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59 Enchanting Peacock Tattoo Ideas With Meanings (2023)

When the peacock spreads its divine feathers, it seems like the world stays still. If you have the good fortune to witness this scene, then you know what we are talking about. It’s like there are a thousand eyes popping out from the feathers. Everything about this avian species looks like it’s not from this world. It’s an entity from the fantasy world who just happened to come into our world by accident.

That’s why so many people are enthralled to keep these magnificent creatures in their body. The color, the shapes, everything culminates into a tattoo that is breathtaking. Apart from its visuals, it also has a lot of meanings hidden inside its beauty.

From Greece to India, peacock tattoos have been intertwined with numerous folk lores and fairy tales. They symbolize integrity, nobleness and sensuality. These are all the adjectives that we want in ourselves. Then why not get a peacock tattoo? So let’s dive into the world of peacock tattoos and find yourself a tattoo to die for

Unleashing The Beauty of Peacock Tattoos: A Journey Into Their Meaning

Among all the bird species, the peacock has to be the most talked about undoubtedly. For centuries, it has been a staple of storytelling with many associating it with some kind god or goddess. Still to this day, many religious people pray to peacocks thinking that they will give them prosperity and happiness. So, let us embark on a journey to find out what’s all the buzz about peacock tattoos.

Stairway To Peacock Tattoos: How It Connects People With Their Religion

In every region, there are mentions of the peacock. Generally, people associated it with divinity, longevity and most importantly prosperity.

In Hinduism, there are countless references of peacocks throughout their rich history. It was believed that a peacock used to walk beside the hindu goddess Lakshmi giving her company. Even the most powerful god in hindu culture known as Krishna had a peacock feather in his hair. Therefore, it is safe to say that the peacock for a long time symbolized divine prowess.  Because of its impact on Hinduism, it was named as the national bird of India.

In Buddhism, the peacock is a gateway to explore one’s subconscious and truly be themselves. They believed that a soul is trapped inside a shell. To explore the true depths, one has to transcend beyond and the means of that was somehow associated with Peacocks as its feathers were worn by goddess Kuan Yin.

Even in christianity peacocks are thought to be symbols of resurrection. If one can master their consciousness they can be born countless times.

People’s Perception About Peacock Tattoos

Although you can’t find a peacock just roaming around the neighborhood like a dog, you will get to witness their beauty in zoos and eco parks. When there is a peacock in sight, it steals all the attention away from the other animals.

In every literature, poets and writers describe its visuals but no one seems to talk about its voice. The voice of a peacock seems to be completely polar opposite of how they look. If someone listens to it all of a sudden then they can get a minor heart attack even. This creates another meaning that not everything that is beautiful on the outside is bound to be gorgeous on the inside.

The Night Peacock Tattoos Came Out Of The Grave: A Sudden Resurgence In Popularity

Although in ancient history the peacocks have been talked about a lot. But during the 1990’s, its popularity took a bit of a nose dive. But in recent times, people have found it to be immensely interesting and they are getting the tattoo all around the world.

There are mainly two reasons for it. The major reason is the portrayal of peacocks in pop culture. There are countless movies such Kung Fu Panda, Super Mario Bros where peacocks have played a pivotal role. Therefore, it’s obvious that it will gain momentum among teens and adults alike.

Another reason is that this species is quite vulnerable and has been listed to be on the verge of extinction. So, this topic has caught the attention of many activists and they have raised awareness. Soon, it spread like wildfire and people are getting tattoos of peacocks to even promote the breeding of these magnificent creatures.

A Bridge Between Femininity And Masculinity

If I ask you about your thoughts on tattoos what will your answer be? Even though you may deny it, deep down you know that it’s mainly catered to the men. Men showcase their masculinity by getting badass tattoos featuring skulls and blood. The only animals they get tattoos of are predators such as tigers, lions or wolves.

But the peacock has made a bridge between femininity and masculinity. It conveys both that you are strong at the same time you are vulnerable. So, both men and women can enjoy getting tattoos. That’s the beauty of it.

