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46 Jarring Pyramid Tattoo Ideas For Your Next Adventure

Ever since we were a child, we had a deep fascination with the pyramids. There was just something intriguing about these giant monuments that grabbed our attention. The hypnotic appearance of them always captivated our mind. Our interest further peeked when we got to know that these pyramids are actually gravestones.

We are always gravitated towards the unknown. The pyramid is always something that we know very little about. That’s why, people want to get this tattoo on their body canvas so that they can decipher the true intentions of these structures.

The most important aspect of pyramids is the rich history behind them. People back in the day wanted to be immortal. Therefore, they mummified their bodies so that it wouldn’t rot over the years.

We also want to live forever. Scientists are trying their best to come up with a technology to reverse aging. All of these modern concepts have originated from the pyramids. That’s why it’s such a highly demanded tattoo choice.

Death Is Not The End: The Spiritual Meaning Behind Pyramid Tattoos

Pyramid tattoo meaning


Death was not the end for the pharaohs, as we have already explained. It was merely a doorway through which they may enter an endless space. They would spend eternity exploring the vast area. Even though it seems crazy to you now, it had a big psychological influence in the past.

People began to doubt their own existence. This idea served as the basis for literature. The pyramid contributed to the quick advancement of knowledge. So, now you can understand just how much of an impact these buildings have.

Inspiring Pyramid Tattoo Designs To Motivate You

Our lives are getting more and more meaningless. Everyday we wake up tired and don’t feel like doing anything. There is no passion in us.

In such times of distress, a pyramid tattoo can be a lifesaver to you. It would constantly remind you that you have to be someone that holds a place in history like the ancient kings and pharaohs. You have to leave your footsteps in this world. Therefore, you need to get up and continue to work. Soon, success will follow you.

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo

Aztec Pyramid Tattoo 1


Aztec Pyramid Tattoo 2


The people of Aztec cultures were obsessed with large monuments. They figured out if they built more weight in the base of a building rather than the top, it would have better structural stability.

This idea conceptualized the pyramid. Throughout their time, Aztec people built many pyramids to glorify life after death. They sometimes used the pyramids to be a hiding spot from their enemies.

Pyramid with Eye Tattoo

Pyramid with Eye Tattoo 1


Pyramid with Eye Tattoo 2


Pyramid with Eye Tattoo 3


If you have been hovering on the internet, you have probably seen all the conspiracy theories about the illuminati. It is supposedly a hidden organization that is controlling the entire world. The symbol of their organization is a triangle with an eye in the center.

The craze quickly translated to the tattoo realm and people are obsessed with getting the tattoo of it. You have to agree that the design is quite psychedelic and makes you want to question the secrets in life.

Pyramid Head Tattoo

Pyramid Head Tattoo 1


Pyramid Head Tattoo 2


Head tattoos are not everyone. They are for the people who want to go all out with guns blazing from all the cylinders.

As most people have a round shaped head, naturally you must have assumed that a round shaped tattoo will look good on there. But you are wrong. A pyramid tattoo complements the round shape much more perfectly. It makes a unique pattern in the head that just catches your eye instantly.

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo

Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo 1


Egyptian Pyramid Tattoo 2


The Egyptian pyramid tattoos have a lot of cultural and religious significance. The pharaohs of Egypt wanted to live forever. When their time came, they instructed people to make mummies of their corpses.

The pharaohs truly believed that death was just the beginning of an eternal journey. If you also want to be immortalized then this is the tattoo for you.

Small Pyramid Tattoo

Small Pyramid Tattoo


On the outer surface, pyramids are nothing but a triangle. Therefore, you don’t need to make it look sophisticated by incorporating a bunch of unnecessary elements.

A simple tattoo covering a small portion of your body can depict the same message as any other large tattoo. A cool idea is to make the tattoo as colorful as possible. Usually , pyramids have a bland appearance. Seeing them full of colors can get your veins pumping of adrenaline.

Pyramid Chest Tattoo

Pyramid Chest Tattoo


If you wholeheartedly believe the symbolism of the pyramids then you should get the tattoo of the pyramid close to your heart. Then, it would depict just how much it means to you.

As you are taking a huge risk by inking in the most sensitive area of your body, you will surely be rewarded. The gods will smile on your and grant you a tattoo so jarring that people will get obsessed with it.

Pyramid Forearm Tattoo

Pyramid Forearm Tattoo


Pyramids are full of secrets. Even today, there is so much we don’t know about them. We can only speculate but can’t verify because the government won’t let anyone get inside of them.

Such a mystifying element deserves to be in a place also with some magic. Your forearm is like a magical carpet which you can use to conceal and show your tattoo at any moment you prefer.

Scorpion and Pyramid Tattoo

Scorpion and Pyramid Tattoo


Usually, deserts are where you’ll find pyramids. Although there are pyramids in other places, Egypt’s pyramids in the middle of the desert are the most iconic. Do you know what else resides in the desert? It’s the deadly scorpion.

The sight of a scorpio is enough to have nightmares for days. These venomous little creatures can be found crawling all throughout the desert.

You should try to illustrate the scorpion on top of your pyramid tattoo. Then, it would appear as if the scorpion is the ruler of the entire area. How awesome is that!

