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100 Enlightening Neck Tattoo Ideas For Men To Experiment With

While minimalist tattoos are currently the most popular kind of designs in the body modification industry, the amount of body parts that can be used to display such tattoos has yet to reach a limit. As long as the stencil fits, minimalist tattoos can be placed anywhere. However, if you want your artwork to carry subtle details and a compact design, irrespective of what it conveys, obtaining a neck tattoo will surely come in useful.

Neck tattoos don’t come with a guide, meaning that they can showcase anything. Since it’s one of the most exposed areas of the human body, those that are courageous often side with neck tattoos. Additionally, neck tattoos are almost always quite appealing to look at, which explains the overgrowing popularity of getting tattooed on the neck in recent times.

While the neck is a big canvas to work on when creating tattoos, the area welcomes sketches of any size. The location is quite exceptional in improving one’s appearance, but can bring forward drawbacks that could be difficult to dismiss. Nonetheless, if you’d like your neck tattoo to be a hit, be sure to skim through the upcoming neck tattoos for men in this article!

What Does a Neck Tattoo Symbolize?

Since the artwork incorporated into neck tattoos vary, neck tattoos aren’t tied to a specific set of symbols. However, based on its positioning on the human body, we believe that neck tattoos are associated with courage, fearlessness, and strength. Many express neck tattoos with the help of brilliant illustrations, but a majority of them prefer keeping the artwork minimal and direct. This could explain why neck tattoos mostly comprise phrases, keywords, and quotes.

In the tattoo world, neck tattoos are quite popular among men. They not only admire the symbolism it carries, but also find the appearance of it intimidating. According to most tattoo connoisseurs, neck tattoos are also one of the more masculine kinds of tattoos.

Perpetually Trendy Neck Tattoos for Men

A neck tattoo, while painful to obtain, can work wonders, regardless of whether it’s your first tattoo or a new entry to your pre-existent collection. The process depends on the complexity of the sketch, and the dimensions of the art piece.

While blackwork tattoos are typically the most common color scheme incorporated into neck tattoos, implementing a traditional piece with vibrant shades should also be easy to add to the ink. Regardless, if you’re sure about your decision of getting a neck tattoo, don’t forget to get a glimpse of the following entries.

Side Neck Tattoo

Side Neck Tattoo 1


Side Neck Tattoo 2


Side Neck Tattoo 3


The first entry on our list is a side neck tattoo, comprising tons of space to display clear designs and patterns. Although the variant looks best when paired with basic illustrations, the area can also pull off a concept with visually-oriented components.

A fine-line tattoo is what we would recommend to beginners seeking a side-neck tattoo, as it doesn’t contain a brutal procedure, offering a time-friendly creation process as well.

The tattoo does require tons of touch-ups, however, which could take a toll on your wallet and savings.

Back Neck Tattoo

Back Neck Tattoo 1


Back Neck Tattoo 2


Back Neck Tattoo 3


The back of the neck is perhaps the most sensitive part of the area. However, the positioning of any tattoo on the back of the neck is what makes this variant so sought-after.

Most designs lack size in this area and should be curated with basic components for successful results. However, a great element of this tattoo is the amount of privacy that it offers.

Prior to obtaining this tattoo, consider using numbing cream to minimize the levels of pain involved. Additionally, if you put your creative mind into the stencil, you can even convert a back-of-the-neck tattoo into an enormous backpiece!

Front Neck Tattoo

Front Neck Tattoo 1


Front Neck Tattoo 2


Another available area typically used for neck tattoos is the front of the neck, containing tons of area and volume.

Incorporating a series of tattoos involving micro components, patchwork tattoos, and even a blackwork tattoo is very much possible for a front-neck tattoo to carry. However, know that this area doesn’t react well to pain.

A front-neck tattoo is advantageous for edgy minds and free-thinkers, as it’s almost always on display. Many often use this tattoo to express individuality, while the rest obtain a jarring tattoo for validation. Reaching out to a professional tattoo artist is also advised since the unevenness of front-neck tattoos is hard to comply with.

Full Neck Tattoo

Full Neck Tattoo 1


Full Neck Tattoo 2


A neck tattoo that is equivalent to a sleeve tattoo is a full-neck tattoo, which goes one of two ways. The first option is to go all-in with a blackwork tattoo, containing nothing but a concentrated paint job fit into a frame. On the other end is a patchwork tattoo, which can be curated with anything that your mind and body can find satisfaction in.