Embrace Your Inner Spirit With These Alluring Peacock Tattoo Designs

There’s more to peacock tattoos than just the visuals. The symbolism and meaning behind each tattoo has such depth to it that can’t be described in simple words. When someone sees your peacock tattoo, they are bound to get flabbergasted.

But choosing the right tattoo for you can be daunting. Some of you might prefer something that is more grand while others want a minimalistic tattoo. So, here are some of the best tattoo designs only for you. Go completely wild over them.

Peacock Thigh Tattoo

Peacock Thigh Tattoo 1


Peacock Thigh Tattoo 2


If you love to show a bit of skin then the peacock thigh tattoo is just for you. Undoubtedly, the thigh has the most amount of space and can easily be shown to the world.

An interesting thing about the thigh tattoo is that there is a wriggling effect to it. You may have noticed this but whenever you walk your thighs start to bounce. This creates an effect that can’t be found anywhere else in the body. It’s going to look like the peacock is alive and moving forward and backward. How amazing is that!

As for the tattoo itself, you can choose over a myriad of styles. Obviously, you can’t make the tattoo in 3D. So you have to work with what you got. Make the feathers in a certain side vertical to the body of the peacock. Then it would look more symmetrical.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

Peacock Feather Tattoo


Peacock feather tattoos have a certain religious depth to it. There are countless references of many powerful deities and even gods wearing the feather of peacock.

Even in the early colonial days, the feather of peacocks were worn by the army to exude a sense of fear in the opponent. People in the European union used to wear hats made out of peacock feathers as it would show strength and pride.

So, if you want to be in the same footsteps of the army, then this is the design for you. The trick to getting a wonderful peacock tattoo is to make each of the feathers in a variety of shapes. Use curved or straight lines. The color is usually green or you can try experimenting with other colors with more intensity to be a little whimsical.

Cardi B Peacock Tattoo

Cardi B Peacock Tattoo

Who doesn’t know Cardi B? This multi talented rapper has bursted into the scene after releasing bangers after bangers. She was featured in countless songs by other artists, all of which made it to the top 100 of the billboard chart.

But one thing you may not know about Cardi B is that she has a gigantic peacock tattoo. She decided to get the tattoo in 2010. The tattoo is enormous in length starting from her hip to her knee. She loves to show it off by stretching it. It makes the peacock tattoo look like a part of her.

After some time, the color of the tattoo started to fade. So, in 2020, she decided to get some touch ups. Now it looks like fire with a wide range of vivid colors. The tattoo artist really poured all her creativity into this one.

Traditional Peacock Tattoo

Traditional Peacock Tattoo 1


Traditional Peacock Tattoo 2


Traditional Peacock Tattoo 3


Traditional tattoos tend to focus more on the tattoo’s symbolism than on its realism. The same goes for the traditional peacock tattoo.

A good reference for a traditional peacock tattoo is to look for peacock references in the old, medieval books. There are many paintings where you can see how artists used to portray this majestic bird. Therefore, you can definitely take some amazing ideas from them.

The thing about traditional tattoos is you are not confined to using only one stroke. You can incorporate a wide range of colors. But at the end of the day, it’s the aesthetic that matters. It must look vintage with a hidden meaning behind it that is apparent.

Simple Peacock Tattoo

Simple Peacock Tattoo


Back in the day, there was an unhealthy competition between tattoo lovers to get as many dense and sophisticated tattoos as possible. They used to compare the tattoos with another based on how many inks were used. But now things have changed and it’s for the better.

Tattoo enthusiasts around the world have finally got the picture that complex tattoos aren’t always better. Sometimes the simple ones convey a lot of meaning.

As you’ve guessed for the simple peacock tattoo, you won’t have to highlight each and every part of the peacock. Rather just focus on the crucial things like the feathers and the face. These two components are more than enough to make a stunning tattoo.

Peacock Back Tattoo

Peacock Back Tattoo


Have you ever been to a concert? If you have, you may have seen how after doing a song, the singer or guitarist gently removes his shirt and there is a tattoo on their back. Seeing the tattoo, the whole crowd goes into a frenzy. The same can happen to you.

Peacock back tattoos are for the bold. If you love to show off your body then we highly recommend getting this tattoo. Otherwise what’s the point of getting a tattoo if you are going to hide it all the time.

