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44 Progressive Scissor Tattoo Ideas To Show Courage

Can you imagine a world without scissors? From clinical apparatus to crafting equipment, scissors have a wide range of functions that make our daily life much more comfortable. Perhaps, this is the reason why so many people opt for a stunning scissor tattoo.

The younger generation today are rebellious. They don’t want to get shackled to conformities of society. That’s why, they want a tattoo that can commemorate their stand against the typical norms and cultures. There isn’t a better design than scissors to accurately symbolize this message.

The overall structure may be simple. But with extensive shading and colors, the demeanor of the scissors tattoo can be completely altered. It will look like something out of a horror book.

The Rebellious Meaning Behind The Scissor Tattoos

Scissor tattoo meaning


The world has become extremely sensitized. You can’t utter a single word without someone getting offended. The scissor tattoo expresses a message that the world shouldn’t be so bitter. People don’t need to take offense to every single remark. If people just are more open and welcoming to each other, the world will be a better place.

Another adorable meaning of the scissor tattoo is the connection it has with barbers. For centuries, they cut hair and made a living with the two handed equipment. Therefore, it has a special place in their hearts.

Striking Scissor Tattoo Designs To Elevate Your Style

Although the design may seem straightforward, you can showcase a lot of creativity in the tattoo. This is mainly because of the many uses of the scissor in our world. Therefore, you can include each component of the functions that they perform. For example, you can illustrate a skull or rose next to the scissors as they are frequently used in the medical industry as well as for gardening. You get the point.

Gothic Scissor Tattoo

Gothic Scissor Tattoo 1


Gothic Scissor Tattoo 2


Let’s begin our list with a sinister tattoo design that features a lot of dark and enigmatic elements. The entire piece of art emanates a terrifying force that will undoubtedly get your heart racing.

The majority of gothic imagery is pretty extravagant. A common motif in gothic tattoos is the presence of ominous objects like skulls and thorns. The tattoo, in addition to having a threatening aspect, also represents profound expressions like metamorphosis and birth.

Scissor Arm Tattoo

Scissor Arm Tattoo


Sometimes we find ourselves constantly thinking about the past. We cling to it so tightly that it begins to distort reality. Because of our past trauma, we are unable to pursue our goals.

Most people experience this phase of their lives at least once. To break all links with the past and move on is the straightforward answer to this conundrum. This may be easier said than done. The very first step in being a better version of yourself is to get a scissor arm tattoo that will always remind you of the concept.

Scissor Finger Tattoo

Scissor Finger Tattoo

Because your finger doesn’t have much room, you should choose a small tattoo. Subtle color choices may render a really attractive tattoo.

The finger tattoo is not something to flaunt in public. It has a direct relationship with a person’s inner consciousness. It can demonstrate their artistic talent or a significant event they wish to always remember.

Bird Scissor Tattoo

Bird Scissor Tattoo


Another animal that uncannily resembles a scissor is the bird. Birds can extend and retract their wings in the same manner as the blades.

The meaning of the bird-and-scissor tattoo is clear. The tattoo represents freedom and independence. We are becoming enslaved by contemporary technology as we become more and more acclimated to it. Why not get this tattoo and soar away worry-free like a bird?

Scissor Face Tattoo

Scissor Face Tattoo 1


Scissor Face Tattoo 2


This tattoo is not for the faint hearted. Even the most daring tattoo fans shudder at the notion of scarring their faces. The first reason is that tattooing in the face is excruciatingly painful, and the second is that it permanently alters their appearance.

The naysayers shouldn’t, however, deter you from having the tattoo. Go for it if you are convinced that you can get a meaningful and attractive scissor tattoo.

Scissor Chest Tattoo

Scissor Chest Tattoo


Your chest has plenty of room, so the scissor tattoo can represent a variety of feelings. The meaning behind the scissor tattoo should be particularly special to you because it is close to your heart. It can be your personality, values, or friendship.

When getting a tattoo on the chest, gentle inking is always advised because using pressure might cause the skin to become permanently tormented. Be very cautious.

Scissor with Skull Tattoo

Scissor with Skull Tattoo


There is a current trend in the tattooing world to look edgy. People incorporate more and more deadly elements to look edgier than their peers. Although we can’t say we encourage it, it is surely making the tattooing industry booming.

If you want to be the winner in this competition then get the scissor with skull tattoo. There is nothing more menacing than a deadly skull holding a razor sharp scissor. Anyone will get frightened by the sight of the tattoo.

Scissor Tattoo on Wrist

Scissor Tattoo on Wrist

We use the scissors for all the wrong reasons in the wrist. If you visit the hospital near you, you will observe that there are tons of young people who have mutilated their wrists with scissors. They mainly do this because of depression.

Why would you scar your wrist when you can redeem yourself with a mesmerizing scissor tattoo? Aside from looking absolutely breathtaking, the tattoo will keep on reminding you that you have a long way to go.