Skull Pyramid Tattoo

Skull Pyramid Tattoo


If you have the good fortune of going near pyramids, you will notice that there are many skulls laying everywhere. Where did they come from?

Well, these skulls are from the travelers who wanted to explore the pyramids. During their expedition, things didn’t go as planned and they met their ill fate. The skull pyramid tattoo expresses the harsh realism that is hidden behind the walls of the pyramid.

Anubis Pyramid Tattoo

Anubis Pyramid Tattoo


Anubis is the god of the underworld. If you think you want to die and be a mummy just like the pharaohs so that you can explore the world beneath. Well, think again.

You need to get past Anubis. He is the one that is the guardian of the souls and oversees the entire underworld.

The appearance of anubis is quite unique. He has a canine head with a human body. There is just something uncanny about his persona that compels us to get the tattoo.

Traditional Pyramid Tattoo

Traditional Pyramid Tattoo


Traditional pyramid tattoos focus more on the message rather than the realism. So, instead of making the tattoo look ultra realistic, always include some elements that capture the middle eastern vibes accurately.

The use of vibrant colors is a must if you are opting for this tattoo. The whimsical colors will turn the prehistoric pyramids into something quite modern.

Realism Pyramid Tattoo

Realism Pyramid Tattoo


At a distance, the pyramid is only a triangle. But when you get close, you will notice just how many layers of detail exist. There are segments growing narrower across the apex from the base.

The colors of the pyramid can be kept in its usual mundane scheme. Just make sure to take your time to include all the tiny shapes that can be found throughout the body of the pyramid.

Cleopatra Pyramid Tattoo

Cleopatra Pyramid Tattoo


In recent times, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Cleopatra and most of it is for all the bad reasons. Some idiot thought it would be a good idea to cast a black actress to portray Cleopetra. We know that Cleopetra is white. So, this choice is just so dumb on so many levels that it’s hard to describe in words.

Because of the controversy, there has been a sudden surge in interest in Cleopatra. The face of Cleopetra is depicted in much of Egyptian literature and there are even carvings of her in the walls of the pyramid. That’s why the combination of pyramids and cleopatra will work well together in a single tattoo design.

Pyramid Shoulder Blade Tattoo

Pyramid Shoulder Blade Tattoo


If you are a nerd like us, you would know that a combination of two similar structures creates a geometry that isn’t very significant. It’s the integration of two completely polar opposite objects that make a unique and aesthetic shape.

That goes for pyramid shoulder blade tattoos as well. The triangle shape complements the round shoulder blades a lot. It creates a sense of anticipation as if you need to see more to understand the depth of the tattoo.

Pyramid Sleeve Tattoo

Pyramid Sleeve Tattoo


Pyramid tattoos are designed to be placed on sleeves. If you look closely, you’ll see that your skin and the hue of the pyramids are very similar.

As a result, the tattoo you acquire on your sleeve will resemble a pyramid rising tall in a desert. To elevate the theatricality of the tattoo to a new level, draw a sun on top.

Pyramid Linework Tattoo

Pyramid Linework Tattoo


Linework is the most suitable style to depict the mysticism of the pyramids. The tattoo expresses the cultures, traditions and the rituals of the ancient people beautifully using accurately illustrated lines throughout the structure.

This type of tattoo isn’t easy to ink as you need to have a steady hand to illustrate each line with the same amount of gaps. If you can achieve it, the symmetry along with the vintage aesthetic will make a compelling tattoo design that will make you look ageless.

Deciphering The Secrets Of The Pyramid Tattoos: A Visual Guide

Archaeologists are still making new theories about the pyramids. As we write, there is probably something new that has been discovered about them. So, the mystery behind the pyramids never ends.

To portray such an enigmatic element into the body canvas can be pretty daunting. So to aid you in your quest to get the perfect pyramid tattoo, we have an excellent timelapse that will guide you to greatness.


There are so many conspiracy theories regarding the pyramids that will make your head hurt. None of them are quite authentic. But how will you know which one is true and which one is false? Well, the internet can be a deceptive place. So, to make matters easy, we have collected some intriguing questions that will clear all your doubts.

Q: Are Pyramid Tattoos Religious?

Ans: The tattoos have a startling connection to religion and spirituality. People still hold this belief today that the pyramid is where the pharaohs’ souls are imprisoned. They believe that the spirits have not interdimensionally transmigrated as anticipated.

Q: Will You Be Part Of The Illuminati If You Get The Pyramid Tattoo?

Ans: The whole concept of the illuminati is nothing but a hoax. It’s made up by some random internet user who clearly has a lot of time in their hands. The pyramid tattoo has no association with the illuminati. So, you have nothing to worry about.


Nikola Tesla, the famous scientist, believed that the pyramid was not just a tomb for the pharaohs. It was used as an amulet to generate and distribute energy.

Although there is no evidence backing up this claim, the riveting structure does point to the direction of the pyramid being used as an energy source.

There are so many meanings and symbolism of the pyramids that it is hard to list. Everyone seems to have their own interpretations. What does the pyramid tattoo mean to you? Let us know in the comments.

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