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86 Marvelous Peacock Feather Tattoos To Add To Your Stack Of Tattoos

If you have often found yourself gravitating towards natural creatures, and also happen to be someone who expresses themselves through the means of tattoos, we wouldn’t be surprised if the idea of getting tattoos of creatures such as birds stumbled across your mind.

Even though bird tattoos are a common find, it is highly likely that you could be the recipient of a botched procedure due to the intricate details each bird comprises, especially if you place your trust in the hands of an inexperienced tattoo artist.

However, what if we tell you that there’s a safer and better way of meeting that need? If you don’t believe us, make sure to keep reading to discover the next best thing to a bird tattoo and the main subject of this article: the peacock feather tattoo.

 What’s So Special About A Peacock’s Feather?


The popularity of a peacock lies in the hands of the 150 feathers each of them contain. Although the visuals of a peacock surely is one of the contributing factors, the demographic it caters to in the tattoo world is definitely the primary reason for its never ending popularity.

The symbolism, which will be covered in the following segment, definitely makes things easier for people to welcome a tattoo of a peacock’s feather with open arms, but its ability to blend in at any given time is what steals the spotlight.

Another compelling feature that makes a peacock feather tattoo so special is its fluidity. The feather doesn’t just mesh well with any shade of color, but also has a placement option that is extremely lenient.

In short, regardless of whether you’re trying to replace a botched tattoo without getting a cover-up tattoo, or just trying to get an edge over the first-timers, a peacock tattoo could be a good way to go about it.

The Role Of Peacock Feathers In The Spiritual World: Symbolism And Meaning


The feathers of a peacock are often decorated with eye-like patterns, which is usually why it could be a great tattoo for you if you prefer tattoos with unique visuals. However, the rich and diverse symbolism they are associated with could also be a great incentive to consider.

A peacock is associated with power, strength, and divinity, which might put them in the same category as a butterfly. Likewise, the feather of a peacock comprises the same qualities, but is also associated with self-confidence, healing, and wisdom. This portion of its symbolism could be something that you might be enlightened by if you’re seeking change, going through hardship, or just trying to feel more comfortable in your own skin.

Furthermore, if you’ve seen Native Americans in the past in history books, you might’ve found them in outfits that comprised at least one feather of a peacock, and although it did look aesthetically intriguing, the reason behind their presence wasn’t due to the visuals. In fact, they would often wear accessories made of a peacock’s feather to express self-wisdom and to communicate with their own spirit. On top of using it as a means of expressing wisdom, Native Americans would also use a peacock’s feather in rituals to strengthen their faith.

Additionally, if you often struggle to find faith and have a somewhat unsteady relationship with God, perhaps the presence of a peacock feather tattoo is all you need. It is a popular figure in Christianity, but conveys a different message and is associated with self love. Many often obtain a sketch of three peacock feathers to strengthen the bond with their religion, which typically symbolizes hope, virtue, and faith.

In conclusion, if you want a tattoo that will welcome you with open arms, pull you out of a dark place, and allow you to embrace change instead of living in fear, you should very well give into your thought of wearing a peacock feather tattoo.

The Best Designs For A Peacock Feather Tattoo

The ceiling of a peacock feather tattoo is without a doubt very high. The design isn’t just something you can utilize to enhance an existing tattoo, but is also something you can incorporate onto the scar of your mole.

Moving on, although the ways in which one can wear a peacock tattoo are surely limitless, this design, just like every other artwork that exists in the world, has certain options that are typically favored and created more amongst the total design options available. Make sure to skim through the list below to learn more about the best variations a peacock feather tattoo brings to the table.

Small Peacock Feather Tattoo

Small peacock feather tattoo

A small peacock feather tattoo is the go-to design for most wearers because of, well, its dimensions. Since the artwork doesn’t take up much space to begin with, it can be added to an existing artwork effortlessly, especially if it’s a tattoo that fits in the same box. It can also be engraved in a sleeve tattoo as a filler tattoo due to the fluidity behind its visuals.

Small peacock feather tattoos are also adored due to the level of pain they bring to the table. Those that are beginners regularly kickstart their tattoo collection with this installment as it is so easy to place and contains a procedure that is typically enjoyable and lenient.

