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50 Unique Persephone Tattoo For This Modern Era!

Greek mythological characters are always the favorite subject for tattoo enthusiasts. With so many interesting stories and unique symbolic meanings, people always try to find something exceptional in these characters just like our Persephone tattoo. The history and the symbolic meaning of the tattoo is so rich that people go for this tattoo for a long time.

Persephone had a significant role in Greek mythology, and artists have endeavored to honor her. Some people have indeed chosen to acquire a Persephone designed tattoo as more than just a devotion to the Divine, being prompted by sculptures, artwork, poetry, and ballets.

If you want to explore more about this intriguing meaningful historical tattoo, then read the article till the end to get all the meanings, ideas and designs of a Persephone tattoo.

Historical Background and Symbolic Meanings Of Persephone Tattoo

Persephone tattoo meaning 1

In Greek mythology, the deity Persephone played a variety of positions. Among the most renowned tales throughout Greek mythical mythology is about her affair with Hades, notably the different accounts of where and how Hades and Persephone encountered each other. As she was also the Queen of the  Underworld, she also had a crucial role in numerous outstanding tales, including those of Heracles, Orpheus, Sisyphus, and others.

The classic Persephone tale involves Hades abducting her and delivering the Goddess in the  Afterlife. Someday, as Persephone and her Sprite companion were having fun around the meadows, Persephone noticed a Narcissus blossom. A chariot pulled by a menacing phantom emerged out of that bloom. It seems that it was Hades, the master of the otherworld. Persephone was taken captive and taken to the Afterlife by him.

Due to their close ties to the legend surrounding the beginning of Hades and Persephone romance, both of her best recognizable emblems remained pomegranates and the narcissus flower. Yet Asphodelus was also significant in Persephone’s symbology.

There are many more symbolic meanings along with many stories regarding the Persephone goddess, but as we are here to know about the Persephone tattoo, let’s find out the different ideas and designs of this marvelous tattoo!

Persephone Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos like the Persephone are ancient designs and the design is not that simple. But the story carries many values and has intense deep meanings with many branches on it. Greek mythology is studied throughout the world, more or less many people know about the stories and there are a lot who are fascinated enough to go for a Persephone tattoo.

There are a lot of ancient paintings in Greek mythology where we can find Persephone and Hades too. The illustrations contain their story and the journey. Tattoo lovers want the same design on their body too. So the demand for this particular tattoo is quite different from others.

 Persephone and Hades Tattoo

Persephone and Hades tattoo


Hades, the deity of the otherworld, has become a popular subject for tattoos. He is frequently portrayed as a gloomy, moody person, and tattoos can effectively use his iconography. Persephone and Hades have separate symbolic meaning and history, but together has stories to tell.

Kidnapping of Persephone by Hades is a popular story in the world of Myth and these incidents have a different set of designs. Besides their love story is studied all over the world and the duo is also famous for their stories together.

Though in the picture above, you can get a nice couple gesture of Persephone and Hades at their young age holding on to each other. As there are two subjects on the tattoo, it is comparatively larger than other designs and it needs space like arms, shoulders, chest, back, thighs.

 Persephone Pomegranate Tattoo

Persephone pomegranate tattoo


Hades offered Persephone some Pomegranate seeds to eat before she was abducted by Hades. The whole scenario indicated the change of Persephone from Spring Goddess to the Queen of Underworld, from light to darkness, from a girl to a woman. These Greek stories are metaphorical and the incidents are correlated to other stories.

The image here is the perfect example as the woman here is crying and her eyes are full of pomegranate and the fruits are all over the tattoo. This is actually the main symbol of the Persephone Pomegranate tattoo.

Red color for the Pomegranate and any color for the Persesphone is perfect for the design. You can also do the all black ink for an aesthetic new design. Being a complicated design, it is better to consult with an expert before you go for it.

  Persephone Goddess Tattoo

Persephone goddess tattoo


Goddess of the Underworld is a unique character in the world of Greek mythology. Persephone mainly symbolizes a woman who is forever hurt by her lover who she thought to be her love of life but all her life was a lie and her lover is nothing but a piece of monster and betrayal.

The expression of being betrayed is seen in her face all along her life and it is seen clearly on her close look tattoos just like the tattoo here. If you have a closer look, you will find the ocean of sorrows in her eyes.

