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46 Unique Queen Of Spades Tattoo Designs To Add To Your Tattoo Collection!

The Queen of Spades is a popular figure in the world of fortune telling. In real life, however, glorifying the queen of spades, especially through the means of a Queen of Spades tattoos, says otherwise.

Since the queen of spades contains physical features that tend to look marvelous when incorporated into a tattoo, it’s a very common find amongst those that are tattoo fanatics. However, due to the message it conveys and the cynicism within its symbolism, being a wearer of the queen of spades tattoo can definitely hamper one’s life.

Moving on, if you like the visual aspects of the queen of spades, but aren’t aware of why the card is a controversial character amongst the world of tattoos, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, in addition to supporting the trend of getting a queen of spades tattoo by unveiling the various amount of designs one can incorporate into the tattoo itself, we will also reveal how the popular personality’s symbolism tarnished its legacy.

Revealing The Actual Meaning Behind A Queen Of Spades Tattoo

Queen of spade tattoo 1

From being used as a symbol to reveal one’s preferences to symbolizing intelligence and good fortune, it’s safe to say that a Queen of spades could be a risky tattoo to obtain, especially if the artwork is open to interpretation.

When the tattoo first rose to prominence, a queen of spades tattoo was being used for all the wrong reasons. It was mostly found on the bodies of those that seeked entertainment and validation from one race only. Due to being associated with racism and being a form of covert racism, the artwork was seen in a dark light and never appreciated in any community.

However, in the present tense, while the visuals of it are the same as the one that was initially created, the symbolism of a queen of spades tattoo is related to intelligence, power, and good fortune. It can be a great installment for those that are seeking tattoos that are easy to install and contain positive energy.

All in all, while the artwork did achieve success for glorifying xenophobia, everything that the artwork is currently associated with is definitely on the other end of the spectrum.

Staggering Queen Of Spade Tattoos That Will Blow Your Mind!

The design of a queen of spades tattoo is probably the best part about this tattoo. It is extremely adaptable, visually pleasing, and is extremely flexible. Once obtained, the tattoo tends to remain consistent in terms of quality for a long period of time.

Moving on, if you haven’t yet thought of a design for your own queen of spades tattoo, then put your trust in our hands! Also make sure to skim through the following list of entries, that contains a series of queen of spades tattoos which reeks of elegance, charm, and is of expensive taste!

Queen of Spades Forearm Tattoo

Queen of spade forearm tattoo

If your main objective is to carve the tattoo of the card of queen of spades, take into account the potential of the forearm before finalizing your decision.

As it attains loads of space, the card can be blended in perfectly. The visuals will be crystal clear, and the colors will look anything but dull. The borders around the edges will also amp up the final outcome and make the image as enticing as ever.

Additionally, since the forearm contains thick layers, obtaining a tattoo with multiple components could be relatively painless and effortless, which might come in handy if you’re susceptible to pain.

Queen of Spades Thigh Tattoo

Queen of spade thigh tattoo

The symbol of queen of spades can also be exceptionally showcased as a thigh tattoo. Since the area is comparatively spacious as opposed to most entries on this list, it could be the perfect match for you if you’re hoping to carve a large artwork.

To make the final impression more impactful, you can even incorporate the sketch of other symbols into your queen of spades tattoo. While bringing in floral tattoos is a decision that multiple wearers side with, many even incorporate the images of multiple creatures to boost the visuals of this variant.

Queen of Spades Wrist Tattoo

.Queen of spade wrist tattoo

Obtaining a tattoo isn’t as difficult as it seems. Sometimes, even the simplest drawing can drop the biggest hint.

Containing nothing but the emblem of a spade and an initial, this wrist tattoo is a great option for beginners. Since the artwork is rather basic, it can also cater to those that are minimalists and like to keep it subtle.

Furthermore, to spice things up a little, try to change up the font a bit and add a soft color in the background. Doing so will make the artwork more compelling from afar, and make the aesthetics more appealing.

Queen of Spades Back Tattoo

Queen of spade back tattoo

Getting a portrait tattoo of a queen could be an exciting way to wear a Queen of Spades tattoo, however, none of the spots would be able to pull it off as brilliantly as the back.

If you incorporate the portrait into a back tattoo, on top of having clear cut visuals and an alluring design, this tattoo will be very easy to obtain due to the plain surface that the back is made of.

Additionally, due to the layers of fat present in that area, this option could definitely work wonders for those that are looking for an easy procedure.

Queen of Spades Hand Tattoo

Queen of spade hand tattoo

The visuals of the queen of spades can also be worn as a hand tattoo. All you have to do is take the design you’ve envisioned and trim the size down by a tad bit. Doing so won’t just give your final artwork a memorable appearance, but will also make you the star of the show.

Additionally, although a color tattoo can definitely enhance the visuals of this tattoo, a neutral colored tattoo is more elegant and hands down the better option out of the two.