A full-neck tattoo is a long-term commitment, requiring tons of upkeep to stay sound until eternity. It is also the most painful area of placement, so be sure to break the creation process down into multiple segments to control the pain level of this tattoo.

While it ages like wine, a fully constructed neck tattoo has yet to be accepted by society. Furthermore, if you work a 9 to 5, you might want to find an alternative to this variant.

Butterfly Neck Tattoo

Butterfly Neck Tattoo 1


Butterfly Neck Tattoo 2


Butterfly Neck Tattoo 3


The symbol of a butterfly isn’t just a breath of fresh air when displayed as a neck tattoo, but also contains symbolism that can add more layers to the meaning of neck tattoos. Associated with beauty, transformation, and regrowth, a butterfly tattoo tends to compliment the courageous qualities of a neck tattoo.

While a butterfly neck tattoo is associated with feminine qualities, it can even be showered with masculine traits if the dimensions of the illustration are toned down and the colour scheme is neutral. When it comes to placement, a butterfly neck tattoo looks exceptional when obtained on the side of the neck.

Rose Neck Tattoo

Rose Neck Tattoo 1


Rose Neck Tattoo 2


Associated with love and understanding, a rose neck tattoo can be the perfect option for couples. And although the visuals look great when draped in colours, the layout looks even better when incorporated as a black and grey tattoo.

A rose neck tattoo can usually be placed anywhere, but it looks best when obtained around the rear of the neck. To add more meaning to the artwork, consider placing the name of your significant other at the bottom or right above the rose tattoo.

Cross Neck Tattoo

Cross Neck Tattoo 1


Cross Neck Tattoo 2


A neck tattoo is also used as a means of expressing loyalty to Christianity. And if you too would like to join that army, jot down the components of this entry, comprising a Cross tattoo.

A Cross neck tattoo is one of the more sophisticated entries on this list, curated with basic yet impactful layers. The tattoo always results in a spiritual awakening, which can eventually lead to finding happiness and contentment in life. The illustration almost always features a dove, affiliated with purity and stability.

Small Neck Tattoo

Small Neck Tattoo 1


Small Neck Tattoo 2

Though every single entry on this list is quite desirable and offers a successful outcome, a small neck tattoo is the one we would recommend to beginners.
On top of being easy to obtain and painless, a small neck tattoo is perceived as an open book. In short, anything can be sketched into a small neck tattoo, as long as the wearer is satisfied with the visuals.

The upkeep routine is also quite easy for small neck tattoos, requiring 2 visits per year. It can be a difficult piece to settle for if you have an intricate piece in mind, as a small neck tattoo lacks volume.

Lips on Neck Tattoo

Lips on Neck Tattoo 1


Lips on Neck Tattoo 2


The print of lipstick is also quite popular among neck tattoos, commonly known as lip-on-neck tattoos. It typically portrays signs of one’s own temptations, but can also be used to display feelings of attraction or affection towards the wearer’s significant other.

A lip tattoo is often placed at the back or one of the sides of the neck, comprising a narrow structure to display traits of delicacy. Just like the previous option, this neck tattoo caters to mostly beginners and those with sensitive skin.

Name Neck Tattoos

Name Neck Tattoos 1


Name Neck Tattoos 2


Due to being easy to detect at all times, a neck tattoo is also used to show signs of attraction or admiration for a loved one, preferably through the help of a name tattoo.

A name tattoo on the neck offers a simple process with a relatively painless session. When formed with basic fonts, a name neck tattoo takes around minutes to complete.

While the pain level of this tattoo makes this variant a must-have for those with vulnerable skin, a name-neck tattoo can also be a great way to spice up one’s love life.

Those going forward with this option can easily transform this tattoo using numbers, symbols, and sharp lines.

Justin Bieber’s Neck Tattoo

Justin Bieber’s Neck Tattoo


A prominent face with a neck tattoo is Justin Bieber, whose graphic can easily be replicated if you’re a fan of his. The Canadian musician has got a series of tattoos in that particular area, each of which follows a different story.

The first tattoo is positioned on the side of the neck, comprising the term “Patience.” Underneath that tattoo is a rose tattoo, formed with a dark, fine-line needle.

