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72 Remarkable Reaper Death Seal Tattoos For Fans Of Naruto!

One of the better anime tattoos that came into existence due to Naruto is the Reaper Death Seal tattoo. Although it only made an appearance in only three of the five hundred episodes of the anime, the visuals in addition to its backstory won the hearts of most fanatics in the Naruto community as well as mine.

The artwork itself is very limited and not very adaptable. However, the intricacy of each component is what makes the Reaper Death Seal tattoo so special and a monumental creation in the tattoo industry.

Whether you’re a die-hard Naruto enthusiast or just an admirer of art, getting a Reaper Death Seal tattoo could be a remarkable idea. If you’re on board with it, proceed to learn everything about our main topic of the day: The Reaper Death Seal Tattoo.


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I stated earlier how the visuals of the Reaper Death Seal are surely the primary reason behind its ever growing popularity. However, the background of it is also something that makes it such an iconic design to wear.

The Reaper Death Seal is initially a hybrid of a Sealing Jutsu and a Summoning Jutsu. It is usually summoned through a series of 10 hand seals, and brings the Shinigami, a God of Death, into existence.

The Shinigami, also known as the Grim Reaper, assists the caster by eliminating their enemy. It does so by devouring the soul of the opponent and storing them in its tummy but can also transfer its soul into the body of another.

Since the only person that can see the Shinigami is the person that carries out the jutsu, this move is always 100% effective at killing the enemy.

The spell itself is no joke, even for the caster. Due to how huge the request is, the caster often has to sell their own soul and put it at stake before the Shinigami processes and carries out their request.

Additionally, despite being invisible, many can recognize the summoning of the Reaper Death Seal through the hand signs, which can affect the outcome. However, even if the procedure is hampered and the opponent isn’t fully eliminated, the Shikigami still tarnishes the chances of the rival by draining them out and absorbing their powers.

In retrospect, the main purpose of A Reaper Death Seal is to protect the caster. While its symbolism remains a mystery to this day, those that are seeking a design that is affiliated with protection and security can surely take the thought of obtaining a Reaper Death Seal tattoo into account.


Reaper death seal tattoo 2

Since it did originate from an anime, the design of the tattoo is without a doubt one in a million.

If I were to keep it simple, the Reaper Death Seal tattoo consists of a maxed-out portrait tattoo.

The star of the show is the Shinigami, also known as the God of Death. It is a transparent and lean ghost with a vile face and a demonic aura. Size-wise, it is significantly larger than an average human being. It has long and shaggy hair that is covered in the hue of white and horns on each side that pop out from the centre of the scalp.

The skin colour of Shinigami is purple, and the creature is draped in a white kimono. Although one usually finds a katana in the middle of its mouth, what lies underneath is a small katana and a sharp, Dracula-like, set of grim-looking teeth.

Black And Grey Or Colour Tattoo? My Favourite Type Of Reaper Death Seal Tattoo

Reaper death seal tattoo 3

When creating this tattoo, I often follow one of the two methods that are available.

Since the artwork was mainly created in the manga before it made its on-screen debut, I usually create it in the same way as a black and grey tattoo. Doing so allows me to bring the manga-like aura into the image. Additionally, since this option comprises a neutral colour scheme, I typically only rely on my double magnum shader to create the structure and add the monochromatic colour scheme to the design.

When the former technique doesn’t cater to my client’s preferences, I resort to a colored version of the Reaper Death Seal tattoo.

Since they always expect a replica of the exact segment in the anime, the collection of colours I add is very much objective. Typically, I use a shade of lavender for the Shinigami’s face, an eggshell white-like hue for the hair, and dark red for the horns. For the kimono, I often use a cream-colored shade. However, if my client wants the translucent-like image to be mimicked, I exchange that tone with a shade of light blue. As for the piece of equipment, I typically use a 12 gauge magnum needle to pack the colours in an effortless, and time-saving way.

While both variants look extremely incredible on the eyes, the black and grey pattern is a little more difficult to implement. Nonetheless, if I were to pick one, I’d definitely side with the black and grey option.

Best Placement For The Reaper Death Seal Tattoo

Another crucial factor that you need to consider before getting a tattoo is the area you’ll be using to showcase your Reaper Death Seal tattoo.

