Pinky Promise Tattoo

61 Pinky Promise Tattoo Designs To Show Your Unbreakable Bond

One of the cutest and most meaningful tattoos that we have seen come out of our studios is the pinky promise tattoo. The tattoo takes us back to our childhood ritual of making an unbreakable promise with our pinky fingers.

This tattoo represents the same expression that we used to give in our childhood, the expression of an innocent but unbreakable promise that we must keep. From friends and lovers, this tattoo has also become popular among siblings, parents, and children.

As this tattoo is so meaningful, we’ve cherry-picked some amazing designs for this tattoo. So, you won’t have to look any further to find the perfect pinky promise tattoo.

Why wait then? Let’s jump right in.

Meaning Of The Pinky Promise Tattoo

Meaning of the Pinky Promise Tattoo


The pinky promise tattoo holds exactly the same meaning as the pinky promise. This tattoo represents an unbreakable bond and an unwavering commitment between two persons. This tattoo follows the childhood tradition of making a pinky promise to a beloved person to show trust and commitment between the two individuals.

The tattoo represents a constant reminder of the trust between the wearer and a beloved that cannot be broken. This trust and commitment is eternal and this tattoo represents that this pact transcends time. This tattoo thus means the commitment to never break this trust and always honor the relationship.

Unwavering Pinky Promise Tattoo Ideas

Pinky Promise tattoos come in all shapes and sizes and they can be representative of all the relations that the tattoo caters to. Some tattoos may come in minimalistic styles with small form factors, whereas others can be grand designs with realistic details.

The tattoo primarily features two pinky fingers that are interlocked together. They can be done with many other elements added to the tattoo. As the pinky promise tattoo has become very popular among tattoo enthusiasts, many designs are out there for the pinky promise tattoo.

Here are some of the most amazing pinky promise tattoo ideas that we have come across. You can choose one from this list, or create your own.

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo

Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo 1


Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo 2


Best Friend Pinky Promise Tattoo 3


This is one of the cutest Pinky Promise tattoos designs out there. This tattoo is a very symbolic tattoo that represents the bond between two friends. This tattoo features two interlocked pinky fingers representing a friendship that will never end.

This tattoo is often done with a very minimalist approach with single outlines of the fingers. You can add some texts with the tattoo such as “Forever”, and “No Matter What” to add some extra flair to the tattoo.

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo

Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo 1


Minimalist Pinky Promise Tattoo 2

This tattoo takes a very simple and minimalist approach to the pinky promise tattoo. This tattoo features a single-line outline of the pinky promise made by two interlocked fingers. The simplicity allows the tattoo to look very elegant and beautiful.

This tattoo often features only black color to keep a simplistic theme. But you can always play around with the colors if you want. The tattoo also can be customized with quotes, texts, names, and dates to increase the symbolic meaning of the tattoo.

Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo

Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo 1


Skeleton Pinky Promise Tattoo 2


This tattoo is for those who want a unique and unconventional tattoo. This tattoo features two skeleton hands doing a pinky promise. This is a very unique tattoo and represents the idea of “till death do us part”. You can also add dates, names, and other elements to the tattoo.

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers

Pinky Promise Tattoo with Flowers


If you want a simple and elegant tattoo, you can get that with the pinky promise flowers tattoo. This tattoo features some flowers entangled with the pinky promise showing the beauty of a pinky promise. These tattoos are often done in color. But they can be black and white.

Pinky Promise Butterfly Tattoo

Pinky Promise Butterfly Tattoo 1


Pinky Promise Butterfly Tattoo 2


The pinky promise butterfly tattoo is a very simple but elegant tattoo featuring a butterfly along with the pinky promise. As the butterfly symbolizes growth and freedom, this adds to the eternal meaning of the pinky promise and creates a meaning of growing together till the end. This tattoo is also done in some great colors.

Matching Pinky Promise Tattoo

Matching Pinky Promise Tattoo


The matching pinky promise tattoo is the most meaningful tattoo on this list. This tattoo features the same design as a pinky promise tattoo done on two partners or friends. This tattoo also represents eternal friendship and an unbreakable promise.

The tattoo serves as a visual representation of the strong bond of the relationship. So this tattoo can feature elements specific to this relationship or friendship. For example, you can easily add some texts, quotes, or dates that matter to you and your partner in this tattoo.

Pinky Promise Fine Line Tattoo

Pinky Promise Fine Line Tattoo


This is similar to the minimalist pinky promise tattoo and offers the same aesthetic. The tattoo features two interlocked fingers done with a fine-line tattoo style. This tattoo is mostly kept in black and white, but you can do the outline in any color you want.

