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56 Refreshing Ocean Tattoo Ideas To Energize You

Have you ever watched the cult classic movie “Shawshank Redemption”? In this movie, Andy exclaims that after getting out of the prison, the first thing he will do is go to the ocean. It may sound odd to everyone but he had a reason for it. He said that the ocean did not have any memories. So when someone goes near it, he becomes a new man.

In our own life, we wake up everyday feeling that same dreadful feeling of hopelessness. But when you have an ocean tattoo, you will feel like a new person with new objectives and ambitions to start the day.

The ocean is a vast space of water comprising millions of different species coexisting with each other. Therefore, it suffice to say that there can be dozens of ocean style tattoo ideas that you can get. But we will help you today to get the one that suits you the most.

One Flew Over The Ocean Tattoos Nest: The Alluring Meaning Them

Ocean tattoo meaning


Ocean can be interpreted in a myriad of ways. To some, it can symbolize a new beginning while to others, it can mean unpredictability of our lives and resilience.

When the tide comes, it refreshes the entire cycle of the ocean. New waves are created and each and every living organism residing in the ocean rejuvenates. Just like them, you can also be the best version of yourself. No matter what has happened before, you just have to leave everything behind and keep on moving forward.

If you’ve seen documentaries or have the fortune of traveling by ocean, you will know just how unpredictable it is.

One moment, the waters are completely calm while in the next a storm is erupting. The waters start dancing in the most violent way grasping everything that hits it. Our life is no different than the ocean. Remember that the paradigm can shift at any moment but you have to keep your chin high.

Incredible Ocean Tattoo Designs To Go Beyond

From sea urchins to giant whales, there are numerous organisms living underneath those calm waters. Some even speculate that there are extraterrestrial beings located at the deepest pits of the ocean.

So, you can understand just how much flora and fauna is in the ocean. Choosing the right tattoo among all of these can make you feel dizzy. So sit back and relax. We have made your job easy by making a list of some of the trendiest ocean tattoos circulating in the tattoo sphere today. Give them a quick look.

Ocean Wave Tattoo

Ocean Wave Tattoo 1


Ocean Wave Tattoo 2


Ocean Wave Tattoo 3


The waves are so soothing to look at. If you’ve ever been to a beach then you will see how gently waves touch the shores and just vanish away. Then just after some time another one hits. This cycle keeps on occurring for the entire day.

But these gentle waves can take a deadly look when a storm begins. The height of the waves sometimes grow so big that it can destroy everything that comes its way.

Although seeing the description, the overall structure of the waves can get misinterpreted. In truth, the ocean waves are just some curvy lines with splashes of white here and there. So, try to capture the exact intimidating effect of them in your tattoo.

Frank Ocean Tattoo

Frank Ocean Tattoo


If you have a good music taste then you have probably heard about Frank Ocean. His avant garde style of music has made headlines after headlines in the music industry. Two of his albums have reached legendary status and got critically and commercially acclaimed.

There is a norm in the internet to criticize today’s music saying that old music was better and contemporary music is just trash. Just give them a Frank Ocean album and they will completely contradict themselves

Usually, artists just make a general outline of Frank Ocean and illustrate a portrait tattoo. Throw in some of his signature elements like a star and voila.

Ocean Sleeve Tattoo

Ocean Sleeve Tattoo


When you roll your arms, it looks quite similar to the curvy wave of the ocean, doesn’t it? So why not engrave an ocean tattoo in your sleeve to complement it even further?

Your sleeve is the perfect place for getting a tattoo as it has just enough width and height to illustrate an ocean tattoo.

Rather than making it colorful, it’s best to keep the tattoo in black and white. The reason for this is that black goes well with the natural white skin of yours. The tattoo will look like it’s just about to pop out.

Ocean Themed Tattoo

Ocean Themed Tattoo


Getting an ocean tattoo doesn’t mean that you need to illustrate an entire ocean in your body canvas. You can just draw any tattoo with an ocean theme and it would look amazing.