Since the blueprint for this tattoo is the farthest thing from simple, I would like to recommend everyone consider placing them in wider and more spacious areas. Some of the areas that I’ve personally tattooed a Reaper Death Seal tattoo are:


Reaper death seal tattoo 17

The most common area that I have tattooed on as per my clients’ requests is the forearm. Due to the narrow yet lengthy structure of the forearm, adding a stencil that was perfectly sized was extremely easy to apply.

I often used a fine round liner afterward to draw the sketch. Since the surface of the forearm is typically flat and even, creating a complex element is the closest thing to effortless, especially since I’m good at my job. However, if the artist you reach out to is somewhat inexperienced, ask them to use a round shader in size 3 or 5 to play it safe.

The Chest

Reaper death seal tattoo 11

Despite being a tough area to work on, another great option for placing a Reaper Death Seal tattoo is the chest.

Even though the design won’t be as prominent or as noticeable in this location in contrast to the one mentioned previously, a good thing about obtaining a design as intricate as the symbol of a Reaper Death Seal is how painless it will be. The chest, despite being slightly uneven, is resilient to the blows of a needle. So, if this tattoo will be your first ever body modification, try to place it on the chest.

Due to how uneven the chest is, it could be hard for a tattoo artist to complete the design in a short amount of time. Therefore, make sure to keep your patience in check and let the artist do their magic!

The Back

Reaper death seal tattoo 64

If you’re seeking a placement that will enable you to wear the most comprehensive design of a Reaper Death Seal tattoo, take advantage of the amount of space that your back attains.

The back is one of my favourite areas to tattoo on because it’s just like a literal canvas. It doesn’t just have enough room for a large image of the Reaper Death Seal, but it also has layers of fat to protect the skin from too much trauma.

Creating a Reaper Death Seal tattoo on the back should be a walk in the park. However, ensure to not use the needle on the bonier parts, because that leaves a mark; literally and figuratively!


Reaper death seal tattoo 63

As mentioned previously, the wider the area, the better your tattoo will look, which is why one of your legs could definitely be a compelling candidate for this tattoo.

Any area on the leg can be utilized to create a Reaper Death Seal tattoo. Since the location lacks multiple nerve endings and comprises various layers of fat, it can even be a painless way to get this tattoo.

Due to the flabby and uneven shape, tattooing an image of a Reaper Death Seal can be a bit challenging for your artist. However, ask them to use a curved magnum shader throughout the session to avoid unfortunate scenarios.


Reaper death seal tattoo 8

An honorable mention on this list is the arm. Even though many make use of the potential that the forearm contains, people often overlook the convenience and the promising capabilities of the arm.

On top of containing tons of space, the arm offers flexibility and freedom of choice. The most common spot is the bicep area, as the ability it has to withstand the blows of a needle is unparalleled.

The second placement option that the arm has is the area around the deltoids. Despite being a little more fragile, deltoids are extremely generous with portrait tattoos. It tends to welcome intricate details with open arms, and often has plenty of room for additional symbols!

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Duration Of A Reaper Death Seal Tattoo: Things That Will Shape The Timeframe

While the type of design you’ll incorporate into your Reaper Death Seal tattoo will surely be one of the major contributing factors to the duration, the placement, as well as the size will also determine the timeframe of your session.

For instance, if the blueprint is smaller, contains minimal attention to detail, and is obtained in the form of a colour tattoo, it might take around 4 to 6 hours for the artist to complete the design.

On the other hand, if the image is sizable, and the tattoo variation you asked for contains elements of realism, you might have to give the tattoo artist a few days and hold on to your composure for quite some time before the artwork is complete.

Bottom Line

A Reaper Death Seal tattoo is personally one of the best tattoos I’ve had the privilege of knowing about, and a design I’ve had the pleasure to create. It contains everything that a good tattoo needs; a good backstory, detailed elements, and a sizable image.

Although you can’t make changes to the initial groundwork of a Reaper Death Seal tattoo, you can always pair it up with other symbols to make your design a diamond in the rough. As long as the counterpart matches the wavelength and fits with the context, like a portrait tattoo of Itachi Uchiha, your Reaper Death Seal tattoo will definitely look natural and powerful.

Additionally, since it is a highly detailed portrait tattoo at the end of the day, ensure the placement is able to comply with the design. Refrain from installing the artwork in compact areas, unless you’re only creating one of the major elements of Shinigami.

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