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65 Majestic Ocean Wave Tattoos Trending In 2024

Nature themes are the first choice of all tattoo maniacs. It is the best healer and the best guide to lead a happy, wonderful life. Talking of nature, Ocean is the prime truth of Nature and it is the Universal truth from the beginning of Mother Earth.

When you see a Ocean, the first thing we all observe is the waves. By seeing a wave, you can feel a mix of emotions, it can be calming or it can be aggressive as well, depending on how you are feeling. Ocean Wave tattoos have a wide range of meanings depending on the view of the client. But it has some certain Universal meaning that it always carries.

To know more about Ocean Wave tattoo with meaning and different types of ideas, you can check the article as I have collected all the mesmerizing designs of this tattoo with a hell lot of examples to choose from!

Explore The Different Meanings Of Ocean Wave Tattoos

Ocean wave tattoo 1

A tattoo like Ocean Wave has a vast range of alternate meanings and symbols depending on the viewer. Though, particularly Ocean has a set of different meanings and Wave possesses other meanings, today I’m about to discuss the meanings and symbols of Ocean Wave tattoo together.

Ocean and waves are contemporary to one another, they exist because of one another. Mainly it symbolizes freedom, rebellion, struggle, hardship, ups and downs in life and many more. To be honest, what you see and what you feel, that is the real meaning of the subject. As nature can not be defined and its purpose is not definite and we all are just a minute ignorant of the endless Ocean waves.

Another major point of view on Ocean Wave Tattoo is, it is actually a visual representation of “going with the flow”. So, in life we all have our ups and downs, but it is certain that after a bad time, your good times are just waiting for you.

Unique Ideas Of Ocean Wave Tattoos!

Though the wave is a common and easy design, still people prefer something different and unusual from other ideas. People see differently according to their own meaning, so the ideas and designs also differ.

If you want to explore more on the Ideas of Ocean Wave tattoos, I have gathered some unusual ideas with designs you can check to ensure your favorite one. Also, magnificent designs are also shared in the later part of the article.

Ocean Wave Tattoo On Sleeve

Ocean wave tattoo on sleeve

To cover a full image of Ocean Waves, sleeve is the best option for the design idea. You can add big waves according to your preferable design on the sleeve. Usually those who love surfing or are obsessed with oceans, they usually try the Ocean Wave Tattoo on Sleeve.

Full sleeve designs are spectacular to watch, with the perfect design, it looks amazing. I personally like the color tone especially for the sleeve tattoo. You can try different textures and shades for the Ocean Wave tattoo on sleeve.

Small Ocean Wave Tattoo

Small ocean wave tattoo

The Small Ocean Wave is the most popular and trending tattoos for the past few years. Small tattoos are cute, adorable and also easy to get. All genders who love the Ocean Wave, and  want to go for a simple and easy tattoo, they usually go for the Small Ocean Wave tattoo.

This design is my personal favorite and I always suggest my clients to go for a small shaped tattoo and of course somewhere, where it is always visible. Because these beautiful tattoos not only look good but also hold profound meanings as well. Try the colorful ink for a better Small Ocean Wave tattoo.

Ocean Wave Japanese Tattoo

Ocean wave Japanese tattoo

As we know from before, Japanese tattoos are world famous and people all around the world, fusion with the Japanese Traditional tattoos forming their own kind of designs. Just like that, Japanese Wave tattoo is another popular idea in the Tattoo world.

This design is mainly colorful with watercolor designs or any extra symbols of Japanese culture to add up the Japanese sense. The Ocean Waves look different from the other usual designs and the wave are colorful with Japanese trademark patterns

Ocean Wave Tattoo On Forearm

Ocean wave tattoo on forearm

In the picture, you can see a traditional Japanese designed based Ocean Wave tattoo on a forearm. It is a full forearm tattoo with a variety of subjects and design. Full setup of this tattoo is totally based on Japanese heritage. People who like a full forearm Ocean Wave tattoo can try this type of theme based idea.

Monochrome or colorful depends on the design and as per wish of the client. You can set your Ocean Wave’s size according to your wish. For a nice perfect design, consult with an expert.

Geometric Ocean Wave Tattoo

Geometric Ocean wave tattoo

I just have a similar type of geometric shaped tattoo on my forearm but instead of an ocean wave, I got mountains cause I love them. After researching Geometric Ocean Wave tattoos, now I’m considering another one in my other arm.

As you can see in the picture, it is so meaningful and the geometric shaped lines are designed with some extra shades which look really classy. You can use this type of idea if you want to try something different.

 Ocean Wave Tattoo On Chest

Ocean wave tattoo on chest

When you are a big fan of Oceans and also love to surf, then you will definitely want a large Ocean Wave tattoo. So for a larger design, you need quite a big space. Considering the beauty of an Ocean Wave, Chest is the best ever option to put up an Ocean Wave tattoo.

In the picture, you can see a rough sea with big waves, which means the client has a different point of view for the meaning of Ocean wave tattoo. You can use color as this is a big space to cover, so colorful ink will put up a more realistic vibe in the tattoo. It is a painful area, so you better think if this one is your first tattoo.