You may be wondering what exactly is an ocean theme. Well, an ocean theme comprises elements that are associated with the oceans.

From bubbles to fishes, anything can be a phenomenal addition to your tattoo. A perfect idea is to get a tattoo and give some bubbles all around it. The tattoo would look like it’s underwater.

Small Ocean Tattoo

Small Ocean Tattoo


This type of tattoo contradicts with the concept of the ocean to be honest. An ocean is a gigantic space with waters that seem to have no end. Wherever you will see there are just waters and waters everywhere.

So how can you depict this giant thing into a small shaped tattoo? Well, the base of the tattoo depends on creating a framework.

Try to make a framework that gives a feeling of endlessness. Use watercolors as it has no restrictions. Dilute the colors using your finger to make it look like there is no end to it.

Mountain and Ocean Tattoo

Mountain and Ocean Tattoo


Although it may be hard to connect these two elements as one stands high while the other flows beneath. But you will be flabbergasted to know that mountains and oceans have the same root.

Many of the mountains have water reservoirs. From these reservoirs, water gets dropped down to the ocean and mixes with the rest. So in a way you can say that mountains are the supplier of the water we see in the ocean.

Simple Ocean Tattoo

Simple Ocean Tattoo


Simple ocean tattoos don’t need too much of a sophisticated design. You don’t need to use ultra realistic inking.

Just make sure you depict the ocean perfectly by illustrating a perfect outline. Utilize the negative spaces of your skin and use a deep black color with high saturation to draw the details. Shades are your friend as it gives a certain depth to the overall tattoo.

Japanese Ocean Tattoo

Japanese Ocean Tattoo


The entire country of Japan is like a floating island on top of a vast ocean. The most amount of cyclones and tsunamis occur in Japan every year.

So you can imagine just how much Japanese people can relate to the ocean. They also believe that there are holy entities living underneath the water.

Also, a vast proportion of food comes from these waters. Their most distinct food which has stirred the whole world known as Sushi comes from the ocean. Therefore, to Japanese people, the ocean is a symbol of prosperity.

Black and White Ocean Tattoo

Black and White Ocean Tattoo


The ocean is composed of a deep blue color and some occasional whites during the tides. But you can never imagine the ocean to be black.

Well that’s the beauty of it. Seeing something in an unusual color makes us feel unnerving. You also have to agree that the ocean is like a big black abyss full of water. So why not draw it using only black and white?

Traditional Ocean Tattoo

Traditional Ocean Tattoo


Traditional ocean tattoos don’t focus too much on the hyperrealism that people are obsessed over nowadays. Instead it emphasizes the scenery and tranquility of the ocean.

So, this kind of tattoo style comprises elements such as the palm trees and the beach. Wherever you look at the tattoo, you will feel like you are on the beach with your family sunbathing under the hot sun.

Sun and Ocean Tattoo

Sun and Ocean Tattoo


Just when we are talking about sunbathing comes the topic of sun and ocean tattoo. These two mesmerizing elements go hand in hand.

Because of the sun and the moon, the tides of the ocean that we see occur. So, there is a scientific connection. Aside from this, the only thing you will be able to see from the ocean is the scorching sun on top of you. Underneath the water, you will only see a surface which you have no idea about.

Geometric Ocean Tattoo

Geometric Ocean Tattoo


Gone are the days when tattoo artists used to draw freestyle taking multiple sessions. This ultimately left both the artist and the canvas feeling dreaded. But now they are more interested in getting the geometric tattoo.

Everything you need to know about this kind of tattoo is in the name. You only have to incorporate shapes such as triangles, trapezoids and circles. Although it may sound easy, drawing such a tattoo requires a great deal of creativity. If you can pull it off, the end results will be something that is a work of art.

Dark Ocean Tattoo

Dark Ocean Tattoo


The ocean can be a deadly place. If you’ve never been there you wouldnt understand just how dangerous it is.

Imagine you are traveling by ocean and suddenly a storm hits your ship. Within seconds, the ship goes to the bottom of the sea and you are floating in the barren water.

