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42 Most Popular Neck Tattoos With Names Ideas For 2024

Who doesn’t want their name tattooed onto their neck? Maybe the ones who aren’t as bold as the ones reading this article right now! But for those who are, having a neck tattoo with your name written on it is a sign that you have arrived, you’re here, and you didn’t come to “play”. You mean serious business!

The neck tattoo is already a conversation starter. And to point to your neck tattoo every time someone were to ask your name would be the best reaction to witness. And it would never get old.

Creative Designs For Name Tattoos on Neck

The neck tattoo is already a pretty bold and courageous choice for a tattoo enthusiast. After all, not a lot of people ink their own names onto their necks. Or the names of their beloved favorite person. And that also with added symbols that further add meaning and pride to the already boastful kind of tattoo.

But fear not, this is an area of body art where style rules completely over substance. Here are some trending head (and neck turning) tattoo ideas that are surefire ways to stir up spicy conversations that would literally beg the question: “Whose name is that?”

Crown Tattoo on Neck with Name

Crown Tattoo on Neck with Name 1


Crown Tattoo on Neck with Name 2


For the individual who loves hearing the words “Slay King” or “Slay Queen”. This is the ideal tattoo to ink on their neck. The crown tattoo on the neck would signify what the person feels about themselves; and that is they think they are royalty.

Nothing says prideful opulence and oozing confidence than inking your own name next to a crown tattooed onto your neck. The world is your throne, your majesty!

Traditional Tattoo on Neck with Name

Traditional Tattoo on Neck with Name


This is along the more humble side of the genre and a stark contrast from the crown variation of the tattoo. The traditional neck tattoo could take on the form of any old style of popular art with bright usage of colors; preferably old cartoonish designs or floral patterns.

Tattooing your name alongside it symbolizes your love for all things old-school, as well as telling onlookers what your name is either way!

Chinese Name Tattoo on Neck

Chinese Name Tattoo on Neck


If you want to proclaim your proud Chinese heritage and ancestry with your name written in that language tattooed onto your neck, then this is the ideal tattoo for you. Or even if it’s just for the sake of aesthetics, then this is also the perfect tattoo for you.

This style is actually a more “mild” and commonly known variation of tattoo of this genre. As tattoo enthusiasts have been inking their names in Chinese and Japanese Kanji text for quite a while to give off that mystical noble look. Or maybe because it just looks really cool on Pinterest!

Rose Neck Tattoo with Name

Rose Neck Tattoo with Name 1


Rose Neck Tattoo with Name 2


The most recognizable floral tattoo in history based on the world’s most beloved flower. The rose neck tattoo is and will forever remain, a permanent staple in the world of body art.

To have your own name tattooed onto your neck with a bunch of roses just speaks out to the world about your innate romantic nature. Your gentle approach to things, as well as being a bold and overall lovely person to be around. This tattoo highly encourages the use of bright colors for the maximum desired effect.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo with Name

Butterfly Neck Tattoo with Name

The butterfly neck tattoo is suited for the individual who craves unparalleled freedom. The tattoo is already associated with a person’s independent traits and as a symbol for transition into new fruitful beginnings.

Similarly, the butterfly neck tattoo with the wearer’s name on it would just cement the individual’s freedom seeking tendency proudly on their skin. The tattoo would leave no room for interpretation as to what the butterfly represents; it represents the wearer in the most literal sense!

Son’s Name Tattoo on Neck

Son’s Name Tattoo on Neck


For the proud parents out there, nothing proclaims their love for their children more than their names tattooed onto the parents’ neck. The occasion and cause for this could also be a sad one, as the tattoo could also be a memento to remember the loss of a child that passed away.

But regardless, the meaning stays the same. Getting your son’s name tattooed onto your neck would never make people doubt the devotion you have for your offspring! The tattoo could take the shape and form of your son’s favorite sports team or their favorite cartoon character.

Diamond Neck Tattoo with Name

Diamond Neck Tattoo with Name


The diamond neck tattoo symbolizes the invaluable worth of the individual whose name got tattooed along with the art. It could be of the wearer themselves, or their beloved person.

The intrinsic worth and value this particular tattoo carries could not be measured in sheer diamonds alone. As unlike diamonds, this tattoo would remain stuck with the user forever. And would never require detachment during any occasion whatsoever. May the whole world see the worth in your neck tattoo as much as you do!

Floral Neck Tattoo with Name

Floral Neck Tattoo with Name


Symbolizing the wearer’s gentle, romantic and calm demeanor, the floral tattoo on the neck would only bloom out more beautifully with the wearer’s name attached to it. The design of their name could be in the form of a signature scribble on the side of the flowers.

Or if the wearer wants to get really creative, they could tattoo their name in a way that makes it look like the flowers themselves uprooted from the letters of the name. Either way, floral neck tattoos with names are just as creatively diverse as they are beautiful when it comes to making a statement.

Breast Cancer Neck Tattoo with Name

Breast Cancer Neck Tattoo with Name


The breast cancer awareness neck tattoo carries a serious and somber meaning. As it could serve as a remembrance piece or a lifelong memento of a loved one that passed away from this fatal illness. Or maybe the wearer themselves is going through the motions of this dangerous disease and is dead set on overcoming it.

