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135 Suspenseful Scream Tattoos For Every Horror Movie Fan

If you’re in your early 20s or just going on 30 and have never heard about American Slasher film Scream, did you experience fear as a kid? While the new installments were rather underwhelming and were seen more as multiple attempts to assist avid horror movie fans with taking a trip down memory lane, the 1996 movie was sensational. The nail biting plot in addition to the various build ups that the movie comprised didn’t just shape up the future of slasher films, but also allowed the franchise to have a never ending fanbase.

Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the entire movie is the involvement of the main antagonist, Ghostmask. Apart from his mission to seek redemption by killing all his friends and his one of a kind mask for disguise, perhaps the build of the character is what really takes the cake. Even though the character was far from being one of the most intimidating villains of all time, his demeanor combined with the spooky voice he had was more than sufficient to give every fellow enthusiast and spectator goosebumps.

The franchise has had a following for quite some time now and has been rather active. They have already released 5 installments as of 2022, and are expected to return once again with yet another continuation around this time next year.

The Scream community is also very wholesome. Fans are regularly seen investing in merchandise and boasting about them. They also pay homage to some of the various memorable scenes of the movie on social media. Some even take it one step further by installing body modifications, preferably through the means of a tattoo.

Since the release of the first installment, fans have managed to come up with loads of tattoos, most of which are visually appealing, and some that are downright terrifying! In today’s article, we will cover just that. In addition to revealing designs that are easy on the eyes, we will also dissect the meaning and symbolism of the Scream tattoo, so make sure to stay until the end of this article to understand the popularity behind this tattoo to the fullest!

The Not So Complex Meaning of Scream Tattoos

Scream tattoo 1

Even though most tattoos receive praise and gain a following for their symbolism, the popularity of Scream tattoos lies behind its visuals. The meaning, on the other hand, is open to interpretation.

A staple that one will find in most Scream tattoos is the image of Ghostface, the main antagonist, or the villain in the Scream franchise. The simple groundwork of the mask tends to look minimalistic yet clear and elaborate when showcased as a tattoo. Most enthusiasts also often install multiple colors to their tattoo to make up for the neutral color scheme of Ghostface.

Classic Scream Tattoo Ideas That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine!

Unlike most tattoos that have been created till now, a Scream tattoo is extremely versatile and comes with plenty of designs that one can incorporate. From obtaining tattoos that involve visuals of the whole cast to tattoos to designs that meet the preferences of minimalists, listed below are all the Scream tattoos that one can implement on their body or use to create an original artwork.

Scream Knife Tattoo

Scream knife tattoo

A great option for those that want to avoid taking risks is by settling for this design. Though the artwork comprises a look that seems more animated than realistic, the color scheme is bright and rather easy on the eyes. The artwork of Ghostface on the surface of the knife also stands out due to the neutral color palette.

For best results, make sure to place this image on the compact area of a spacious body part. A convenient example and option for placement could be the forearm, which has tons of space and is relatively narrow in contrast to other body parts.

Scream Tattoo Flash

Scream tattoo flash

A suspenseful tattoo is surely your cup of tea if your main aim is to get a few memorable reactions from your friends, and this variant will do just that.

The image is made of a sketch, which gives the whole artwork a rich aesthetic that one can only find in paintings that were made in the 19th century. The dull tone of red on the edge of the knife also blends in perfectly with the monotone theme of the overall image.

Another aspect that surely separates this option from the rest is the inclusion of the shaka sign, which portrays the method that Ghostface uses to kill his victims.

Scream Movie Tattoo

Scream movie tattoo

If you’re seeking an option with an elaborate theme, you may want to consider the features of this tattoo. It comprises all the prominent cast members and contains portraits that look realistic. While the portraits are made of neutral colors, the border contains a splash of bright red, which is probably a reference to all the crimes that Ghostface commits.

Small Scream Tattoo

Small scream tattoo

If you want to celebrate the franchise but don’t really want the image to be the center of attention at every gathering you attend, install an icon tattoo or a design that lacks size but has tons of visuals to make up for it.

Although most would get flawless results if the artwork is implemented on the wrist, they can also take into account the circumference of compact areas such as the neck, collarbone, and ankle to obtain the same scenario.

Scream Mask Tattoo

Scream mask tattoo

Since the mask is the most enigmatic part of the franchise, it would only be fair if we include a variation that solely focuses on the visuals of the iconic creation.

For achieving optimal results with this variation, you can either do one of two things; prioritize the blueprint or build something that evokes nostalgia.

If you choose the first option, seek the services of an artist or an individual who specializes in painting to bring your visions to life. However, if you side with the second option, keeping the color scheme simple and the design as basic as possible will be sufficient.

Traditional Scream Tattoo

Traditional scream tattoo

Thinking outside the box can result in top results if you’re planning to receive a scream tattoo. Apart from the exceptional visuals, since one of the many benefits of this option is its versatility, don’t hesitate to add random tattoos to further enhance the final outlook as well as make the whole image somewhat open for interpretation.

Scream Quote Tattoo

Scream phone tattoo

With each installment of Scream came some of the most memorable phrases. While the intimidating ones are often recalled the most, some hilarious ones are also thrown into the mix most of the time. All those memorable lines on the script can also be exceptionally showcased by getting a tattoo.

When creating the design, you should definitely come up with a concept that highlights the dialogue. However, to make it less mediocre, you can also add a doodle with colors around the quote to make it a bit more unique.

Scream Sleeve Tattoo

Scream tattoo 32

A sleeve tattoo can also be an excellent way for you to give back to the Scream series for all that the trauma they’ve caused when you were a kid!

