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15 Heart Touching RIP Tattoos For Grandpa To Ink As A Tribute

Going through the pain of grief after your loved one’s death is the worst kind of a pain to deal with. That is why people look for ways to cope with an aching heart. And some of them find one by engraving the beautiful memories in the form of a tattoo.

And today’s article is all about heart-warming RIP tattoos for Grandpa that you may want to ink on your body. This is a particular genre of tattoo that is dedicated to Grandfathers who have always held a special place in our hearts.

Since our demands, adventures, and games were never a bother to him, he was the first best friend for almost all of us. So, it is natural that his departure leaves the irrecoverable emptiness in our lives.

At that moment, a remembrance tattoo may help to fill the void a little.

How to Come Up with an Idea for a RIP Tattoo for Grandpa?

Honestly speaking, it is alright for you not to have any clear concept about the tattoo you want to dedicate to your grandpa. The most critical phase is to make up your mind. And also having the strong will that you want the tattoo, no matter how much pain that inflicts.

Now, all you need to do is, follow the steps below and brainstorm the idea with your tattoo artist before the gun starts to ink.

  • Talk to Your Tattoo Artist

Book an appointment with your artist a few days before the ink day. You need to tell your artist what you want to add to the tattoo and let the tattooist do the job.

For guaranteed, they will come up with a design that will suit your interest. If not, you can always make corrections.

  • Browse for New Ideas

You have to open your mind and look for new ideas. Without any doubt, you will find an idea that will symbolize your bond with your grandfather. If any design fascinates you, show it to your tattoo artist.

  • Walk Through the Memory Lane

And lastly, for those, who have no idea of what design you want to go with, talk to your tattooer. Your tattooer would probably ask about your grandfather’s interests, motifs, remarkable memories, hobbies etc.

It would help if you share the stories with your artist, and he/she may concoct some crazy unique ideas that you have never thought of.

15 Creative Ideas of RIP Tattoos for Grandpa With Meanings

People usually want their grandfather’s handwriting, portrait, name, date of birth, and death tattooed on them. These are, by far, the basic and most popular ideas as a Rest In Peace tattoo.

But you and your tattooist can turn these beautiful ideas into more creative ones. For that, let’s take a look at these heart-rending yet striking RIP tattoos dedicated to Grandpa.

RIP Grandpa Tattoo On Shoulder

rip grandpa tattoo on shoulder

For the followers of Christianity, a memorial tattoo with the Christian Cross ought to be one of the best options. The cross symbolizes significant and bold meanings. This is a unique idea of showcasing love, sacrifice, and respect- everything on the same canvas.

The design may have the cross, with a banner that has the dates of your grandad’s birth and death. And it also illustrates your grandfather’s unconditional love and blessings for you. Carving this tattoo in the shoulder might be a good choice for placement.

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RIP Grandpa Tattoo On Chest

rip grandpa tattoo on chest

Do you remember any memories of walking with your grandfather while holding his hand? Or a memory of watching the sunset together at the beach?

If yes, then the tattoo above would be a good reference for you. As a tribute, it is a magnificent idea of embedding the memorable scenario of you and your grandpa.

Moreover, adding the sunset effect with clouds can also depict that a legendary era has ended. Even so, he is watching over you from above the clouds.

What a remarkable memory to ink on your chest and close to your heart!

RIP Grandpa Tattoo On Leg

rip grandpa tattoo on leg

This kind of tattoo will be able to remind you of his delightful memories.The people who want to avoid drawing a whole portrait of the departed soul but want to have a small yet thoughtful image should ask for a tattoo like this. Carving the tattoo on the leg is much more painful than any other place in the body. But it  is a great idea to give the tattoo a special place.

If your tattooist is an expert in detailing, this simple yet beautiful tattoo design might be the perfect one for you. Because only an experienced tattooist can capture the perfect posture of your grandfather.

Only looking at a tattoo like this touches your heart, don’t you think so too?

RIP Grandpa Tattoo Tractor

rip grandpa tattoo tractor

Choosing your grandpa’s interest as a tattoo idea can convey a loving homage to the deceased one. This Tractor tattoo with the ‘Grandpa’ banner is enough to depict your love for him.

The shading and coloring of this tattoo are so  amazing that the tattoo will surely attract people’s attention. So, every time someone asks you the story behind your tattoo, you can tell him about your grandfather.

Let other people know how cool he was.

RIP Grandad Infinity Tattoo

rip grandad infinity tattoo

Terri Guillemets once wrote that ‘Those we love and lose are always connected by heartstrings into infinity.’

Infinity tattoos represent an array of meanings in RIP tattoos. You may choose this idea either to portray your grandpa’s infinite love for you or to wish for his reincarnation.

And engraving his birthdate and the day he died in the infinity sign, is a classic design of RIP tattoo.

RIP Grandad Bird Tattoo

rip grandad bird tattoo

To add deep meaning to your tattoo, it is better to find out the designs that have birds or feathers in them. In Christianity, a bird is the symbol of freedom, peace, love, and most importantly the new beginning.

