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56 Impressive Only The Strong Survive Tattoo Ideas: A Ray of Light in the Darkness

Today, we’ll be covering everything one needs to know about the “only the strong survive” tattoo and mentioning the various methods it can be presented on one’s body.

Life is beautiful, but is just as complex to understand. Although it brings to the table numerous things that are wholesome and positive, it’s almost always inconsistent. You never know what might happen. Indeed, the only constant in life is change, which can be overwhelming at times. However, this is when the strength that one attains comes into play.

While physical strength rarely plays a role in one’s survival, mental strength is essential. Mainly achieved through years of self care, ensuring one’s mental well being will not only open doors to more positive outcomes in life, but will also allow them to tackle every unfavorable circumstance with confidence and fearlessness.

The “Only the strong survive” tattoo is not just for a difficult phase, but for ensuring the betterment of someone for a lifetime. Often misunderstood as a coping mechanism to a traumatic event, this tattoo variation will always encourage one’s growth by supplying limitless positivity, strength, loyalty, and self-clarity.

A Deeper Dive Into “Only The Strong Survive” Tattoos

Deeper Dive Into “Only The Strong Survive” Tattoos

This tattoo symbolizes the improvement of physical, mental, and emotional strength. Everyone’s brought up differently therefore has to adapt to different circumstances. Regardless of the differences in each person’s scenario, hardships play a pivotal part in growth and betterment. While they seem extremely painful and confusing at first, they usually pan out in one’s favor by allowing them to learn and spiritually elevate.

In celebration of coming out of the darkest hour, an “only the strong survive” tattoo can definitely be ideal. It will allow one to enjoy the milestones they’ve reached and the circumstances they had to overcome when they had their backs against the wall.

Outside of its encouraging meaning and its popularity in the tattoo industry, this tattoo variation is extremely popular in the world of sports, frequently being implemented and showcased by athletes. Some notable examples could be NBA stars Allen Iverson and Tyson Chandler.

However, the tattoo variation in the world of sports carries a different meaning than that of the traditional variation, emphasizing on one’s physical strength just as much as the strength on the inside.

56 Inspirational Only the Strong Survive Tattoo Ideas

This tattoo variation only consists of the quote itself, which allows it to be versatile and open to an enormous amount of combinations. It has the ability to flawlessly adapt to any tattoo design without hampering the meaning of the initial tattoo.

Moving on, below contains our top picks for “Only The Strong Survive” tattoos, their meanings, and how they can be installed to one’s body.

“Only The Strong Survive” Chest Tattoo

Life is best when lived by principles. Coming to terms with the things we can’t control and accepting the things we can’t is an excellent perspective on life. It will also allow a person to become stronger mentally, helping them with reaching their full potential.

Furthermore, if you truly believe in this brutally honest quote and prefer making the respect apparent, incorporate this variation to your arsenal. Chest tattoos are for the designs that mean something to you, that make you who you are. If you’ve come out of a rough patch solely because of your relentless strength, celebrate that achievement by getting this tattoo.

To make the tattoo more meaningful, you may also accompany the quote with a series of different designs. This will increase the sentimental value behind the layout, making it a memorable one at the same time.

“Only The Strong Survive” Lion Tattoo

A design that symbolizes bravery and courage, a lion tattoo is even better when paired with an “Only the Strong Survive” tattoo. The meaning each of them contains fits like a glove, making this variation one of the best options in this list.

It also tends to signify the bravery and fearlessness the bearer contains, which makes this form a perfect match for those that have beaten the odds and flipped the script of their lives.

“Only The Strong Survive” Sleeve Tattoo/ Upper Arm

Reeking of boldness, this design is at its best when expressed as a sleeve tattoo. The sleeve contains a massive amount of space, allowing the incorporation of a chain of tattoos to be implemented. The upper arm also consists of thick textured skin, which usually ensures a painless procedure of getting a tattoo.

When achieving this variation, you can either choose to keep it extremely simple with a fine lined design and font, or you can make the most of your creative thinking by bringing in other tattoos that symbolize strength and courage.

“Only The Strong Survive” Leg Tattoo

Only the strong survive tattoo on leg

Due to the simplicity behind the tattoo’s groundwork, an “Only the Strong Survive” tattoo will look amazing as a leg tattoo. The ample amount of area that it contains will give any wearer the option of either having a heavily detailed tattoo or a simple tattoo with just the quote. The tattoo will also look extremely presentable regardless of its size, mainly due to the general appeal a leg tattoo contains.

When getting a leg tattoo, you may either install a fine-line tattoo to bring out a minimalist perspective, or go all in with a leg sleeve tattoo, containing multiple creative tattoos with valuable meanings.