On a serious note, the sleeve tends to contain a lot of space in general, which can definitely be of assistance if you’re planning on making full use of your creative thinking skills.

Additionally, regardless of the theme that will make up the tattoo, the narrow yet spacious nature of the sleeve will really present the illustration with clear visuals and elegance.

Scream Hand Tattoo

Scream hand tattoo

Although painful, a scream hand tattoo can also be of great use for one to display the appreciation they have for the unforgettable horror movie, especially if they want the image to amp up the edginess of their demeanor.

They can install a portrait tattoo of any character, a quote tattoo of their favorite dialogue, and can even install a figure that pays homage to the laid back nature of the whole movie. Furthermore, while the image will be more than sufficient, don’t hesitate to add colors to the tattoo to make the outcome more energetic.

Geometric Scream Tattoo

Geometric scream tattoo

Regardless of how complex an artwork might seem, adding a geometric pattern around the image will surely give the final graphic a softer yet satisfying impression. Any and every color combination will look lucid regardless of how big or small the image may be.

Additionally, though one should definitely place it on body parts that are usually visible and open to the public eye, if the groundwork involves a bigger pattern, they can also change their mind and choose an area that is sizable and private for favorable results.

Scream Leg Tattoo

Scream leg tattoo

Placing a piece from the movie, especially if elaborative, can definitely be taken up and perfectly showcased as a leg tattoo. Due to the spacious nature of the area, the tattoo will look incredibly clear and appealing.

Moreover, due to the layer of resilient skin that is present on the legs, this option usually comes with a lenient procedure that barely involves any pain. 

Scream Wrist Tattoo

Scream wrist tattoo

A wrist tattoo can also be a great way to display a scream tattoo. One can incorporate an artwork that contains the mask of Ghostface with intricate details with a lenient procedure.

To keep the image basic, they can settle for a color combination with a monochromatic feel. However, one can also go all in with colors for a brighter outcome, literally.

More Scream Tattoo Ideas with Unbelievable Visuals!

Although the previous segment will definitely meet the requirements of some, a few might feel the need to look at more variations before finalizing their decision. This segment caters to those that make up the latter category mentioned in the previous statement, as it comprises a list with more Scream tattoos that one can definitely look into, which is placed right below this paragraph.

Scream tattoo 2

Scream tattoo 3

Scream tattoo 5

Scream tattoo 4

Scream tattoo 6

Scream tattoo 8

Scream tattoo 7

Scream tattoo 9

Scream tattoo 10

Scream tattoo 11

Scream tattoo 13

Scream tattoo 12

Scream tattoo 14

Scream tattoo 15

Scream tattoo 17

Scream tattoo 16

Scream tattoo 18

Scream tattoo 19

Scream tattoo 21

Scream tattoo 20

Scream tattoo 22

Scream tattoo 23

Scream tattoo 24

Scream tattoo 25

Scream tattoo 27

Scream tattoo 26

Scream tattoo 29

Scream tattoo 28

Scream tattoo 30

Scream tattoo 31

Scream tattoo 33

Scream tattoo 35

Scream tattoo 34

Scream tattoo 36

Scream tattoo 37

Scream tattoo 38

Scream tattoo 39

Scream tattoo 41

Scream tattoo 40

Scream tattoo 42

Scream tattoo 43

Scream tattoo 44

Scream tattoo 45

Scream tattoo 47

Scream tattoo 46

Scream tattoo 48

Scream tattoo 49

Scream tattoo 50

Scream tattoo 52

Scream tattoo 51

Scream tattoo 53

Scream tattoo 55

Scream tattoo 54

Scream tattoo 56

Scream tattoo 58

Scream tattoo 57

Scream tattoo 59

Scream tattoo 61

Scream tattoo 60

Scream tattoo 62

Scream tattoo 64

Scream tattoo 63

Scream tattoo 65

Scream tattoo 66

Scream tattoo 67

Scream tattoo 68

Scream tattoo 69

Scream tattoo 70

Scream tattoo 71

Scream tattoo 73

Scream tattoo 72

Scream tattoo 74

Scream tattoo 75

Scream tattoo 76

Scream tattoo 77

Scream tattoo 78

Scream tattoo 79

Scream tattoo 80

Scream tattoo 81

Scream tattoo 82

Scream tattoo 83

Scream tattoo 84

Scream tattoo 85

Scream tattoo 86

Scream tattoo 87

Scream tattoo 89

Scream tattoo 88

Scream tattoo 90

Scream tattoo 91

Scream tattoo 92

Scream tattoo 93

Scream tattoo 94

Scream tattoo 95

Scream tattoo 96

Scream tattoo 97

Scream tattoo 98

Scream tattoo 99

Scream tattoo 100

Scream tattoo 101

Scream tattoo 102

Scream tattoo 104

Scream tattoo 103

Scream tattoo 106

Scream tattoo 105

Scream tattoo 107

Scream tattoo 109

Scream tattoo 108

Scream tattoo 110

Scream tattoo 111

Scream tattoo 112

Scream tattoo 113

Scream tattoo 115

Scream tattoo 114

Scream tattoo 116

Scream tattoo 118

Scream tattoo 117

Scream tattoo 119

Scream tattoo 121

Scream tattoo 120

Scream tattoo 122

Scream tattoo 123

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, one can probably simplify the whole procedure by doubling down on their complex approach. In short, to keep your mind at ease, try to either prioritize the visuals or the sentimental value.

If your main incentive is to boast about the artwork, place it on a body part that is visible and spacious to obtain a design with crystal clear visuals. However, if you want to keep it light, choose compact areas for the image.

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