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64 Alluring Rooster Tattoo Ideas To Show Strength

What’s the first thing you hear in the morning? It has to be the soothing crawling of the roosters. As soon as we hear the sound, we know it’s morning. A new day has begun. Because of this pleasant experience we have each morning, we want to get a rooster tattoo so that we can keep it with us forever.

The overall aesthetic of them is also quite jarring. From the claws to its comb, everything just looks majestic. The crown shaped comb makes it look like the king of the world.

Perhaps the most convincing reason why this tattoo is so popular is because of how frequently we encounter them. They are in corners of every street and roads of urban centers and villages. Due to this, we have grown an attachment to them. This emotion compels us to get a phenomenal rooster tattoo.

Heartwarming Meaning Behind Rooster Tattoos

Rooster tattoo meaning


Rooster tattoos have a wide range of meanings attached to them. The most apparent ones can be found diving deep into the literature. In most regions, roosters are depicted as a symbol of hope and courage. They are also associated with the concept of birth. Now, you may be scratching your heads thinking how these concepts originate? Well, let us walk you through them.

A New Beginning

Every single morning, roosters raise everyone up so that they can have a wonderful day. They are like a clock that will remind you each day that it is about to start. That’s why people have associated them with the concept of a new beginning.

You don’t always have to live in a life of despair. With each day, you can be reborn as a much better version of yourself.

The Symbol Of Hope

Roosters are not the strongest or the biggest animal on the planet. Therefore, it can be obviously guessed that they get intimidated by bigger animals. But that’s not what we see in nature. Roosters have a high position in the jungle because of its tenacity and resilience. With just what they have, they try to portray a menacing pose.

It teaches us that even when we are not naturally gifted, we shouldn’t give up. Instead, we should make the best use of what we have.

An Amulet Of Wisdom And Intelligence

If you try to catch a rooster bare handed, then you will never find any luck. They are incredibly fast and clever. The moment you feel like you are close to catching them, they slip away. This self awareness and intelligence has been depicted numerous times in the literature.

It also expresses a message that you should always be on your guard as you never know what’s coming to harm you.

Electrifying Rooster Tattoo Designs To Rock You

Rooster tattoos come in a plethora of sizes and shapes. From floral patterns to other barnyard animals, anything looks good alongside them. So, it’s completely natural to lose sleep over which design you should choose. To maintain your sanity, we have some of the most exciting rooster designs in our arsenal. Give them a look.

Fighting Rooster Tattoo

Fighting Rooster Tattoo 1


Fighting Rooster Tattoo 2


In south asian countries, roosters are bred to fight against other roosters in a deadly match. They fight till the death. Huge amount of money is placed on each rooster by the owner.

Each of these roosters are much bigger and stronger than their natural counterparts. Some have razor sharp beaks that can tear through the skin in less than a second.

Therefore, the tattoo of them has to portray the deadly aura they exude. Incorporation of sharp colors with deep borders will make them look like a killer machine.

Mexican Rooster Tattoo

Mexican Rooster Tattoo


In Mexico, roosters are heavily associated with people’s lives. If you roam around, you will notice that each household has one or two of this barnyard animal.

Mexican roosters have a blazing red color in their body along with a dubious, big pair of eyes. The comb of them resembles exactly like a wave of fire. The claws aren’t as sharp as the roosters from other regions but it surely does the job.

The tattoo represents the rich tradition and culture of Mexico. Mexican people are deeply emotional and they are willing to die for their comrades. The tattoo commemorates their belief in an aesthetic manner.

Traditional Rooster Tattoo

Traditional Rooster Tattoo 1


Traditional Rooster Tattoo 2


Traditional Rooster Tattoo 3


From the inception of time, roosters are believed to be a bearer of good luck. Tribal people used to keep them as pets because they thought them to be a harbinger of success and prosperity.

This naive belief has translated into the 21st century. Artists express the belief with a mix of contemporary swags to create a jarring tattoo design. The tattoo primarily focuses on the emotions that are associated with roosters rather than the visuals.

These kinds of tattoos are full of colors. Incorporation of natural elements such as floral patterns and farm components always make the tattoo look earthy. With this tattoo, you will be in touch with mother nature.

Japanese Rooster Tattoo

Japanese Rooster Tattoo 1


Japanese Rooster Tattoo 2


Japanese roosters are quite big and strong. They have much higher yield and are resistant to a wide range of deadly diseases. They are bred in captivity with optimized conditions to achieve this feat.

Aside from its remarkable features, roosters have a connection with many of the spiritual entities Japanese people believe in. One of their gods was depicted riding a giant rooster.

Therefore, it is quite apparent just how significant roosters are to the japanese. Now the question arises of what to include with the rooster? Well, the japanese alphabet itself is quite mysterious. Throw in some Kanji words to make the tattoo look like it’s hiding a thousand secrets.

