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48 Spectacular Saturn Tattoo Ideas To Feel Glorious

Perhaps the most unique and aesthetic looking planet in the galaxy is the saturn. Although its outer rings are found in other planets, it’s the blazing colors and the atmosphere that makes it such an intriguing tattoo design.

There are countless facts about saturn. Even today researchers are finding out new things which are breaking new grounds. Did you know that there are a total of 82 moons of Saturn whereas there is just a single one of earth?

As there are so many things about Saturn that are completely unknown to us, we are getting more and more obsessed with it. Especially the icy rings surrounding the planet is something that people can’t get enough of. That’s why there has been an ongoing frenzy in the tattoo realm of getting this enigmatic tattoo.

Close Encounters Of The Third Saturn Tattoos: The Enigmatic Meaning Behind Them

Saturn tattoo meaning

We all have a lifelong fascination of going into space and looking at the plants closely. The sight from there would be something to die for.

Although it’s completely subjective, each planet showcases an inner meaning. It can be because of its structure or the impact it has over the galaxy. So without further ado, let’s look at some of the most interesting meanings of saturn tattoos.

The Lord Of The Rings: Saturn’s Unique System

The Saturn’s ring system is believed to be one of the most sophisticated systems in the entire galaxy. Although it seems like a ring from a distance, it is actually made up of tiny little particles. These particles are mostly made up of icy water. The exact function of the rings are still questioned but one thing is for sure. That is, these particles complete saturn.

In our life, there are also tiny little things. These things including our morals, integrity, compassion is what completes us.

The Vastness Of Saturn Teaching Us The Meaning Of Life

Did you know that you would need nine earths to match the diameter of Saturn? That’s how gigantic this planet is. But its size doesn’t help even in the slightest in surviving in the universe. In fact, it causes further problems.

Therefore, it shouldn’t be seen that someone who has been genetically gifted or privileged has an upper hand in life. They are struggling the same way as we are. So, we need to help each other and live in harmony.

Proof Of Life: Will We Live In Saturn In Future?

The thought of living on Saturn is quite far-fetched as its temperature is way too cold for humans to live. But the good news is that scientists have found some of Saturn’s moons to have environments quite similar to earth.

Therefore, in the distant future it may be possible to live there. How exciting is that! This theory sparks a hope in us. We always need to have hope inside us as it’s the best thing of our life.

Stylish Saturn Tattoo Designs To Astonish Everyone

No matter how much we gravitate towards earthly things, there is an obsession in our subconscious mind about the celestial materials that are lurking in the galaxy. Saturn’s characteristic is so unique that it will soon be the number one focus of NASA for exploration.

So, this is the high time to start a new trend by getting a saturn tattoo. Then others will also jump on the fashion train with you.

Moon and Saturn Tattoo

Moon and Saturn Tattoo


Sometimes when we have the time, we sit back and look at the celestial moon. The subtle light along with its majestic appearance allures us.

Now imagine 82 moons are up in the sky and staring at you. That is exactly what happens on Saturn. Although it may feel surreal, scientists have evidence of such a remarkable phenomena. So try to draw multiple moons and Saturn together to create another worldly tattoo.

Small Saturn Tattoo

Small Saturn Tattoo 1


Small Saturn Tattoo 2


You just need to draw two things to depict saturn. One is a globular shape and another is a ring surrounding it and voila.

Even those who don’t have the slightest knowledge of astronomy would be able to guess that it’s a tattoo of saturn. Illustrate some glowing stars here and there to elevate your small tattoo to the next level.

Saturn Finger Tattoo

Saturn Finger Tattoo


This one may stir some controversy. There are many who claim that how can artists depict the same vastness by drawing saturn in the finger? It needs to be in a place where there is an adequate amount of space.

But don’t let those people stop you from getting a saturn tattoo. A cool idea is to get the tattoo in the middle finger and illustrate some stars and moons on the other four. This way it will capture the whole environment of saturn.