These designs are not easy and not all the artists can fulfill the demand. You can add colors as your wish but the main attraction of the Persephone Goddess tattoo is the Persephone herself with her looks and facial expressions.

 Persephone With Cerberus Tattoo

Persephone with Cerberus tattoo

Cereberus is a three headed dog that looks like a monster and is the guard of the Underworld. Persephone and Hades are the master of Cerberus and there are stories of this dog but the combination of Persephone with Cerberus is quite popular and the duo makes a great tattoo design.

Three heads are the main attraction of the Cerberus as this is completely different from usual and the tattoo freaks actually look for something like this. The design of the tattoo is really hard and the details are the main thing that makes the tattoo so engaging.

Persephone with Cerberus is a big tattoo and needs quite a place for the design. Without an experienced expert, it is impossible to bring the original beauty of this tattoo.

 Persephone Tattoo On Back

Persephone tattoo on back


Back tattoos are quite fascinating as the designs are larger to cover the full space. Persephone is an amazing piece of art for considering the Back tattoo. Those who are extremely fascinated with tattoos, they want a large piece of art in their body and the perfect place for such art is the Back.

So far you have got an idea of how a Persephone tattoo is, now it’s your decision where you will put it. My best suggestion would be the back portion of our body as the Persephone tattoo demands considerable large space for tattoos.

You can add colors or other related designs according to your wish keeping the main theme of the tattoo. Any gender can use this holding the meaning and motifs of their own.

Watercolor Persephone Tattoo

Watercolor Persephone tattoo


To make a tattoo realistic there are some ways in art, such as the Watercolor. A perfect use of watercolor can make the tattoo look real and almost a 3D look. You need to show it to an expert if you want to get a Watercolor Persephone tattoo.

The main characteristics of this design is, it must be in colors, the main attraction of the watercolor is the varieties of color and the brush strokes. You need to learn about Watercolor design if you go for it.

Persephone Tattoo On Thigh

Persephone tattoo on thigh


Thigh tattoos are extremely sexy and look really incredible especially for the girls. For the huge amount of space, big or large tattoo designs are preferable here. Persephone is such a tattoo which looks really stunning on the thigh considering its symbol and meaning.

As in the picture, the full face of the Persphone is beautifully portrayed and the tattoo looks really staggering. If you are thinking of getting a persephone tattoo, I would suggest you go for the thigh area.

Persephone Tattoo On Forearm

Persephone tattoo on forearm


Till  now the ideas I have shared, you will see that most of the Persephone designs are bigger as the tattoo demands. To represent the tattoo with its meaning and to portray the beautiful details of this ancient tattoo the big design is suitable. Forearms are such a place for this kind of design.

A tattoo lover’s special spot is the forearms and if you are thinking of a full forearms tattoo, Persephone tattoo is the best idea to go for. The design looks sublime as you can see in  the picture. You can add colors of your own but the shades are really important to pop details clearly.

 Persephone And Spider Lily Tattoo

Persephone and Spider Lily tattoo


Adding and mixing up designs with different ideas is now the mainstream in the modern world. Maintaining the ideal meaning, you can add designs of your own. It will be easier and better for you if you know the history and background very well. The combination of Persephone and Spider Lily inks such a combo to follow.

In the picture there is not only Spider Lily with the subject but you can also see a Pomegranate which is related to Persephone that we learned from the meaning section. These designs are usually colorful to represent the tattoo more clearly.

I would suggest you to know the historical background more clearly for an exemplary design and idea. For a Persephone and Spider lily tattoo choose a wide or large spot for a clearer image.

 Persephone Tribal Tattoo

Persephone tribal tattoo


Tribal tattoos have a completely different pattern of tattoo shades and the designs are different from the usuals. There are a number of tribes in the world and each tribe has special patterns and designs of their own. Persephone tribal tattoos are such tattoos that are different in designs and have a unique style of their own.

You can see the design of the picture is completely different from the usuals and the portrait of Persephone is completely different from the Greek perspective. This is actually the main attraction of the tattoo. Colorful shades and bigger space is suitable for the tattoo.

Persephone Tattoo On Arm

Persephone tattoo on arm


For a full beautiful portrayal of the Persephone tattoo, Arm is the best option to consider for its wide range and space. Actually the design depends on the size of the arm, the more big or wide it is, the bigger details you can input. I would recommend you the Arm position if you are considering a Persephone tattoo.