Even if you are a professional swimmer, you wouldn’t be able to get to the shore. Therefore, the immediate consequence is death. A dark ocean tattoo captures exactly this scenario using deep black hues.

Blue Ocean Tattoo

Blue Ocean Tattoo


Even a child knows that the ocean is blue. But drawing an ocean in just blue color would not make it resemble the ocean in its true form.

You have to include enough details. Try to draw some seagulls flying on top of the ocean. Throw in some corals here and there to depict the vastness of it.

Lighthouse Ocean Tattoo

Lighthouse Ocean Tattoo 1


Lighthouse Ocean Tattoo 2


Everyday countless ships sail in the ocean thinking that they will reach their destination without any obstacles. But the sudden change in weather causes the waters to go absolutely wild and it gets hard to navigate.

During this time of distress, the lighthouse is the one single thing that provides you guidance. So if you are aimless in your life and don’t know what to do with it, get yourself a lighthouse tattoo now.

Watercolor Ocean Tattoo

Watercolor Ocean Tattoo


Just like the ocean, watercolor has no jurisdictions or boundaries. Unless the color fades, it keeps on moving forward mixing with whatever stands its way. That’s why artists draw the ocean using watercolors to depict a sense of realism.

Another reason why you should use watercolors is that it is subtle. It gives the tattoo that rawness which can’t be found in anything else. It looks like the ocean is flowing in your body.

Palm Tree Ocean Tattoo

Palm Tree Ocean Tattoo


Sometimes our lives get so hectic that we forget to breathe. Even when we breathe, the smell of rubbish makes us vomit.

When you get the palm tree ocean tattoo, you will feel like you are enjoying a long vacation in Hawaii where there are no traffic jams and no pollution of any kind. Whenever you look at the tattoo you will have the same pleasure of sitting underneath a palm tree and looking at the tranquil ocean up front.

Ocean and Moon Tattoo

Ocean and Moon Tattoo


Ocean and moon are deeply associated. If you are a science nerd then you probably know that there is gravitational force between the earth and moon. Because of this force, the two sides of the ocean bulge out. This effect is what causes the high tides.

Due to their relationship with each other, tattoo enthusiasts love to draw them on their body canvas. Just imagine there is a crescent shaped moon glowing and just beneath it is the ocean which is also exuding aura because of the light. How awesome would that tattoo look!

Dive Deep Along The Tides With A Professional Artist

The diverse nature of the ocean compels people to feel overwhelmed. They scratch their head thinking which tattoo to get but can’t finalize.

That’s why here is a visual representation of an artist inking an inspiring ocean tattoo. Take some inspiration from the video to get your creative juices flowing.


There is so much more to an ocean than meets the eye. We just see the surface of it and still get overwhelmed. Just imagine if we could see everything that is underneath from the extraterrestrial beings to the enormous sea creatures.

As it’s so mystical, it’s obvious that there will be some unanswered questions. That’s why we have gathered three of the most burning questions and their answers to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Q: Are Ocean Tattoos Lucky?

Ans: Most people consider ocean tattoos to be extremely lucky for them. Whenever they are struggling with life, they get the tattoo thinking that it will give them guidance on how to improve their life.

Q: Is It Risky To Get An Ocean Tattoo?

Ans: It has the same risk as any other tattoo. The risk correlates with the sensitivity of your skin. So, try not to get the ocean tattoo in a place where there is a scar or bruise.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Get An Ocean Tattoo?

Ans: It completely depends on the magnitude of your tattoo. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo with a lot of colors and textures then it will require multiple sessions running from 7 to 8 hours. A normal outline tattoo can be finished within 3 to 4 hours. The artist’s experience also plays a role in how quickly you can get the tattoo.


When we are on the topic of ocean tattoos, there is no accurate way to conclude things. Just like the ocean, there are so many things to write about. But today we have to stop.

We have given you some of the most intriguing designs one couldn’t even find if they mindlessly scrolled through Instagram and Pinterest for hours. Make up your mind and get the ocean tattoo which perfectly resonates with your ambitions.

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