moment. Think about all the wonderful things that you have gone through. Think about your loved ones.

When you will be gone, there is nothing but darkness. Life may not look that good at the moment but it may change into something quite colorful and exciting. All your sorrows may turn into happiness. The semicolon butterfly tattoo will keep on reminding you that life is the best gift of us. We should cherish it forever.

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