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25 Thrilling Pennywise Tattoos For Horror Movie Freaks!

Clowns generally weren’t really terrifying, only if you’re referring to Pennywise the Clown of Stephen King’s one of the most recognizable novels- IT. Throughout the story, Pennywise assumes the shape of almost any creature or individual which his targets are also most scared of. As a result, the adversary appears in hundreds of different guises all through the narrative, each one intended to exploit and scare innocent youngsters.

Most inspiration for pennywise tattoos comes from a relatively popular film, whether it be in the shape of meta filmic representations, humorous portrayals, or indeed surreal creative conceptions. Since then, Stephen King admirers, scary movie lovers, and aficionados who like provocative tattoo designs have chosen Pennywise ink themes.

So if you are a crazy Stephen King or particularly fan of Pennywise, and also if you are looking for a tattoo regarding this, then you are on the perfect spot to research and select your favorite Pennywise tattoos here in this article.

Pennywise Tattoo Meaning

Pennywise tattoo 1

A made-up personality from the fantasy book “IT” is named Pennywise. In American and international contemporary society, Pennywise has gained a reputation for being among the most renowned clowns. Reviewers and spectators will mistake the character’s beginning entries for playfulness or humor before realizing that they are wicked because of the way he acts, behaves, and moves throughout the plot.

If you focus on the meanings particularly the symbols of the tattoo, we can say that actually the tattoo stands for frightening, that is if you want to scare anyone away, or in other sense you can also say that you are afraid of none. Many of the people use this design just being a fan of the Movie or the character.

Horrifying Pennywise Tattoos You Were Searching For!

There are several tattoo designs available if you adore Pennywise from Stephen King’s It movie as visually the presentation of the character is clear here. Pennywise tattoos frequently include original artwork, color palette, and a plenty of flare. These are indeed available in any and every size, making them excellent options for people seeking a unique tattoo yet do not desire a large one. These might be some straightforward pennywise tattoos that seem to be appropriate for the majority of adults and kids as well.

Pennywise Balloon Tattoo

Pennywise balloon tattoo

The most popular and demanding design of these tattoos is the Pennywise Balloon tattoo. Here the balloon is the main subject of the theme. In the movie you will see the use of the Red Balloon, how it has been used to hypnotize the childrens and how Pennywise got into the minds of these little kids.

So many if the fans are quite fascinated with the Balloon and also they consider getting a Pennywise Balloon tattoo. The design can be of many means with the presence of the balloon, just like in the picture where you can see the Balloon is bigger than the subject.

Forearms, arms, shoulders, back and chest are suitable for this tattoo but actually the placement depends on the side you are looking for. Usually these designs are colorful and of course the balloon is used in Red color.

Pennywise Band Tattoo

Pennywise band tattoo

Pennywise is an American rock band and is quite famous around America. The name of the band Pennywise was taken from our Pennywise character from the ‘’IT” of Stephen King. The logo of the Band is quite famous and also the movie fans sometimes take the logo from the Band for the sake of their favorite character Pennywise.

The shape of the Band logo is circular, so a small space is enough for the design like the forearms, wrists, arms or places where circle shaped designs will look good. Maintaining the design of the Logo you can put any colors you wish to.

Pennywise Sleeve Tattoo

Pennywise sleeve tattoo

The best part of a Sleeve tattoo is with the long space, you literally put up a story here just like in the picture, the whole theme of “IT’’ movie is here along with the main subject Pennywise clown. The shades and details are so realistic you can almost imagine a scene from the movie from this kinda tattoo design.

Of course if you are looking for something like this, then you have to find an expert tattoo artist and you will need more than one day of the whole session to complete this kind of Pennywise Sleeve tattoos. You can also put up some more simple design or anything and that totally depends on you actually.

Traditional Pennywise Tattoo

Traditional pennywise tattoo

The own version of design of a country or culture is mainly the traditional tattoo. There are many fans across the world, who would like to cross their design with their traditional design, such type of design is our Pennywise Traditional version tattoo. Usually by traditional clown we mean a face with a happy face and red fluff on his nose and is funny also, but our Pennywise is actually the opposite of the traditional clown we are talking about.