Last but not least is a wing tattoo; a sketch that the 29-year-old installed in honour of David Beckham, one of his favorite celebrities as of 2023.

Angel Neck Tattoo

Angel Neck Tattoo


Many believe in adding an angel tattoo on the canvas of a neck tattoo, which can be good for spiritual growth. Moreover, since the tattoo comprises the portrait of an angel with wings, it is considered a good option for visually-oriented minds.

An angel tattoo can go a long way when used correctly. It is also quite flexible, which means that it goes above and beyond to meet the size requirements of the wearer.

Although it is seen as a guardian among tattoos, an angel neck tattoo mostly specialises in healing those working past times of hardship.

Owl Neck Tattoo

Owl Neck Tattoo 1


Owl Neck Tattoo 2


Revolving your neck tattoo around a bird tattoo can never go wrong if you want the visuals to be moving, and the metaphoric value to be engaging.

An owl neck tattoo stands for wisdom and intelligence, two traits that are essential for finding maturity in life.

The best part about this tattoo is without a doubt its physical components, made with realistic layers for presentability. The artwork can take a few days to finish, but the results are almost always worth the wait!

Hood Neck Tattoos

Hood Neck Tattoos

If you’d like a design that will shape your first impression at all times, you can’t go wrong with a hood neck tattoo.

A hood neck tattoo comprises a hefty illustration, often requiring an area as spacious as the front of the neck for implementation. Although the chunky size of hood neck tattoos was mostly admired by individuals belonging to street gangs in the early days, it is now seen as a means of making a huge statement, preferably by displaying the principles, likes and interests of the wearer.

Cody Rhodes Neck Tattoo

Cody Rhodes Neck Tattoo


Former-AEW superstar Cody Rhodes got his first breakthrough in the wrestling scene around this time last year when he closed a deal with WWE, one of the biggest draws in sports entertainment history. And while fans of his celebrated through social media posts, the American Nightmare had other plans.

In addition to improving his work ethic, Cody Rhodes rewarded himself with this neck tattoo, featuring the portrait of a skull draped in the colours of an American flag. When asked in an interview, Rhodes mentioned how his in-ring nickname, the American Nightmare, inspired him to install this neck tattoo.

Dragon Neck Tattoo

Dragon Neck Tattoo 1


Dragon Neck Tattoo 2


The structure of a dragon can also occupy the canvas of the neck in a glorious way, making it a fan favorite among the trend of neck tattoos. Although most prefer using neutral shades of colour and a low-key sketch for this variant, know that the ceiling remains quite high for a dragon neck tattoo.

If you want to stand out with a dragon neck tattoo, focus on bringing more attention to its facial features. Additionally, if you don’t want to spend an awful amount of time doing research, try looking into the material we wrote on Japanese dragon tattoos.

Cool Neck Tattoo

Cool Neck Tattoo


You don’t always need to move viewers with a design that solely runs on its metaphoric value or sentiments. In fact, if you want your neck tattoo to hog up all the spotlight with its visuals, get a cool neck tattoo instead!

A cool neck tattoo is subjective, which means that it should solely be based on your preferences and how you perceive neck tattoos. However, if you’d like some assistance regarding the sketch, try using mind-boggling figures and pastel colours; a combination that never fails to make its mark.

Dove Neck Tattoo

Dove Neck Tattoo


As stated earlier, a cross tattoo on the neck is often paired with a dove, affiliated with purity, faith, hope and religion. And while dove tattoos mostly play a supporting role in that entry, you may also use it to be the primary component of your neck tattoo.

The structure of a dove can be drawn in a basic way for sophistication, but also be demonstrated using detailed pieces and an alluring shade of colours. If you’d like a compact design, increase the frequency of the doves to fill out the gaps.

Spider Web Neck Tattoo

Spider Web Neck Tattoo


A spider web can also be an ideal design to highlight with the help of a neck tattoo, but can be a bit controversial to obtain as opposed to the rest. This is because, although spider webs are now tied to feelings of guidance, power, and strength, the symbol initially found success among prisoners, who would use it to promote violence. It was also a common find among those that preached racism and white supremacists.

For acquiring more information on spider web tattoos and learning about the frontrunners that shape their influence in the tattoo world, read through our guide on spider web tattoos!