Red Rooster Tattoo

Red Rooster Tattoo 1


Red Rooster Tattoo 2


Red roosters look like the son of the sun. It’s literally a ball of fiery red color. These kinds of roosters are mostly kept for visual purposes rather than producing meat.

The red rooster tattoo depicts the intensity and the sheer determination of the wearer. With this tattoo, you will come off as someone who is not going to be bent by the rules. Instead, you will do everything you can to achieve your dreams and goals.

Black Rooster Tattoo

Black Rooster Tattoo


Black roosters are quite a feat of the eyes. They didn’t exist back in the day. But now with state of the art engineering, scientists can alter the pigments of the roosters to make them completely black.

You may be scratching your heads and thinking what’s the purpose of it? Well, anything in black looks stylish. No matter what your gender or ethnicity is, you will always gravitate towards a thing in black color rather than one with whimsical colors.

That’s why artists love to draw the rooster on the body canvas. The deep black color in the entirety of the rooster makes it look like it came from outer space.

Pig And Rooster Tattoo

Pig And Rooster Tattoo


These two barnyard creatures go hand in hand. In every region of the world, farms are a staple of village life. Villagers make their livelihood from these animals. They sell eggs, milk and meat to feed off their family. So, there is an emotion attached to them.

Pig and roosters are like the closest friends. If you visit a farm, you will see that sometimes the rooster just runs around the pig and the pig just stares at them like a disappointed parent. How adorable is that!

Small Rooster Tattoo

Small Rooster Tattoo


Small rooster tattoos are for the ones who are new in this world. Before dipping your toes deep, you need to experiment a bit. Therefore, start off with an inspiring small rooster tattoo.

The tattoo will look good no matter where you put it. A simple black outline with a couple of shades can make for a truly exclusive looking tattoo. The tattoo will blend right with the skin to portray a bunch of messages and emotions.

Rooster Head Tattoo

Rooster Head Tattoo


Rooster head has thousands of cryptic meanings to it. It may look like there is not much going on in that peanut shaped brain of theirs but they are quite intelligent avian species.

The rooster head has a lot of elements that you need to illustrate with precision. From the comb to the sharp beak, you have to depict each of the parts in its natural manner. The posture and expression on the face is also important as it can be a make or break deal. A little smile or an intimidating look on the face can go a long way.

Chinese Rooster Tattoo

Chinese Rooster Tattoo


Chinese people are obsessed with the roosters. This is mainly because they are very dependent on them. A large portion of protein comes directly from the roosters. If there were no roosters, people would have starved to death.

The obsession has gradually become so rampant that the roosters have made a place into one of the twelve zodiac signs. If you are opting for the tattoo then you should include the zodiac symbol alongside the rooster to commemorate the Chinese tradition and festive mood.

Simple Rooster Tattoo

Simple Rooster Tattoo


There is a misconception in the tattoo industry that the bigger the better. The more sophisticated your tattoo appears, the more praise you will receive from your peers. But this is not true. Anyone can make an over the top tattoo involving unnecessary shapes and colors.

To depict the symbolism with a simple tattoo requires finesse and creativity. So, it is much more impressive than any of the grandiose tattoos out there. A simple rooster tattoo usually involves a general outline of the tattoo done using a deep black color. Occasional highlighting can be done but it is recommended to leave the outline as it is.

Rooster Outline Tattoo

Rooster Outline Tattoo


Just as we are talking about the outline, the rooster outline tattoo pops up in our list. This tattoo only has the exterior surface of the rooster without any details. You just take your stencil and ink a framework of the tattoo and voila.

The tricky part about outline tattoos is that sometimes it doesn’t look like the thing we want it to portray. Therefore, you have to be extremely precise in illustrating the tattoo so that it looks just like a rooster.

Boxing Rooster Tattoo

Boxing Rooster Tattoo 1


Boxing Rooster Tattoo 2


Natural elements in unusual states create a sense of anticipation and thrill in us. We are not accustomed to seeing things like that. Therefore, it feels like adrenaline is pumping through our veins.

Never in our wildest imagination did we think about rooster boxing. Although there may have been some depictions of it in cartoons, it is still something that we only think about but never see in real life. So, when you get the tattoo, the tattoo will both intrigue you and make you laugh out loud.

Rooster Chest Tattoo

Rooster Chest Tattoo


When you get something engraved close to your heart, it means that you love and respect it dearly. So if you truly want to encapsulate the tenacious nature and behavior of the roosters then get a chest tattoo. Then with each heartbeat, the tattoo will make you strong.

Although large tattoos that cover the entire chest area look good, we don’t recommend it. The skin of your chest is extremely sensitive. Therefore, you should opt for a minimalist tattoo with few intricacies here and there.