 Side Boob Ocean Wave Tattoo

Side Boob Ocean wave tattoo

Side Boob tattoos have been very much trending in the modern world for quite a few years. Particularly, Side boob Ocean wave tattoos are appealing and extremely popular among the young girls. Those who love the ocean and are also beach lovers, wear shorts or bikinis regularly, for them Side Boob Ocean wave tattoos are a must!

Girls prefer to keep the common blue textures in the Ocean wave tattoos on the side boob. Bigger or smaller in size, depends on the figure of the client. Also you can add additional design, but for my personal suggestion, just the Ocean wave design is best for a sideboob tattoo.

 Realistic Ocean Wave Tattoo

Realistic Ocean wave tattoo

Realistic tattoos are mainly 3D designed and have their own pattern. In the picture, you can see a realistic ocean view, if you have a closer look and stare for some time, you will get confused whether it’s real or not.

To make it more real, you can add colors according to your own design. The drops of water look more real in the picture as it is done in 3D design. The placement is necessary for a beautiful tattoo like this, as of course you would like to show off such an amazing tattoo.

Matching Ocean Wave Tattoo

Matching Ocean wave tattoo

Couples who love to match their tattoos as well, can try this wonderfully designed Matching ocean wave tattoo. Usually a matching means, the couple together holds the full design, so they share half of the design usually on the same area.

You can see an ocean wave with a rainbow but the design fulfills when they put it side by side. So this type of tattoos are very much popular with true love couples. Usually this design is small in shape and colorful inks look more beautiful.

Ocean Wave Tattoo On Bicep

Ocean wave tattoo on bicep

Biceps are a good spot for Ocean wave tattoos because of the curve and shapes of the biceps. The angle perfectly matches the Waves pattern and it really blends in the curve. A well shaped biceps will look much stunning with the Ocean wave tattoo.

Generally, folks cover the whole biceps for better results as you can see in the picture. You can also try smaller designs according to your demands. Color or monochrome also depends on you.

Ocean Wave Tattoo On Wrist

Ocean wave tattoo on wrist

Those who are looking for a small and gorgeous tattoo, they should definitely try the Ocean Wave tattoo on their wrist. Wrists are the best position to show off with your best tattoo. Ocean wave tattoos are the best choice for this .Colorful ink will be a fruitful choice and due to its narrow shape, wrist tattoos are generally smaller in size and much more less complicated. Though many of the tattoo lovers prefer a full covered wrist tattoo.

More Charming Ocean Wave Tattoo Designs To Explore!

Wave tattoos are wonderful and almost liked by all genres of people. It is popular that unique designs are difficult to find. Till now you have got different ideas on an Ocean Wave tattoo.

So if you  are still not satisfied, then check the designs I have shared only for you. There are many varieties of designs of numerous artists especially picked for you guys. Check out till the end for better results!

Ocean wave tattoo 2

Ocean wave tattoo 3

Ocean wave tattoo 4

Ocean wave tattoo 5

Ocean wave tattoo 6

Ocean wave tattoo 7

Ocean wave tattoo 8

Ocean wave tattoo 9

Ocean wave tattoo 10

Ocean wave tattoo 12

Ocean wave tattoo 13

Ocean wave tattoo 14

Ocean wave tattoo 15

Ocean wave tattoo 16

Ocean wave tattoo 17

Ocean wave tattoo 18

Ocean wave tattoo 19

Ocean wave tattoo 20

Ocean wave tattoo 21

Ocean wave tattoo 22

Ocean wave tattoo 23

Ocean wave tattoo 24

Ocean wave tattoo 25

Ocean wave tattoo 26

Ocean wave tattoo 27

Ocean wave tattoo 28

Ocean wave tattoo 29

Ocean wave tattoo 30

Ocean wave tattoo 31

Ocean wave tattoo 32

Ocean wave tattoo 33

Ocean wave tattoo 34

Ocean wave tattoo 35

Ocean wave tattoo 36

Ocean wave tattoo 37

Ocean wave tattoo 38

Ocean wave tattoo 39

Ocean wave tattoo 40

Ocean wave tattoo 41

Ocean wave tattoo 42

Ocean wave tattoo 43

Ocean wave tattoo 44

Ocean wave tattoo 45

Ocean wave tattoo 46

Ocean wave tattoo 47

Ocean wave tattoo 48

Ocean wave tattoo 49

Ocean wave tattoo 50

Ocean wave tattoo 51

Ocean wave tattoo 52

Ocean wave tattoo 53

Ocean wave tattoo 54

For visual satisfaction, you can check out the video of a Ocean Wave tattoo on arms. At least you will get an idea of how it is done. This is a full video from the beginning so you will have an idea of the time as well as the requirements.


All the ocean lovers out there, this article helped you find your ocean wave tattoo also for the artists, they can get many ideas and designs to work. As our minds work differently from others, the design and liking differ from person to person.

Keeping all these facts in mind, this article is prepared and also for a novice, this will be a complete guide to Ocean Wave tattoos. Hopefully I have managed to get your favorite design, do comment for suggestions. Happy Reading!

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