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121 Timeless Scarface Tattoo Ideas To Get In 2023

Amongst the greatest movies in Hollywood history lies Scarface, the 1983 crime drama which is based on the novel and a remake of the film consisting of the same name. While the movie did enter the box office as a bust due to the violence-oriented plot, it really managed to grow over the years. Perhaps the reason behind the movie’s initial downfall was also the exact reason behind their amassing popularity: Scarface’s characteristics.

During the 80s, critics weren’t fond of Tony Montana’s personality. They thought he was ruthless, selfish, unfazed, and always resorted to violence as a solution to his problems. Over the years, however, people not only watched the movie due to the action packed plot, but also because plenty found certain aspects about Tony Montana’s personality unusually motivating.

His limitless sass, and his work hard mindset somehow managed critics and viewers to understand the movie from another perspective, which soon made Scarface a newfound idol amongst movie fanatics.

To this day, Scarface is highly influential in mainstream media. People not only showcase their love for the movie and admiration for Al Pacino’s performance by quoting unforgettable lines, but also showcase their appreciation through getting Scarface tattoos, which will be the main subject of concern in this article.

Influence of Scarface in Pop Culture

Scarface tattoo 15

Apart from the enticing plot and the memorable dialogues, the movie was a hit due to how bougie it was. Most of Al Pacino’s suits were extremely expensive, and Tony Montana was all about that high-life.

From having a yacht to spending a considerable amount on fashion, Scarface not only was an influence because of his materialistic behavior, but also because of his neverending motivation and his habit of celebrating every milestone lavishly, which could be some of the reasons why his character is even bigger than the franchise itself.

Moving on, if you too happen to be a fan of Scarface, and would like to show some love through means of getting a tattoo, you should definitely move on to the next segment which contains a series of design ideas of the Scarface tattoo.

Flamboyant Scarface Tattoos That Are All About That High Life

Scarface tattoos don’t carry much meaning to begin with, but the visuals they have are unlike any other. Whether it’s a portrait tattoo or a generic script tattoo, the design itself contains multiple patterns that are exceptional enough to make one the highest in the room.

Furthermore, listed below are our favorite variations of the Scarface tattoo. While we do believe that recreating one of the many options will be a top-notch idea, we also feel that those that are looking to create an original artwork for the tattoo should skim through the following entries for inspiration.

Scarface Hand Tattoo

Scarface hand tattoo

If you want the tattoo to have as much exposure as possible, the Scarface hand tattoo is all you need to meet that requirement.

A hand tattoo is not just for expressing visuals, but also garners the highest amount of attention. One can express their love by wearing a sleeve tattoo of Scarface and support it with one of his iconic dialogues, or can also create an artwork with minimal visuals and just get a portrait or script tattoo instead.

In addition to the design, a tattoo on the forearm doesn’t involve much pain, which can be a good incentive to those that are making their debut in the tattoo world.

Scarface Tattoo Stencil

Scarface tattoo stencil

If you want a tattoo with precision, ask your tattoo artist to create it with a stencil.

A stencil is a tool that is used to create a blueprint of the artwork before it is finalized and created on one’s body through a tattooing pen. Despite how time consuming it is, using a stencil prevents the risks of having a botched procedure and an unfavorable outcome.

For the design, you can either get a face tattoo or a portrait tattoo, but can even pick up a quote tattoo if you’re seeking a design that is sophisticated and soft.

Scarface Blimp Tattoo

Scarface blimp tattoo

If you’ve watched the movie, perhaps you don’t need much of an explanation. If you’re unaware of it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Perhaps one of the more prominent and unforgettable segments the movie contains is the blimp scene. It is the moment when Scarface realizes that he has indeed accomplished everything that he wanted to, and finally had the fame, fortune, and the woman of his dreams.

This iconic moment wasn’t just for the character, however, as the initial intention was for the audience. The blimp that contains the message “The World Is Yours” is to boost the confidence of those that are chasing after their dreams; those that require that one push to accomplish their goals. While it is a pivotal point of the movie, the hidden meaning behind it surely makes the complete artwork nothing less than special.

Tony Montana Scarface Tattoo

Tony montana scarface tattoo

If you resonate with the go-getting personality of Tony Montana, and look up to his approach and views on life, make it more apparent by getting the Tony Montana tattoo.