As you are getting a lot of space, you have to utilize it to the fullest. Make the peacock look as grand as possible by spreading the feathers in every angle imaginable. It will look like a goddess is sitting on your back.

Black and White Peacock Tattoo

Black and White Peacock Tattoo


Why throw unnecessary colors into the tattoo when you can draw it only using the black and white color. You may know that every color that we see today originated from these two colors. So, to portray something as mesmerizing as a peacock, you must use the core colors to illustrate its true beauty.

Now you may be wondering how in the hell can one describe the vibrant colors with just two colors. Well, you have to utilize the white as the background and use a deep black color to make the outline.

After getting a solid foundation done, draw all the nitty gritties using the white color such as the eyes and the feathers. Believe us. It will be more realistic than all the colored tattoos out there.

Small Peacock Tattoo

Small Peacock Tattoo

Size doesn’t matter. Well, at least not in the case of tattoos. In fact, small is better. In many instances, we ponder over where to get our peacock tattoo. If you get the small one then you don’t have to worry about its position that much. You can get it anywhere you want.

As the name suggests, you have to maintain its aspect ratio as well as the proportion to the bare minimum while keeping in mind that it has to look like a peacock. Try not to make it too detailed. Just make sure you capture all the necessary attributes of the peacock to resemble it perfectly.

Peacock Arm Tattoo

Peacock Arm Tattoo


One of the best positions to get any kind of tattoo has to be the arm because it can be seen anytime. Everytime you see a tattoo, it will keep giving you immense strength and guidance.

Usually, the width is the problem for peacock arm tattoos. So it’s best to make the peacock appear a bit more horizontal. This way, you will be able to fit everything in your arm.

Peacock Leg Tattoo

Peacock Leg Tattoo


Do you like rocking shorts? Then this tattoo on our list is for you. But there are some controversies regarding this tattoo. Some claim that a peacock is such a holy bird that it is disrespectful to get it engraved in the leg. We say who cares? If it looks good then get it right away.

A cool thing you can do is by getting the tattoo starting from your knee to your leg. This way, when you stretch your leg, it will seem like the peacock is moving. Incorporate some natural elements such as flowers or leaves and it’s a tattoo to die for.

Japanese Peacock Tattoo

Japanese Peacock Tattoo 1


Japanese Peacock Tattoo 2


The Japanese have a long fascination for peacocks dating back to the prehistoric days. It was known that even the samurais who fought against the evil wore peacock feathers. They believed it gave them the strength to continue fighting for days.

In many Japanese children’s books as well as literature, peacocks have been always depicted as an accomplice to men. As like other japanese tattoos, the japanese peacock tattoo comprises traditional elements such as a scroll or a sword or even the japanese fan known as Sensu.

Watercolor Peacock Tattoo

Watercolor Peacock Tattoo


The best way to depict the vividness of peacocks is by using watercolors. If you use other inks, it won’t give the whimsical visual you will find when you use the watercolors.

The best thing about watercolors is that it knows no restrictions or boundaries. If you incorporate a wide range of watercolors, it will mix with each other and create a unique color that you won’t even know existed. That’s why artists love to play around with watercolors and the outcome always turns out to be beautiful.

Peacock Chest Tattoo

Peacock Chest Tattoo


The widest part of the human body is undoubtedly the chest. It’s like a canvas where you can draw pretty much everything. So why not get an amazing peacock tattoo there?

As you have more room to work with, you don’t have to worry too much about getting the tattoo either vertically or horizontally. You have to keep in mind that you can’t capture everything that you see in the peacock. A peacock can have about a thousand feathers but to draw all those in the chest will take an eternity. A mere 50 is more than enough.

Colorful Peacock Tattoo

Colorful Peacock Tattoo


A peacock is as colorful as it gets. Just the feathers have an abundant amount of colors beneath its layers. It seems like each of its parts have a unique color. So, it’s obvious that to accurately resemble a peacock you have to use a plethora of colors in your tattoo.

You may be scratching your head thinking which color you should emphasize the most. Well, it has to be the dark blue color of its body. First of all, make a black outline and fill it up with blue color. Then use a serene green color to illustrate the beaks as well as the feathers.