Watercolor Saturn Tattoo

Watercolor Saturn Tattoo


No one can accurately say what’s the true color of saturn. In reality , it’s actually composed of a myriad colorful clouds that roam on the surface of the plant.

These clouds accumulate into giving the hazy yellow brown color that we see and love. Depicting this whimsical color can be quite difficult as most inks make the saturn look artificial. That’s why you should use watercolor as it would mix well with your skin giving the same natural essence.

Saturn Leg Tattoo

Saturn Leg Tattoo


Leg tattoos are for the courageous people who love to show off their skin. If you look closely at your leg, you would notice that there is a unique shape to it that goes quite well with the saturn.

Sometimes you can add a bit of theatricality to the tattoo by getting the tattoo in the ligament of your leg. Then whenever you stretch your leg, the saturn tattoo will appear and whenever you will close the gaps, it will vanish. How magical is that!

Saturn Kitty Tattoo

Saturn Kitty Tattoo


Those who have a pet kitty know how adorable they are. They are one of the friendliest creatures on the planet. They just love to cuddle with you and lick you with its cute little tongue.

If you look closely you will see that sometimes your kitty plays a woolen ball. They seem to be quite intrigued by the circular shape. This is actually a natural tendency of kitties. So you can give your kitty the ultimate circular shape by making it sit on top of saturn in your tattoo.

You may be wondering that it would look preposterous. Well that’s the fun of it. Unusual things are what makes up for the most interesting tattoos.

Saturn Palm Tattoo

Saturn Palm Tattoo


Although this may be a bit controversial to the religious people out there, have you ever imagined yourself controlling the stars and planets?

Either you admit it or not, we all have at some point of our life mimicked to be master of puppets who has the ability to pull all the strings from the behind. Well, you may not be able to do this in real life but you can get the gigantic saturn in the palm of your hands.

Saturn and Astronaut Tattoo

Saturn and Astronaut Tattoo


Astronauts and planets are a match made in heaven. Every year, there are countless expeditions occurring in which many astronauts go into space to look into the unknown. Most of them return safely but some meet a very ill fate.

Even in movies, we watch astronauts with their white suits and cables hovering in space ships across the galaxy. Although they have not been able to reach Saturn yet, you can make it possible by getting a Saturn and astronaut tattoo. It’s all up to you.

Friends Saturn Tattoo

Friends Saturn Tattoo


Without our friends, life would be miserable. Waking up everyday would be a hassle. But as there are friends in our life, we look forward to the next day. We chat with them, share our feelings and make amazing moments together.

Why not strengthen this bond even further by getting a saturn tattoo together? A cool way is to get different colored tattoos rather than similar ones to avoid confusion.

Blackwork Saturn Tattoo

Blackwork Saturn Tattoo


There is just something uncanny about the black color that is hard to describe in words. Imagine you are walking in a field full of colorful flowers and crops. Suddenly, everything just goes completely black. It’s as if you have entered into a dark abyss. How would you feel!

The path to Saturn is also quite black and ominous. So when you draw the planet using only black colors it gives off a menacing aura. As if the planet has a soul inside and it’s slowly reaching out to devour everything.

Rose and Saturn Tattoo

Rose and Saturn Tattoo


Although it may be stretching a bit too much, it can be said that the petals of a rose and the rings are quite similar. Both of these elements protect the inner core from external attacks.

As there is a subtle similarity between two, artists love to draw tattoos of rose and saturn. Rather than drawing them separately with large gaps, it’s best to merge them together to make a behemoth of a tattoo.

Saturn Tattoo Behind The Ear

Saturn Tattoo Behind The Ear


Can you guess which human organ resembles Saturn the most? Well, it’s undoubtedly the ear. If you look in the mirror, you will see that your ear has layers after layers surrounding a hole from which sound passes.

Does it ring a bell? Saturn also has multiple icy rings surrounding the planet. Therefore, your ear is absolutely the best spot for getting a saturn tattoo because of the frightening resemblance.

Saturn Ankle Tattoo

Saturn Ankle Tattoo


Your ankle doesn’t have much space in it. So the rule of thumb is to get a small sized tattoo in there.