“Only The Strong Survive” Back Tattoo

Back tattoos are catered to those with introverted personalities. It allows the wearer to form a stronger bond with the tattoo as this specific body part is usually covered.

It is ideal for those that truly believe in the saying “Only the Strong Survive” and live each day by the words solely because of how the back and spine contain the starting point to one’s life. A quote as meaningful as this will look perfect as a back tattoo, and have a positive impact on the person’s behavior.

“Only The Strong Survive” Tiger Tattoo

As opposed to lions, tigers are just as strong and courageous. They lead their lives with fearlessness and tackle every challenge head first, which can also be found in individuals.

Furthermore, tigers also represent freedom and independence, which makes a tiger tattoo the perfect partner to this quote tattoo. When paired up with the “Only the strong survive” tattoo, the wearer will have an enhancement in hope, strength and faith.

Apart from the former incentive, this variation is a great design for one to express just how much they had to go through before overcoming the situation. A tiger is a ferocious animal, and lives each day as if it’s their last. The heart of a tiger contains an immeasurable amount of strength, making this tattoo ideal for the ones whose hearts are just as powerful.

“Only The Strong Survive” Gorilla/Ape Tattoo

A gorilla tattoo carries a powerful meaning. It symbolizes strength, compassion, and leadership, which are crucial trait requirements to achieve survival. When paired up with the quote tattoo, it might allow a person to see the positives of their struggles, allowing them to control the outcome of the cynical situation in a better manner.

Moreover, besides the characteristics of a gorilla, the physical appearance is very noticeable and looks good on the eyes, which is another reason why this option is always in demand.

“Only The Strong Survive” Tattoo with a Cross

Perhaps the most adoring aspect of the “Only the strong survive” tattoo is the amount of purpose it serves. This variation is catered to those with immovable faith and utmost trust in their religion. It is mostly found on those that are followers of Jesus and believers of the religion of Christianity.

The quote is mainly printed on the bodies of those that follow the multiple teachings mentioned in the Holy Bible about strength and hardships.

“Only The Strong Survive” Anchor Tattoo

Only the strong survive anchor tattoo

An anchor tattoo symbolizes strength, peace, and stability. The similarity behind the meanings of an anchor tattoo and an “Only the Strong Survive” tattoo is one of the main reasons why they are frequently teamed up together.

They both generate vibes of positivity and hopefulness, which can definitely turn the lives around of those that are battling negative feelings and fighting back against disadvantageous scenarios.

“Only The Strong Survive” Tattoo for Women

This quote tattoo is very lenient and sits well with everyone, especially for women. Along with the volume of meaning the statement holds, the sophisticated nature and one-dimensional groundwork behind the tattoo makes it great for desirable body parts.

It can be achieved on delicate places like the ankle, the neck, and the wrist without losing consistency in the amount of attention it brings to the wearer.

“Only The Strong Survive” on Forearm

Show the admiration you have for this quote to the fullest extent by incorporating it as a forearm tattoo. Present it through a fine line tattoo so that it looks low-maintenance and sophisticated. You may also add a few frames along the quote, to give the appearance of it a subtle boost.

Moreover, due to the area it attains, you can also add chunky fonts to the forearm tattoo to make use of the space and make the design stand out.

Allen Iverson’s “Only The Strong Survive” Tattoo

Only the strong survive tattoo Allen Iverson

Besides the legendary contribution he made to the NBA, Allen Iverson is mostly known for the meaningful tattoos he has, which includes an “Only the strong survive” tattoo. When asked about the upper arm tattoo during an interview, he talked about how it represents his upbringing and every circumstance that he had to go through in life before and after becoming an NBA superstar.

This variant single handedly started the trend of this quote and made it a global sensation. Due to the massive fanbase of AI, many people got their own version of this tattoo to pay homage to the meaning of it and the Sixers’ Hall of Famer.

“Only The Strong Survive” Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are one of the strongest creatures on Earth. They are highly intelligent animals that are able to pass their knowledge onto their successors. They are also devoted to family, which makes their presence much more admirable.

The traits that they contain make them more than eligible to be paired up with “Only The Strong Survive Tattoos”. The physical appearance of a wolf will also enhance the value behind the quote’s meaning, and add to the tattoos presentability by a significant amount.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helps you with knowing more about “Only the Strong Survive” tattoos and the crucial role they play in one’s life. We also hope the variations in the list allow you to come up with your own version of the insightful tattoo.

Quote tattoos are known for their simplicity and the positive energy they bring toward people. Whether the design is enormous or as small as paint, the meaning will work wonders for the wearer and spread wisdom to those that are around the person.

So, if you’re trying to find the ray of light amongst the darkness, partner up with this tattoo to boost faith, hope, and strength. Remember to reach out to the ones you love as well, as no one should ever be alone during their darkest hour.

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