That’s why nothing might be better than carving a bird tattoo and lettering ‘Grandad’ to wish only peace and freedom for him in his afterlife.

If you are looking for a feather tattoo, you can check out the RIP brother tattoo article on our website. In this article, you will find the tattoo designs with a feather. So, you may get the idea of how a feather tattoo will look .

RIP Grandpa Tattoo On Back

rip grandpa tattoo on back

Tattoo artists consider the back as the finest canvas for any tattoo. The back usually gives the artist a clean and broad space to work on.

Besides, some people prefer to have their RIP Grandpa tattoos on their back. Because the back is not always exposed and separated from the crowd of other tattoos in their body.

The lettering, combined with the free birds, is delivering a profound message to this tattoo. And the Dandelion adds a special meaning of realization. It reminds us  of the temporary nature all of our life has.

Overall, this tattoo represents independence from the materialistic world and freedom- a perfect tribute to the greatest person.

RIP Grandpa Car Tattoo

rip grandpa car tattoo

Classic, elegant, and bold- this dark black tattoo with amazing detailing, has all these dimensions in a single canvas. This car tattoo, the dates, and the lettering- R.I.P. Grandpa says it all, simply and artistically.

And for the people who are interested in Calligraphy and Lettering, should show this Car tattoo to your tattooist to give him an idea of what you want.

RIP Grandpa Love Tattoo

rip grandpa love tattoo

Black, blue, or darker shades may cause a depressing vibe to some people. For those people, adding colors to a remembrance tattoo is a great option. And when it comes to coloring, Red is most probably the most popular color used in RIP Tattoos.

To emphasize the warmth of your Grandfather’s love and affection, you may like the idea of combining a heart and red roses. And to showcase your devotion, you can always add a quote- ‘Part of me went with you the day God took you home.’

RIP Grandpa Sports Tattoo

rip grandpa sports tattoo

Jason Thompson, the owner at Blackcross Tattoo said that ‘Rather than putting dates or numbers in RIP tattoos only, include the things that are going to make you smile.’

That’s why you should personalize your RIP tattoo design. Add any particular motifs or hobbies that both you and your grandfather were interested in. And if you have any sports in your mind, you should find this sports tattoo inspiring.

Furthermore, to amplify the emotion in the tattoo for your grandpa, a touchy quote might be a grand addition.

RIP Grandpa Tattoo Cancer

rip grandpa tattoo cancer

Your homage for your grandfather doesn’t need to be a broad artwork with complex designs and shades. A small lettering tattoo- ‘grandpa’, along with the red ribbon of cancer symbol is more than enough. To treasure the memory of his fighting spirit, choose this idea without any hesitation.

You can also add a heartbeat sign instead of the cancer symbol to honor his brave heart till the last breath.

RIP Grandpa Memorial Tattoo

rip grandpa memorial tattoo

The significance of carving a RIP grandpa memorial tattoo, is to reflect the best memories you had with him. That doesn’t mean you cannot have a memorial tattoo whether you don’t recall any memories of your grandfather only because he left you ages ago when you were a kid.

Your tattoo artist is capable of replicating the same scenario as an old photograph of you and your old man. See? Now you will feel like he’s always around you. And adding Roman numerals would make the tattoo more aesthetic and unique.

RIP Grandpa Tattoo Navy Anchor And Skull

rip grandpa tattoo navy anchor and skull

The combination of skull, navy anchor, and a hummingbird along with the banner GRANDPA is possible to depict a meaningful statement altogether.

Traditionally, the skull represents death in the tattoo world. Moreover, the navy anchor represents the role of your grandfather in the family as he was the anchor of your family hierarchy.

And lastly, the hummingbird illustrates his soul that has overcome all the obstacles in this world and is now free to fly towards heaven.

This colorful tattoo is a perfect tribute to show the connection between you and your root.

RIP Grandpa Tattoo On Neck

rip grandpa tattoo on neck

Those who have a blank canvas on their neck and are opting for a RIP tattoo should check out this iconic one. With a pair of angelic wings with soft and smooth meticulous shading and simple lettering, the tattoo looks dynamic.

This tattoo also holds the meaning for you to remember his advice to lift yourself up and be courageous.

RIP Grandpa Flower Tattoo

rip grandpa flower tattoo

While looking for the RIP tattoos, this anchor tattoo with a breathtaking blue rose might have come across you. This savvy addition could be a hierarchical  symbol for your grandpa that you choose to be inked on your skin.

Final Verdict

Before drawing the ending line about this emotional tattoo genre, some important details are still left for you to know.

You must look for an experienced and professional tattoo artist. Only then, you can have good texture and amazing detailing in your tattoo. If you want to have a RIP tattoo for grandpa that will not fade away quickly, choose dark blue, black, dark green, or the colors that will stand out.

It is a better idea to have a personal touch in your rip tattoo. The purpose of having a RIP tattoo for your grandpa is to feel a sense of serenity whenever you take a look at them. Nevertheless, remember him as a driving force in your life.

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