In the image you can see the traditional clown but his nails and the red balloon it is holding is Pennywise’s character. So this is a genuine example of a traditional Pennywise tattoo. Usually this kind of Traditional tattoos are colorful with many different shades of color.

 Pennywise Tattoo On Forearm

Pennywise tattoo on forearm

The tattoo here is a perfect example of a realistic tattoo. The tattoo is sharp and the details are so accurate that when you will see the tattoo suddenly you will be scared thinking of the real one. But the most important thing here about the tattoo is the placement of the Forearms, this is considered to be one of the best positions for a tattoo.

The tattoo artist here is an expert of 3D tattoo, that is why the tattoo is so perfect. You can try any sort of designs here if you don’t want a big tattoo like this.

Loser Lover Pennywise Tattoo

Loser Lover Pennywise tattoo

The tattoo here is really a depressing one, but many of the users find it very thrilling so they mix the designs and make up the Loser Lover Pennywise tattoo. It actually symbolizes that one being lonely, slowly teams up with the Losers team also. So the symbols actually go with the character Pennywise here.

The shades, designs, placements all are related so if you are going for this particular design, it will be big so choose the design first eventually the placements will be clear as well as the shades of the tattoo.

Cute Pennywise Tattoo

Cute Pennywise tattoo

Being such a thrilling and scary design, the Cute Pennywise tattoo is actually used by the ladies more than the gents party. These designs are actually small and adorable and also very easy to get, so an IT fangirl, who is looking for her first tattoo, goes for this kinda design.

The position will be in a much visible place as the tattoo is small and the design is also simple as well. Colorful shades will look more cuter with the Cute Pennywise designed tattoos

 Pennywise Tattoo On Arm

Pennywise tattoo on arm

As there is a considerable amount of space in the arms, you can put a larger shaped design here just like the picture here. The portrait of the Pennywise here is frightening and very much distinctive to see as well as with the signature Red Balloon.

You can guess the designs by the shape of your arms, and this is a less painful area, so this is a good spot for the first timers as well.

Pennywise Ghost Tattoo

Pennywise ghost tattoo

Keeping the Clown theme of Pennywise, you can put any ghost face or similar design with the tattoo. It could be any type of Ghost tattoos you like just combining it with Stephen’s Pennywise character and also a bit scary as well.

To keep the theme accurate, the simple way is to put the red balloon just like in the leg tattoo here in the image. Colors may be added for further details or to put up more spice in the design.

Pennywise Tattoo On Hand

Pennywise tattoo on hand

If you are a good tolerant of pain and also an extrovert in nature, then Hand tattoos are definitely for you. These tattoos are extreme in nature especially with the Pennywise design as it looks scary and you have to see it everyday on your hands.

It is better not to use many shades as here the full hand is covered and I can guarantee you it was quite painful, for first timers I don’t think you want to use this kinda design specially on your hands.

More Trending Designs Of Pennywise Tattoo To Explore!

Placements and some popular ideas also with designs are presented here, now you have got a nice idea with meanings of the Pennywise tattoo. Still if you haven’t convinced with the designs, then check out the trending designs of pennywise tattoos here. You will find designs from all around the world here with the experts sharing their designs.

Pennywise tattoo 3

Pennywise tattoo 2

Pennywise tattoo 4

Pennywise tattoo 5

Pennywise tattoo 6

Pennywise tattoo 7

Pennywise tattoo 8

Pennywise tattoo 9

Pennywise tattoo 10

Pennywise tattoo 12

Pennywise tattoo 11

Pennywise tattoo 14

Pennywise tattoo 13

Here is an amazing video of a Pennywise tattoo on the forearms, the design is really exclusive and it is a perfect example for a realistic tattoo. So if you are considering such a big tattoo, then you can check out, here you will get an estimated time for  a big tattoo design like this.


Basically a hardcore horror movie fan will go for a tattoo like Pennywise, besides the character is so well decorated, that eventually those who watch the films, get attached to the Pennywise character. The design motif is simple but depends which one you are choosing to get.

Hopefully all the necessary points are covered here for the Pennywise tattoo, you will get the meaning and the ideas which were generated by me with the help of other experts all around the world. You can check out other articles related to horror movies for further queries. Thank you for staying up this long, I hope the article helped you out!

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