Neck Cover-Up Tattoo

Neck Cover-Up Tattoo


If you have already obtained a neck tattoo previously, but the feelings you have regarding it are quite cynical, stop holding on to the artwork. Try taking notes on a neck cover-up tattoo instead!

A neck cover-up tattoo’s components depend on the size of the previous tattoo. Smaller designs are usually eliminated using compact components, while enormous designs involve large-scale patterns to tackle the issue effectively. Additionally, due to being a cover-up tattoo at the end of the day, this variant is more costly than the average neck tattoo!

Flower Neck Tattoo

Flower Neck Tattoo


The graphic of a neck tattoo doesn’t follow any orders, which can be quite freeing if you’d like a neck tattoo that isn’t masculine but focuses more on feminine energy.

One of the many options available is a flower neck tattoo, containing various species. While you can construct your neck tattoo to highlight the flower you admire the most, you can even compile a series of flowers to form a sublime-looking floral pattern.

Angel Wing Neck Tattoo

Angel Wing Neck Tattoo


To commemorate the passing of a loved one, use the physical features and sentimental value of angel wing tattoos. The tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on the neck, but it always looks comfortable at the rear end of the delicate location.

Furthermore, if you feel that the emblem alone isn’t enough, pair your angel wing tattoo with the name of the person you’re paying homage to, and add dates to further enhance the final impression.

Lion Neck Tattoo

Lion Neck Tattoo


Lions are also quite popular among men’s tattoo trends, and can definitely be the frontrunner of your neck tattoo.

The portrait of a lion is almost always a good idea to print on the surface of the neck, containing artistic bits that are typically infused with realism. Since most lion tattoos are quite attention-seeking anyway, use a neutral color scheme or a concentrated shadowing technique to shield the image from being overly done.

Blessed Neck Tattoo

Blessed Neck Tattoo


Regardless of how turbulent life is, it’s always important to be grateful. And if you’d like to embrace the positives of life instead of dwelling on the negatives, a blessed neck tattoo can pair well with your aim.

Additionally, this tattoo is quite easy to obtain, containing the phrase “Blessed” on most occasions. However, by doodling around it, enhancing the impression of the tattoo could be possible.

Skull Neck Tattoo

Skull Neck Tattoo


The image of a skull can be installed to bring more attention to the inevitability of death, and a great way to unlock an option that induces fear. The artwork often runs quite big, draped with bright colours to make it recognizable from even a great distance.

When it comes to placement, the area behind the neck seems like the perfect fit. On the contrary, if you’re seeking privacy, shift the print towards the backside of the neck instead.

Japanese Neck Tattoo

Japanese Neck Tattoo


Gravitating towards the delicacy and beauty of Japanese artwork can be a diamond in the rough when obtaining a neck tattoo, as most of the illustrations are paired with neatly structured borders and bold combinations of color.
When push comes to shove, Japanese neck tattoos are for those that appreciate manga and anime. With the features of the elements used for such artwork, one can showcase sketches that aren’t just serene, but also options that are safe for work.

Bird Neck Tattoo

Bird Neck Tattoo


Associated with joy, freedom, and enlightenment, a bird can also be a great fit for neck tattoos. The design is typically used to demonstrate the distinct features of any bird that exists, but it can also be converted into a minimal piece for those that want to keep it light.

Snake Neck Tattoo

Snake Neck Tattoo 1


Snake Neck Tattoo 2


Though intimidating from afar, snake tattoos are also quite eligible to be incorporated into a neck tattoo. Since it is associated with healing and also has ties with power, a snake neck tattoo feels compatible with a neck tattoo in the spiritual world as well.

A simple sketch of a snake is often sufficient as a neck tattoo, since it already has tons of features to display. However, if you’d like to add to the appearance, add Roman numerals or a new shadowing technique!

Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoo

Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoo


The notion of adding portraits can easily be entertained when preparing the draft of a neck tattoo. And if you feel that a noteworthy celebrity is the only thing that can encourage you, try looking at Chris Brown’s neck tattoo, involving a sugar skull tattoo.

Once this neck tattoo was exposed to the public eye, many viewers believed that it was based on RIhanna, who happened to be linked with Chris at the time. The musician was quick to deny the claims, however, insisting that it was based on an ad campaign by the cosmetic brand, MAC.