Tribal Rooster Tattoo

Tribal Rooster Tattoo


Tribal Rooster Tattoo 2


In every single tribe, you will see a bunch of roosters running amid the people without any worries in the world. They are deeply connected with the people. Children play with them, women make jewelry and clothes out of them and even warriors wear headdresses made out of their feathers. So, you can understand just how important roosters are to the tribal people.

Perhaps one of the most significant roles the roosters play in a tribe is that it guards the precious belongings. Because of their high crawling ability, they can alert their master as soon as someone tries to break in. Also, they are potent fighters that can dismantle anyone no matter what the size of the opponent is. With this tattoo, you will also feel protected.

Hanging Rooster Tattoo

Hanging Rooster Tattoo


One of the most horrifying scenes that you can stumble upon has to be someone hanging from a cliff. It keeps us on the edge of the seat by knowing what horrible fate lies ahead. The same goes for a tattoo of the hanging rooster.

Usually, tattoo artists attempt to make a chimera of humans and roosters. The lower half is the body of humans and the upper half belongs to the rooster. Hanging from a branch or a cliff also creates a motion effect making the tattoo seem like it’s moving.

Cute Rooster Tattoo

Cute Rooster Tattoo 1


Cute Rooster Tattoo 2


Roosters are far from cute and cuddly. In most literature, they are depicted to be harbingers of death. So to make the tattoo of roosters look cute, you need to do quite a bit of work.

We all have seen a baby and know the morphological characteristics they possess. You have to incorporate each one of them into the tattoo. Try to make the cheeks a bit more fluffy and add a sense of comedy into the mix.

Realistic Rooster Tattoo

Realistic Rooster Tattoo 1


Realistic Rooster Tattoo 2


Everything you need to know resides in the name. You have to illustrate each part of the rooster with utmost care and precision so that it looks exactly like what is seen in nature.

It means that the feathers need to have that flair. The claws must have a distinct sharpness. The tail needs to have the wiggly effect. All of these features will culminate into a formidable rooster tattoo.

Watercolor Rooster Tattoo

Watercolor Rooster Tattoo


Drawing a tattoo with watercolor depicts a strong message.  It tells the viewer that the wearer is not bound by any shackles of the society. They want to be fluid like watercolor blending with people from every class and ethnicity.

The inclusion of watercolors in the rooster tattoo make it appear raw and natural. The overall aesthetic of the tattoo increases by tenfold. The sheer intensity of the colors make the rooster look real.

Rooster Claw Tattoo

Rooster Claw Tattoo 1


Rooster Claw Tattoo 2


The claws of roosters are like knives that can pierce through anything. Roosters make full use of them when they are threatened. Their legs are quite flexible so they can rotate their claws in an angle that they prefer which makes them much more dangerous.

The overall apperance of the claw is intimidating as well. It looks just like a thin branch of a tree with 3 sharp knives branching from it. If you are opting for this tattoo then make sure you make the edge of the claw as shiny as possible.

A Magnificent Time Lapse Of Illustrating A Rooster Tattoo

There are some ignorant people who question the importance of a timelapse. In their mind, it’s absolutely unnecessary. But the truth is that a detailed time lapse of drawing a tattoo can give you more knowledge than any other book out there.

That’s why, we have an excellent timelapse of an artist tackling the rooster tattoo. Give it a quick look to get your creative juices flowing.


The internet is full of junk. If you want to look for something specific, it bombards you with unnecessary information that hardly has any use at all. That’s why, we wanted to give you the most clear answers to some of the hottest questions circulating to remove all your doubts.

Q: Are Rooster Tattoos For Men Only?

Ans: There is nothing known as a Men or Women only tattoo. Anyone can get a rooster tattoo irrespective of their race, gender or ethnicity. You can surely incorporate some traditional feminine or masculine elements into a tattoo to make it look a certain way. But that doesn’t mean it belongs solely to that gender.

Q: How Much Does Rooster Tattoos Hurt?

Ans: You must use intricate dotwork and a lot of coloring to create a stunning rooster tattoo. Drawing feathers in particular may be really taxing on your body. As a result, roosters tattoos are ranked far higher on the scale of pain.


Rooster tattoos are beautiful because they have a rich, emotional connotation. Every time we see a rooster, our hearts leap for joy because of the exquisite and delicate color that covers its entire body.

You can express a lot with rooster tattoos due to their wide range of styles and shapes. If you think you have a horrendous tattoo that can’t be forgotten, you can get a rooster coverup tattoo. The possibility is endless.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is to avoid becoming bound by the customs and traditions of the modern tattoo industry. Let your creativity soar as you design the coolest rooster tattoo.

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