Being a less painful area, most people want their first tattoo on their arms. You can use the area to put all the design you want as we can see in the picture, this is a completely outstanding design and done by an experienced expert.

   Persephone and Death Moth Tattoo

Persephone and death moth tattoo


Death Moths usually represent  the cycle of death or the natural order of the birth-death circle. As Persephone is the queen of the afterlife, so the context of Death Moth and Persephone is a meaningful combination. Those who know about myths and do a nice research before a tattoo, they actually go for these combo designs.

The design is quite clear but the way you will represent it totally depends on you. Different colorful shades will look very good on this design.

  Persephone Tattoo On Hand

Persephone tattoo on hand


Those who have more than one tattoo in their body, they of course have a tattoo on their Hands as this is one of the most explicit spots in the human body. You can’t avoid the tattoo if you got it in your hands. So people who are extremely engaged with something or want to know the world, they go for the Hand tattoo.

Persephone tattoo on hand is complicated in terms of design and also as the hand is one of the painful areas to have a tattoo so you should think wisely if you are thinking for your first ever tattoo.

    Persephone Tattoo On Leg

Persephone tattoo on leg


Very few people go for the leg tattoo as this is unique and different in terms of other parts of the body. The image here is done by an extremely talented artist as you can see the shades and the details. These large designs need a lot of time and energy if you are thinking about something like this.

Persephone tattoo on leg looks substantial though it is really tough. You should consult with a tattoo artist first if you are going for the legs.

Persephone Couple Tattoo

Persephone couple tattoo


Hades and Persephone are a divine couple and those who know about history know about the love story of these two powerful gods. Many couples nowadays are doing couple tattoos and inking Hades on the male and Persepohne on the female just like in the picture.

Couple tattoos are usually identical or hold the meaning similar for both. The placement is identical and only committed couples go for this serious tattoo for the rest of their lives.

Persephone Sleeve Tattoo

Persephone sleeve tattoo


Sleeve tattoos are famous worldwide and those who love a full designed complete tattoo they usually consider the sleeve tattoo. It looks extremely visible and the person bearing a sleeve tattoo surely wants to share a message publicly.

To ornament your body Persephone sleeve tattoos are extremely popular and the tattoo looks exotic as well though it completely depends on the design you are following.

Explore More Engaging  Designs Of Persephone Tattoo

Designs, ideas, patterns, these are never ending and you will always get confused no matter how much you see. If you still didn’t find the design you were looking for then check out the exclusive designs below arranged specially for you.

Specialties of the designs are taken from the expert and also I have shared some of my designs as well so that it will be easier for you to consider and select your desired tattoos.

Persephone tattoo 5

Persephone tattoo 6

Persephone tattoo 7

Persephone tattoo 8

Persephone tattoo 11

Persephone tattoo 10

Persephone tattoo 9

Persephone tattoo 13

Persephone tattoo 12

Persephone tattoo 15

Persephone tattoo 14

Persephone tattoo 16

Persephone tattoo 17

Persephone tattoo 18

Persephone tattoo 19

Persephone tattoo 20

Persephone tattoo 22

Persephone tattoo 21

Persephone tattoo 24

Persephone tattoo 23

Persephone tattoo 26

Persephone tattoo 25

Persephone tattoo 28

Persephone tattoo 27

Persephone tattoo 29

Persephone tattoo 30

Persephone tattoo 31

Persephone tattoo 32

Persephone tattoo 33

Persephone tattoo 35

Persephone tattoo 34

Persephone tattoo 36

Persephone tattoo 37

It is okay to get confused with Persephone tattoos as there are numerous designs and perspectives to follow the design. Here in the video you will find a Persephone tattoo on the thigh and it’s a full time lapse video from the beginning till the end so that you can have a complete idea on Persephone tattoos.


Then as usual, just like we constantly advise all our visitors, consistently draw inspiration from tattoos that really emerge wherever appropriate, but always design a work that is uniquely yours and expresses your personality and worldview.

Nothing could ever compare to having a one-of-a-kind item to wow your loved ones. The individual getting the tattoo must have an idea of what they want it to look like; the tattoo itself is the work of something like the artisan.

Hopefully you have found all the necessary information regarding the Persephone tattoo. Thank you for reading all the way out, Happy Reading!

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