Heart Neck Tattoo

Heart Neck Tattoo


Celebrating your struggles with the assistance of a neck tattoo is also a popular movement that many men abide by. Additionally, if that is the exact narrative you’d like your own tattoo to carry,  a heart-neck tattoo can be the perfect match.

Since the neck is quite vulnerable, displaying a small heart-shaped icon could definitely be enough if all you desire is a token of remembrance. However, you can also incorporate realism into your tattoo to create more impact.

Cute Neck Tattoo

Cute Neck Tattoo


The structure of the neck is quite delicate and is quite prone to the blows produced by a needle. And although you can showcase your love for neck tattoos by installing elaborate pieces, you can also follow the concept of this cute neck tattoo to minimize pain and maximize the enjoyment of the experience.

Since most images aren’t too intricate, align the design with your personality or your principles in life. Additionally, adjust the dimensions as much as you please, especially if you’re trying to avoid pain.

Neymar’s Neck Tattoo

Neymar’s Neck Tattoo


Brazilian footballer Neymar is another global superstar with tons of flair, and an array of tattoos.

Among his tattoo collection, his neck tattoos are quite exceptional to analyse. It contains a few quote tattoos that show gratitude, a Roman numeral tattoo that expresses his devotion towards family, and a couple of dove tattoos to express the love he has for Christianity.

Underneath the doves is the phrase “Tudo Passa,” which represents how nothing in this life lasts forever.

Eagle Neck Tattoo

Eagle Neck Tattoo


The capacity behind the neck can be utilised to the fullest when you’re seeking a neck tattoo, especially if the design you have in mind features the graphic of an eagle.

A traditional eagle tattoo is directly related to everything that the nation of America stands for, which explains its popularity among patriots. However, it also portrays freedom, fearlessness, and bravery, making it compatible with the symbolism of a neck tattoo.

Wolf Neck Tattoo

Wolf Neck Tattoo


Just like men, wolves are often assigned to take care of their loved ones and protect them unconditionally. And although the physical appearance of a wolf is the main reason behind its success in the trend of neck tattoos, a wolf neck tattoo is also quite popular due to the amount of relatability it contains.

The facial features of a wolf can result in an intimidating neck tattoo, which can be one way to go about it. However, if you want the tattoo to not get in the way of your social life all the time, we’d recommend siding with an emblem tattoo or a fine-line wolf tattoo.

Crown Neck Tattoo

Crown Neck Tattoo


A crown tattoo isn’t just the perfect way to install a simple design, but is also regarded as one of the more meaningful options for a neck tattoo. Affiliated with bravery and power, a crown neck tattoo shares the same elements that a neck tattoo always tries to convey.

The flexibility of this tattoo can work wonders for you, as it can be converted into large as well as minimal illustrations. The artwork is also quite easy to create, making it a safe bet to make in contrast to the other options.

Blackout Neck Tattoo

Blackout Neck Tattoo


If you’d like to incorporate a simple concept into your neck tattoo, but want the color scheme to be as voluminous as possible, a blackout neck tattoo might be the ideal solution to your preferences.

A blackout neck tattoo contains nothing but one solid shade of colour. Due to how much space it occupies, the design is perceived as the perfect alternative to a cover-up tattoo.

In addition to requiring frequent visits for looking fresh, blackout tattoos take tons of time to finalize, so be sure to make your schedule as relaxed as possible. The tattoo is also quite painful, which can be tackled with the consumption of painkillers.

Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo

Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo


If you’re a big fan of number tattoos, know that you can always include the digits in the sketch of a neck tattoo. However, if you want the values to take the lead or act as the primary component of your neck tattoo, a concept infused with Roman numerals should do the trick.

The placement of a Roman numeral neck tattoo typically depends on the size of the design. Larger images often look best on the side of the neck, while compact designs are appropriate for any region.

Traditional Neck Tattoo

Traditional Neck Tattoo


A traditional neck tattoo is also up for grabs for visually-oriented enthusiasts, and can very well be the perfect way to play it safe.

Containing an intense colour palette with bright colours, a traditional neck tattoo can be a good way to wear something memorable, regardless of what the subject contains. All that colour does prove to be hectic in the long run, requiring regular brush-ups to look visually pleasing at all times.