Pinky Promise Wrist Tattoo

Pinky Promise Wrist Tattoo


Thanks to the minimalism of the pinky promise tattoo, the wrist is a great option to do one. You can easily hide a tattoo with a wristwatch or a shirt, You can make very few customizations on this tattoo. But you can get that tattoo in different colors.

Traditional Pinky Promise Tattoo

Traditional Pinky Promise Tattoo 1


Traditional Pinky Promise Tattoo 2


Traditional Pinky Promise Tattoo 3


The traditional pinky promise tattoo features a funky and fun look for the pinky promise. This tattoo is done in the traditional American tattoo style with muted colors and bold black outlines. So, this tattoo is very colorful and simple, while also being meaningful.

Pinky Promise Tattoo on Bicep

Pinky Promise Tattoo on Bicep


The pinky promise tattoo on the bicep is often a big design as the bicep has a big workspace. This tattoo features a pinky promise tattoo with some good details. You can add other elements to the tattoo such as names, dates, or quotes as well.

Pinky Promise Script Tattoo

Pinky Promise Script Tattoo


This is a gorgeous tattoo that features a pinky promise tattoo with a quote or text written in a fancy script. This tattoo often features a simple outline of the pinky promise tattoo with a cursive font. You can also play around with the colors of the tattoo for a different look.

Pinky Promise Ribs Tattoo

Pinky Promise Ribs Tattoo


The pinky promise ribs tattoo can be a good option if you are looking for something private. This tattoo features a pinky promise tattoo on the side of the ribs that you can easily hide. You can add other personal details on this tattoo as well.

Pinky Promise Patchwork Tattoo

Pinky Promise Patchwork Tattoo


If you are looking to combine multiple tattoos centering on one theme, the patchwork tattoo is an amazing option. This tattoo can feature a pinky promise tattoo among others. The style and colors of the tattoo will depend on the other tattoos in the patchwork.

Pinky Promise Ankle Tattoo

Pinky Promise Ankle Tattoo


The ankle is a delicate placement for the pinky promise tattoo as it features a very small space. Pinky promise tattoos are done on the ankle and are often very minimalist and feature just an outline of the tattoo. You can change the color scheme of the tattoo as you like.

Pinky Promise Thigh Tattoo

Pinky Promise Thigh Tattoo


You can also get the pinky promise tattoo on the thigh if you are looking for a personal tattoo. As the thigh has a big space, you can scale the tattoo to a big size and do the tattoo in some vivid colors.

Watercolor Pinky Promise Tattoo

Watercolor Pinky Promise Tattoo


The watercolor pinky promise tattoo is a calming design that features the pinky promise in a watercolor style. You can add other elements such as a quote, a date, an infinity sign, or names to the tattoo to give it some flair. This tattoo looks best on visible places like the forearm.

How To Do A Simple Pinky Promise Tattoo

This video shows the process of getting a beautiful pinky promise tattoo. As you can see, the tattoo is a simple fine-line tattoo. So the artist first traces out the tattoo on the workspace with a stencil. Then as the tattoo is done with a very fine line, the artist carefully draws out the entire outline with a single needle tool. Throughout the process, the artist keeps cleaning the space and carefully adjusts the tool for a clean and simple tattoo.

This is a great example of a single-line pinky promise tattoo. But if you want to get a bigger pinky promise tattoo, this video will also give you some ideas about the process.


If you have any further questions regarding the Pinky Promise tattoo, look no further. Here, we have answers to some of our clients’ frequently asked questions about this particular tattoo.

Q: Are pinky promise tattoos for couples?

Answer: No. Although the tattoo is especially popular among couples, it is not exclusively for couples. This tattoo is rather for those who want to show a deep connection. So the tattoo could be done by friends, siblings, and even parents and children.

Q: Does a Pinky Promise tattoo have to be pink?

Answer: No. Although as the name suggests, the tattoo may be pink, it does not necessarily have to be pink. It can be done in any color that the wearer chooses.


To sum up the article, the pinky promise tattoo reminds us of the childhood nostalgia of creating an unbreakable bond between two individuals with a pinky promise. This tattoo represents trust and commitment that is eternal.

The tattoo can come in many shapes and sizes, in color or in black and white, and have many customization options. We hope our hand-picked list of pinky promise tattoos has helped you choose the perfect tattoo for yourself.

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