Vintage Scissor Tattoo

Vintage Scissor Tattoo 1


Vintage Scissor Tattoo 2


For individuals who desire to seem ageless, vintage scissor tattoos are perfect. These tattoo designs are always in style. With their outrageous color schemes and elaborate designs, they will always seem sophisticated.

Including a year within a ribbon is a good concept. It gives the tattoo an antique appearance, as if someone transported it from the 1800s using a time machine. Shading is essential because it produces a shadow effect that gives the tattoo a much more upscale appearance.

Scissor Knee Tattoo

Scissor Knee Tattoo


In terms of how they both work, your knee and a scissor are extremely similar. The knee is a giant joint that allows your bones to move around. Without it, you would’ve been completely stationary without the ability to walk.

The two blades of the scissors can move because they also have a pivot point that is remarkably similar to the knee. This is why scissors can cut through materials like paper. Therefore, getting the scissor tattoo on the knee is only fair.

Colorful Scissor Tattoo

Colorful Scissor Tattoo

Although we typically see scissors in dull shades of gray and black, they can occasionally be extremely quirky. There are even people who collect colorful scissors as a hobby.

These scissors each feature a different landscape. Beautiful Miami beaches, Hawaiian palm trees, or perhaps the alluring deserts of the Sahara are examples of such things. The imagery of each of the locations can be beautifully depicted in the handle of the scissors.

Scissor Forearm Tattoo

Scissor Forearm Tattoo


If you notice carefully, you will notice that the scissors tend to have a bit of magic in them. They appear like a straight line when they are not stretched out. They only exhibit their full form when forced to spread out.

This imparts to us a crucial lesson. Only under pressure do we reach our full capacity. Nobody achieves success by spending their entire life in their comfort zone.

Floral Scissor Tattoo

Floral Scissor Tattoo


No matter how weird the subject matter is, floral designs blend well with anything. The use of wavy and curly designs always gives the tattoo more dimension overall.

The same is true with tattoos with scissors. Drawing a tiny flower, like a rose or a sunflower, in the scissors pivot is a cool idea. The tattoo will appear to be emanating something good from the depths of evil.

Scissor Hand Tattoo

Scissor Hand Tattoo


It resembles a scissor when your hands are crossed. Because of this, many individuals enjoy drawing their hands as two scissor blades.

Either draw the scissor entirely in one of your hands, or draw it as described above. The latter has a sense of theatricality and trickery that people can’t get enough of, giving it a far more bizarre appearance.

Snake Scissor Tattoo

Snake Scissor Tattoo

Snakes are deadly creatures that make our skin crawl as soon as I think about them. Their whole demeanor is so menacing that it can make the bravest soul tremble.

Scissors are also believed to be an amulet of courage. They have seen their fair share of blood and gore. Therefore, the mixture of these two deadly components will make a tattoo that will blow you away.

Neo Traditional Scissor Tattoo

Neo Traditional Scissor Tattoo


Neo-traditional tattoos are a unique blend of contemporary and traditional tattoos. It comprises bold colors along with a strong foundation that has a specific connotation.

Tattoo artists usually focus on the handles for this kind of tattoo design. They illustrate jungle imagery to the celestial sky in the small space of the handles. The tattoo is properly highlighted to make it look larger than life.

Exploring The Layers Of Scissor Tattoos With A Phenomenal Timelapse

Guidebooks are overrated. When was the last time someone actually learnt something by reading a book? Sure, it can provide you with knowledge. But you need to have the technical skill to pull off a tattoo.

That’s why timelapses are the best. They depict the exact process from start to finish. You also have the power to reverse the video countless times unless you are satisfied. Watch the time lapse and you will understand what we are talking about.


Although there are numerous websites solely dedicated to scissor tattoos, most of them are misleading. They are of unrelated information that hardly make any sense. That’s why, we have made a comprehensive list of some of the best questions and their answers regarding scissor tattoos. Have a look.

Q: Can A Scissor Tattoo Be A Cover Up Tattoo?

Ans: Of course, they can be a cover up tattoo. Scissor tattoos often have a deep black color with jarring highlights that overpowers everything. So, it will surely remove any trace the precious tattoo had.

Q: Are Scissor Tattoos Considered To Be Evil?

Ans: As we’ve mentioned, anything is considered to be evil in this snowflake generation. Even something as harmless as a cat is considered to be evil and satanic. That’s why, don’t listen to anyone and just get the tattoo if you feel like it.

Q: Are Scissor Tattoos Cheap?

Ans: The price range of scissor tattoos depends on the textures and colors you want to incorporate. A flamboyant tattoo with tons of details can take up to 2000 dollars whereas a simple tattoo can only cost you a couple of hundred dollars.


Scissor tattoos are an edgy style of tattoo that will add a little bit of twist and excitement to your life. You’ll also give the impression that you have what it takes to transform the corrupt society that we loathe so much today.

There are many different designs and styles available. During the choosing process, a lot of people get overwhelmed. Consider which tattoo design best captures your personality and behavior as a first step. Next, decide where you want your scissor tattoo to be inscribed. That’s it, my comrades. You are ready.

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