Pete Davidson’s Neck Tattoo

Pete Davidson's Neck Tattoo


American comedian Pete Davidson is known for his deadpan deliveries and unapologetic sense of humor. However, he’s also a famous face in the tattoo industry, containing over 70 designs that can be mimicked by his followers.

A couple of the sublime designs he has is located around his neck, which was adjusted multiple times over the span of a decade. The tattoo initially said “A thousand tendernesses,” which was the favorite catchphrase of his then-fiance, Ariana Grande.

However, the artwork was later covered up and transformed into two small hearts, a pair of X’s, and the letter “a,” in hopes of displaying the love he had for Ariana.

Once the pair parted ways, the neck tattoo became one of the many body modifications that Pete removed permanently.

Mandala Neck Tattoo

Mandala Neck Tattoo


Using a neck tattoo to overwhelm the minds of spectators or grab their attention can be two great incentives to throw into the mix. And while multiple options can meet the formerly listed requirements, none of them can accomplish it as marvellously as a mandala neck tattoo.

Mandala neck tattoos contain jarring sketches with bold patterns, a duo that can enlighten the minds of many. However, since most of them are quite complicated, a mandala neck tattoo takes a while to finish, and involves tons of pain in the meantime.

Aztec Neck Tattoo

Aztec Neck Tattoo


If you’re a fan of the Aztecs and happen to adore all that they’ve done for those in Latin America, an Aztec neck tattoo should be the only design you should replicate.

Aztec neck tattoos can be about the gear Aztec warriors wore to defend their beliefs, the power the Aztec tribe possessed, or pay tribute to popular figures shaping the Aztec empire. It can also comprise Aztec warriors, mainly recognized for the passion and bravery they had on the battlefield.

Chinese Neck Tattoo

Chinese Neck Tattoo

Having a knack for Chinese culture and an unconditional admiration for Chinese art can be beneficial if you desire a neck tattoo, as that’s where Chinese neck tattoos stand out the most.

A Chinese neck tattoo typically swings one of two ways. The first instalment involves components related to Chinese artwork, comprising bright colours, sharp sketches, and concentrated borders.

On the other side, is a subtle and relaxed design, involving Chinese symbols to display metaphoric values and express opinions.

Feather Neck Tattoo

Feather Neck Tattoo


Free thinkers can definitely hop on the bandwagon of neck tattoos, especially with the help of a feather neck tattoo, which aligns with their likes and interests.

A feather neck tattoo is associated with freedom mostly, but also has ties with courage and strength, making it the perfect companion to a neck tattoo. The visuals of a feather are quite nonchalant, serene, and easy to create, making it the perfect match for laid-back minds and newbies.

Anime Neck Tattoo

Anime Neck Tattoo


An option that will give you tons of rope in terms of creativity is an Anime neck tattoo, which should always feature your favourite anime character for relatability. Additionally, if you’d like the graphic to be more meaningful, throw their catchphrase into the mix, or add their foes to the sketch.

While adding a range of colours is advised to make the outcome as enjoyable as possible, you must also ask for a stick-and-poke procedure to minimize the amount of discomfort this tattoo contains.

Geometric Neck Tattoo

Geometric Neck Tattoo


Using shapes and borders around a neck tattoo could be a bit overwhelming, yet marvelous way to display the potential of a neck tattoo. And if you’d like to give that movement a go, try obtaining a geometric neck tattoo.

The size and structure of the pattern will definitely be a feast for the eyes. However, to add to the visuals, pair the image with a shadowing technique. Clear up your schedule as well, since this tattoo takes hours to finalize.

Mac Miller’s Neck Tattoo

Mac Miller’s Neck Tattoo


Late-American rapper Mac Miller is now survived through his fans and his music. And although the recent albums are the ultimate gifts that the musician has left behind for his followers, the series of tattoos, especially the tattoo of the lotus around his neck, are bonuses that one can mimic from his life.

A lotus is associated with rebirth and transformation, but it carries a different meaning in Mac’s diary. Since Mac Miller battled addiction early on in his career, the lotus tattoo represented his recovery from all the substance abuse that he survived prior to becoming clean.

Phoenix Neck Tattoo

Phoenix Neck Tattoo


The symbolism of a phoenix is directly proportional to that of a neck tattoo, comprising physical elements that one can simply not sweep under the rug. It has connections with regrowth, survival, and life itself, which pairs well with the hidden messages behind a neck tattoo, tied with fearlessness and strength.