Queen of Spades Couple Tattoo

Queen of spade couple tattoo

The Queen of Spades can also be obtained as a tattoo by couples. All they have to do is obtain a design as enticing as this entry, which contains a couple tattoo!

Even though the image contains a monochromatic sketch, the color palette is subjective. Therefore, if you want to install the same artwork with a different impression, drape the classic tattoo and transform it into a color tattoo!

Another exciting feature of this tattoo is the placement for this tattoo, since it comes with no handbook. One can obtain it in delicate areas such as the collarbone, or can even resort to a design as wide as a forearm tattoo.

Queen of Spades Chest Tattoo

Queen of spade chest tattoo

The elegance of the queen of spades can also be showcased and effectively displayed through a crown tattoo. On top of adding the sketch of a crown, make sure to add a shadow underneath the border to give the artwork a 3 dimensional effect.

Furthemore, to play it safe, make sure you place the artwork on the chest. Besides being resilient against the blows of a needle, the chest also contains a surface that is usually convenient for the tattoo artist to draw on.

Queen of Spades Arm Tattoo

Queen of spade arm tattoo

Drop hints about your personality and preferences through the assistance of a Queen of Spades arm tattoo. In addition to being a safe bet to make, the design of this variant is extremely sophisticated. It contains a classic portrait of the queen herself, and consists of fine-line borders to increase the appeal.

While many place their trust in the inner bicep area, obtaining it on the tricep could lead to better results. In addition to looking extremely tidy on the tricep region, the queen of spades tattoo will also feel painless to install.

Queen of Spades Finger Tattoo

Queen of spade finger tattoo

If most of these options aren’t really sweeping you off your feet, a finger tattoo might be enough to do the trick!

This design is very pain-friendly and easy to recreate. The artwork contains just the letter “Q” and an emblem of spades. The procedure is also pretty lenient, and takes around 5 minutes for completion.

Furthemore, if this design is too basic for you, change the color palette of the artwork to introduce another theme and impression. Use high-spirited colors like red, blue and pink to give it a different outcome.

Queen of Spades Leg Tattoo

Queen of spade leg tattoo

If you liked the design of the previous entry, you may want to consider the potential of this entry as well.

Since it contains nothing but an emblem of the queen of spades, this variant could be an excellent pick for anyone and everyone.

While the artwork is extremely subtle and could also seem rather dull at times, the placement of the area is quite appealing and can fascinate the minds of many. The charcoal black paint used in the image is also something to behold!

Neo Traditional Queen of Spades Tattoo

Neo traditional queen of spade tattoo

The Queen of Spades can also be displayed using colors, neat borders, and intricate details with the hues of a neo traditional tattoo.

Unlike most entries, this variant contains two segments; a portrait tattoo, and a side portrait tattoo. The design and procedure of it could be beneficial to those that have loads of time in hand and those that prefer visually-oriented tattoos, but can be an inconvenience to those that are vulnerable to pain and impatient on most occasions.

More Staggering Queen of Spades Tattoo Designs To Wear This Year!

Here are some more compelling design of the queen of spades tattoo that you should definitely look into if you haven’t quite found what you’ve been looking for!

Queen of spade tattoo 2

Queen of spade tattoo 3

Queen of spade tattoo 4

Queen of spade tattoo 5

Queen of spade tattoo 6

Queen of spade tattoo 7

Queen of spade tattoo 9

Queen of spade tattoo 8

Queen of spade tattoo 10

Queen of spade tattoo 11

Queen of spade tattoo 12

Queen of spade tattoo 13

Queen of spade tattoo 14

Queen of spade tattoo 15

Queen of spade tattoo 16

Queen of spade tattoo 18

Queen of spade tattoo 17

Queen of spade tattoo 19

Queen of spade tattoo 20

Queen of spade tattoo 22

Queen of spade tattoo 21

Queen of spade tattoo 23

Queen of spade tattoo 24

Queen of spade tattoo 26

Queen of spade tattoo 25

Queen of spade tattoo 27

Queen of spade tattoo 28

Queen of spade tattoo 29

Queen of spade tattoo 30

Queen of spade tattoo 31

Queen of spade tattoo 32

Queen of spade tattoo 33

Queen of spade tattoo 34

Queen of spade tattoo 35

Bottom Line

Whether you’re trying to reveal a distinct trait about your personality or seeking a simple image with a remarkable impression, a queen of spades tattoo can be your perfect sidekick.

If you’re looking for an option that reeks of delicacy, try placing an emblem tattoo in areas such as the collarbone, the area above the knee or the ankle.

Additionally, if you’ve got a larger image in mind that you’d like to bring to life, make sure to take into consideration the idea of getting a chest tattoo. While it could be a bit time consuming, the procedure of a queen of spades tattoo on the chest is as good as painless.

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