In addition, a small peacock feather tattoo, despite lacking size, can be created with tons of flair. Besides adding the ocelli, you can include a striking color scheme and sharp borders to enhance the impact of the final outcome.

Overall, a small peacock feather tattoo can be the perfect fit for you if you want to minimize the pain and get a subtle artwork implemented on your body. Due to the design it contains, do it some justice by placing them on compact body parts.  If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the images below to find the perfect match!

Black and Gray Peacock Feather Tattoo

Black peacock feather tattoo

The sketch of a peacock’s feather is also obtained on the bodies of many through the means of a black and gray tattoo.

This is clearly a good look for those that are into sketches, and also has unique components that can be a good fit for you if you love intricate details.

Another reason behind its success is due to its lifespan. In contrast to most tattoos, black and gray tattoos tend to stay fresh, rich, and tend to look very much alive for lengthy periods of time without needing regular touch-ups.

Additionally, if you wear colorful clothing and choose the former option, you might need to change your taste in fashion. Since color tattoos are often brighter due to their glossy nature, it could be the star of the show. However, if you obtain a black and gray sketch of a peacock’s feather, it will be compatible enough to blend in with all kinds of outfits!

On another note, if you’re seeking a way to improve any pre-existing black and gray tattoo, allow a peacock feather tattoo to lead the way. Since it’s flexible in size, you can easily slide it into your arsenal of tattoos, especially if the existing artwork contains flowers or butterflies!

Peacock Feather Tattoo With Name

Peacock feather tattoo with name

A peacock feather tattoo is also a popular choice among young couples. Many are typically seen pairing the magnificent hues of a peacock’s feather with the name of one’s significant other.

It offers a look that could cater to the taste of minimalists, but can also be a great selection for you if you want an option that will allow you to explore your feminine energy.

The highlight of this option is the simplicity of it. The feather of the peacock is usually created through the means of a stick and poke tattoo, but can also be excellently showcased through a stencil or fine-line tattoo if you’re terrified of tattoo machines with thick needles.

Additionally, if this ends up being your final pick, try to balance one of the two for best results. For instance, if the name comprises a fancy font, keep the artwork of the peacock feather tattoo minimal. Likewise, if the peacock feather tattoo is highly detailed, obtain the name with simple visuals.

More Compelling Peacock Tattoo Designs That Are Ahead Of Their Time

If the former list was helpful enough for you to come to a decision, you can very well skip out on this portion of the issue and move onto the next portion to learn about symbols that could be the perfect sidekick to a peacock feather tattoo.

On the contrary, if you’re still just as indecisive as you were when you first started this article, move on to the following list, which contains more exceptional peacock tattoo ideas to relieve your worries.


















































































Why The Open-Ended Nature Of Peacock Feather Tattoos Will Benefit You

A peacock’s feather is as free and as easy as the mind of a peacock itself, which could bring to the table various benefits.

Firstly, since a peacock feather tattoo is so malleable, you should never hesitate when teaming it up with the hues and presence of other tattoos. While floral patterns tend to be the most popular candidates, you can even mix them up with meaningful quotes that resonate with your personality.

The open-ended mindset could also be a great factor to consider if your tattoo is under construction; both physically, and mentally. In simpler words, if you can’t seem to find meaning in the tattoo, take your time. A peacock feather tattoo’s symbolism is so diverse and subjective, that it will fit like a glove if you find a new meaning and roll with it.


Speaking from experience, a peacock feather tattoo is honestly one of the safest designs to bet on. The color scheme of blue and green that it contains in addition to the powerful statement that wearing one will allow you to make should definitely be enough to convince you to create your own version of a peacock feather tattoo.

However, if you find yourself struggling to come up with an authentic groundwork, on top of taking inspiration from the two lists mentioned above, we believe that you should definitely have a chat with a friend of yours who is an artist or reach out to a tattoo artist to bring your vision to life.

Duration-wise, due to the intricate details each design consists of, we reckon it will take around a full day for any artist to cross the finish line. In other words, it will take around 7 hours, which might cost a bit if you’re getting help from a veteran tattoo artist.

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