Tiger Neck Tattoo

Tiger Neck Tattoo


By compromising the size and width of a tiger, the graphic can be incorporated into a neck tattoo. Although its physical features mostly lead the way, a tiger tattoo carries the same values as a neck tattoo, tied with courage, strength, and resilience. The artwork welcomes colours with open arms, but it also pairs well with a black and grey colour scheme.

Honeycomb Neck Tattoo

Honeycomb Neck Tattoo


Featuring a series of pentagons attached together, a honeycomb neck tattoo is one of the larger variants under the category of neck tattoos. The procedure of this option is quite hefty, so make sure you’re not travelling alone. The pain level, on another note, is quite moderate, making this option great for first-timers.

Praying Hands Neck Tattoo

Praying Hands Neck Tattoo

Neck tattoos can also be used to find hope during hard times, mainly with the visuals of this praying hands tattoo. This tattoo can also encourage many to cut out bad habits and start partaking in better activities, such as praying to find more faith in religion.

David Beckham’s Neck Tattoo

David Beckham’s Neck Tattoo


David Beckham isn’t just perceived as one of the best-dressed men on this planet, but is also a prominent figure in the world of body modifications, having tons of tattoos conveying a series of messages.

One of the more intricate pieces on his body is his neck tattoo, consisting of a series of symbols. It contains a rose tattoo, a harper tattoo, name tattoos and a crucifix tattoo, each of which conveys a separate meaning.

The rose tattoo is a symbol of love, while the Harper tattoo is directed towards his daughter, Harper Seven Beckham. The crucifix tattoo has the title “Romeo” at the bottom, dedicated to his son, Romeo Beckham. Alongside the birds, small roses, and the black horse over his neck is the title “Buster,” which happens to be the nickname of his eldest son, Brooklyn Beckham.

Raven Neck Tattoo

Raven Neck Tattoo

While a flock of ravens is perceived as a sign of bad luck or ill omen, raven tattoos are quite popular among the trend of neck tattoos, affiliated with maturity, development, and good fortune.

And since it’s always good to have a source of positivity at all times, getting a raven neck tattoo can be a sublime decision, especially when entering a new chapter.

Joker Neck Tattoo

Joker Neck Tattoo


Joker is definitely an iconic figure in the DC universe, but also contains visuals that can brilliantly be displayed using a neck tattoo.

Although the procedure could be brutal, the final results, comprising a vibrant colour palette into the portraiture tattoo of the Joker, can make the wearer an interesting critter and take up all the spotlight in a room full of people.

Viking Neck Tattoo

Viking Neck Tattoo


Vikings used to rely on their brute strength and exceptional survival skills to work past any obstacle under any given circumstance, which are two things they’re not often admired for. However, if you’d like that narrative to gain awareness, consider getting a Viking neck tattoo, comprising nothing but a portrait of a Viking.

The sketch of a Viking neck tattoo has an engaging metaphoric value and sublime visuals, making it a two-in-one deal. It is also quite sizable, making it the perfect component for a cover-up tattoo.

Loyalty Neck Tattoo

Loyalty Neck Tattoo


Having integrity in this life is quite important, which typically starts with loyalty. By being loyal to yourself and those around you, you won’t just find more fulfillment in life, but also occupy your social life with those that truly care about you.

On another note, if you feel that you’re often failing to keep your own word and struggling with finding contentment, consider being more loyal to yourself and your words, two messages that a loyalty neck tattoo stands for.

Jesus Neck Tattoo

Jesus Neck Tattoo


A neck tattoo can easily help you take the spotlight in a room full of people, but it can also allow you to restore the faith you have in religion. For instance, if you believe in the teachings of Christianity, you can look into a crucifix tattoo, which represents the resurgence of Christ.

The ink is typically implemented the same way as a blackwork tattoo. However, to reduce the pain level, you may also add the components of a fine-line tattoo.

Atreus Neck Tattoo

Atreus Neck Tattoo


God Of War Ragnarok definitely didn’t disappoint fellow gamers with its nail-biting and suspenseful plot. But another good component that came out of the release is Atreus’ neck tattoo, which translates to “steady mind,” which is an important asset to have when your life is as exciting as that of Atreus.