Regardless of their situation, the breast cancer neck tattoo will forever remain a mark on their skin that would last till their lifetime. The name added onto the ribbon symbol just adds more weight to an already deeply meaningful type of tattoo.

Cover Up Neck Tattoo with Name

Cover Up Neck Tattoo with Name


The cover up neck tattoo just like its name implies, covers up over an already existing tattoo the wearer might have had regrets with. As is usual with cover up tattoos, they tend to be expensive in nature. And the larger and more complex the previous tattoo, the more the price tag is bound to go up.

But here comes the good part. You could celebrate the covering up of your previously once embarrassing piece of body art by inking your name onto the new one.

The new tattoo could take the shape and form of just about anything you desire. Just make sure to celebrate the new ink on you by tattooing your name onto it as well!

Shark Tooth Neck Tattoo with Name

Shark Tooth Neck Tattoo with Name


Commonly associated with tribal tattoos or as a subtle warning symbol, the shark tooth neck tattoo symbolizes strength and assertiveness. Adding the wearer’s name to it could signify that the person is not to be messed with.

The tattoo is minimal and simplistic in its design style. It could just as well be a cool tattoo to grab the attention of onlookers without the need for any meaning involved.

Praying Hands Neck Tattoo with Name

Praying Hands Neck Tattoo with Name


Nothing proclaims your devotion out louder towards the higher power than a praying hands tattoo on your neck. Perfect for individuals on the more pious side of body art fashion, rocking this tattoo would balance the two worlds between swagger and godliness.

Whose name you decide to tattoo onto your neck however, depends entirely upon you. The above image shows the wearer tattooing his daughter’s name onto his neck alongside the praying hands as a symbol of his undying love for his child.

Anchor Neck Tattoo with Name

Anchor Neck Tattoo with Name


An anchor neck tattoo symbolizes the wearer’s grounded, calm and committed approach to all aspects in life. Be it personal or professional. Similarly, the tattoo may also depict their fondness for the sea.

Regardless of symbolism, inking the wearer’s name onto the anchor makes up for quite a bold and fashionable tattoo statement. Signifying to the eye of the beholder that the wearer is “anchored” in firm confidence in themselves.

Fine Line Neck tattoo with Name

Fine Line Neck tattoo with Name


The fine line neck tattoo is for the true minimalist connoisseur. If you just want your name or the name of your favorite person on the entire planet, or even your beloved pet, “autographed” onto your neck using nothing but simple fine lines and pretty dotwork. Then look no further than the fine line neck tattoo.

There is no imagery or symbolism to see here. Other than just the name of the person you want to wear on your neck for the rest of your life!

Watercolor Neck Tattoo with Name

Watercolor Neck Tattoo with Name


For the vibrant and colorful individual who isn’t afraid of going bold with their favorite tattoo, the watercolor neck tattoo is the ideal ink of choice for their skin. And to add their name to it is just a further declaration of that self love!

The vibrant and realistic layers of colors used in this particular style of tattoo emulates the watercolor art form perfectly. Giving it the illusion of the tattoo about to be washed away. But the name in contrast, is tattooed using the fine line technique. Henceforth giving it the appeal of absolute permanency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a neck tattoo with a name attached to it, whether it be yours or your most favorite being’s. Is already a bold decision that you’re undertaking. And in order to iron out any remaining doubts before getting a tattoo of such monumental importance. Here’s a brief questionnaire to aid in your already high confidence that you got before your eventual visit to the tattoo studio.

Q: Can I get a neck tattoo with my name only?

Ans: The tattoo is yours. And so is the choice for whose name you want tattooed onto your neck. It could be your favorite pet, your romantic partner, a beloved member of the family or a friend who passed away. Or your own name because you’re just that cool!

Q: Do neck tattoos with names hurt?

Ans: The answer depends on which part of the neck you’re getting the tattoo on. If it’s on the back of the neck then it’s definitely going to hurt as the needle gets a lot closer to the bones of the upper spine. But if the tattoo happens to be around the side of the neck, then the pain associated will be medium to low.

Q: Are neck tattoos with names expensive?

Ans: Like with all tattoos of this nature, neck tattoos tend to cost a bit more due to the delicate nature of the area the tattoos are getting inked on. If you were to get your name tattooed in nothing but fine lines, then it would be a budget friendly bill around or under the $80 mark. The more detailed the tattoo, the higher the price tag.

Final Verdict

Having one’s name tattooed onto their neck is an undeniably strong declaration of pride and confidence. It is literally the very definition of letting your tattoo do the talking on your behalf.

Sure, if you could carve a full conversation onto your skin every single time you were to face verbal interaction, maybe you could. But for now, having your or your beloved’s name tattooed onto your neck is an easy way to start amusing interactions at any gathering you attend.

Whether it be a crown to signal to the world that a member of royalty has arrived at the party. Or a piece of diamond to signify your or your beloved’s invaluable status in any social circle you walk into. Let your neck tattoo do the talking on behalf of your name, in the very literal sense.

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