A little, colorful tattoo is equivalent to nothing because it would be difficult to tell what it represents. Rather you should make an outline tattoo in which you highlight the exterior using deep black ink with high contrast. This will make it seem like the saturn is revolving centering your ankle.

Couple Saturn Tattoo

Couple Saturn Tattoo


We love our significant other to the death. We always want to be beside them till the end of time. But sometimes things don’t go well as planned. Misunderstandings can occur causing breakage in the relationship.

But when you will get a saturn tattoo together you will feel a sudden urge of love and compassion towards your partner. Whenever you see the tattoo, you will remember all the happy times that you spent together and forget all the miseries.

Saturn Shoulder Tattoo

Saturn Shoulder Tattoo


Although this may be a bit weird to say, planets are quite sensual. There is just something about their pattern and their nature that makes people go crazy about them.

Do you know what else is sensual? Your shoulder. The round aesthetic of it makes it one of the most voluptuous parts of our body. Therefore, when you combine two sensual elements together the result is a bomb of a tattoo.

Fine Line Saturn Tattoo

Fine Line Saturn Tattoo

As we’ve said before, Saturn has the most distinguishable designs among all the planets. Just two shapes is all you need to make people recognize it instantly.

That’s why artists are rather going for the minimalistic route by only illustrating a circle and a ring. It creates a certain sense of emptiness that colors can’t express. Wherever you will look at the tattoo, you will get new interpretations of the tattoo each time.

Saturn Bicep Tattoo

Saturn Bicep Tattoo


There is quite a misconception about the gym lovers out there. People think that the ones who go to the gym are dumb without any intelligence. But that’s far from it.

In fact, some of the most successful people in the world are people who hit the gym several days a week. So, if you want to shut down all the haters, get a saturn bicep tattoo right now.

A Visual Representation Of How Artists Tackle The Saturn Tattoos.

There are speculations after speculations regarding the planet Saturn that has been roaming on the internet. Some say that it’s not a planet. It’s a spaceship that is controlled by the aliens. Some remarks go even further than this. So, the whole concept of saturn tattoos can sometimes go a bit out of control.

But don’t worry. We have a fantastic video about how a professional artist portrays saturn in the body canvas from start to finish. This video will surely relax and give you some unique ideas of saturn tattoos. So sit back and enjoy.


If we try to describe each and every aspect of Saturn then this article would turn out to be an encyclopedia. We realize that there are some things that we may have left untouched. That’s why we have gotten some of the most interesting questions that have been revolving in the minds of numerous people regarding saturn tattoos. Here are all the answers that will clear all the doubts.

Q: What Does Adele’s Saturn Tattoo Mean?

Ans: Perhaps the most famous saturn tattoo of all time is in the body of the famous singer Adele. Her tattoo means the return of Saturn which is an occurrence that happens every 27 to 32 years. During this phenomena the saturn goes right back to the sign and place where it was when we were born. Adele experienced this extraordinary thing when she was 30.

Q: Is Saturn Tattoo Good Or Bad?

Ans: Saturn tattoos are considered to be one of the luckiest tattoos in the world. These celestial tattoos are believed to shower people with success and prosperity.

Q: What’s The Relationship Of Saturn Tattoo And Religion?

Ans: Saturn has been associated with agriculture and hard work for centuries now. People back in the day used to worship a god that was quite reminiscent of the planet we see and love today. They prayed to it thinking that it would bless them with rain.

Oftentimes, it actually happened. The farming fields started to bloom and crops began to grow at a tremendous rate. That’s why still to this date, some people consider the saturn tattoo to be a symbol of god.


There is new information coming out of the shadows everyday about the saturn tattoo. Maybe there is a new moon that has been discovered as we write this article. With a planet with so much buzz surrounding it, it’s obvious that people will want to get it engraved on their skin.

Apart from its visuals, the several deep meanings the planet has makes it such an interesting tattoo choice to get. But make sure you consult a professional artist who has the same mindset as you to depict your vision perfectly. Only then it would look like a masterpiece.

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