Devil Neck Tattoo

Devil Neck Tattoo


The horns of a devil definitely leave many people in awe when demonstrated using a tattoo. And since it looks best when exposed to the public eye, the graphic of a devil can pair well with the positioning of a neck tattoo.

To add to the illustration, consider using complimentary symbols or numbers such as “666,” which typically signifies the devil.

Hummingbird Neck Tattoo

Hummingbird Neck Tattoo


Being all about colours isn’t necessarily unhelpful when you resort to a neck tattoo. In fact, if you need your tattoo to be visually presentable and want the ink to spice up your social life, consider the physical features of a hummingbird neck tattoo, involving the multiple accessible qualities that shape up the exoskeleton of the exquisite creature.

Grim Reaper Neck Tattoo

Grim Reaper Neck Tattoo


For an intimidating option, you may also incorporate a graphic of a grim reaper into your neck tattoo. Grim reapers are typically associated with death, and are often assigned to collect the soul of a deceased person.

When incorporated in neck tattoos, however, grim reapers are mainly used as a means of expressing the inevitability of death.

Diamond Neck Tattoo

Diamond Neck Tattoo

Financial stability is something that men seek in this life, as looking after their loved ones is a key priority. Moreover, if you’d like a neck tattoo that represents just that, a diamond neck tattoo should be sufficient.

Due to its structure, diamond neck tattoos are typically installed around one of the sides of the neck. To add more meaning, many users believe in attaching the name of their significant other or family members.

A Visual Guide To Neck Tattoos For Men

Despite bringing to the table tons of pain, a neck tattoo remains popular among men’s fashion trends. Since each neck tattoo conveys a series of messages in addition to looking aesthetically sound, it wouldn’t be surprising if the tattoo trend reaches new heights and milestones with each day.

Moreover, while the previous segments can provide you with designs that you may replicate, give the following video a watch to learn what to expect from your upcoming neck tattoo!

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to setting realistic expectations before making your appointment, it is essential that you clear any feelings of confusion before obtaining a neck tattoo. Furthermore, if the finalized neck tattoo will be your first ever body modification, read through the following questionnaire to acquire knowledge on some of the basics.

Q: Does a neck tattoo hurt?

A: On the tattoo pain chart, the neck is known for being one of the most uncomfortable areas.

Due to being infused with a bony structure comprising a very small amount of muscle tissue and a high amount of nerve endings, a neck tattoo is always quite painful.

Nonetheless, if you do go forward with your decision to obtain a neck tattoo, place the artwork on the side of your neck.

Q: How much are neck tattoos?

A: The cost of a neck tattoo is shaped by various factors, including the complexity of the design, the colours used, and the area of the neck that it’s obtained on. Concepts that are high in detail are typically quite expensive since they also take tons of time. A vibrant tattoo falls on the same spectrum, as incorporating colours into a neck tattoo is easier said than done.

On the other hand, if you obtain a minimalist tattoo or a fine-line tattoo, it should be relatively cheaper than other variants. Regardless, if you’d like an estimate, we’d say that a neck tattoo should cost you no less than $60, and no more than $300.

Q: What do neck tattoos symbolize?

A: Neck tattoos are often perceived as an open book, making room for any and every sketch with ease. However, in the spiritual world, neck tattoos are linked with bravery and courage, both of which can be found in a range of species in the tattoo world.

Final Verdict

Long story short, a neck tattoo can be difficult to obtain due to its pain level, but can be used to display a series of messages. Regardless of how detailed the components are or how minimalistic the groundwork is, a neck tattoo can look exceptionally sound, as long as the dimensions don’t look out of place.

Due to their masculine qualities, neck tattoos are quite popular amongst men, and are one of the very few tattoo placements that are frequently used by men who believe in the importance of having courage, strength, and fearlessness, all of which are crucial qualities one needs to have in life. Since neck tattoos are often open to the public eye, most variants are often enriched with tons of hidden messages, jarring visuals, and a compilation of components.

Prior to finalizing the draft of your neck tattoo, you must consider the size of the stencil, as it will determine the tattooing experience as well as the future of the graphic. Furthermore, since neck tattoos are quite painful, it is advised to side with a design that lacks size and is easy to work on. Once obtained, you must visit your tattoo artist for regular touch-ups, and apply sunscreen regularly to prevent the tattoo from becoming inflamed.

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