While the design will be nothing of a portrait, you can readjust the size of it and place it anywhere. Since the main intention will be to honor his accomplishments and his principles, visuals shouldn’t be much of a priority for this option.

Scarface Sleeve Tattoo

Scarface sleeve tattoo

Getting a sleeve tattoo is perhaps the best option for expressing the visuals of the artwork to the fullest extent. One can add various portraits of the characters, and can even add minor tattoos as minimal as the initials of each character to amp up the appearance.

To make it even louder, they can introduce a vibrant color palette to the artwork. Although shades of red, blue, and black will ensure commendable results, one can also resort to white, black, and red to keep it basic yet elegant at the same time.

In addition to the unlimited space available, a sleeve tattoo isn’t as tough for the skin to keep up with. The procedure is rather lenient as the thick skin present on one’s arms is very resilient and can withstand the blows made by a tattooing pen.

Scarface Globe Tattoo

Scarface globe tattoo

If you’re a minimalist and want a tattoo that matches your taste, you can definitely achieve this option to show your appreciation for Scarface. You can do so by creating a globe tattoo with a quote in it, or can even take the visuals to another level by installing a portrait tattoo.

Furthermore, if you want something more minimal, get tattoos of initials or symbol tattoos that match the energy of the film and the characteristics of Scarface.

The area you choose should be compact, as a smaller tattoo will ensure very little impact and garner a minimal amount of attention.

Scarface Portrait Tattoo

Scarface portrait tattoo

This entry has the same visuals as that of entry number 4. However, unlike the Tony Montana Tattoo, it contains a neutral colored theme.

There’s no doubt that this tattoo is a fan favorite. It is extremely flexible due to how many design changes it can adapt to.

In addition to its flexibility, the size of this variation also varies. One can place it on areas as wide as the back to create a tattoo that has unprecedented visuals, but can also place it on compact areas such as the collarbone to offer a look with a simple layout.

Scarface the world is yours statue tattoo

Scarface the world is yours statue tattoo

If you want a tattoo without a portrait and without minimal visuals, you can definitely incorporate this design to your body. The statue is extremely noticeable with the classic color palette of gray and white. The visuals are given a fade-out effect to highlight the main portion of the tattoo, which is the quote “The world is yours”.
Additionally, for best results, place the artwork on an area that is spacious, as placing it on a compact area will not just bring out a dull outcome in terms of appearance, but also make it challenging for the tattoo artist to create the artwork itself.

Elvira Face Tattoo

Elvira scarface tattoo

While the main aim of Scarface was to make fortune, another primary goal of his was to win the love of Elvira Hancock. Portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer, Elvira Hancock is the main love interest of Tony Montana in the movie “Scarface”. Her blonde hair and witty personality not only made Scarface swoon, but also left critics mesmerized.

Even though the duo of Scarface and Hancock weren’t the best in terms of compatibility, they were an icon in Hollywood because of how bizarre they were in each other’s company.

On another note, when getting this tattoo, perhaps a monotone color scheme will do the trick. Mirroring the shade of her hair won’t look as pleasant on any body part, and might be pretty painful to recreate, which could be two more reasons to why one needs a simple groundwork to achieve the best results of this design.

Al Pacino Scarface Tattoo

Al Pacino Scarface tattoo

Amongst the many roles Al Pacino has taken up and flourished in lies the role of Scarface. While he was berated at first because of the way he portrayed Tony Montana, the appreciation for his impression grew slowly but surely, and eventually became one of the most iconic roles in television history.

Therefore, to show your appreciation for Scarface, get a tattoo of Al Pacino. While he didn’t create the character or contribute to the script writing of the film, the main reason why the movie is still relevant to this day is because of how Al Pacino played the role of Scarface; not the gut wrenching segments of the film.


That’s all, folks! We hope this article allows you to reconnect with your positive feelings toward Scarface and encourages you to take it to another level through the means of a tattoo. While the designs mentioned above can be mirrored without any issue, we’d like you to come up with an original design so that it has some sentimental value as well.

When creating an authentic blueprint, bring your visuals to life through the assistance of a tattoo artist. You can also seek help from a friend if they specialize in creating illustrations.

Furthermore, if you liked reading this write-up, you’re more than welcome to check out the rest of the articles on this website for acquiring knowledge on more staggering tattoo designs that are on the trend right now.

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