Realistic Peacock Tattoo

Realistic Peacock Tattoo


To illustrate a realistic peacock tattoo, the posture and the expression of the peacock plays a crucial role. Just imagine that anyone can draw a peacock. But to make it stand out among the rest is tricky.

To make it look more realistic, try to draw a smile or grin on the face of the peacock. Give the peacock some wings or make it stand in the stem of a tree. This will look like it’s just about to fly.

White Peacock Tattoo

White Peacock Tattoo


Witnessing a white peacock in your lifetime is the same as seeing a meteor hit the earth. It’s that rare. Facts suggest that you can only find a single white peacock if you keep on looking amongst 30,000 peacocks.. Usually, its unique white color is due to albinism which is mutation in some of its pigments releasing more white color instead of others.

So, you may be wondering should I just dip the tattoo in complete white. Well, what you can rather do is use your skin as an alternative to the white color and make a simple outline revolving it.

Peacock Hand Tattoo

Peacock Hand Tattoo


When you punch someone what’s the first thing the other person sees? Obviously, it’s your hand. If there is a peacock’s hand tattoo on your hand then they are never going to forget your punch ever.

All jokes aside, peacock hand tattoos have been trendy for a long time because it has a dual aspect to it. If you get two in both of your hands, one mirroring the other, you will resemble something known as chirality. Chirality is the term used when something has the same structure but behaves differently. That’s a little chemistry lesson for you folks out there.

Peacock Neck Tattoo

Peacock Neck Tattoo


There are a lot of people including us who are skeptical about their face, especially how they look. Some of us are fed up with our face thinking our nose is not asymmetrical, our jaws are not straight and even our eyes are not pretty like movie stars.

Well, you can’t really say much about your face. But what you can do is get a peacock neck tattoo so that it is the first thing people notice when they glance at your face. So, for those of you who are insecure about their looks, this is for you.

Fight Along The Participants Of The Inkmasters To Get A Good Grasp Of Peacock Tattoos


Getting a tattoo can be a painful process but do you know what’s more painful? Drawing it. The artists have to master their ink as well as explore their creative minds to make the perfect tattoo.

For an ornate bird such as the peacock, it’s very easy to mess up. Here is a video of the inkmasters fighting with each other to come up with the most mesmerizing peacock tattoo known to man. Give it a quick look. Who knows you may even like a few of their ideas.


We have collected all the information you need to get you started on the journey of getting a peacock tattoo. We may miss some of the facts. We are only human. That’s why we have gathered some of the burning questions asked around the internet about peacock tattoos. Take a quick look to get a peace of mind.

Q: Is A Peacock Male Or A Female?

Ans: Peacocks are always male. The females are called Peachens. So, when you are getting a peacock tattoo, it means that you are getting the male bird engraved in your body canvases.

Q: What Is The Best Color To Use For A Peacock Tattoo?

Ans: It depends completely on your taste. If you like to get a bit whimsical then the color green and blue is perfect for you. Otherwise the black and white peacock tattoos are quite trendy nowadays as they completely blend with your skin.

Q: Does The Peacock Tattoo Bring Good Or Bad Luck?

Ans: The superstition of peacock tattoos bringing bad luck started in the mediterranean where people used to think that the feathers had evil eyes in them. So, if you got the tattoo, you were becoming evil as well. But if you ask us, it’s completely bullshit.

In fact, peacock tattoos are known to symbolize prosperity. In early colonial days, kings and queens used to wear ornaments made out of peacock feathers. So, it’s sufficient to say that peacock tattoos don’t bring any bad luck. It’s the opposite in reality.


The majestic peacocks are always a pleasure to watch. In TV channels or zoos, whenever we lay eyes on it, we get a feeling of happiness as if the bird is spreading joy all around the world. That’s why in this world full of negativity, people are getting drawn to get a peacock tattoo.

No matter what the style or color you use, if it resembles a peacock then at the end of the day it’s going to be a good choice. Who knows what other incredible things you can accomplish in life if you can control this near extraterrestrial creature etched in your flesh.The sky’s the limit.

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